Dong Chul and Young Ran Parts With Sadness

Another tearful sad kissing scene between Dong Chul (Song Seung Hun) and Young Ran (Lee Yeon Hee) was played out once again in “East of Eden”.

In episode 15 last night, Dong Chul (Song Seung Hun) and Young Ran (Lee Yeon Hee) were both left in agony over their love. After 3 years of being apart due to circumstances, Dong Chul and Young Ran reunites in Japan once again as the latter expressed her affection and love for Dong Chul in her unique way.

But Dong Chul can’t recipocrate Young Ran’s love because of the promise he made with her father. Later on in the night, Young Ran leaves in the middle of a dinner organized by her father and Mike to look for Dong Chul.

To show her true love, Young Ran kisses Dong Chul and the latter doesn’t reject. But Dong Chul return to his senses and pushes her away. An agonized Young Ran said, “For you, I can give up my dad, casino, money, status, youth and even my life. So please, for your own sake, show some courage.

But Dong Chul doesn’t want to turn Young Ran’s life into a mess because of his messed-up situation and tells her that her love is not here as both of them start tearing over their romance which cannot be fulfilled due to circumstances.

Netizens felt sorry for Young Ran and Dong Chul’s romance as they commented, “I started crying along when I saw Dong Chul and Young Ran crying. Dong Chul is so pitiful because he can’t accept Young Ran’s love because of his situation”, “Please let them become a couple, they are so compatible together”.

44 thoughts on “Dong Chul and Young Ran Parts With Sadness

  1. haven’t they admitted that they are dating??
    they have been dating for quite some time now…
    that’s one of the main reason why ssh pulled out the original actress to play young ran and immediately replace her with lyh. note, the original actress made the audition and was given the script. she was just informed that she have been replaced days before the first shoot. grrrrr!!! everyone got really pissed!!!

  2. oh my i was expecting a 8/9 year age gap but i went to naver….and he’s 12 years older than her. O.o I still think she’s lucky ~ I’d totally kiss him…he’s only 10 years older than me hahahahahaha

  3. I really like East of Eden .. once i thought a 50+ eps drama will be a drag .. but I keep on watching it one weekends …

    I really like the Dong Chul Youing Ran pairing … she’s always calling him names and insults him but he put up with it knowing that she doesn’t mean it and that’s her expression of anger for his cold ignorant behavior…

    I wonder if they will ever get together in the end, for a long drama the pace if pretty fast so it’s not that boring or draggy as i thought it would be.

  4. the girl’s not pretty and they don’t look good together… SSY can break her arms easily, twig much… haha!

  5. LOLLL… Sorry but it looks a bit paedophilic.. Hahahaha.. Lee Yeon Hee’s age is not a problem but she looks too young and innocent and almost little girl-like. Whereas Song Seung Hun looks like a hot sexy man who gives off adult vibes. Hahahahahaha… Yeon Hee looked cute with Hyun Bin in that millionaire movie.

    I’m sorry but that Baek guy looks kinda eeew… and with pretty Hye Rin at that. More HR and DC please!

  6. Lee Da Hee to the rescue!!!! hahah

    We all know she’ll end up with him…poor Yeon Hee though.

    Love sucks sometimes.

  7. i just saw episode 15 last night and it seriously broke my heart/irritated me that they can’t be together. i totally understand why, but it’s just like errgggghh.

  8. 50+ episodes?! I don’t know if I can watch this drama…it only means that this drama has plenty of time to drag on and on and on and on and on to the point that I would finish watching atleast 2 other dramas (16 episodes each) before finishing this drama.

    I finished 2 1/2 of other dramas while watching Jumong…

  9. This drama is surprisingly not a drag.
    I thought it would be a drag when i first watched it but it’s quite intense in every episode ^.^

    Argh, i’m not on episode 15 yet ! But i know that i will cry when i get there !

    Ahhh !

    Aja aja fighting dong chul & young ran ! ❤

  10. i didn’t actually think it was that sad. i thought it was really sweet (even though, obviously, the emotions they were trying too hard to emote were those of grief)

  11. OMG!!! i haven’t watched this drama yet but the kiss was soo cute! and the actor is totally HOT!!!!

  12. i don’t know how exactly the show is to develop but is Hye Rin really gonna end up with DC as his love interest later on? I NEED INFORMATION!!!

    Ever since i got to watching this i’ve been heading to work with eyes swelled. sigh. been a while since a drama turned me into a leaking tap.

    AND yeonhee & SSH dating??? you’re kidding me right? yeah, where the hell did that come from??

  13. ehh I love Lee Yeon hee and all but I’m kinda hoping he stays with Lee Da Hae…(they would look so good together)…it’s kinda the reason why I keep watching it…I think Yeon Hee’s character is too immature for him.

