Korean Pop Night in Singapore Details

Andy and Park Jung Ah will be the hosts for the evening. Korean singer Lee An who is based in Singapore will be performing as well. Television crews from SBS, KBS and MBC will be here to film the event. Hopefully, this will be a big success and become an annual affair. Shout your hearts out!!!

Official Website

Flight Information
Korean Air will be flying in the performers and crew and have released the flight information for fans to welcome them and send them off without scratching their heads. Their schedule on 3rd November are as follows (credit: jcwc@soompi)

Airline: Korean Air
Arrival: 9.15PM, 3rd of November 2008
Departure: 10.45PM, 5th of November 2008

Note: Flight details are subject to change

What They Are Going to Sing (credit: yeonhwa)
JunJin – WA, Those Words I Love You
Wonder Girls – Nobody, Tell Me
Andy – Love Song, Propose
Jewerly – One More Time, Superstar
Chae Yeon – Two Of Us, My Love
V.O.S – Beautiful Life, Soulmate
2PM – 10/10, Only You
U-Kiss – I’m Not A Kid, U&I
Kim Jong Wook- Only You, Bad Guy

Broadcast Details
There will be a delayed telecast of Korean Pop Night on MTV Asia (Starhub Channel 20). Please check with MTV Asia for more details.

Meet K-pop Stars at Square 2
Korean girl group Jewelry makes an appearance at 1pm on 5th November.

For additional information on Wonderfuls in Singapore, visit Singapore Wonderfuls forum. If you have tips, leave a comment or email me.

641 thoughts on “Korean Pop Night in Singapore Details

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  2. i am so jealous! i wish im in spore right now! huhu.
    i want to see kim jong wook and VOS too!!!! urgh.
    too bad i cant go there, still got some quarters left!
    maybe i’d fo there on march-april.

  3. ripp off… a laptop for tickets…WTF???
    hope most of u will get to go, though i don’t know by what miracle…. how about just selling them, ye?

  4. ditto to han.

    i wonder what would happen if you just bought one of those items before they announced the giveaway…

  5. that’s so dumb. you have to buy a laptop or new phone to get tickets for a concert? c’mon, that’s a total scam.

    think about it. if you were the company rep and needed to get rid of laptops and phones, would you be selling your top notch products in exchange for popular concert tickets? nope. i’d get rid of products that weren’t selling well in order to get to most profit. what a scheme….

  6. wat? buy a phone or laptop?
    man… that’s out!

    will choose other alternatives then…
    i hope there’s easier alternative…

  7. i too will also buy the laptop or the phones if dong bang is coming. guess we could still try our luck through other means.

  8. i guess if you’re really desperate you could buy a phone then flog it off on ebay or something afterwards?

    you’d still be losing money but. just hope that the loss margin is less than 168 bucks =P

  9. I think that buying a laptop or a phone in exchange for the tix is very practical. Since most who are attending the concert will be teenagers or young adults, they will most likely be able to buy the tix itself, not spending like a thousand on a laptop.

    For the laptop and phones, we don’t even have a choice on the brands or product series or whatever. We just have LG. -Life’s Good. o_o

    At least for Cool K Time it’s a contest method to obtain the tix. This way it’s on your luck. You get through, lucky you. Tickets are yours. If you don’t, you have no one to blame nor whether you have enough $$ or not.

    Personally I think at least it feels better to get the tickets by luck than spending unneccesary money on electronic items you don’t need; you can use them to do up banners or t-shirts for your fan clubs/groups to support the artists/group instead!

    Haven’t heard what ‘Far East Organisation’ has got to offer to obtain the tickets. But oh well, hope everyone gets a shot at it!

  10. Gosh, buy a laptop or phone just for the tickets?!
    I’ll just try my luck on the radio or go to the concert really early to try get the distributed tickets. T____T
    But the other methods are not out yet right?

  11. “200-300 tickets will be distributed on concert day. (TBC)”

    Paid or FOC distribution? Ggrrr…this concert SHOULD be amazing but yet its vagueness is already destroying the amount of enjoyment a person gets…

  12. Thanks for the info alvin!

    The ‘scheme’ of buying LG products is just so off for me… WTH?

    I guess I’ll just try my luck on the radio or on the day of the concert. Now if i can see how they will ‘distribute’ the tickets on the 4th….

  13. HAHAHA. never knew we have a korean radio programme, albeit a short session, in singapore. man, the concert is only on nov 4th?! what about after the 14th? which is when my exams finally end haha.

  14. it is not dumb to buy the laptop for just the tickets but it is SUPER DUMB…. I really wanna go but… buying the laptop is like…. ARGH!! Im going carzy! I wish I’m rich I can buy the tickets or even the laptop easily….. ooooooommmmmmmggggggggg!!! this is really stressing me out!

  15. giveeeeee meeeee theeee ticketssssss !!!!

    i will shout that at the customer service of novena square.

    ha. nah i won’t. but i will do all i can to get the tickets!

  16. Why they create so much fuss over ticket lo, just sell it so that we can buy it ma…. haizzzz. I wish I was singaporean lo…

  17. uhhhh…..what the. Sure they have a prettyy good lineup but this is outrageous. They should do something like SingFest, this year’s was pretty okay.

    Excited to see Andy, JunJin, Seo In Young!!! EEKS. We can always stalk them at the airport people!

  18. mad_gal,

    U got tixs to sell? U noe the seating? Coz as far i know the tixs were are not even given out to the respective sponsors yet to give out..

    Coz if u dun have the seating then how do we know where we will b seating..if not wait i pay $100 over for a seat right on top… poor lah these days.. economic bad.. >_<

  19. hey there.. hahahaha rgal, i can assure you its not right at the top. however, we are still confirming if its free seating by wednesday where i will get my actual tickets. if its not, i can release actual seat details then ๐Ÿ™‚

    btw, this is leerocks from rainsg ๐Ÿ™‚ btw, just want to let u know rain’s album will be imported from korea for those who didnt get to order at MJ Multimedia ๐Ÿ™‚ sales will go towards charts too!! ๐Ÿ˜€ not sure when it will arrive. but will be within this month. i can update u again.

  20. So…the people who are going to watch the concerts are …old people meaning those white-collar yuppies who could afford the handphones & laptops???

    I wish they could sell the tickets through the usual SISTIC outlets. Otherwise, I would just watch the concerts through YouTube or something! Very disappointing..!!!

  21. mad_gal,

    Woo!! Small world!! hahahaha.. sorry,i jst being kancheong since now everyone seems to b scrambling around for tixs..

    Thanks for the clarification..


  22. I’m planning to buy the Samsung Omnia… think they’d give out tickets for that?

    But I won’t be around for the concert… no point… and my Jae Joong is not coming ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  23. Received official announcement from Korean Air. They will be giving away free ticket for whoever sign-up for korea package from today til end of Oct.

    I’m checking with my friend if she is entitle for the redemption since she paid for her trip during NATAS and she is going on this Friday. If not, I think she going to be mad, cause she signed up for 8 person. *LOL*

  24. hi steff, its okay. i was really kancheong too. but i knew about this for quite awhile already. so it gave me ample time.

    updates: i now have 3 tickets for sale.

  25. I also want to get those tix !
    But yeah,too bad DBSK is not coming..if not i’ll do all i can to get those tix XD
    But WonderGirls are comingggg ~~!!
    i wanna see them real bad ):

    LG sure is smart to give the tix away in this method.
    now i’ll have 2 try to join the contests and win these tix ==

    how’d u get the tix?you working with one of the sponsors?

  26. That’s a pretty mediocre line-up of singers! Especially Chae yeon? Thought she disappeared! Could they not get any other stars to come?

  27. Square 2 in novena is giving away a pair of K-pop nite tickets for every $60 worth of receipt. It’s moving fast though!

  28. Im going shopping this wkend.Shld prob go to square 2.Tho i wonder if there’s still tix by then…..

  29. hey silvermugg.. the tickets at square 2 have all been given out so perhaps u have to find another way to get the tix.

  30. YAY I got tix today at Square 2! But because theyre giving it away, you cant choose your seats sooo….even though Im excited I got it, Im kind of bummed.

