Lee Hyori Cares for Choi Jin Shil’s Children

The touching story of Lee Hyori visiting the children of Choi Jin Shil last Friday night warmed the hearts of many after it was made known to the public.

Choi Jin Shil’s brother, Choi Jin Young is currently responsible for her two children and are looking after them in his home. Lee Hyori visited Choi Jin Young’s home on the night of 10th October in Nohyon-dong, reading fairytales to them plus playing with them before putting them to bed.

Lee Hyori doesn’t have any relations with Choi Jin Shil. She was deliberating over whether to go to Choi Jin Shil’s funeral after she learnt of her death but decided not to in the end. She felt very bad about it. She decided to visit Choi Jin Shi’s children after learning from her best friends Uhm Jung Hwa and Lee Sora that Choi Jin Shil’s daughter was a big fan of Lee Hyori.

“Despite feeling exhausted having come straight from filming for “Family Outing”, Hyori had a great time. But she couldn’t help but break down in tears when she was back in the car”, said a close associate of Hyori.

Hyori’s presence bought smiles back on the faces of Choi Jin Shi’s children. Hyori stayed until the children was sleeping soundly before leaving Choi Jin Young’s home. Hyori also left behind her autographed CD as a gift.

56 thoughts on “Lee Hyori Cares for Choi Jin Shil’s Children

  1. i think the more i know about her, the more I like her. I like her on family outing, showing her other-non-glamorous side. And now?!
    what a sad yet touching story!

  2. That’s sweet of her, but how come she didn’t go to her funeral? Because she didn’t know her or something?

    I suppose I could see where she’s coming from.
    But bless her heart.

    It’s nice to see people helping out her family.

  3. what a sweetie . your right ‘ohgeeze’ its really nice to see other people helping out her family, i guess she didn’t go to the funeral because she didn’t know her , but its nice to know that she cares for her .

  4. somethings fishy….she didn’t even know CJS so she felt like it wasn’t right going to the funeral BUT its okay to go visit the kids at home only AFTER finding out the young daughter was a fan???…if thats not for publicity(even tho she wanted hush hush –yeah right) i don’t know what is…she could’ve just sent flowers or even just a card w/ her condolences. even that would’ve been seen as sweet and thoughtful. but hey, thats just what i think so..

  5. in response to missy’s comment, i’m pretty sure hyori contemplated hard about this whole situation. she wanted to go to the funeral but decided not to, prob bc the media & public will take it the wrong way; thinking, she wasn’t close to her, why’s she @ the funeral? she’s just there to make herself look good to the public. when all she want to do, is pay her respect.
    same thing w/the kids. if they weren’t her fan, then it’d totally look like a publicity stunt. but since 1 of the kids is a fan, it was like a green light for her to go since she regretted that she didn’t go to the funeral.
    besides, she has enough publicity & fame. i don’t think she’d go that far into using kids w/o a mom to make good news about herself. even if it was for publicity, i don’t see anything wrong trying to cheer up little 1s going thru difficult times.

  6. that’s so nice of her.

    i was thinking she decided not to attend in the end because she didn’t want all the unwanted publicity on her. she probably knew that people would start questioning her presence there when she wasn’t close with choi jin shil, leading the attention towards her instead of what the whole thing was about in the first place.

    in response to missy: like hursheyj said, she doesn’t need the extra publicity because she already gets enough. finding out that her kid was a big fan of hers was a way for her to give back to jin shil’s kids in a hard time in their lives.

  7. It was a sweet gesture of her to visit the kids. Let’s not judge her. Bless her kind soul.
    Thanks for the news.

  8. God Bless Hyori’s big heart.
    Every time I read an article about her visiting the kids, my heart just aches for them.
    @Missy, I can see where you coming from…an American View. But I guess, in Korea or anywhere else, even if you don’t know the person, it be polite to try to cheer up their family. She wanted to go and visit but because she didn’t know CJS doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel sorry for her kids. How knows, Hyori might have been a HUGE fan.

  9. AHH!! This makes me want to cry! Many celebrities regret not going to Choi Jin-sil’s death and one of them was MC Mong, too. It’s understandable that they may not go due to no relations with the actress, but Lee Hyori truly has a big heart to reach out to Choi Jin-sil’s two children.

    VALXD, why do you care where Missy is from…not all Americans have this bad reputation people have of them. I’m American, too, yet I was surprisingly touched by Choi Jin-sil’s death mainly because of her two children. I can relate to them to have lost my father at seven and not knowing how to feel and act. I know what her kids will go through or how much they’ll wish their mother will be there in critical moments–both sad and happy times.

