Reason Behind Rain Appearing On Numerous Variety Shows

For his 5th album comeback, Rain (26) has been confirmed for appearances on top variety shows on the 3 major television networks in Korea. Why has Rain decide to appear on these representative variety shows all of a sudden? This serves as a sharp contrast with the past when he released his previous four albums under JYP Entertainment and rarely appeared on variety shows.

Rain had stopped promotions in Korea for the past 2 years, filtering instead between America and Germany for his movies. Although he has become a global star, the interaction between him and his fans has been minimal. In his absence, idol groups like Big Bang, Wonder Girls have stepped up, fulfiling the general public demands. This is why Rain is seeking to actively participate on variety shows upon his return and with his album release incoming.

According to J. Tunes Entertainment, “Because of his overseas work commitments, there isn’t much chance for Rain to interact with his fans. Rain actually wants to interact with his fans very much. So to repay his fans, he is pushing himself to appear on as much variety shows as he can.”

The representative added, “Rain’s 5th album is the first that his company is releasing under his name since breaking out from JYP Entertainment. Rain feels that the album will have a bearing on the company’s success or failure. So he is going all out to make sure it’s a success because he knows everyone is expecting a lot from him and he holds himself responsible.”

33 thoughts on “Reason Behind Rain Appearing On Numerous Variety Shows

  1. Awww, Bi! I’m excited to see him on variety shows now! I remember back then, there were so many precious moments when he actually did go on, and whenever he was on, everyone just flailed to him.

  2. well, i’m just simply anxious to see rain on variety shows again
    hopefully he will make his appearence worth it

  3. I saw him in Speed Racer, and he’s awfully HOTTTTTT
    (wipe drools)
    it’s good that he’s back in Korea and doing variety shows..
    i hope he’s in XMAN, or Happy Together, or maybe in 1 Night 2 Days (awwwww…Lee Seung Gi!!!!)
    *wild thoughts*
    i hope he’s in We Got Married too…as celebrity couple with Ha Ji Won???

  4. I honestly don’t care about rain……… he never struck to me as a good actor…. but I guess he’s a decent singer….

    He’s been pretty much pushed aside by Wonder Girls, TVXQ, Big Bang, etc….

    This is his attempt at popularity

  5. Well, i never a fan of ran or his body or his voice but I think he has a potential as an actor. No, not in Full House but in A Love To Kill. He has impressively improve in it. I don’t even have finished Full House anyway. Not bother to even completed it.

  6. well i was a fan of rain a couple of years ago and i personally, am glad that he is making a comeback. only time will tell if he is still popular in Korea, give him a chance.

  7. Hmmm he should probably appear in the top three variety shows in the three main televison stations – WGM, 1N2D and Family Outing.

    But it’s not possible for the first two so I guess he can only appear on Family Outing and…I don’t know. Come to Play? YSMM? Don’t know much variety shows that I would like to watch. Another one, Star Golden Bell!

  8. So he does realise that such shows help in raising his profile in Korea? Good for him. He’s smarter than I thought. I wanna see him make an ass outta himself – this will endear him to people … instead of being the “high up on pedestal world star”.

    So now that he’s on his own (set up own company) he wants to interact with his fans? Hmmm I always thought he’s not fond of them – judging by some real life situations I have heard of.

  9. Oh, he might wanna consider doing what DBSG did – to push album sales. I was told that for every 5 copies of pre-order … fans had a chance at some sort of meet and greet.

    Rain – you have hands right?

  10. GO RAIN!!
    i`ll watch you…make sure you take care of your “babies”, when you see them, sinc ethey are kinda tired and overworked lately..TT.TT …Tell JYP to give them a break! thank you…:P

  11. I’m happie that he’s going to appear on those variety shows since he barely appeared on. I know that it’s an honor to have Rain in their shows cuz he’s never in Korea and they miss him xD

    I remember on the last YSMM he was on, the PDs were so happy to have him hahaha

    He is still popular in Korea, his new Love Story is already in the top 3 on charts !

  12. That’s why I like Bi, he always puts his fans first and I wish more singers were like him. U can only see ur idols on stages but don’t see them all that much on variety shows. I started missing Xman suddenly lol.
    So random I know, must go to sleep.

  13. Guess he’s trying to win in Korea to boost up his ego before attempting to win over the world, b.t.w. not an anti-fan or fan, just a realist. The only song I liked from him was “I Do” and drama “Full House”. That cyborg movie and speed racer movie, well… I guess the ratings say it all.

  14. its too bad that his movie speed racer was not a success. a poll at my school showed that only 1 out of every students liked the movie. If he is trying to be a “world star” i personally don’t think its gonna happen anytime soon.

  15. @ blah

    DBSG doesn’t do that in Korea, and they only did that event because it reached top 10 on the Oricon Chart after tremendous hardwork.

    If that was true I’d be in jail right now for wanting to grab something else instead of DBSG’s hands.

  16. I was never a fan of Rain before.
    But I really like him in Full House. He didn’t fail to make me laugh πŸ™‚
    And after the watching the mv,I realize how much Rain is a good actor.
    Speed Racer is not a success,don’t blame him. It’s not his fault that the movie didn’t get good ratings.
    I was also never a fan of his songs before. I didn’t really watched his perf X)
    But now,after Love Story came out,
    I was totally blew out by his Love Story perf!
    He’s an AMAZING SINGER. When he hit the high notes,I had goosebumps!
    This guy got everything. He can sing,act and dance. What more can you ask from an artist? As long as he entertain us πŸ™‚

    Can’t wait to see him in variety shows! He made a right choice to appear in these many shows. That way,his fans can get to know him more.

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