    Really wished they could have just sold it normally, so at least I could decide which category I was willing to pay for. Giving it away just made me panic and blindly buy cos Im afraid I wont get tix through other avenues. Bleargh.

    But YAY! I wish Big Bang was coming though…..haha.

  31. really?
    does anyone think that there will be tickets still available at sq 2?
    or friday? but it’ll be pushing it right?
    can any kind soul who knows if there are still tickets left by tmr afternoon msg me @ 82227937(:

    if there is i’d rush there tmr aft sch.
    thanks in advance. (:

  32. Luckily tho,my faves like big bang, ft island n dbsk r nt coming.If they are i’ll pay any amt to make sure i get the tix.

  33. hi,
    i managed to get the LAST wo tickets from sq 2.. i got it extra so i’m selling it off… the seatings are separate, do let me noe if you’re interested, photos will be sent to u for interested parties.. at the same time, email me the price ur willing to buy :D:D

    mail me at zihui_tongxue@hotmail.com

  34. they should sell the tickets instead of distributing it!details given on how to get the tixs were so vague. if i don’t read online forums i won’t even know about it>.< anyways, i have an extra pair of tickets available. my friend might be unable to make it:( so yeps. let me know if you guys need tixs aye…

  35. ^ i need tickets(:
    but im not really fond of auctions.

    anyone willing to sell?
    or at least give a range that you are willing to sel at?
    with regards to seating too of course.

  36. yea.. cos i dun rly noe how much is the price… so yepps.. will definitely get back to those who emailed me asap since i’m online now ๐Ÿ˜€

  37. is there any other ways?

    “200 – 300 tickets to be given out on the day of the concert. (TBC)”
    omg, the programme starts at 9pm and by that time, the concert has already finished………………..=_=

  38. btw, kpop lovers, contact me at 90550680.. i want to buy the ticket as well ^^ or anybody else wants to sell the ticket to me could contact me, thankz before ^^

  39. Guys the tickets from Square 2 are all given out already, you don’t have to go down personally to check, just call their hot line and i think the operator also very tired to repeat saying its all given out.

    Hotline: 6225 5336

    How to get there

    By Bus
    Bus nos: 21, 54, 56, 124, 131, 143, 162, 166, 851, 980

    By MRT
    Novena Mrt Station

  40. hi all, updating:

    for those who are interested. i now have TWO pairs of tickets for sale. still trying to secure better seats. so cant confirm til maybe next 2 days.


  41. actually i live near at singapore…but i need passport to go there….haiz…i really want to go watch wonder girls…
    anyway wonder girls is the best….T.T

  42. “The above promotion was held in conjunction with Square 2 shopping mall for 3 days starting from 15th November but all tickets has been redeemed.”

    this sentence doesn’t make sense. how can it be redeem when now is still oct!

  43. just a word of warning

    be careful of scams guys =P

    plenty of people wanting tickets = plenty of scammers wanting free money

  44. omfg if i was living in singapore, i’d buy a laptop or phone just to see wonder girls perform ! or i would do anything to get that backstage pass –

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh lucky for those people T_T
    i’ll just wait for them in america..

  45. I have 3 tix at T39, and I kind of want to exchange them for tix Block A35 cos some of my friends will be there. Im willing to pay extra on top of my tix. Anyone willing to sell?

    Email me at orca_88@hotmail or msg me at soompi or something – kreazy.

    Ps: We should stop making Alvin’s comments page as the auction site. haha but its so full of info! Hope you dont mind Alvin!

  46. HEY! ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks so much for the updates!^^

    “Queuing up near the entrance of Singapore Indoor Stadium on the day itself. Tickets will be given out from a booth there from 5 pm onwards.”

    isit GIVEN OUT or SELLING ๐Ÿ˜ฆ i’ll go early and queue if it means i’ll get free tix ๐Ÿ˜€

  47. haiz what a bad timing im still having a lvls then… but big bang’s not coming so im not really crying heh but still k concerts are really rare here…

  48. Hi everyone
    this is the email i got from the organisation

    Dear K-Pop fan,

    Thank you for your interest in Korean Pop Night 2008, which is part of Korea Festival 2008: Sparkling with Culture. The following are further details on the concert.

    Korean Pop Night 2008

    Date: November 4 (Tue)

    Time: 7.30 pm

    Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium


    Andy โ€“ Shinhwa

    Park Jung-Ah – Jewelry

    Performing Artists:

    Wonder Girls

    Chae Yeon


    Jun Jin






    Kim Jong Wook


    Tickets will NOT be sold to the public.

    You can get tickets by:

    1) Taking part in promotions organised by our sponsors โ€“ LG Electronics and Korean Air

    – For LG Electronics, please visit http://sg.lgmobile.com/web/web.event.RetrieveOngoingEventList.laf for more details

    – For Korean Air, please call 6796 2001 or 6796 2047 or e-mail ihchua@koreanair.com

    2) Tuning in to XFM 96.3 FM from 9 to 11 pm [Korean Programme Belt] (Mon to Fri) and taking part in its radio quizzes from October 15 (Wed) onwards.

    3) Queuing up near the entrance of Singapore Indoor Stadium on the day itself. Tickets will be given out from a booth there from 5 pm onwards.

    * There will be a delayed telecast of Korean Pop Night on MTV Asia. Please check with MTV Asia for more details.

    K-Pop Contest 2008

    If you aspire to become a K-pop performer, do step forward and take part in K-Pop Contest 2008. Just log on to our festival website โ€“ http://www.koreafestival2008.com โ€“ from October 20 (Mon) onwards to register. You can also go to Square 2 shopping mall to register personally on October 25 (Sat) from 8 to 10 am.

    Preliminary Round: October 25 (Sat), 11 am to 6 pm, Square 2 shopping mall (Ground Floor)

    You may also wish to lend your support to fellow K-pop fans who aspire to be K-pop singers of the future at the semi-finals and finals of K-Pop Contest 2008, which is also part of Korea Festival 2008: Sparkling with Culture.

    Semi-Finals: November 1 (Sat), 6 pm to 8 pm, VivoCity SkyPark, Level 3 (Open Space near Food Republic food court)

    Finals: November 2 (Sun), 6 pm to 8pm, VivoCity SkyPark, Level 3 (Open Space near Food Republic food court)

    Ticketing: Free admission, no tickets required

    Lucky Draw: There will be a lucky draw for the public at the end of the finals on November 2 (Sun). Those who wish to take part will have to complete a lucky draw coupon.

    – First Prize -> A holiday package for 2 to Korea (inclusive of air tickets)

    – Other Prizes -> Korean restaurant vouchers

    We hope to see you at Korean Pop Night and K-Pop Concert (Preliminary Round, Semi-Finals & Finals). All the best for getting your tickets! And if you hope to become a K-pop star in the future, may your dreams come true!

    For the latest updates, please visit our festival website โ€“ http://www.koreafestival2008.com โ€“ from October 25 (Sat) onwards.

    Best regards,

    Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Singapore

  49. UPDATES:

    Dear K-pop fan,

    We refer to our reply earlier.

    Here are two updates:

    1) The correct URL for the LG website for information on the concert tickets is http://sg.lgmobile.com. Please click on the “Event” link at the top right-hand corner of the webpage.

    2) Registration for K-Pop Contest can now be done at our festival website – http://www.koreafestival2008.com (please scroll towards the bottom).

    Best regards,

    Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Singapore

  50. its so stressful!!!!!!!
    to make the concert successful,they shd SELL A PORTION OF THE TICKETS !

    not all the people who get free tickets are fans of kpop ….

  51. anybody know which m1 outlet are giving out tix? cos i went to tampines mall and they said they are not giving out the tix..

  52. hoho~didn’t know this is gonna be such a big affair…
    SBS,MBC and KBS coming over to film ehhhh….
    but no S.M. artistes=about half of the audience gone~
    and tickets are so difficult to get!!argggggghhhhhhh!!><

  53. @ han- HELL YEAH!ill buy anything if dbsk coming!!or maybe suju!!i wanna see jewelry tho.espc in young!!but ahhh.its just not that worth it.

