YG Entertainment Will Unleash Female Big Bang in 2009

YG Entertainment is preparing to reveal their new female group next year. It was announced yesterday, “After Swi.t, YG Entertainment’s new female group will debut in February next year.” The group will consist of the company’s Park Bom, CL, Gong Min Ji and Sandara Park. The group was hailed as the ‘female Big Bang’ by fans after news about the group was announced earlier.

Yang Hyun Seok also said, “The final decision is that they will debut next February after sorting out the various preparations for their debut. This new female group will consist of at least 4 member, if not 5, though we have not come to a final decision on that yet. But we are confident that they will be a strong group which will display a different type of charisma for fans.”

Originally supposed to be debuting this Summer, YG Entertainment probably felt that more preparation work had to be done. With the remaining 2008 full of heavyweight comebacks, it’s probably a wise choice to debut next year instead. Coincidentally, one female group will leave for America in the same month.

credit: sookyeong@K-Bites

37 thoughts on “YG Entertainment Will Unleash Female Big Bang in 2009

  1. wow…saw some videos of this girls…gosh i’m jealous… they were good in english and yeah…i may include they were hawttt tooo…goshyyy…the amazing monkey did very well…and oh i’m waiting for sandara park too…hoping she’d change a lot…too far way back here in the philippines…goshyyyy!!!!

  2. The Wonder Girls are leaving in feb next year to go to the states.
    I’m miss them!!
    But I’m lovin Sandara, CL (YGs princess mc), young talented MinJi & Park Bom…although their age range is a little off I’m sure I’ll enjoy their music.

    JYP <3’s YG
    hopin for nother WonderBang collab before they leave though ):

  3. OMG, I’m sooo happy Sandara is gonna be in it. I just knew she was going to be in it. I will definitely support her!

  4. WOW!! I can`t wait for them to debut….
    lol, i also thought it was hilarious about the whole feb thing…that female group will be greatly missed…
    but I hope CL and her girls bring it…so talented :p

  5. i can tell that these girl’s voices were so damnmazing…i’ve heard CL, MJ and PB but i don’t know about sandara…

  6. Sandara Park? =\ She was pretty popular in the Philippines, but pretty much blew it. I do, however, sincerely hope she does better in her home country.

  7. Yessssss, Wonder Girls are coming to the state! Means, I might have more more chances of seeing Yoo Bin at church!

    I’m not sure my responses are to the new group. Frankly, I think CL’s rap is too ghetto sounding for my taste. She has like, those 80’s early 90’s female rap voice that pretty much annoys me.

  8. i m sorry but sandara in the group just kind of killed it for me. i was really looking forward to this group but it seemed like YG didnt debut them in the summer because certain comebacks and certain other girl groups that were obviously still very popular that they felt like it would be a threat to debut their girl group. now one of the most popular girl groups would be leaving korea for america in feb, so now they have a perfect chance to debut their group. sandara didnt impress me in their practice video. they were better off as a three member group without her.

  9. sandara is useless in this group. she can dance, sure. just teach her the choreography. but sing? they could choose better.
    2009 is a bit eager. i only say that because sandara needs a couple more years of training. i’m hopeful though.

  10. its about time parkbom debuted. for like two years everyone was saying she was gonna debut soon. didn’t kno it was with a girl group. can’t wait 2 hear their stuff.

  11. i’m super excited about CL, parkbom and gong minji, but oh hells no about sandara park debuting…no offense, she’s just not that talented and she totally needs more than a year or two of training . i’m praying that she improved like x10100010

  12. everybody’s commenting on how Sandara should train more… but look at Sohee at Wonder Girls — that girl can’t sing for the life of her, yet WG’s doing well for a girl group.

    the point is that they will be debuting as a group… so it shouldnt be that bad… plus Sandara is known in the Philippines so they already have a fanbase in another country (abiet a small one)

  13. as i recall, swi.t didn’t do too good back in the day. and yg has a bad rep for not promoting their female artists well. as much as i love yg entertainment i don’t know if a girl group coming out of this company will get the publicity it needs.

