We Got Married Episode 30 Picture Summary + English Softsubs

Once again did not watch the live telecast. Here are the pictures.

Eun Hyuk and Lee Teuk did their best as “Super Uncles” taking care of the quadruplets, dancing to the music and taking pictures with them. But eventually, Alex brings the babies to visit Shin Ae at the studio where she was having a photoshoot (Sweet Love Scandal pictorial) with Son Ho Young.

Jealousy took over the romantic Alex who was carrying 2 babies (front and back) and wheeling the other 2 in a stroller. He started muttering to the babies, “Mum (Shin Ae) is working with other guys”, “It’s ok if his (Son Ho Young) hand touches her (Shin Ae) face, afterall this is work and money will be received for this”, “Don’t get too close since this is ending soon”. On the other hand, although Shin Ae was happy to see the quadruplets, she lamented the fact that they couldn’t quite recognize her because of her thick make-up.

We Got Married E30 Downloads (thanks to awesome muish)
Download the softsub at megaupload or sendspace or mediafire, uploaded by muish & Matahari_Biru. Download episode 30 from Clubbox (906mb).

Muish might take a break from subbing due to recent episodes being less fun than usual. She will make her final decision after she watches the next one next Monday. Show her your support by thanking her at her blog.

34 thoughts on “We Got Married Episode 30 Picture Summary + English Softsubs

  1. video raws up over at cjwtown yt! eunteuk so cute! and alshin ❤ was alex being jealous so he visited the set of shinae’s photoshoot? that was so cute 😀

    idg whats happening to the other couples though. and the suju uncles part was pretty short.

    But anyway. AlSin Forevs lmao 😀

  2. weee..^^
    suju uncles are cute with the most adorable baby!
    love teukiiiee…^^
    haven’t watched the episode yet..
    i’m just interested with alshin and joongbo parts..^^
    hope alshin has more airtime this time compared last week..

    tnx coolsmurf for the pictures! ❤

  3. lol…tell me alex doesnt look jealous in that picture when he watching Shinae taking the picture and embracing Son Ho Young…XD i bet his thinking “who you think you are to touch my wife” XD…poor alex hope he would do a photoshoot with Shinae one day it would be lovly like the one that Solbi and Andy did together =]

  4. actually alex did jealous while seeing SHY and Shin Ae hehehe
    I love alshin part sooo much :P, too bad its very very very short

  5. yes, indeed leetuek and eunhyuk pictures with the baby is really really cute!

    DAMN, SHINAE looks so freaking pretty in her photoshoot!

  6. it’s so unfortunate that alshin couple are getting less airtime…
    wonder if it’s a sign that both will drop out the show… sigh…

  7. OMG, SuJu members are soooooooooo cute!

    Haha, I like the picture of Alex visiting the set with the babies strapped to him! He looks like a house-husband! ^^

    Thanks for the caps Coolsmurf~!

  8. This is turning out to be the best week for K-Variety.
    The one man is coming back, the drama and romance is being played up for WGM.
    What’s next?
    Hyolee gets married live?

  9. Lol, yumi-chan. xD But, yes, I am excited for KJK’s episode!

    Ah, Eunhyuk<3, that boy. The pictures made me SKALJDSL;JFLDSA. Too cute for words.

  10. There’s really nothing to learn or anything THAT interesting between the Marco & Son Dambi couple. Sure, they are both models and they look great but why match them together!? Of couse they’ll get along but I wish the matching was different…

    Like Son Dambi and some new guy that she wouldn’t normally be interested in! hahah

  11. Cute, cute, cute! I loved this episode to the extreme. My favorite parts were no doubt the AlShin parts. Alex’s reaction to Shin Ae and SHY during the photo shoot was just priceless. Poor guy.

    Shin Ae was gorgeous in this episode, but she’s beautiful with or without makeup anyway.

    And, Joongbo moments were up there in my favorites. They are just really great together. I love watching their scenes. Hwangbo’s laughter is contagious.

  12. it’s so funny how alex got jealous when shin ae’s doing the photoshoot w/ son hoyoung. he came in on the two and was like WHAT IS THIS? hahaha.. thought i’d never see mr. alsoon like this. he was GLARING at them and using the babies as an excuse to take out his jealousy like “look, mom is working with another man!” hahahaa. omgg eunhyuk and lee teuk are hilarioussss~ they named alshin’s quadroplets as ALpacino, ALphabet, ALfredo and Alladin xDD.

  13. Thanks for the picture summary, but how come you never watch it live anymore? Do you not like WGM as much without AnBi?

  14. I am totally losing interest in this show. Coolsmurf, you are not really missing anything…Forgive me for all those who disagree…I don’t like this Ant Tour episode. There are probably some subbed parts on Youtube by now but I’m not even running to my computer to watch them like I used to..Sigh! Just not entertaining me anymore.

  15. shin ae is soooooo pretty! and alex looks funny with the two babies around him lol … he looks older for some reason~

  16. I loved the Al/Shin part, it was so cute when Alex showed up with the babies. Shin Ae looked beautiful (as always). The Ant couple did a really good job with that fight. I just wish there was more Al/Shin. Since there is 5 couples now, their airtime has been severely cut down. 😦

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