Rain Releases Rainism MV Ahead of Schedule

Rain’s Rainism MV was released ahead of schedule this morning on the internet and attracted lots of views/hits from fans and curious netizens.

J. Tune Entertainment had originally plan to release the MV this afternoon but they had to push it forward after it was leaked over the weekend. Rainism, like the earlier released Love Story are the title tracks from Rain’s new album. But in contrast to Love Story MV which starred Ha Ji Won and had a story behind it, the Rainism MV emphasized more on visuals and dance chereography.

Rainism MV
For this MV, Rain specially invited director Jang Jae Hyeok who had previously directed his It’s Raining MV. The entire MV was filmed and completed in Bangkok, Thailand and is full of exotic flavors from a foreign land.

45 thoughts on “Rain Releases Rainism MV Ahead of Schedule

  1. Hmmm it’s got interesting lyrics esp the one about magic stick in shaking bod. And he wrote the lyrics himself.
    I’m proud of him. LOL.

  2. I love the dance moves & the music sounds nice but wats up with the lyrics!!!!!

    No offence… but if he’s the one who wrote the lyrics, he should either stop or try harder nxt time… or better yet, pay some else to write the lyrics for him…

    The ‘I am gonna be a bad bad boy…i gotta be a bad boy’ & ‘I make it Rainism. The Rainism’ doesn’t seem to match the song…

    Personally, i prefer the Love Story…

  3. for me i think the song just didn’t really fit his style
    but i LLLOVVED the dance
    especially the cane part
    that was hot!

  4. i reeeaaallly likes this lOl
    iono for some reason i just loved the exotic bangkok flavor!
    i’m not the biggest fan of Rain, and i have to admit i didn’t really start listening to his music till this album,
    but my 2 favs. ARE love story & rainism (:
    so i’m glad there’s a MV for both ><

    okay it was a little weird at some parts.. but iono they still fit the MV quite well (:
    the dancing was GREAT 8)

    fazzy2faz: yeah i agree with the lyrics part on this one lOl
    they didn’t fit (like sounding wise) but i think it does get his message across
    & i’m not mistaken, i think someone else wrote the lyrics for his Love Story right? (was it someone from V.O.S? or SG Wannabe?? or did i just entirely make that up LMFAO)

  5. Is anybody else just cringing like mad when he says “bad bad” from “I’m gonna be a bad bad boy”. It sounds so awkward, the way he says it. And the whole Rainism thing is just a horrible word when say out loud.

    I don’t know. This has FAIL written all over it for english speakers. He shoulda ran his lyrics/ideas over with somebody else who actually knows fluent non-fobby english.

    *does butterfly dance*

    the lyrics are a bit err…”magic stick” .hahahah!
    but i love me some Rain, so it all good…we will be bad together..

  7. can understand the lyrics…it doesnot make any sense…but the moves are so cool and the choreography was good…but still can understand what’s the message of the song. 😦

  8. XD i love the song itself but i realized the lyrics are a bit odd!! but better than Boa’s Eat U Up still..lol

  9. XD i love the song itself but i realized the lyrics are a bit odd!! but better than Boa’s Eat U Up still..lol
    But i looove the dance and the song is really cool IMO ^^ love the ending..ho..hey..go..rain!

  10. Ilove the MV and song even if the lyrics kind of werid but it get stuck in your head Iam really happy that he is back and also he topped the charts in korea go rain

  11. his dancing skills are superb and i really love his style. not sure about the lyrics in this mv tho! haha. but who cares, he’s hot! 😀

  12. This MV makes even less sense than Love Story. The lyrics are extremely sparse. I hate the “hey! ho!” stuff too. The whole song feels like a 3-line chorus being repeated over and over. There’s really no substance there and yes, “bad bad boy” also made me cringe.

    This songs feels like he’s getting his influence from the extremely crappy, manufactured pop we have in the US. And I feel like this MV is just a tribute to his ego. Seriously, what was this MV about other than Rain trying to look cool (with eyeliner on, I might add)?