  14. Park Bom is my girl. It’s about time she’s out there. Will she’s been out there but not noticeably. (ya know what I mean) Anyways, the two rappers, they’re okay. Then there is Sandara Park. I know she is much popular but I just don’t see her in this girl group. IDK, I feel like she belongs either in SM or JYP entertainment, NOT YG? But who knows she might shine it out with the rest of the girls. Sorry If I’m stating my opinion in a way that may concern some fans. haha.

  15. i’m ecstatic for CL! i’ve been waiting for her to debut. :)) really talented girl, sings well too!

    hope sandara’s won’t get dropped from the line up, i know her singing sucks when she was here in the philippines but we don’t know her “real” skills are. i mean she sang crazy novelty songs here.. probably she’s hiding some talent under her sleeves. YG wouldn’t waste his time on sandy if he didn’t see something in her. :))

    park bom.. she’s a great singer! but the age difference? i dunno.. :p

    YG why wait ’till february. HUHUHU oh well, they’ll have a better time to promote since WGs in the states. (what are they gonna do there anyways..?)

  16. LOL. Female version of BigBang? hmm.

    Let’s find out..

    Park Bom is a great singer and CL can rapper really cool. For Sandara and Min Ji.. I haven’t really heard a good song from them,.. I know them by face.:)

    I hope they’ll be a good group.

    On one thought.. How about the Trio that GD’s producing? what happened to that?

  17. sandra can sing guys! just ive proper training and she can go way far….
    she couldn’t have made it big in the phils if she can’t sing….

    maybe ur just jealous she made it through the group

  18. ^^lol die hard SP fan ..”she couldn’t have made it big in the Philippines if she can’t sing” lol she made big for being krung krung/cutesy whatever she did, not her singing errr and about being jealous of her LOL are you on crack.. why would the non fans be jealous of her non existent talent lol …i was certainly excited about the group but YG adding SP in there made me iffy but whatever

  19. OK when i read this..i was like “cool. a female version of big bang” got pretty excited till i saw sandara park’s name. no offense to her fans..she’s pretty and everything but she seriously cant sing. she sang like novelty songs in the philippines but even that wasn’t impressing….ehhh…iono bout this one. id rather have it as a trio…sandy needs more training. blahhh

  20. wow female version of BB..
    im not too enthusiastic about them being labelled as that,but i’ll still tune in to their music and see if its good or not.
    i hope they’re as good and as talented as Big Bang though.

  21. Yehey!!!! I heart Sandy Park… I wish her and her group the best of luck!!!! She had several hit songs in the Philippines. GO SANDY…. Fighting!!! Just focus on your career…love can wait.

  22. as much as i like big bang and having a female ver of them, i dont think i can like any other girl group than wonder girls.

  23. Uhh, I’m iffy about this group, but I’m really interested in them. I want them to surprise me. Park Bom is great for sure, but I’ve never really heard MinJi sing impressively, and I kindof find CJ a bit annoying? Also, I don’t find her rapping that great either. As for Sandara, I’m a fan of her, but I don’t know about debuting her as a singer. I thought she’d debut as an actress, which I think is a waaay better choice.

    I hope Sandara does well, though, so that she can show her old management company, Star Magic of ABS-CBN, which abandoned her and concentrated on “fresher” teens, that she’s way better off without them. It would suck when Star Magic claims that they discovered her though because I know they totally would. Such jerks.

    The age gap is also very… uhh… so yeah. =/

    I hope they do better than I’m expecting them to be, but I mean, YG’s not known to do well with female artists. =/

  24. i’m excited! park bom finally! she can sing!
    but then again, just like some of you said, i hope they dont replace our wonder girls while their in the states.
    i’m worried WG will be forgotten.

  25. Why do I always hear about asian singers or groups going to debut or go to the states…but never actually hear about it when they’re there? maybe its just me.
    anyway I love Park Bom, and CL seemed pretty cool on a vid I saw. Dunno about the other two.
    And the age gap..is a bit odd. But im excited! I wonder what they’ll be called? Hopefully nothing cheesy.

  26. Why is everybody saying they’re going “replace” WG. That’s pretty damn sad if fans think their fave group is “replaceable.”

    ANYHOW. I cannot wait for these girls to debut, whether it be with or without SP. All I know is, Park Bom and CL better be there.

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