Jung Sun Hee Admits She Was Threatened by Debtors

Jung Sun Hee has been left mentally and physically drained following the death of her husband Ahn Jae Hwan and close friend Choi Jin Shil over the past month. Currently on leave, she revealed her side of the story in an interview.

Jung Sun Hee said in her interview, “I only knew about Ahn Jae Hwan borrowing money from money lenders on 4th September. When he was missing, the debtors turned up one after another, asking for their money, threatening me and my family members. Some even threatened to reveal Ahn Jae Hwan’s misdemeanours to the public.” She continued, “I was totally unaware about Ahn Jae Hwan borrowing money from money lenders. I wouldn’t have gotten married so hastily if I knew about that. I believed that my husband was a honest person and that’s why I was willing to spend the rest of my life with him.”

His family members had suggested that Ahn Jae Hwan’s suicide was a cover-up and claimed that Jung Sun Hee knew the killer. She said, “The pain of losing your husband is great. But to lose your son and your brother, it brings an even greater pain. Someone has to be responsible for anything that happens. And in this case, I am probably the one who should be held responsible.”

She also talked about the rumors surrounding Choi Jin Shil lending money to Ahn Jae Hwan, “Choi Jin Shil unnie and Ahn Jae Hwan never talked before and much less lend money to him. This is a truth that all money lenders know.”

As for those who spread rumors about Choi Jin Shil being a money lender, “It was too much. So much so that it caused the innocent Jin Shil unnie to end her life over her grievances. This type of people cannot be forgiven.”

She ended by saying, “Things turned out like this because of me. I am probably going to carry this on my back for the rest of my life. Because of a rumor, an innocent person has left the world. This is simply too scary.”

27 thoughts on “Jung Sun Hee Admits She Was Threatened by Debtors

  1. ;_;

    This made me cry.

    Sun Hee unni hwaiting. Please stay strong.

    And yeah, those rumour-mongers… I can’t forgive them either.

  2. Sad to see her accepting the role of scapegoat, in a way. There are many factors out of her control. She doesn’t really owe the public this level of exposure about her private life, marriage and family troubles… unless of course, she intends to remain in showbiz & must maintain goodwill from the public. Just too unfortunate and tragic all around.

  3. it would probably take a while before she can go back to showbiz….and I agree with her. A rumor can simply be too scary. CJS’s death is indeed a tragic incident…

  4. reading this makes me wanna cry.. it’s so sad to have lost a husband and a friend.. i hope this matter rests soon and sun hee unnie gets a rest of this whether or not her words are true..

  5. i hate ppl who start rumors…they shouldn’t state things until they know it is true..they may think wt ther doing is ok but it could be very dangerous in the end…i hate those types of ppl

  6. She finally broke the silence.
    I hope she pulls threw this.
    But the people who lead to CJS’s death, seriously can’t not be forgiven. I bet they were out partying and celebrating that they got her to kill herself.

  7. AWW!!!!

    Something must be done against the ‘netizens’…more moderators must be done to avoid rumors to be spread so horribly wrong.

    Jung Sun Hee…

    Aja, aja, fighting!!!!

  8. i think ahn jae hwan is pretty selfish…wad’s is a marriage if there’s a secret btwn the couple……so wad if his super educated….he shouldnt have borrowed money behind her back….shuld at least discuss with her…….

    his family think’s too highly of him….why d hell are they blaming his wife…as if he never make a mistake…..his trouble ended but his suffering was blatantly shoved to this wife.

    CJS….i dunnoe mayb shuld have talk to a psychatrist…or just focus on her kids……it’s tough but i think she let those fools get to her head…..

    korean extreme netizen are pretty whack…not the first time their words cause suicide….nothing better to do so ruin others’ life….

    some how the entertainment industry have made it such that those celebs are practially on roast pit.

    hollywood fears papparazzi
    hallyuwood fears netizen

  9. srtabil,

    I don’t think it’s necessary and even disrespectful to speak about the ‘what ifs’. Yes, maybe things should have gone this way but you don’t know them or what they had to go through–for both Ahn Jae Hwan and Choi Jin-sil.