  54. I went to the M1 store at tampines mall to get an lg secret.But the ppl there noe nothing about the tix giveaway. Any1 noe of any branch that are giving the tix away wif the phone?

  55. I got the LG secret phone at the official LG Mobile Phone outlet at Vivocity yesterday noon. They have tix there. Heard from the salesman only a few resellers have the tix.

  56. Ooohh tnx you so much tsukey.that means i have to buy the phone just by itself then without any contract.Cos i was thinking of trading in my phone.

  57. Not sure if the LG outlet offers trade-in. However, seats are not that good after all…i got Block T11 ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  58. Ahhh… I guess this means they DO actually realize how much fans might be willing to pay just to go to the Fest :3 Oh goodness, my mum is never going to agree~

  59. Hi shshyl,

    for ur qns, u get the tix on the spot.

    Beforehand i email LG on the promo. See LG reply below.

    Thank you for your interest in LG mobile phones.

    You may contact the 3 operators shops on the availability of the tickets as I believe only certain of these shops are carrying the stocks, thereby the tickets which are also on while stock lasts basis.

    Alternatively, you may want to contact our 3 concept shops, Arrow Comm as in attached for this promo for no contract purchase.

    The 3 concept stores are:
    1) Tiong Bahru Plaza #01-49
    2) Blk 183 Toa Payoh Central #01-278B
    3) Vivocity #02-11

    P.s. I believe that unless coincidentally you are gonna get a new phone, otherwise paying $528.00 is not cheap after all. Well, I consoled myself by thinking since my handphone contract is ending in Jan 08, just get a new phone beforehand and sell off the new phone I get when i renew my contract ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. ello tsukey

    how come the tix seats ur getting are no good at all? after all it’s not worth what ur paying for…:( but come to think of it, i guess it’s better than no tix at all right?

  61. thanks tuskey for your info. I bought my ph just now at LG vivo city. After me only left 16 tickets. but the seats is really lousy. As for the phone I think i want to sell it away. hope it will be an enjoyable concert or else…

  62. hi shshyl,

    how’s ur seating….mine is T11, row 20… urh…i think is just lousy since we pay so much for it. But think of it, is the next “cheapest” option to get tix…other than Square 2 promo.

  63. Sell tix? How much are you guys willing to pay? $200? like for Chinese concert?

    If they sell tix, I doubt they can ever cover production costs – Korean production costs are higher than for Chinese concert. Just look at their stage effects and lighting. Why do you think all we get in SG are old fogeys?? Cos they are cheap and easy to produce! Oh, and of course, event organisers+sponsors here are kia-si and choose to stick with the tried and tested.

    Good luck to whoever doesn’t have a ticket yet. I hope this turns out really well so that it will be an annual event and keep fingers crossed – a start to more kpop concerts in SG (we have only had 2 so far – how pathetic is that? ><)

  64. then so far all ppl say sq 2 and lg given out ticket all those T seat .

    so dose any 1 really got A or PB & PA ticket?

    or those seat haven given out ?

    wonder what kind of seat they will give out on that day ?

  65. hiii Sherlyn275, where did u get the information about the audition?? i would like to ask something to the person in charge of the audition.. thanks for your info btw ^^

  66. So frickin expensive…. geeshh. why don’t they just make it as concert and sell the ticket. anyway those who got the ticket, don’t forget share the moment with HD fan cam ok??? LOL

  67. Hi all, updated now.

    seats confirmed to be at T11 Row 19


    im only selling 2 pairs for this. will be any seat number listed above.

    as for A seats, i only got one extra pair that i sold already ๐Ÿ™‚ so for those who are interested in the above seats, please email at mad_gal_@hotmail.com

    (do not email about A seats.. im trying to secure.. but dont think its possible anymore)

  68. ahhh! i didn’t noe tat square 2 was distrubuting the tix! i feel like killing myself. anyone know whether they will be selling/giving the tix on 4th nov at the booth? && where exactly is the booth? should i go queue there like.. 1 day earlier?? or shld i just go at about 4pm & start queuing? but i have a feelin ppl will overnight at the booth & the 300 tixs will be gone in a flash. LOL. anyone willing to see me tix?? email me at dancers.of.the.stars@hotmail.com

    i’d buy a LG laptop if Bigbang & Ft Island are going. but too bad. if they invited these cleberities, i tink SG fans will just break thru the gates of the concert hall even without tix.

    Do contact me if u have the tix. even if it’s only 1.


  69. heys . . yay ! ! finally they’re coming to singapore . . umm . .is there any ways that i can purchase the tix ? ? i read the part about queuing on 4 nov itself . . its dat true ? ?

  70. anyone thinking of sellin it at reasonable price? looking for 2 tickets.. can msg at 93986259 ๐Ÿ˜€

    and anyone knows when are they coming to spore?
    wanna see them in the airport! LOL
    anyone wanna go with me??
    msg me too kays?? ๐Ÿ˜€

  71. it’s a marketing scam for fans to buy LG products which you might not even need. but hey, it’s a pretty smart move for LG to be using the artists to advertise the event but most importantly their products. i’m sure the company’s forking in a lot of $ just for promotion and marketing. but i’m sure they’ll make a profit from it.

  72. Hi guys ๐Ÿ™‚

    If anyone is willing to sell tickets, please

    email me at fxoxojj@gmail.com or
    reach me at 82683695.

    thanks. I’m really, really desperate to get the tickets… haha. and sorry coolsmurf for flooding your page with this!

  73. Really want the tickets deadly although none of my favourite star is coming accept ‘Wonder Girls’.But to me, it’s fine without tickets.Just hope there will be more k-pop concerts in the future and they will sell the tickets to the public.Really hope so!!!

  74. Indoor stadium seatings are sucks, if you hv the premium blocks then you can see the views, otherwise it is just like going there to get sardines in the crowd.

    Singaporeans, buck up please, dont fall into these kind of marketing scam.

    Why make the whole event so frustrating? $500+ for handphone, $1000+ for korean travel package to get free tickets. Must be crazy.

    Now , it is October examination time for students. For students, please take note that dont waste your time on unnecessary queuing and rushing for tickets.

    Concentrate on your studies, gals and boys!

    Those who come this time are not fantastically great artistes.

    Wait for the proper selling of tickets next time. It is damn idiotic to have this kind of marketing promotion to consumers.

    Make the concert and we singaporeans look CHEAP!!

  75. Lol nerd-rage.
    You do realise if people think like you and boycott the whole event it probably won’t happen again for a while?
    Fantastically great artistes = your opinion.
    Going to look into the LG phone later tonight.

  76. i heard that junjin and andy will be at square 2 to have autograph session . it that true?

    it will be better if is dongwan .hehe

    but aft wgm andy also not bad. haha

  77. jun jin and andy?cool i love jun jin.At least i’ll still get to c them even tho i didnt get tix to watch the concert.

    And to gnxc.I agree with wat you said.If nobody support it this time,its gonna be the first and last of such concert held here.Tho im totally broke rite now…….I’ll just stick to watching it on mtv.

  78. i’ll be arriving in singapore on oct.22, im actually touring by

    myself and im dying to join the KPOP Fest but it gives me false

    hopes because i dont know anyone from singapore.

    Besides, im not traveling by KoreanAir. loll.


  79. omg i really want to goooo!!!!!
    is there any free tickets??? hahhaa if you guyz know please tell me … i want to buy the tickets but it;s too expensive for me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ … aniwae shimhanneul u came here alone??? wahhh

  80. Hi, I’m selling a pair of tickets (Located in Block T).
    For those who is interested, please email me the highest price you are willing to pay to natasha_efrosia@yahoo.com


    P.S: Actually the tickets are for me and my friend. But both of us could not make it and I will be out of town soon, so you might want to be fast. Thanks!

  81. thanks d :), do anyone have any info whether wondergirls n jewelry have any fan-meeting? i hope i could go c them if hav

  82. yea yea jj!!! same same!! A blk!! i think we got from the same korean teacher!! woots!! can’t wait for the concert.. btw go to
    http://www.sis.gov.sg/arena.htm to see where u will be sitting. Mine is A34 (East Stage 1), is urs the same? but i’m wondering at the arena area, how close are we to the stage…hahah =p

  83. which korean teacher are you talking abt??
    whu will wanna trade a A block Ticket with T block tickets..

