Choi Jin Young Rants On Police For Not Doing Enough

The Korean police had ended investigations regarding the rumors of Choi Jin Shil being a money lender days earlier. This led to Choi Jin Shil’s brother, Choi Jin Young feeling incensed and chided the police for covering up the truth. He also requested that the woman, Baek who spread the rumors and caused her sister Choi Jin Shil to eventually commit suicide should make a public apology.

In his entry titled “My Sister Who was Wronged”, Choi Jin Young expressed that he would definitely not forgive Baek for spreading the rumors about his sister on the internet. He also claimed that Baek did not show any remorse nor guilt after her actions. Baek had even sent a text message to the police officers in charge of her case after evading the waiting media outside the police station, “hehe, I have safely escaped”, seemingly mocking the system.

Choi Jin Young accused the police for lying in order to settle this as quickly as possible, “They are doing their best to cover up the truth while Baek is busy trying to distance herself away from being responsible for this whole thing. The Sokcho police, cyber investigation squad and Baek……all of them hope that this will just die down eventually. But, all Korean media are keeping watch.”

Choi added, “Baek said she doesn’t know where she forwarded the rumors from….does she think we are idiots? My sister told me the day before she died, that it was so scary and torturous to hear her (Baek) devil-like voice over the phone. (Baek had called Choi Jin Shil the day before). I just want to know the truth and hope that she makes a public apology.”

Choi Jin Young’s rant immediately became a hotly-discussed topic among netizens. Most of them supported Choi Jin Young and felt that Baek should have a taste of the agony/pain that Choi Jin Shil suffered before her death. But another portion of netizens felt that Baek should be subjected to a fair trial for her punishment and avoid seeing someone committing suicide again.

48 thoughts on “Choi Jin Young Rants On Police For Not Doing Enough

  1. She deserves serious punishment…I don’t know where netizens get around thinking that just because they say it online they won’t hurt anybody.

  2. Didn’t she even felt abit of shame to send a text message like that?? Seriously she needs a reality check..


    “Wow. That girl is seriously psycho!
    But still the saying goes, ‘don’t kill the messenger.’”

    I agree the girl is a psycho. But throughout history we’ve always killed the messenger. =)

  4. hmmm at first i thought the baek girl made just one mistake of forwarding false info in cyberspace but now seems the story is way more involved with her making calls etc…. anyone know the published sequence of events?

    I mean if Baek did only post some false info once then shes obviously wrong and should apologize

    But if she went further than that making calls and spreading rumors then she needs to be shot

  5. forgot to mention im not really a Choi Jin Shil fan so normally i wouldnt pay much attention to this sort of news but i can totally understand why everyone seems to be pissed off with this baek chick… i know most people who commit suicide or have suicidal tendencies will most likely harm themselves eventually… but CJS definately didnt need some wacko to make her more depressed…. hell thinking about baek’s actions just disgusts me.

  6. Not only did this BAEK show no remorse, but she also brought Starbucks coffee and Dunkin Donuts to the police station and was laughing in a light atmosphere with the police officers. I can’t imagine what must be going through Choi Jin Young’s mind right now.

    This BAEK definitely needs to be punished. A lot of people thinks that she has a strong “back” to have been able to get away so easily, and to have been able to find Choi Jin Shil’s phone number in the first place to call her the day before CSJ died. BAEK obviously must have not shown any remorse and infuriated Choi Jin Shil to the extent that made Jin Shil cry the whole night and not able to finish her CF shoot with Son Hyun Joon the following day (day before she died).

    She is definitely responsible and should be punished.

  7. This baek girl disgusts me!
    I’m with Choi Jin Young on this.
    I can NEVER forgive her what she did.
    Seriously, how many times as the korean government disappoint me this year?
    LAZY thats wrong with them!
    How can CJS rest in peace if she knows that the attacker is still walking away a free person?!

  8. This line from Choi Jin Young’s post pretty well sums up BAEK to me:

    My sister (Choi Jin Shil) told me the day before she died, (when BAEK had called Choi Jin Shil) that it was:

    “악마 같은 당신의 목소리를 듣는게 너무너무 무섭고 고통스럽다했어요”
    “so scary and torturous to hear your devil-like voice over the phone.”