    Importantly, I’m sure Ahn Jae Hwan loved his wife and everyone knows how much Choi Jin-sil’s children means to her. They were her life but why she took her life is unimaginable for people who knew her and her fans that knew how much she loved her children–it’s not even a question.

    Korea SHOULD do something like have moderators delete and moderate websites that ‘netizens’ may post negative comments. In addition, I do believe that the internet isn’t really what to blame, but the Korean society. I’m not Korean and maybe I’m being judgemental, but I say the Korean society in the sense of ‘netizens’ way of thinking or expressing their hatred. I’m sure they know what power they have and Choi Jin-sil is not their first victim. It’s almost like this ‘silent hatred and violence’ happens and then the next thing you know, an entertainer figure dies due to unfair and unwanted rumors or threats.

    These ‘netizens’ are almost worst than the paparazzi around the world because for one, the paparazzi don’t cross a certain line or boundary but of course, not all paparazzi are the same–like the fact that not all ‘netizens’ always attack a certain entertainer.

  10. srtabil,

    I don’t think it’s necessary and its actually disrespectful to speak about…..**********

    TYPO!!! Oops!

  11. i don’t think JSH is responsible, she shouldn’t hold the blame for what others have done & caused. i hope JSH can get through these tough times. she seems to be a strong lady, & deserves happiness.

  12. All the pain and torment she’ll have to endure in the years to come insisting that she is the one who’s responsible for an innocent death… I feel so much for her.

  13. Korea is going through a netizen abuse crisis….just found out that a male model named kim ji hoo committed suicide because of those nasty netizens.

    RIP ahn jae hwan, choi jin shil and kim ji hoo

  14. I just watch the early x man show with Anh Jae Wan just second ago. and I still can’t understand why people can just end their life and think their trouble will be ended. I can’t understand why people claimed to love someone but they can do such a thing and hurt their family specially the one with parents.

    and I think, before she doesnt admit about the debtor and now she said yes. she know the killer/debtors since she said they turned up one after another, maybe she’s too scared to tell.

    I watch the rerun show golden fishery? 6 girls or anything with her. I realize that I can’t smile at her jokes anymore, all I remembered was her face passed out or cried. such a different feeling from before. I can’t see her as comedian anymore, at least now. maybe later in the future

  15. i hope there are lots of people giving her support and take care of her 24/7. i’m so afriad she might just break down.. and …

  16. I think she held herself responsible for all these that happened due to her big mouth (don’t take this offensively) on her comments about the beef things..
    That led to ppl boycotting her hubby’s business and failure to it.
    then eventually, the money lending..

    As for CJS’s case, it’s sad that she got so influenced and affected by the rumours till they drove her dead.
    I feel sad to those who did this to her.

    My Q is that is korean society that vulnerable and aggressive at the same time??
    For such a metropolitan society, I thought the mindset of a society would be liberated from rigid cultures.

    All i know is that all different cultures have it’s good and bad.
    But as times goes by, doesn’t a society evolve by taking the good and leaving the bad behind??
    It’s a pity….

  17. I really hate it when JSH put the blame herself for the death of her husband and bestfriend. I’m really worried about her right now. When problems occur between husband and wife, it’s really not right to blame one party alone. Things add up to become a problem. I hope she doesn’t think too negatively…

    I just hope everyone learns from this. Also, to all the netizens and the woman who started the rumors, this is a wake up call!!! Look what you did to innocent ppl!!!

  18. What happened to “sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Eh…. I’m hurt by words also, even though you can act tough on the outside, it always hurts on the inside. All we can do is hope that she will live on…

  19. awww..this is so sad!! she actually thinks that she is responsible for her husband’s death!!! T.T she should stay strong cuz she deserves a much happier life..she always brought nothing but laughter to our houses..i wish her the best ❤

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