  84. Hey everyone, today’s My Paper (Wo Bao) is giving away 5 pairs of tickets. Just email your answer to this Question: When is Korean Pop Night held on?

    Email your answer & your details(Name, Contact No., I/C & Address) to mylifene@sph.com.sg

    Good Luck! ^^

  85. hi all

    sorry if this question has been asked before, is it confirm that that they will be giving tickets out that day of the concert at the Indoor Stadium itself? Do you know the time they start doing it?

    thanks for your help.

  86. I’m sitting at A35. My school korean teacher gave it to me. I’m taking korean in school. Hmm, but my class only have 3 ppl going. So I don’t think the same korean teacher right? Furthermore, there are so many korean teachers. Haha.

  87. jj.. ntu right? lol..

    btw joan, i heard from my friend saying tt the teacher knows someone from korean air, so manage to get some tix for us.


  88. cor,
    oh! wahh tts so good la!! i thot nus, or else i will cry for nt taking korean mod this sem! thanks for ur info btw!!:D

  89. Actually, I called up the Korean Embassy today to confirm if they are giving out the tickets. Apparently they told me they won’t be giving out the 300 tickets they originally said they would on the day itself.

    Anyone can confirm this?

  90. Who’s the Lee An singer guy? I think I saw him before on one of those charity shows we always have… was jus wondering why a Korean singer wd wanna be based in Singapore (which has such a small market & all)?

  91. to carribeane,

    Lee An is a Korea singer. Yes, he did appeared on the charity show helping the sichuan earthquake. He used to be a producer in Korea and just would like to start his music career over in Singapore. His songs are not bad, may give him a support. He will have upcoming events beside this Korea pops night concert.

  92. to ilovejr,

    not sure its confirmed bt the last time i called them which is on a wed, they said they won’t be distributing also…
    guess we hv 2 wait for more news…

  93. Hi, Iโ€™m selling a pair of tickets (Located in Block T39).
    For those who is interested, please email me the highest price you are willing to pay to natasha_efrosia@yahoo.com


    P.S: Actually the tickets are for me and my friend. But both of us could not make it and I will be out of town soon, so you might want to be fast. Thanks!

  94. is LG still giving out tickets? Do they give them out at the Tampines Mall outlet? because i’m changing my phone to LG Secret, & i really wan tickets to the concert. >.<

  95. Anyone interested in buying a pair of tickets( block T06 ) to the KPOP concert? Please contact me at cheeryl-@hotmail.com or 90707267 . Please state the highest price u r willing to pay for the tickets too! tyty.

  96. Hey ๐Ÿ˜€ Anyone selling a pair of tickets? A block preferably. Prices Negotiable. Call me at 96966472.

  97. No way am I gonna do this..my MacBook is the best ๐Ÿ™‚
    LG products are so bleh!
    So its fine I will juz wait for a concert where u BUY the tickets

  98. i just gt lg secret frm M1 n got the tix.didnt tot i’ll get it cos they said u cn only get it if u buy the phone without contract at LG store.i upgraded my contract cos my phone is like dead alr n i saw the phone only cost $98 now.I almost burst out wen i saw the tix.Its row T tho bt im still super excited to go.

  99. hello.
    About the mypaper luck draw, it’s limited to one entry per person? And is it a first come first serve service?
    Also, when and how they going to release the result?
    thank you

  100. im dying to have the tickets. whoever going/willing to let go the tickets. PLS CONTACT ME @pooh5566_rulez@hotmail.com

  101. Hi jj and cor,
    pls email me soonest! Would like to know who’s your Korean language teacher. ; )

  102. i wonder why its so hard for me to win a tix when i see so many people trying to sell of their precious tix -_-;

  103. everyone is trying to sell their tickets while im trying to win tickets.
    I wish im the one who got those tickets

  104. A friend pass me a tix and guess what, its T.. and over here everyone is getting rid of T….

    So……. i guess i will be the only one seated there..hahahahahahahah

    Maybe should have a Tee-time……hahahah

  105. really?they wont be giving out tickets on the day itself?
    and is T block really lousy?everybody like dun wan.hahaha

  106. K. I’m just pissed off with people. Stop making a profit out of all the tickets! Just share it or give it to kpop fans. Gosh.

  107. I sincerely hope that sellers will know their limit as in, you know the price for the tickets stated is $168, if you wanna sell it, then sell at this price, or lower. Since the tickets are for free, and I am sure alot of sellers out there got their tickets for free, either from LG or what ever sponsors. Some sellers are even saying their tickets were sold, but “will find ways to search for another ticket for you”. I am 100% sure these are from those shops giving out tickets for purchase of LG or korea tour.

    I have sellers quoting $300 for a seat that is like you-know-how-bad seat. I just encountered a seller who posted her sale here and after much communication already decided to sell it to me and I waited for 1/2 hr at the meeting place and she didn’t turn up. Avoid phone calls and no reply of sms. This is really frustrating and irresponsible. There might be higher bidder out there after our agreement therefore she avoided my calls but just wanna tell the sellers out there(ok i dont mean all of you…i meant THOSE), know your limits please. And please be responsible. These tickets might not mean anything to you and just means of making money but you dont understand how much this concert means to me. Once again, I dont mean all the buyers. I meant THOSE special ones only.

    and to buyers out there, we are under the same stress as I desperately want to see this concert and am still looking for buyers but also, just be sure that we are buying something from someone you can trust.

    Lastly, sorry coolsmurf. I know I shouldnt complain here. Sorry about that….=.=

  108. mann, evryone’s just making use of this to make good profits. i agree with Ami, why cant you just give your ticket away to people who really want to go instaed of asking them for money? i mean if you got the tickets for free..

  109. i hope that those who got their tix for free, got from company, purchase stuffs to redeem for free etc… pls dun sell or bid the tix for such a high price. just because you want to earn the money from the buyer who are so keen to attend this concert. i feel it so unreasonable. may just give or sell it in the cheapest price since the seat isn’t a good one. the korea embassy already spend so much on this and if they know this, they might feel disappoint with it. the tickets are hard to get indeed. but there are ways to win the tix from various places. yet have to depend on each luck. no offence here but just to say out.

  110. lina< i heard that to avoid a state of confusion. maybe their decision is right.

    i wonder who can be seated A section…. ?kkk

  111. sorry coolsmurf…
    but really feel like ranting…
    the price of tix for sale are really too high!
    disgusted… -_-;
    dont want to go anymore~

  112. LATEST – CoolKTime

    Giving away 15 pairs instead of 3 pairs each night fr today onwards.


  113. morefreetix: is it 15 tickets for 15 sms senders or 15 pairs of tickets being given out?? cos from what i read from the website it didnt appear that its 1 pair of tickets each for 15 winners..

    and for the tickets given out by cool k time, does anyone know which block are the seats for??

  114. Wonder Girls already update their schedule for early nov.
    They will be at singapore but the date is nov 5 ๐Ÿ™‚ in their website.

  115. lyds >> it starts at 7.30pm.

    hey all, my friend won tickets to the concert and she’s supposed to collect them at the sistic counter on tt day. thing is, she’s working and might only be able to make it just in time for the concert but she’s worried that the sistic counter will be closed by tt time. i checked the s’pore indoor stadium website and their normal opening hours is 9am-6.30pm. does anyone know if she has to collect the tickets by 630pm or is it possible to collect it at like 7-7.30pm?? thanks!

  116. seems that there’s stil alot of tickets haven been given out so their using alot of ways to give out the tickets now. Even 93.3fm and Wang Bao is giving out tickets.

    Those who spend money to get tickets it’s kind of waste. Neither do i. lol.

  117. omg. i wish i can be there, its just a country away T_T. but I guess I can’t. aish. Have a good time, singaporean fans!

  118. strach
    “Instructions” from Cool K Time :
    1. Collection Hour : 6:30pm – 7:15pm on Tuesday Nov 4, 2008 (Punctuality is a must and late comers will not get the tickets.)
    2. Collection Venue : In front of Sistic counter at Indoor Stadium
    3. Requirement : You must bring your NRIC to identify yourself otherwise there will be no collection.
    4. Any further inquires : Please contact us at coolktime@hotmail.com. Thanks.