  9. Also I highly doubt that this BAEK is the type to be affected by people, she obviously has no sense of guilt or conscience based upon the actions that she has displayed, so there’s is definitely no need to worry about her getting affected by netizen’s comments and possibly commit suicide as a result.

    She’s obviously not the kind of person to do that. Thus, she should fess up to her actions that have wronged so many and taken away a beloved nation’s actress, a daughter, a sister, a close friend, and most importantly a mother to two beautiful and still very young children!!

    It’s not even like Choi Jin Young is asking her to be severely punished, he is just asking for the truth (jin-shil) and he wants her to publicly apologize. If this BAEK can’t even do that, then she’s not even a human being.

    ugh… so infuriating.

    “But still the saying goes, ‘don’t kill the messenger.’”

    Well, I realized the fact that everyone is going to die. But, to cause someone to suicide does make the messenger wrong.

  11. Don’t get me wrong (because I DON’T support Baek’s action) but I just can’t seem to forget that:

    – If baek makes an officiel apology, but doesnt show any remorse, why do it? We’ll just hate her more and feel like the apolgies was a publicitystunt(or whatever reason).

    – If baek makes an officiel apology and show remorse, I still don’t think many people (fans and netizien) are forgiving her. And maybe it will turn out bad and Baek will commit suicide.

    As much as I hate hearing someone badmouth other resulting suicide. But if we end up doing the same (even though we DON’t badmouth her), I don’t think we are better then her.
    I mean.. “an eye for an eye”? we are not that primitive are we?

    Lets have a fair trial(or something like that) and let her have a fair punishment

  12. on the other hand… it doesn’t sound like the system have done anything fair… maybe an officiel apology is good?

    darn… I’m darn confuse now. …
    nevermind my lousy statement ^^;

  13. When I saw pictures of “Baek” (her pictures are floating online – ones where her face are not blurred), I wish I could just slap her across the face. She deserves more than just a slap, but I won’t say wishing she will die or something since I will be no different from her. I don’t blame Choi Jin Young for not forgetting about this T.T I hope “Baek” gets fired from the company, or is smart enough to leave and go into hiding or something.

  14. She is disgusting.

    I do believe the world is fair (although love isn’t so don’t get me wrong) and that karma comes around in unexpected times. I’m sure her karma is coming…

    What’s ‘fair’!?

    Killing an innocent woman and taking her away from her loved ones, her two children, her family, her friends, is not ‘fair’. I don’t understand how ‘unfair’ it is to give a public apology… What’s so unfair with that? If anything, that’s the least worst thing that can happen to her for what she did!
    She’s fueling and welcoming the worst out of people by giving the message that she has the ‘right’ to do this to someone…to a family and to others.

    If SHE gets away with this, what will other ‘netizenz’ think? “Well, Baek got away with it…then I can, too!” It’s almost saying “Well, Baek got away with murder…” but hey, we all should just move on and wait for the next victim.

    My father was ‘mistakenly’ murdered and maybe or maybe not that someone has to see it for what it is in a different perspective. I don’t want to get too judgemental or be too personal but the fact that Baek has no remorse for what she did only makes her case much worst and it shows that she doesn’t give a damn who she hurts along the way.

    She never cared about Choi Jin-sil and she definitely doesn’t care about the people who had loved Choi Jin-sil and those she hurted in the process. Who knows, maybe the fact that she can think that she ‘got away’ with such horrible thing and act like that only makes me think that she’s inferior to the law and is likely to do the same thing again.

    I believe in forgiveness but if someone can just do something like this to someone and not have any sympathy to those people who he or she hurt in the process is just not right. It’s almost evil and it’s unfortunate that someone’s life was lost because another person’s malicious and heinous immorality!

  15. Truthfully its hurting to see such incidents happened but what could we do? i actually agree upon her brother on asking that (women/bitch/whateveryoucallher) to do a public apology as some say its no point if she does it and without any remorse true very true but maybe the police should also do an apology for this matter as they are like bias towards CJS case and hurting her family in not bring justice

    Best way to deal this matter is by just praying that karma will hit her hard then she will get on how it hurts to be in the spotlight of rumors you wont like

    And to those telling us that its not fair to bad mouthering her and all sort of things, just telling you who wouldnt be mad when seeing a great actress killing herself because of a rumor? Why cant things be just as easy as it seems?

