SBS Good Daddy Will Become a Permanent Program

Kim Heechul, Lee Hong Gi, Kim Gun Mo, Kim Hyung Bum and Yoo Se Yun will keep their “daddy” jobs in SBS new variety show “Because I Like You”.

The parenting pilot program “Good Daddy” featured Kim Heechul, Lee Hong Gi, Kim Gun Mo, Kim Hyung Bum and Yoo Se Yun where they took care of a 9-year old girl. The Chuseok special episode won rave reviews from viewers after it’s broadcast on 14th September via SBS television network.

The program will now be a permanent weekly program and be known as “Because I Like You”. The program will continue in the same format where the process of taking care of a 9-year old girl will be shown.

According to the program’s PD, “Actually, we have to consider the reactions from viewers and the ratings plus we want to show a more meaningful program to viewers. Many daddies are now very concerned with parenting and education and we had hope to invite such guests (normal daddies) onto our show.”

“But because it’s variety, it’s hard to balance that with making it meaningful.  There are many cases where we have to replace the original cast from the pilot program. But in this case, all of them have expressed that they want to continue and are delighted to know that it’s now a weekly program.”

Filming begun yesterday and is scheduled for broadcast on 1st November at 5.20pm (KST). This program will be shown every Saturday evening and compete against KBS2TV “Star Golden Bell” and MBC “Introducing Stars’ Friends”.

Watch the pilot episode at gomdoriii’s youtube.

35 thoughts on “SBS Good Daddy Will Become a Permanent Program

  1. i already watch it. they were really weird dads actually. lol. but their personality kinda show in the prog. it just cool seing hee chul being ‘mean’ like always. just hoping the show will be as good as the pilot

  2. I LOVE HOT PANTS DAD. Or whatever his name is. I’m glad because variety shows make my day a little brighter. If Hongki and heechul is in it, I’m there!

  3. oh? its a new show? wawaweee~ but i watch from somewhere that heechul doesn’t like kids much… hahaa… but i guess he changed huh? and YAY! A young daddy, Hongki! bwahaha ^

  4. i couldn’t stop laughing. i like hot bar dad and triangle dad…gunmo is hilarious in a debbie downer kind of way too!

  5. @ pmsfan LOL! i remember HOT BAR daddy x) that was hilarious!

    I really liked the special. Can’t wait to watch all these other episodes coming up 😀

  6. i love the daddies!
    but i dont really like the attitude of that girl.

    i actually hoped it’ll be a younger child when i first heard of this.
    like pre-school or lower elementary.
    hopefully there’s some changes!

    anyways, when i watched this then
    i thought it could challenge WGM’s “reality” concept
    but since it’s airing on saturdays
    they wont be fighting head-on.

  7. 5 dudes taking care of a little girl, maybe a boy would be easier. i just saw an interview with Kim Gun Mo, & the girl in the mv he had kissed was born in ’86, creepy cause the guy is super old.

  8. thanks..i heard about teh pilot episode..
    why are they taking of her? [just wondering]
    like how she got picked…

  9. Heechul a daddy?

    Maybe a mommy!

    I’m sorry but ever since I saw him, he always acted very feminine. I’m not saying he’s gay or that I am homophobic but he acts too feminine sometimes.

    Sometimes, MORE than ME!! hahah Or maybe it just means I’m manly….? hahah or MAYBE not!

  10. wow.. so happy to know that this will become a permanent variety.. i love this show the pilot episode really made my stomach hurt from laughing non-stop.. 5 minute won’t pass without making you laugh…

  11. bwaHAHAHA…
    Hongki keeps saying “Oppa ga…” and everybody will shout at him “Appa!!!”
    i just love the way HotBar Appa, being so nice and fatherly while others are just fooling around..
    Heechul’s hairstyle is kinda similar with HwanHee and JaeJoong???
    correct me if I’m wrong..
    to me, they have the same hairstyle..

  12. HOTBAR Appa? is it the actor with the curly hair and dark skin? correct me if i’m wrong cos i watched this quite a while back. hahaha

  13. oh yeah! i love the chuseok epi a lot.
    a crazy bunch of guys taking care of an intelligent girls..
    HOT BAR appa! homigawd. ROFLMAO!
    gunmo is hilarious here also. seyun too!

    and not to forget the ever “strict?” heechul appa + hongki!

  14. oh that’s great! i was hoping they’d make this a permanent show. it’s so fun to watch and baby mason as mc is sooo adorable xD

  15. That’s great ..
    Heechul will be appearing in a variety show ..
    I miss his witty funny hilarious presence in a show ..

  16. I watched the show sometime last week and I love it =) I love how the daddies never get along for a period of time, but once the child has issues or something, they work together.

    The nine year old girl is a bit annoying, but I am sure the daddies and viewers like me will start to adore her more. After all, I am pretty sure all of us were never that decent when we were young! =P

  17. As much that I’m not a big fan of Heechul, I decided to watch parts of this and I really liked it!!!

    Funny show and the little girl is adorable. Sometimes, I feel like she’s acting though…you know, for the heck of the show as if there’s people telling her how to act!

    hahah Oh, showbiz!

  18. I love the show. Heechul is over the top sometimes. He’s so stern at times but so “fem” others… he’s very entertaining tho!! ^^

  19. Aaah i wanna watch this !
    seems like a pretty good and funny show !
    i wld love to see how HeeChul handles the child and Hongki too !
    i ought to surf YT for vids of this show now ><

  20. the mc was really cute! maison! hehehe
    i love how hee chul always raise his voice when
    he loses to an argument with their daughter.

  21. i think the show is boring, the only thing that keeps me awake is kim gun mo and heechul
    the girl is too fake, i understand she’s still 9, but it supposed to be reality show

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