    At first it was 1 winner, then changed to 3 winners per night & each winner gets a pair.
    Tonight, they changed to 15 winners. Hwr, in the results release, it doesn’t mention whether it is in pairs or single tickets.
    Try to catch the prog tmr to confirm.

  119. Hi there… currently i have a pair of tickets at T06..wanted to go but can’t make it on time. Do sms mi ur price at 93292818… would clear by today…. highest bidder gets it!

  120. time is running out. so for fast deals, suggest you all deal by phone. i don’t like the way they are giving out tickets for those who won quizzes, contests, etc on the day itself. so chaotic and last minute. the organizers are really!!!

  121. LATEST SET of โ€œInstructionsโ€ from Cool K Time posted 30-10-08:

    Attention to K Pop Night Concert Lucky Winners

    Cool K Time 96.3FM decided that lucky winners shall collect their tickets in front of Sistic Counter at Singapore Indoor Stadium with followings. There will be no individual contact from Cool K Time 96.3FM. Thanks.

    1. Collection Hour : 6:00pm – 7:15pm on Tuesday Nov 4, 2008 (Punctuality is a must and latecomers will not get the tickets.)

    2. Collection Venue : In front of Sistic counter at Singapore Indoor Stadium

    3. Requirement : You must bring your NRIC to identify yourself otherwise there will be no collection.

    4. Any further inquires : Please contact us at coolktime@hotmail.com. Thanks.

    Cool K Time 96.3FM

  122. And for the COOKTIME, we can only send one sms? Or can send many at one time????????
    Also, we can only start sending AFTER the announcement huh?

    Please guide!

  123. Sophie: I have sent like 16sms till date and gave up now haha! I rather they accept call-ins to win then spending money to sms=.= That’s why i chose to buy tickets from buyers now.

    SY: I think we can only sms afther that 2 girls’ announcement haha! But normally the announcent is made at ard 9.30pm i realize. I think you can send alot of sms. And from the news yeah i think andy n park jung-ah are the hosts. Good luck to you if you are waiting to win the tickets^^ I gave up alreadyT.T

  124. hey does anyone know where the ticket winners for cool k time radio contest people will be sitting at which block?

  125. sarah.t

    I think nobody knows yet bcos Cool K Time contests winners can only collect their tickets from 6pm on day of concert at Sg Indoor Stadium.

  126. Sophie
    Queue up for what? They aren’t giving out 200-300 tickets outside of Sg Indoor Stadium anymore.
    That’s why lately there’s been new ways to win tickets.

  127. Now from KTO

    By now, you would have heard about the Korean Pop Night Concert taking place at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 4 November 2008 at 7.30pm. If you have not heard about it, where have you been? Tickets to the all-star Korean concert are not for sale and access to tickets is only by invitation or purchases of LG product and Korean Air air tickets. For more information, log on to http://www.koreafestival2008.com

    However, Hallyu (Korean Wave) fans in Singapore will be most pleased to know that we are giving away 12 pairs of tickets to the concert!


    Here is your chance to win a pair of tickets to Korean Pop Night.
    Simply tell us in no more than 50 words by completing the sentence โ€œMy favourite Korean pop singer/group is ________ because ________โ€.

    Email to : kto_singapore@yahoo.com.sg

    In your email, please also including the following information:
    1) Full Name
    2) NRIC/Passport number
    3) Mobile Phone number
    4) Email address

    Deadline for submission : 31 October 2008, 3pm

    Winners will be notified through email/phone call by Friday, 31 October 2008. Good luck!

  128. SY
    CoolKTime has been changing the conditions the last 2 days. Today, it’s a quiz.
    It is best to listen into the prog & act accordingly.

  129. SY
    CoolKTime has been changing the conditions the last 2 days. Today, itโ€™s a quiz. First 20 smser with correct answers win 2 tickets each.
    It is best to listen into the prog & act accordingly.

  130. Jay, the DJ already made the announcement. Probably another repeat around 10:30pm.
    It wasn’t the usual one made by 2 girls. You need to SMS WITH ANSWER TO TODAY’S QUIZ QUESTION. So please tune in.

  131. there was another announcement 5 mins ago.

    CKT Quiz Answer Name NRIC

    and send to 72346

    Pls note, that is for today. I don’t know whether it will still be a quiz for tmr.

  132. CKT “SPACE” Quiz Answer “SPACE” Name “SPACE” NRIC

    and send to 72346

    leave a space in between CKT, Answer, Name, NRIC

  133. does coolktime announce the winners tonight or tmr? i dont think ill win but theres still a glimmer of hope and im so anxious haah

  134. yea.. im praying that i will get it man.. it would be even great if the seatings are better than wad im currently having!

  135. I have a pair of tickets, please send me a sms on the best price you would offer at 93689180. The seating is at T34.

  136. dear all

    i have a one ticket (not a pair) A36, row1 for sale.
    pls quote price if interested.
    e-mail me: keyaki2007@hotmail.com
    pls write your name, contact number(hp) and your age too.(20’s welcome kkk)
    i can pass it to you at cityhall mrt.

    thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰

  137. hello. if like i use my parents phone to sms but i type in my I/C nd i win the tick, so its i win right? I will have to bring down my I/C not my mom’s am i right?

  138. i want tickets!
    but everybody is selling at a high price.
    tomorrow is the last day to win tickets.
    cool k time is giving two tickets

  139. why everyone is selling tix at really high prices?

    I’ve got like 3 extra pairs but I’m giving it to all my friends and not trying to earn any bucks:x

    Those who are selling are so vainnnn-_-;
    trying to scam people -_-

  140. Dear All

    Let me write down some more ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have a ticket( not a pair) T08, ROW 20 seat9 Price is $80.

    Also I have a ticket ( not a pair) A36, ROW1 (^_^)v
    I am looking for someone who can go with me. kkk
    I am a japanese and late 20’s ๐Ÿ˜›
    Pls send a mail to “keyaki2007@hotmail.com”
    Pls write your name, contact number and price tat you can pay ALSO your age. kkk I am happy if you are same age though ๐Ÿ˜›

    I might close it soon so if you are interested, dont forget to mail me *smile*

    Komawo~ arigato~ see you~

    Kelly keyaki

  141. hi all (:

    i got a pair of tickets at T39, row 20. One of my friends cant make it so selling the pair. please quote me your prices !
    thanks. sms to 91275648.

  142. I have 2 pairs (4nos.) extra tickets for the concert.

    For those who dont want to spend too much money but just want to have a feel of the concert and not particular about the seating arrangement.

    Can email me at : han140167@yahoo.com.sg

  143. the embassy has decided to not given away on the day itself.
    so if you really want to go then better to pay for the ticket ๐Ÿ™‚

    lets have a good time~~

  144. No way.. i really want those tickets so badly! tried all means to get my hands on those tickets. i really feel that its a watse of money to buy those LG items that are just so over the top!!

    Thought it wld be a nice birthday treat for me but i guess not this time!

    Oh well I’ll just have to see them at the Airport then, no other choice! Boo Hoo!!

  145. Message from Square2

    Meet Kpop Stars at Square2!

    Catch award-winning
    b-boys group LAST FOR ONE
    on Nov 1 & 2, 2pm

    + Kpop Band
    on Nov 5, 1pm

  146. Message from Korean Air,

    Name of Korean Artists: Wonder Girls, Chae Yeon, Andy (from Shinhwa), Jun Jin (from Shinhwa), V.O.S., Jewelry, U-Kiss, 2PM and Kim Jong Wook

    Airline: Korean Air

    Arrival in Singapore: 9.15PM, 3rd of November 2008

    Departure from Singapore: 10.45PM, 5th of November 2008

  147. Hello there,
    i have a pair of 168 sgd tickets, next to each other, am selling so if youโ€™re interested

    mail me at ps08@msn.com

    meet ups preferred for your convenience so you can actually verify the tickets, or if you prefer, i could mail them to you too.