  16. i just cant understand why Baek has to hunt her down.
    even if Choi Jin Shil did lend money to Ahn (even though i believe it’s not true)
    what business is it gotta do with Baek??
    are you Ahn’s sister, wife, family, or friend?
    effing frustrating woman.

    and now it IS your business.
    yet Baek can be so nonchalant about it.

  17. Actually, it IS evil for someone to have no remorse when another person’s life is lost and the fact that people are grieving because of the loss.

    Seriously, a public apology is the LEAST thing that can happen with her. I don’t understand why it’s even an issue… her text message to the police gives me goosebumps and I do know how Choi Jin-sil’s brother, in a way, and it’s a horrible feeling that someone who deserves to be punished but got away. It’s a feeling that you will always live with and hope to fade away.

    It’s been 14 years since my father died and just when you think you have peacefully accepted the facts, one moment can just bring it all back. That’s one of the main reason why I was, and still am, deeply touched by Choi Jin-sil’s death…because of her two children.

    God bless her, her family and two children, and friends.

    Rest in peace, Choi Jin-sil

  18. it’s interesting to see that there was a similar post on popseoul on the 15th but the direction of half of the posts took a slightly different stance than the majority of opinions here.
    though i’m a fan of choi jin shil’s, i have to say that i’m probably in the minority when i say that making baek apologize publicly is hardly going to make choi jin young feel better. he’s understandably bitter and wants to see baek suffer public humiliation (a v. huge deal, even for a non-celebrity since it’s social suicide in korea, given the self-righteous netizens who will pounce on her even with an apology). i feel like a lot of the hateful comments are only perpetuating the same internet terror that choi jin shil suffered. even if baek didn’t seem to show remorse, i’m sure she’s suffering the consequences now since many people know her face, number, cyworld, etc.
    choi jin shil had other problems, too, such as depression and just blaming baek is not addressing the root of the problem. baek made a huge mistake of spreading the rumors and personally calling choi jin shil, but that’s between her and the choi family. it’s better to keep the public out of this.
    besides, many netizens have perpetuated rumors and never set foot in a police station. they probably should, but you could almost call baek unlucky (however deserving) for having been caught and later linked to a celebrity that made a brash decision to commit suicide.
    in conclusion, sure it’s easy to hate baek, but i feel that we should try to stop vilifying her when we’re just faceless netizens with no personal link to this tragedy.

  19. “Baek had even sent a text message to the police officers in charge of her case after evading the waiting media outside the police station, “hehe, I have safely escaped”, seemingly mocking the system.”

    dumb sht. if she really was smart, she wouldn’t have sent the message in the first place. it’s called a phone gps system. it can easily be traced. besides, there’s always a loophole with the person’s plan. she’s not going to get away with it. karma’s going to bite her in the ass.

    anyway. RIP.

  20. My opinion? I would file a complaint toward the
    POLICE ! Yes, the POLICE & the whole entirety!

    They did take in this BAEK girl for questioning but why let her go? Didn’t they have proof that she called the deceased beforehand???! What and how many proofs do you need to book this so called “schemers” or should I say “baekstabber”??!!

    I really hope that Choi Jin Young could forgive her or whoever who did this to his sister & his entire family so that he could get on with his life and also to his nephew & niece! GOD is just so this Baek girl will get revenge from God for causing someone to die!

  21. …she IS a sociopath and wil never show remorse nor guilt for anything…if the law doesn’t get her Divine Justice will!…but for now let her enjoy her short days of infamy and hopefully people who would like to, in the future, follow what she did might have to think twice, thrice, before commiting another crime like hers.

  22. she should at least apologize for all the hurt she caused by spreading a rumor that caused so much pain. but i think she needs to pay/ be locked up, teach her a lesson & other folks who think they can get away with making up s—, they ruined lives, & forever changed so many, those kids are the most hurt victims here.

  23. Choi Jin Young sounds like he has evidence to back up his claims, so why not SUE THE PANTS off this baek woman, for libel, causing extreme emotional anguish to CJS? are korean laws too far behind reality?

    most people who saw CJS collapsing in grief over Ahn Jae-hwan’s death would have a heart and be suspicious over the crazy rumors. this woman leaves me speechless, attacking the morals – the bread and butter image of a public figure – of an already emotionally distressed person.

    her FLIPPANT attitude is classic sociopath.