  13. in a weird way I kind of get what he is tryna say in his lyrics, im thinkin that hes probbally talkin about having sex with the gal and taking over her body and “rainism” might be refering to rain taking over her which becomes rainism lool i might be wrong but thats what i thought of when i read the lyrics haha but the mv for it is goodd and like the dance choreograph…

  14. i like the song. the chorus part about the rainism..
    the dancing is always great and love how it was filmed in thailand. beautiful scenery too.
    i like it and can’t wait to see it performed

  15. Hahaha… when he sings “bad bad boy” it sounds like “bat bat boy”… Dancing was great as usual… but the whole thing doesn’t “WOW” me… 😛

    He wants to be a bad boy he just solidified that with Magic stick.
    It makes that singer dude the one that got shot like a million times proud.

  17. dancing was amazing but the lyric&&song is eh bleh nahhhh. this is like the typical rain’s video& song… it looks like a movie preview called “rainism” lmao

  18. I cracked up at his lyrics about being a “bad boy” lmao. Hilarious how he sings that part lol. I was like wth, this sounds awkward haha.

    But the MV’s dance and visual was indeed impressive.

  19. i found the lyrics dubious and very sexually explicit but they were catchy. i mean, how many of you have ” i’m gonna be a bad boy ” stuck in your head right now? the dancing was really hot. i personally loved it. plus, i’d take this over eat you up any day. both got weird lyrics but which song sounds better? lol. i think we all know the answer.

  20. another video to watch and admire Bi’s crazy dancing skills
    … i just don’t get the vampires… i don’t think they are nexcessary~

  21. Thanks for sharrin’. I’m not feeling this song. It’s no wonder he couldn’t make it in the American market. And wussup with Korean guys and their eye make-up now a days? Like Big Bang? Seriously, no! I gotta admit that he did look good minus the eye make-up.

  22. i like the video 🙂 the concept/theme was good. the only thing is.. i feel like the lyrics of the song are just nonsense.. haha.. ^^v still.. i like rain ^_^

  23. i find it okiies :/ the lyrics are abit “err” to me ><” but the MV is good.. the dancing AWESOME as always by rain. i must say i liked hes previous songs better. would LOVE to see it live ^^

  24. i liked the beat. i liked the dance.
    the dance was sick. especially with the lightstick..cane.
    but yeah..”rainism” sounds stupid. especially how he had a song about it. hyorish didnt have a song called hyorish…and i didnt like how all those people were tryna touch and bowing down to him…that’s hella cheesy.
    and the lyrics were really dumb.
    i love bi and all…but i’m kind of disappointed with this whole rainism thing…i think he couldve made up a better theme. i really liked his “i’m coming” theme. the whole tough/militaryish one, but he didnt promote it for very long..too bad.

  25. fan of rain, but not the song for me. hugely bc of the weird english lyrics -_-;;; but i did love the choreography w/the lit stick/cane. that was pretty crazy.


    Umz the “Bad Boy…” bit…if you think that is cringe worthy..LMAO! I’ve heard worse and more explicit phrases from other popluar boy bands…

    This is truly Rain at his BEST!
    The diversity of his singing, dance and MV setting is really outstanding! I commend him for introducing a whole new style for his music company! I wish him all the success!!


  27. I don’t really understand his song. Like.. what message does he wanna bring across? Haha. It isn’t really that bad though.. Just that the lyrics don’t really make sense to me.

    I prefer Love story!

  28. errrr….pretty weird isn’t?? I don’t catch the tune…and the lyrics is…well…pointless 😛

    but i like the choreography

  29. I have no idea what the lyrics suppose to be about…

    Anyway, great choice of those nightclubs he chose to filmed ,they look amazing on camera.

    especially the one with victorian(?) theme, i’d love to know where.

  30. I don’t what to say about the lyrics….BUT the dance moves are always awesome as ever. If they didn’t have the kid writing in Thai then I would’ve mistaken it to be some Greek setting. “I’ll make it Rainism”: it doesn’t make sense, it’d be better if he just said “I’ll make it rain” then continue with “The Rainism.” I mean, if he’s gonna be singing the song in mostly English, at least make it gramatically sensible!

  31. I love Rain in general and i like this video, well i like all his dancy videos but this one has a kind of dark anime-ish tone. I can totally imagine a cool anime bad guy like him. so hot.

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