  148. Catch award-winning
    b-boys group LAST FOR ONE
    on Nov 1 & 2, 2pm

    -> can I just ask, who’s Last for One???

    And OMG I WANT TO MEET SIY!!! Might be tired of her on WGM but still, to see one of the original four! WHOOHOO!

  149. I’ve got A block seats so I’m selling a lone B block ticket.. At B36, pretty far from the stage but.. Yep, whoever’s interested ^^

    Please email me; cheesaycult@gmail.com
    & state the highest price you’re willing to pay :^D

    Btw, is it going to be a central stage this time? Won’t there be PA and PB tickets usually?

  150. Is there anyone wiiling to give away or sell away the ticket at a reasonable price coz i couldnt afford the ticket at very high price..if possible below $40…
    but i really hope that i can go to this concert..
    i dont mind the seat and i only need one ticket…
    pls kindly email me

  151. oh… they depart on the 5th. heard that there will be a dinner for all the kpop artistes and the invited guests also before they depart.

  152. Cool~ Last For One is a group of Bboyz from Korea. They are well know and is great to see them in singapore again for some performances. Dun miss to see their awesome moves….

  153. I will be selling ONE pair of tickets (2 TICKETS ONLY) because I unexpectedly got an extra pair at the last minute.

    Bad news is I can only let you know the actual pair of tickets I will be selling on Monday afternoon itself because I need to check with my friend accompanying me which one she prefers.

    But just to let you know.. the seats will be…..

    T36 Row 18 Seats 5,6
    T37 Row 25 Seats 5,6

    Details for interested parties are as below:

    Price: $150 NETT for 2 tickets (Whether T37 or T36)

    Payment: POSB Bank Transfer by 2 Nov Sunday night. (To prevent jokers from wasting my time)

    Collection: As I will only know around Monday late afternoon the actual pair I will be letting go, the person buying must be prepared to collect the tickets from me at Shaw House (Lido Cinema area in orchard) on 4 Nov Tuesday between 11.30am to 2.30pm.

    Or if you have a car, you can come collect it personally from me at my house on Monday night.

    If you are NOT able to collect through those 2 ways above, PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE ME TO BUY THE TICKETS. I don’t want the tickets to go to waste!


    If you are genuinely interested in getting tickets and do not mind getting either pair of the tickets above, please email me at deranged_gal@hotmail.com with the following details:

    1) Name:
    2) HP number:
    3) Email:
    4) How you would like to collect the tickets. (Monday night at my place or Tuesday at Lido)

  154. Hi!~ Heard something about queuing up for tickets there at 5pm for free, anyone can verify this?~ please and thank you

    wanna see wondergirls!!

    (Im just very glad DBSK, SHINee, F.Tisland, or bigbang are not going to be there ^^, YAY to ppl without tix. LOL.
    but i still wanna go!)

    I hope the turn out is so good, so the korean festival will take place in Singapore again! ^^

  155. selling off tickets now at $160a pair.any interested buyers,pls contact me at 81130900. seating plan is T08 row 25 seat 11 and 12.

  156. Hi I’ve got a pair of tickets for sale. Selling it by a close bid system. ( You wont know what others are bidding it for, and i’ll sell it to the one who offered me the highest price. I will not be negotiating with the bidders. )

    Min : $150 for a pair of tickets.

    so just email me the price you’re willing to pay by Sunday 9pm. Will arrange to meet up with the winner on monday.

    I’ll let you know by Sunday 11pm, whether or not you’ve won the bid ๐Ÿ™‚

    seats : t14, row 24, seat 7 & 8


  157. Anybody knw when the shinhwa guys are arriving at the airport? I think this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me to get the feel of how those korean girls go gaga over the kpop hunks.


    i’m serious tho.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  158. I would like to sell 2 pair (4tickets) of my Korean Pop Night tickets.

    As the event is getting nearer day by day. So Hurry and grab these deals. HURRY ! =)


    Ticket Info below:
    Blk T07 Row 22 Seat 1
    Blk T07 Row 22 Seat 2


    Blk T07 Row 21 Seat 11
    Blk T07 Row 21 Seat 12


    Price : $150/neg

    Not refundable or exchange .

  159. I would like to sell 2 pair (4tickets) of my Korean Pop Night tickets.

    As the event is getting nearer day by day. So Hurry and grab these deals. HURRY ! =)


    Ticket Info below:
    Blk T07 Row 22 Seat 1
    Blk T07 Row 22 Seat 2


    Blk T07 Row 21 Seat 11
    Blk T07 Row 21 Seat 12


    Price : $150/neg

    Not refundable or exchange .

    contact me at my humble number : 83664514

  160. HELLOs.
    I was just wondering who would like to buy tickets with me because I still don’t have a ticket but I was thinking if I could buy one pair of ticket with someone since a lot of people are selling it in a pair and it’ll be a lot easier to get it in a pair then one ticket alone. Whoever is interested, you can email me at etheljw@gmail.com or message me at 91774418. ๐Ÿ™‚

  161. I think you guys selling tickets here are not respecting the performers and other back staff. Especially those selling at high rates.

    That’s all I want to say.

  162. Oh! on Wednesday at Novena Square 2, Jewelry will be there for a short event at 1pm!

    I heard it from my sister as she saw the b-boy group, Last for One performing there today!

  163. WHOOO! I happened to be at Novena Square too and didn’t even know who Last For One was and only caught the last 5-10min and OMG they were FREAKING AMAZING!!! I can’t believe they didn’t promote them more!!!

    Heard they will be back in end Nov to Dec so don’t miss the next chance! Their performance was heart pumping and exhilarating! Doesn’t hurt too that some of them were really cute ^_^

    I was lucky and got to take photos with them though initially I wasn’t even meant to be at their event!!!!!!

    And yes, behind the stage was a backdrop with Jewelry that says 5 Nov if I am not wrong, so I am quite sure there will be an autograph or fanmeet session!!

  164. HEYYY did korean air contact any winners yet, if anyone knows? cause the winners are out, and im wondering what kind of tickets they are goving out! ๐Ÿ˜€

  165. Is anybody willing to let go of their T-block ticket? I need only 1 ticket and I can only afford for $40 – 45. Any last minute seller can email me at matsujun_83@hotmail.com
    I will check emails every 2-3 hours.


  166. Hi, looking for a cool person to go with me to the KPOP nite. Don’t mind whoever, as long as you’re fun and friendly and willing to pay for your ticket. I have one extra ticket in block A. Mail me at alexis.band(at)gmail.com for details.

  167. Hi again people!

    Posted a comment #214 before.

    I’ve gotten my pair of tix and I know of people who are selling them. You may want to E-mail me if you’re interested in buying tix and I can forward you to them.

    !!NOTE: I am NOT the seller, I am a mere buyer who wants to help them sell their tickets.

    After emailing me, I’ll either give your contacts to the sellers or the other way around. So whatever happens after the diversion has NOTHING to do with me.

    I know of a seller who’s selling at $150. I don’t know whether it’s negotiable, but you can always try~~ ๐Ÿ™‚ I also know of another who’s selling at $180 =)

    my e-mail address: cindyca77@gmail.com


  168. HI… currently i still haf a few pairs of blk A05 tickets…
    would like to let them go asap…
    interest parties can call or sms mi at 93876691…

  169. Selling :
    – a pair of tickets at T38 block for $140 and
    – a ticket at T39 block for $75
    if you are intersted, please mail me at sepuluh.satu@lycos.com for more details.
    latest by this midnite..
    thank you..

    hope i can sell this to a true kpop lover..

  170. Okie, so one of my friends cancelled on me last minute. So I am selling one Korean Pop night tickets. You will be in the PA-1 block….so I guess, you’ll get the best block. Sadly, I only have one ticket, but you’ll be sitting with me and my friends. We’re nice.

    Interested buyers email me at dreamraineatgmail.com …highest bidder wins. Collect your ticket on the day itself.