  24. I’m amazed that they can track the person who started the rumours! And this lady has the nerve to spread such things, whatever made her do is anyone’s guest. She doesn’t know Choi Jin Sil, don’t know her family nor her friends. To falsify such heinous rumours is just a crime. This lady needs to go to jail, period.

  25. i think there are several things to keep in mind:

    1) the girl who committed suicide, committed suicide. she was probably depressed beforehand, and blaming her death on this baek one person isn’t fully justified.

    2) the idea of spreading a false rumor itself, IMO, shouldn’t be warranted for taking any legal action (an apology, realistically, is probably all anyone could get out of this…rumors are spread every day after all).

    3) however, if it’s true that baek did call choi, this is pretty much a form of harassment which, in america, could cause a good case for a lawsuit (especially in light of the fact that the call was made a day before choi’s death, making a good argument that baek played a major role in distressing choi to the point where choi thought it was better to die than live; also, the family could sue baek for causing psychological distress to the whole affected family overall).

    4) if anyone feels any better about it, from what i perceive about the korean way of social ostricizing, baek is probably alreadying paying for her crimes in some way. i mean, if choi fans discover who this rumor-spreading person is and have means to get to her, they’d probably be on her in a heartbeat.

  26. Oh, Baek suffering probably the same way Choi Jin-sil was?!

    Tell that to Choi Jin-sil’s kids in 5 years and let’s see who suffered.

    I don’t understand how some of you can just let Baek be. Yes, let’s HOPE she IS sufferring and that she feels agony for what she has done but her actions doesn’t prove so…

    The difference between CJS and Baek is that the rumors against CJS were only rumors and that it was unnecessary but with Baek, we all know what she did and you can’t blame people for hating her for being a factor with someone’s death!

    To me, it’s like I should just forgive my father’s murderer because hey, everyone makes mistakes. Thankfully, those guys are in prison now but atleast my family have a peace of mind.

    This is why I believe that a public apology is the least Baek has to worry about!!! It’s the least she can do to the people who loved Choi Jin-sil….to everyone else, a public apology may not mean anything or that it’s unnessary, but to Choi Jin-sil’s family and two kids, friends, and fans may mean a great deal.

  27. Public apologies would be a waste, this Baek should just commit suicide. No remorse should be shown towards this vicious woman.

    Imagine she started spreading rumors about YOU. You would probably envision yourself punishing her in the cruelest way possible. I would applaud you for that. XP

  28. “2) the idea of spreading a false rumor itself, IMO, shouldn’t be warranted for taking any legal action (an apology, realistically, is probably all anyone could get out of this…rumors are spread every day after all).”

    a star/actor lives on a well-maintained image (just look at how hallyu wave/stars thrived over the years: consistent, well-orchestrated PR at regular intervals about affairs public & private.) it’s similar to the brand image of a consumer product, and in the past companies HAVE sued when the image of what they sell was sullied on baseless claims. after all, didn’t the pharmaceutical company sue CJS when her image was compromised, causing “damage” to their product’s image?

    off the top of my head, tom cruise has sued people who spread rumors about him being gay, because it’s a huge contradiction of the hetero-heroes he plays. and his jobs pay in the millions (=monetary damage.)

  29. Can I ask what’s a cyworld?
    It’s a webby/blog for Korean Celebs or just any Korean citizen?

    I won’t comment on the issue since its sensitive. Just feel very sad for the deceased and her family :(.
    THough I never watched her shows, this whole incident is so tragic. :/

  30. Lets all agree that this Baek is crazy, seriously has mental disorders. No sane person would be as cruel as her and be happy with what she did.

    My main concern is that she does not get away with what she has done. There are cruel people out there who will think that since this person got away with the crime she has commited then they will copy her actions.

    The government in Korea is taking some actions now regarding offenses like this. But I think they need to act fast to show others what can become of them if they chose to do this cruel acts.

  31. “The story is starting to reveal more than ever. More news is starting to come out, and police are trying hard to keep the stories in. The rumor started with Baek saying that Choi had gave four million dollars to Ahn Jae Hwan and expected a return of the money. Ahn Jae Hwan was unable to pay the money, causing Choi Jin Shil to hire gangsters to threaten Ahn Jae Hwan. After that, Ahn Jae Hwan had taken enough and killed himself.”

    oh! so teproblem is not lending money but the complete rumor…

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