Alex is Surprise Guest at Shin Ae’s Fan Signing Event

Alex Chu attended his make-believe wife from “We Got Married” Shin Ae’s fan signing event yesterday afternoon to help support her in person.

On 17th from 12:20PM at the Seoul Coex, Bread & Co. Shilla, Shin Ae had a scheduled fan signing event while Alex made a surprise appearance.

The staff of “WGM” filmed the two on their happy date at Shin Ae’s signing event with Alex’s surprise appearance being filmed as the first part. Well, if this wasn’t on camera, maybe it might not feel so “fake”. But then again, you can look at it from another perspective. Shin Ae had underwent difficult training as a pastry chef for her fans. She will also donate a hefty amount from her earnings from her modeling and other activities to help undernourished children.

Am just happy to see Shin Ae with a bright smile on her face! She is currently preparing for KBS “Empress Chun Chu” which will be airing next month.

credit: soonjap@soompi (not to be reposted elsewhere)

58 thoughts on “Alex is Surprise Guest at Shin Ae’s Fan Signing Event

  1. Hey coolsmurf,

    just to sidetrack a bit, the poster that you have posted recently is so nice. the alshin rectangular poster. i could not help but exclaim, wow. really so compatible.

    but i cannot remember when this was taken. don’t remember which episode it was.

  2. if this is a recent picture of shin ae…awwww XD shin ae unnie is smiling again :’)…I missed her in wgm…I missed Alshin in wgm…something’s just off if they’re not around…hope that there will still be Alex’s warm laugh in the next week’s epi…

  3. sorry for double post, but I see a cake similar to the one that shin ae unnie made during Alex’s birthday :D~ if its not a cake, then I’m just happy that it look similar XD

  4. yay!
    finally a smile on shinae’s pretty face
    and yay!
    stop with the baby-sitting thing already and show us those beautiful creatures’ interaction

  5. Isn’t she lovely, just like an angel. The smile is back on her face. Alex is a lucky guy to be her make believe husband. Hope both of them will truely date and be a real couple.
    Thanks coolsmurf for the post.

  6. Thanks for posting this wonderful news.

    Glad to see Shin Ae’s big smile again. She is a great person. Really! Both of them.

  7. The smile on Shin Ae’s face is priceless….. 😀
    It’s good to see her finally able to smile again. I’m so looking forward to this episode!

  8. He is so cute and romantic! I know these things are probably planned by the PD, but there’s still some level of realism (at least in my head, I want there to be!).

  9. oh…i’m so excited for this episode!! hopefully the pd’s won’t cut so much of it again like in ep 29…even though it was only for the show…i think it is still sweet that alex went there to show his support for shin ae…plus shin ae is doing it for a good cause…fighting ALSHIN!!

  10. from the smile on their faces…it doesnt look fake to me…
    if they filmed it from when he exits his car all the way to her then yeah its fake but if they just noticed him approaching her then it’s probably not fake. GOSH I WISH IT WASNT A FAKE GESTURE ‘CAUSE THEYRE SO FREAKING CUTEEEEEEEE & i love both of them x)

  11. glad to see Alshin happy. why did Shinae work as a pastry chef/how did is come about? no wonder she was so good at making the cookies & cake for Alex. Shinae is so nice donating her time & money to charity. i hope they will get more air time on WGM, last week’s ep was disappointing. will this week just show Alex & SuJu babysitting? what happened to the married part of WGM?

  12. Although it would have seem more “realistic” if it was not filmed (instead, they were pictures taken by fans), it is still really cute how he went there to support her. If Alex is not faking it, I haver a feeling that he does truly like her. It is all about whether Shinae will return the feelings now (as in show it more). A lot of people think that Andy and Solbi were real enough to date, but to me, I think Alex and Shinae should be the ones dating in real life =) They are so cute together since Alex is so committed and sweet, while Shinae is opening up to him more and more as the show goes on ❤

  13. AWWW! i love those two!!! Alex can put a smile on anyone’s face. I was listening to music on my laptop and when i began reading this article, Alex’s song Flowerpot began playing! lol, wat a coincidence.

  14. awwwwwwwwww…i love them..honesly ^^
    They are so sweet together and no one can top Alex for being so supportive <333333333

  15. so glad she’s smiling again 🙂 she’s had a pretty tough time with the CJS stuff.. she’s so lucky to have a friend like alex ne?

    and omo~! the banner of alshin is soo cuuute~! like seriously, they look like a real couple XD

  16. Random comment :

    I really like the picture of Shin Ae-Alex on the top banner!!! she looked so simple, tanned, and very regal !!!

  17. It’s good to see her smiling again after the recent death of her good friend, Choi Jin Sil. Hmm…Alex went to her autograph signing, but its not part of “WGM,” I wonder if Alex really have feelings for Shinae? It would be awesome if they date in real life ^_^

  18. AWW!!! I’m glad to see her smiling again! Thanks to Alex! 🙂

    Shin Ae, aja aja fighting!!!

    And rest in peace, Choi Jin-sil.

  19. so cute!! love Alshin couple. But if Sinae’s preparing for another show….does that indicate she will have less time for WGM???…i hope they won’t leave the show…it’s sad enough without Anbi couple already….

  20. Glad see the smiles again. Whether Alex went there for WGM or not doesn’t matter.

    Among all the couple, both of them the least entertainment wise -loud out- kind of personality. Despite their romantic themes and vibes given by the PD they are the most realistic couple. They didn’t force into things and let things going naturally.

    All the couples, were suit for each other in the show and they will share emotional attachment through out the show. As for Anbi couple, they are so cute for each other. But the question is far harder than emotional attachment in the show.

    To have an emotional attachment in any show is easy, but if you want to see any couple going further outside or after the show it needs commitment and willingness to commit the feelings. Love is easy but commitment is not for everybody.

    For those who are serious watching WGM, I have to say Alex and Shin Ae is the most mature, stable and have the highest possibility to turn into real couple. Based on the readiness to commit in a real relationship.

    In other word, love or attraction is everywhere BUT commitment is not easy and not everyone prepare or ready for it yet.

    Alex and Shin Ae win on this despite their lack sense of variety show character. Either them because real or not is ups to them but they have the highest and biggest possibility.

  21. Alex has the capability of taking care of Shinae imo…
    its great to see that smile of shinae back and thanks to alex for bringing it back =]


  22. YAY!.. This’s love. Glad to see Shinae smiling again, but alittle different though. I hope Alshin couple is a real item. 🙂

  23. I’m glad to see her with that bright smile! Shin Ae’s been so fragile because of her friend’s death. =/

  24. Thanks Irees, I’m currently on eps 25 of WGM and I’m totally clueless as to why everyone was saying she got a smile back on her face, but now I know it’s because she lost a friend that she was sad. Thanks again!

  25. yeah they are my favorite couple.. its because of them i got interested in watching the show in the first place… i dont understand korean language but i love the way alex sings. he has a cool voice and sexy…seductive and sweet voice

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