  171. dreamraine,

    you sure you have PA seats?

    collect the tickets on the day itself, you must be kidding, who will dare to buy you like that~~

  172. hi…….i’m selling k-pop concert tix
    t40 row 26
    pls email me if you r interested

  173. Does anyone know who are the winners for FM933? My Paper? or even MTV Asia?

    Still haven gotten the tix and am giving up already. >.<
    I mean all are selling the tix at such a high price, how can a student afford so much. Hiax

  174. Refer to Post 426

    Hi all,
    I’m afraid to inform that the pair of A blk tickets have been sold, 20 mins aft I posted the notice.
    Thank you everyone for your overwhelming responses and all the best in getting tickets! don’t give up!

    And, thank you coolsmurf for the fast and informative updates on the korean pop night! =)

    Lastly, to those going to the kpop night, lets bring the hse down!

  175. Hi all,
    Those who are desperate to sell their tickets by tuesday morning . Sms me at 93698085. Qoute your best price. Thank you.

  176. Dear Leon,

    Yes, I have. Interested buyers can get the exact seat number. Will take a picture for them too. Anyway the concert is in two days time, makes more sense to meet and pay then.

  177. Just for those who are interested what kind of stage! I emailed Singapore indoor stadium’s marketing dept, and heres the reply!

    “Dear ,

    Thanks you for your interest on the Korean Pop Night.

    The concert will have a South Stage configuration (i.e Stage at the front/side).

    Hope this helps.

    Best Regards,
    Colleen Sun
    Sales & Marketing Executive
    Singapore Indoor Stadium “

  178. i haf 2 pairs of tickets left!!! at Blk A05.
    rows 11 and 12. same seats… Do hurry and sms mi ur price!!! at 93292818

  179. Hi there^^
    the concert will be held soon ๐Ÿ™‚
    hope you all can go and enjoy yourself,

    if you have not got a ticket, i still have a blk B11, Row30 and seat 7. price will be $50.(only one ticket)

    pls give me a sms 92964131 as i want to pass it to you tomorrow.(6pm at cityhall or habourfront mrt before 6)
    thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  180. for those who have never been to the indoor concert, i would urge u to buy any ticket that’s available because our Singapore Indoor Stadium is SMALL!!! No matter where you are seated, you can still get a view of the stage!

    go to this website: http://www.sis.gov.sg/arena.htm and scroll down right to the picture and the bottom. You can see how small our indoor stadium is!!!

    So dont bother paying high and exorbitant prices for the tickets because even if you’re in the B block seats, you still can see your artists well!!

    Important thing is to be able to enjoy and soak in the atmosphere of the concert! if this is a success, we hope this event will be held annually and once this is so, I’m sure they will start selling the tickets officially. then we can fight the tickets through the official online booking system. ^^

    so go ahead and grab any ticket u can and join all of us in the fun this tuesday night!!!

  181. hey anyone interested in buying tix. I’m selling a pair of blk A tix for original price of $168 each.

    contact me at 91188619

  182. its the south stage!and not the arena!and i have sold my tickets alr.those ppl who havent bought their tickets,lookout for other buyers.grab it as soon as possible,as the concert is nearing.good luck!and is SOUTH STAGE!

  183. hi! i’ve 2 pairs of tickets for sale!

    blk b02, row 32, seats 3, 4
    blk b02, row 30, seats 3, 4

    selling at $100/pair! (:

    please contact me at 91791135 asap if interested!

    i can pass you the tickets tomorrow (:

  184. Hi, im interested in getting 2 pairs of tickets for about $50 each, preferably next to each other. Any offers please contact me at 91184427. Thx!

  185. I desperately need a ticket… pls contact me at 94527324… I prefer a ticket cost below $90… thank you.. =)

  186. looking for one T-ticket,wlling to buy at $45
    or a pair T-ticket at $70. ๐Ÿ˜›
    willing to met up immediately at 6pm at city hall or tamp mrt today..

  187. Pingback: More info for Korean Pop Night for Singapore Korea Festival « K Bites

  188. Hello,

    I have 2 tickets A35 Row 1 seat 11 and Row 2 seat 1. Is there somebody can exchange the ticket for me? I need side by side ticket but not balcony please.

    If you have, please sms me at 91825814

    Thanks a bunch.

  189. hi i just checked the singapore indoor stadium website. They’ve already published the events for November but this event isn’t even on their ‘upcoming events’ list which is weird cos they included so many events before and after the 4th but just not this one.

    just wanna make sure i didn’t get the venue wrong! please confirm! thanks!

  190. looking for tickets! ard T block.
    A also can but not B please.
    fast deals. willing to meetup @ tampines mrt ard afternoon.
    meet up places can be arranged. just finding someone who have the tickets and willing to sell it ard $60.
    email me thsilentlaughter@yahoo.com.sg

  191. Ow,

    Dont worry it is at singapore indoor stadium^^.
    I think it’s because it is an event not through sistic, and tickets are free, so it is not published? Might be.

  192. Heya,
    anyone willing to trade/sell me their A blk tixs?
    1 tix will do…
    i have a pair of T38 tixs (side by side)…

  193. last pair of A tickets for sale!!! Do sms mi at 93876691. Willing to let go at around $200-$250. its a row 10 seat side by side.

  194. I have one ticket for sale.

    The seat is at A33 Row 1. It has a very good view.

    Maybe we can go together?

    quote me your highest price.

    interested, pls sms me at 91515064.

  195. I only have one ticket left.
    Its at T37, Row 22

    Going for $75!
    Sms me at 97569895 for fast deals!

    I’m going to the airport later!!! Whoooots! Hope they won’t ‘escape’ from some tunnel exit. =X

    Anyone know about the Square2’s poster? Is today the only day they are giving out the posters?

    Thanks! ^^

  196. if anyone is willing to give off their tickets last min or sell it at cheaper rates on tues (; pls sms me at 92200035!~ T^T

  197. One Block A33 ticket available. Please call or msg 84255265 with reasonable offer. Maybe we can go together? I’m nice and I don’t bite..

  198. Hi guys,

    I have 2 pairs (means 4 tickets) block A06 tickets SELLING AWAY.

    Please call me at 97552553, we can negotiate the price. ๐Ÿ™‚


    The row seats are back to back. Row 6&7!!


  199. hi there… i have 3 more tickets in a row left. and another one would be a single ticket.
    go off at a cheap price. do sms mi at 93876691 asap. thnx.

  200. Just came back from airport. Wonder girls din arrive today. They are coming tomorrow. Heard that Junjin from shinhwa is coming in at 1am today.

    Selling my T37, Row 22 ticket. Only ONE! $75 for the ticket.
    Email me at princessnette@gmail.com or sms me 97569895.

  201. Just came back from the airport and hotel ^^

    Andy was awesome ๐Ÿ˜€
    Chae Yeon, 2pm & Jewelry came on the same flight too.. Not sure about the rest cos it was a total mess since there were so many of them and they walked pretty fast!

    Heard Jun Jin and WG are coming tomorrow instead.. Is it true?

  202. hey ppeople.its not at the arena!!!its at south stage.call up the sistic people if you want to cfm.i have called them up and they said its cfm SOUTH STAGE!!!!!

  203. erm andy was here? i thought i saw junjin instead of andy haha!
    really sad that WG not here. but Seo In Young looks so mini~~~~

  204. going to collect tickets tmr. ^^
    but will there still be free tickets distributed out?
    why was it cancelled?

  205. Unable to afford higher price tics? No worries, Here is your ONE and FINAL chance to catch you favourite Korean idol LIVE on stage at Singapore Indoor Stadium! Shouting at 50 bucks (Base) – B03, row 33 seat number 05, ticket up for grab! Facing the stage directly!
    Sms me @ 98298783. The highest bidder can collect the tickets from me tomorrow at Kallang Mrt at 5pm. ๐Ÿ™‚

  206. Hi! I hope to get a pair of tickets too! I just found this discussion on this website, hope it’s not too late. But i’m really on a tight tight budget and can only fork out $50 for a pair of tickets..

    Sorry… please don’t bite me for the amount I can fork out. Alternatively, you can msg me at 98295221 for a fast deal. THANKS!~

  207. HI there

    I might be selling one of my BLK A ticket cause my friend cant make it, it should be in the first row, got it form Korean Air, but im going down to collect the tickets only tmr morning!