  14. Why is hye rin popping in and out of this drama, not much screen for her. Why is young ran slapping and yelling at dong chul, is this what you call love and she has the most screencap too. Where is this drama leading to? Dong chul’s mother is also yelling all the time because of his job in the casino. Another flop!!!

  15. I just love this couple, they’re so cute together and that scene made me cry too T T
    I cannot wait to see next week’s episodes, gahh it’s getting better and better.

  16. whoo! i gotta start watching this drama… the 50 episode thingy scared me…but since with so much fuzz going on… i’m going to start this drama tonight!!!

  17. to someone: is that rumor even true? I’m a big fan of LYH & from all the articles & things I read there has never been a mention of her & SSH dating. Of course since I’m a fan of the pairing i wouldn’t really mind & plus it’s LYH as long as she’s happy I’m happy, but so far from what I know your rumor is nothing but a rumor. if you do have proof then share I’ll be more than happy to read it 😀

    to weird: reason LYH has so much screen time is because she is the 2nd female lead. LYH’s role is bigger than Hye Rin. So of course she’ll have more time.

    Honestly i been looking forward to this drama because of LYH but I have not watched a full episode. the storyline is sorta interesting, but so far i’m not fully interested that’s why i haven’t really gotten around to really watching it but i think i might though eventually.

    I like this pairing it’s sad that they don’t end up together but you may never know writers might change the s/l last minute depending on the viewers opinion & so far viewers like this pairing.

  18. To marmar,
    how come a second lead role has bigger role then the lead role , not making sense. I thought young ran is the lead role. I guessed you are hoping for young ran and dong chul to pair off in the end, wow!

  19. LOL at the second comment. I haven’t heard anything about them dating in real life. So that comment seems really random. Also, Choi Jung Won was never “replaced”. She was still apart of the casting when they casted Lee Yeon Hee and Lee Da hae. She dropped the role herself when she was offered the lead role in Kingdom of the wind.

  20. Oh and Lee Da Hae’s Hye Rin is without a doubt the lead actress in this drama. She’ll probably get more screen time in the future.

  21. There’s never any rumor of SSH dating LYH.
    LYH is not the lead actress of EOE; her name comes last at the official homepages/poster of EOE.
    Song Seung Hun -> Yeon Jung Hoon -> Lee Da Hae -> Han Ji Hye -> Park Hae Jin -> LYH

  22. concerning the age of SSH and LYH, wasn’t the ALL IN couple also of 13 years age gap. people who watched ALL IN embraced the pairing of Song Hye Kyo and Lee Byung Hun and they even became real life couple just before the series ended. so why call be bothered with SSH and LYH. SSH although in his early 30’s doesn’t look like 30-ish man. he seems to be more of a man in the late 20’s.

    anyway…SONG and LEE in ALL IN with 12-13 years age gap and SONG and LEE in EAST OF EDEN with 12 years age gap…what a coincidence…will SSH and LYH follow the footstep of LBH and SHK?

  23. After 16 episodes it is more of dong chul/young ran- gracey and ji hyun/myung hun drama. Oh oh dong chul’s hairstyle didn’t change after three years whereas tae sung now has some grey hair.

  24. does anyone know the song that was playing during the scene! gosh i NEED them to end up together! i already feel sad thinking about them not together.

  25. 12 years gap is not bad……….. is it in Korea?……. Park Shin Yang is married and he is 12 yrs. older than his wife.
    Keep hearing about SSH will end up later with LDH ………do the writers read our comments here hope so.
    I am a big fan of LYH and SSH and I hope they do end up together in the long run in the series I would’nt mind them dating in real life either I guess that is just a rumour being partners in the series but if they are I say enjoy and good luck……….about 34 more episodes we will see who ends up with who.

  26. who care about their age different as long as they act good together and so far they act good together so who care about their age different i just love every scene two two have together because they act so well together

  27. I am watching EOE. i really like DC & YR. They are the best couple in the drama even though they have struggle of staying together. Their love relationship is so beautiful.
    Is it true they are dating in real life? If so, i am happy for them. i don’t think a difference between an age is a matter. as long as they are happy and have a good life, all fans will be happy for them, too. Don’t pressure and criticize their relationship. let them free to express their feelings.



  30. Hey All,

    I just got hunged up with EOE. It is the BEST of the BEST Korean drama I’ve ever seen. I kept wanting to watch it after every episode. It took me sometime to finish but I finally got to the last part and it totally made me cry. I could not help it. I started to tear when Lee Dong Chul died at the last sceen. The words that Hye Rin and Lee Dong Chual said to each other touched my soul. It was so powerful. Any ways, I think they were a great couple in the drama and most of all I think Lee Dong Chul is soooo hot in every way.

    I would like to meet him one day, I will probably go to South Korea just to meet him.

    Thanks for giving me the chance to comment.

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