Kim Jong Kook 5th Album Intro + Family Outing Preview

Kim Jong Kook received lots of popularity with songs like One Man, You’re Loveable, Letter before his enlistment. He will be making his comeback soon and many are anticipating about what he will offer this time.

In just 2 days time on the 22nd, Kim Jong Kook will be returning with his 5th album titled Here I Am expressing that the power-packed vocals is making a return. A total of 14 tracks will be included on the album.

The title track Today More Than Yesterday makes you feel you are listening to Kim Jong Kook’s own love confession. Most of his songs are pertaining to the confession theme and the melody is familar and pleasing to the ear.

Another song Thank You is kind of similar to One Man and talks about the pain of losing your love. Others include the light-beat hip-hop dance tune Forever and mid-tempo tune Long Long Time. Kim Jong Kook plans to make his return via variety shows on tv before his album release. And one of them is Family Outing. Preview of Kim Jong Kook on the next episode of Family Outing. I am so excited over this and thinking about all possible scenarios.

53 thoughts on “Kim Jong Kook 5th Album Intro + Family Outing Preview

  1. wow… i super miss KJK’s presence on variety show… and im so so so excited on how yoo jae suk teases Daesung as Kim Jong Kook…

    can you… by any means… please please please… sub this episode???

  2. i got super excited when i saw the old x-man clips of kjk and his infamous ‘dangyunhaji’. OH I MISS KJK AND YEH!

  3. OUH~~! omg omg omg i’m eggcited. KJK on family outing!!!! that’s heaven. i’m so hoping some one will sub that episode. coolsmurf will it be possible for you to sub this epi? pretty please? (((:

  4. i can’t wait for Kim JongKook’s comeback!! omg… Family Outing will be so awesome next week~ i wonder if there will be a possibilty of him being permanent on the show… and i can’t wait for his new album… so excited!!

  5. Dude I’m so excited… have we waited that long?? I’m going to cry…lol… I need to pre-order that album now!! sorry Bi, HanNamja will have to come first…. I CAN’T WAIT TO FAM OUTING AND COME TO PLAY (all my favorites together!!)

  6. dude…they really played it up with the old xman clips…man i missed him! i wanna watch it just for him! and i’m kind of curious how he’ll respond to hyori. KJK + YEH = ❤

    they introduced him with x-man clips!
    awesome awesome awesome!
    i cant wait! Hyo Ri cant get her hands off of him too.
    hehe fighting!

  8. As sad as this may sound I cried when I saw the preview.
    It’s official the One Man is back!
    When they showed old clips of Xman and KJK with MC YOO I couldn’t help but laugh and start missing Xman even more.

    So I’m thinking the family outing PD should give Yoon Eun Hye a call hint hint. ♥

  9. OMG…this news made my day. Finally an official confirmation from FO that KJK is a regular member. I know I’ll be watching FO from now on.
    Thanks Alvin..hopefully you’ll be doing some FO cuts…
    October is indeed a good month..

    22 Oct – album release
    26 Oct – KJK back on variety show

  10. even the cows can’t resist poking at MC Yoo’s butt.

    thanks. i can’t wait for this. i miss KJK in variety shows.

  11. God, I’m really excited about this. I’ve really missed Jong Kook Oppa, I can’t wait for the Family Outing episode. Looks like fun =)

  12. I hope that Eun Hye is interested in some other guys so KJK can just sing about his lost ‘love’…

    I still think he’s like an overprotective older brother to her…I just don’t see the ‘love’ connection that everyone is so hyped about!

  13. oh my gosh, KJK looks sooo much younger !! i think his muscle shrink down a bit?
    i would totally die if KJK and YEH will be on any show together!
    but for now, i’ll just listen to his song everyday then!

  14. wwwaaaa…..his long awaited comeback!! love the intro and the song! Like all others, i do hope that since he’s back, there’ll be more KJK and YEH moments!! fighting!

  15. Oh gosh I cant wait to see kjk on variety shows again. seeing him on family outing reminds me of good old xman days ❤ goosebumps

  16. ohh i cant wait kjk oppa.. I need to buy his CD but I dont know my country has his CD for sale or not and waiting variety show… with… Yeh too!..I love Oppa

  17. ahahaha he’s finally baaaaaaaaack. 😀 😀 😀
    and i love how they still keep associating him with that dangyuhanji game. 😀

  18. this is such great news for us!

    so missed oppa on variety shows!

    hopefully we’ll be able to watch this live!

    kjk n mcyoo love! haha

  19. The one man is back. I realllly love him YEH in xman. I also love him with mc yoo and the hamyunggook trio. I miss those days. I wish to see him with YEH on a show soon, preferably in WGM (probably hoping for too much). Cant wait for his new single. His songs are really addictive.

  20. wow!!

    I laughed so loud when I saw this preview. Is that Yeh in pink checkered top with a hat. I am so excited and happy he’s back..


    I’ll enjoy my watching..

    good job!

  21. lol look at how happy hyori was when kjk helped her! lol so funny. and i can’t wait until they compare daesung to kjk =D

  22. Thank god he’s not doing anything with YEH!
    That pairing is over with and I’m glad to see him on his own!
    Family Outing is such a funny show! Can’t wait to see him!

  23. First thing that I was thinking today when I woke up is KJK’s new album. Wowwwwww so happy to hear his new songs. ^^

  24. i’m overly excited about KJK guesting on family outing! WEEHAW!

    i’m watching almost all of the old xman clips. gawd i miss that show and all of KJK action there!
    (died laughing again with HaHa’s TURBO dance imitations. and KJK dancing to sarang suruwo. gahh~~ it’s crazy!)

    are you gonna sub these FO eps w/ KJK!?
    cause FOfansubs are quite slow.. (i love them though.. <3)

    KJK + MC YOO!!! yeah!

  25. cant wait to see mcyoo & kjk together agen… i miss xman days…
    i just wish… wen haha & kim jong min come back from the army…
    that they`d make their comeback to varieties at family outing…
    and all the xman veterans have a variety show together..
    my wishful thinking.
    thanks coolsmurf.

  26. Love this!
    Sort of like an XMAN reunion!
    I hope they would add Park Myung Soo!
    He will just make things more funnier! 😀

  27. i’m looking forward to seeing him in family outing…. downside is that i can’t find anybody saying that they’ll sub it… can anybody help?

  28. I heard he’s becoming a permanent cast member now.
    Not exactly sure since I also heard that he’ll only be doing four episodes =/

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