    Quote if interested! : )

  208. To shid
    Can! Why not? The people usually close an eye, but I guess smaller cams are easier to hide -_-”

    I ‘m depressed since it’s so hard winning the tickets (I like all of them~)… and mtv asia suddenly have a website contest, and the SWAG contest has disappeared from the SWAG page! Does anyone know if it’ll show on MTV? MTV Asia’s doesn’t (or hardly ever) show live shows at all and it’s not updated on their webpage.

  209. got fooled by one of the sellers, totally no mood to go already.

    but those that has tickets, please enjoy! =D

  210. HI, if anyone is willing to give off their tickets last min or sell it at cheaper rates on tues pls sms me at 94876243! ๐Ÿ™‚

  211. Oh my dear. stop waiting waiting for tickets to fall from the sky. it’s not gonna happen luh. who in the right mind would give their tickets away for free.

  212. Hmm… yeah.. So hot.. they should perform that with Nobody… Sigh… I really wonder if SIY is performing Cinderella.. I love that song performed on stage.. but I dun think it will be perform…

    A Ticket Seated at B11
    Row 30
    Available still… Contact me 94527324..

  213. A33 block ticket, for a nice person who won’t back out at the last minute. $100

    Message 84255265. Will meet up near Orchard before 5 or InDoor Stadium after.

  214. Unable to afford higher price tics? No worries, Here is your ONE and FINAL chance to catch you favourite Korean idol LIVE on stage at Singapore Indoor Stadium! Shouting at 30 bucks (Base) – B03, row 33 seat number 05, ticket up for grab! Facing the stage directly!
    Sms me @ 98298783. The highest bidder can collect the tickets from me tomorrow at Kallang Mrt at 5pm.

  215. hey, ive FIVE tickets for sale, B13, East Entrance row 36 seat 1-5. they’re going at $50 each, negotiable.

    call me at 90682427 if interested, cos i wont check my mails again.

    i got conned by a buyer too, so please dont do this to me again!

  216. Hey..just wanna ask if anyone know which part will be the B blk be facing the stage. Like South?North?West?East? My ticket will be B28.
    Pls reply..I dont really understand the arrangement.

  217. Hi Jeffrey C,

    Not too sure where the stage is but i believe it’s not a centre stage. A03 Row 12 shd be at the bottom of North Entrance. Definitely nearer to the stage than T Block.

  218. looking for pair of tickets!
    preferably T block (blocks 1-15, or blocks 33-40)

    msg 91735335 immediately please.
    thank you!

  219. To ferdinand

    As I’ve mentioned. Money doesn’t drop from the sky. And this applies to the tickets as well. So DONT expect people to give you for FREE luh.

    Just cant stand ppl who just sit there and wait for free tix to come to you.

    No offence, but there’s just no free lunch in this realistic world.

  220. xD sold my 5 tickets away off really cheaply already.

    YET i have more to sell -.- same area, B13.

    text/call me at 90682427, SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY.

  221. hi GongJu

    i understand what u trying to say…
    so i just wait for the kind hearted 1 to give me free tix lo…
    if no then ok lo…

  222. dear lexus:
    nope not me…
    yesterday i’m at home preparing for CKT last minute quiz
    but still…no luck…

  223. had good fun at the airport welcoming the many artists
    & i must say, junjin is drop dead gorgeous~ *swoons*

    hope everyone enjoys themselves at the concert tonight
    i certainly will =)

    shinhwa, jindy fighting~

  224. Had fun! the concert was great..i didnt know the new group like v.o.x and 2 pm..anyway even my bro who isnt korean craze had fun.

  225. it was a blast!
    hope more kpop action will be in singapore in the future~
    i even wrote on wg’s website [ welcome to singapore~] haha.

  226. When is MTVasia showing the concert? I want to watch it again! It’s so COOL lah. I’m so in love with Andy, Junjin and V.O.S. They are woah! I love the dances today. So hot!

  227. ahhhh!!!!! the concert dem nice!!!!!!!!!! everyone looks sooo much better live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2PM NICHKKUN!!!!!!!

  228. IT ROCKED!!! ALL the stars were GREAT MAN!!!

    but i think Sinagpore Indoor Stadium’s sound system REALLY needs improvement!! too much crackling from the speakers!!

    oh and someone stole my phone during the concert. it was gone when i checked just before leaving. grrrrr…..

  229. was at the PA1 block during the concert just now. Kinda sad to see so many empty seats around and still pple are selling them at such high cost. one row of empty seats infront of me too. But some aunties snatched away though.

    the koreans must be shocked how singaporeans behave during concert haha! we are just too obedient not standing up and enjoying, i tried to move my seat to the walkway but got scolded by this korean mother who had been complaining throughout the show ’cause her < 5 yr old son couldnt see but, I think this concert might not be suitable for kids that young. Couldnt even swing my LG white thing as might block these kids=.= but luckily, I acted like I dont know what they are cursing and swearing(ok i really dont know most of the words)

    2 songs each group was just too short~~~but park jung ah was really friendly and nice~~~can see her clapping and talking all the while^^

    Seo In Young so hot~~

  230. ahhhh so much fun!!

    NICKKHUNNNN!!!! he was so cute waving out of the bus when they were leaving. haha

    AND WONDER GIRLS REAALLYYY brought the house down!! everyone was screaming like maaddddd when they came out.

    Q., i wanted to stand too! i actually jumped up when they announced 2PM but no one around stood up! thats so anti-climaxing! haha.

    i really wanted to jump and get high. but i managed to do so sitting down too. haha..






  232. Sigh.. i was waiting for a call to sell me tickets way up till 7pm.. even restarted my phone to ensure it wasn’t hanging.. but it didn’t… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Nice that you guys had fun…

  233. omg!
    totally awesome…
    but the duration was too short…
    haha kevin’s supa friendly.
    he was waving non-stop.

  234. the concert was so great, but im so sad because i lost my phone! anyone found a black samsung model handphone?

  235. yah the duration was too short, they only sang 2 song each. how i wish it can at least like 2 hours.. VOS,WONDERGIRL and JEWELRY ROXSSSSSSS~~~!!!

  236. yah the duration was too short, they only sang 2 song each. how i wish it can at least like 2 hours.. VOS, WONDERGIRL and JEWELRY ROXSSSSSSS~~~!!!

  237. after the concert, i just came out and then heard some screeeming from the studium. what happend??
    they performed something? or they came out too??

  238. ^ yapp they came out, board the bus and left..

    @Fiona: you should have went down to the indoor stadium lst night.
    they were some korean volunteers giving away free tickets before the concert started.

    anyone knows where they are shopping/sight-seeing at today?
    i so wanna see them one last time..
    their departure time’s abit too late..

  239. fiona
    i feel so sorry….yesterday (last mins) i got pb seat so i wanted to give my a blk ticket to someone for free….and was trying to find…. i was a bit rush after getting pb ticket so couldnt see this web…. so i just tried to speak to lady who was standing alone there but everyone was waiting for someone…..
    so i couldnt give away….i just wanted someone to have a good time and enjoy as well….really wanted to find someone…
    so sorry i missed to catch you i think….

    thanks for the info. but wow so early they came out? haha

  240. ALL ARE AWESOME! felt like i’m in music bank or smth… Do it again, please.. hope this will convince DBSK to put us on their tour list!

  241. My stupid bro ..was late.he take his own swee time to meet me up to go to sq 2.wen He was the one who wanted to go.By the time we arrive 2 smetihn jewelry the event was finished.I was piss wit my bro.The only consolation i have is i managed to touch one of the jewlery wen they go up in the escalator…wow jewelry so gorgeous.Anyway opefully next year they will b mor of this event.hai..my shinhwa oppa is serving army…

  242. pretty pissed with people who left during WGs performance.

    pls give them respect.

    they rocked the night. ๐Ÿ™‚

  243. Argh… i was contemplating if I should have gone down.. i guess i should have.. but argh.. it’s over… juz hope there’s a similar event again next year!

    Thanks anyway, Pinky! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    At least I got to see Jewelry today at Square 2 and got some quite nice pictures of them.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  244. They said SunMi looked sick before they depart and she even had a helper to help her walk..

    Most of them got to see the girls up close, took pics with them too i think

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