    Honestly, I’ve recently been watching Lee Hyori is in Family Outing and I started to become a fan of her. I’ve always hear about her and seen a few of her videos but didn’t really pay attention to her. I also watched a video of her visiting Africa and I thought that was sweet. I’m glad she reach out to people and God bless her, Choi Jin-sil’s family, and friends.

  10. Hursheyj is right.
    – and some people do reach out because of a huge heart. Why can’t Hyori be one of that kind just because she’s a celebraty?

    I bet.. IF hyori didn’t visited the children and just send a card/flower, some people would complaint about hyori being cold (or shallow) and doing it for stunts.

  11. i believe Lee Hyori is naturally nice… one of my husband’s cousins had worked with Hyori and one time he told us how awed he was for Hyori is really sweet and nice (he’s a photographer–photoshopper?)

    i’ve seen Lee Hyori five times (not really a fan) so far and she’s so charismatic…

    that’s really nice of her to visit Choi Jin Sil’s kids despite her very hectic schedule… if she has a hidden agenda then that’s between her and her conscience…

  12. oh gosh! hyori that is sooo sweet of you 🙂 i hope the kids would grow strong and i hope that they’ll be fine.

    aww hyori, you’re soo nice =) more blessing to you!

  13. well, I wouldn’t say that she did it for a publicity stint nor will I say that she has a really big heart because..I don’t know, do I?
    What hyori really meant and her intentions, only she herself will know, so let’s not judge so much and leave her alone, why don’t we?
    I mean, if she DOES have such a big heart, why aren’t we being thankful that she is? Here we are debating over something like this.
    If one of the kids is really her fan, after all that has happened, maybe it’s a small smile but it’s still a smile to the face, right?

  14. i believe hyori felt sorry for the kids especially, being so young and losing their mother so after hearing that one of them was a fan, it was an opportunity for her to go and comfort them.

  15. A funeral should be for the ones who was close to her, first of all. So who can blame some “stranger” to her for not coming.

  16. aww that was really nice of hyori 🙂 i hope there is NOT anymore tragedy like CJS’s suicides in korea. gosh. i feel so sorry for CJS’s kids. they don’t deserve this situation at all >.<

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  18. i think its really nice of hyori but i m a little uneasy about how all the details of her visit was told to a reporter who turned it into a sensational news.
    i mean if i were hyori and feeling that sad, making a headline would be the last thing i would want.
    isnt it a bit of selling out the children’s story. for god’s sake, they are mourning.
    only hyori and her close associates knew what happened with the kids and for them to put it on the media is so disgusting. but i do commend what hyori did for the kids, however not what she did afterwards. she shouldnt have let the media print the details.

  19. Thanks for sharing. She’s really sweet. She’s unlike some stars. She’s willing to show her unglamourous side and shower love, care and concern on others who need it. Power to Hyori Unnie! Fighting! 🙂

  20. it was sweet of her but how come the press knew about it?
    i just think that it was a stunt for her publicity made up from her manager or something…if she had true intention then there was no need for her to go and tell the press about it…i mean her “associate”

  21. publicity or not it was a nice gesture since i’m sure the kids were happy. there is so much cynicism (a natural result of how the real world is) so every simple act of kindness is over analyzed, especially with the likes of hyori. it would have been easier and safer for her not to do anything.
    but she, along with many other celebs, must have been personally affected by choi jin shil’s death and the reasons that drove her to such a tragic end. as the post implies, she probably just wanted to comfort the kids to ease her own regrets about missing the funeral, but i doubt publicity was her objective. it’s just that every thing she does makes it to the press since koreans love to talk.

  22. Let us not judge what motives Lee Hyo Lee has for visiting CJS’s children, okay?

    She did it when she learned that CJS’s children were fans of hers. That proves she has a good heart and she wanted to do something she could do to comfort the grieving children. Was that so wrong???!!

    And why did the press had all the details?? In the world of entertainment, there’s no such thing as “hush-hush” event. People, e.g. security guards, cleaning people, neighbours, etc. could easily tip off the media about Hyori’s visit, it’s just a simple call away!!

    Just hope that more celebrities are willing to do charitable works like Hyori did. I rest my case!

  23. aww hyori is so kindhearted :]
    so sad to hear that their mother left them.
    wen i first read about it, i wondered if it for publicity?
    but lala’s comment makes sense.
    she already has enough publicity.
    maybe she really just wants to go a good deed.

  24. Why do people think that it’s a publicity stunt?

    Geez, people DO care about others… why dont we all start!

  25. How nice of her! I don’t think it was necessary to publicize it though, but were Jin Shil-ssi and Hyori close?

  26. THIS is why I absolutely love Lee Hyori — not only is she a top class entertainer, but she also is a GREAT person. She’s not stuck up or conceited like other stars can be with her fame and status, but instead she’s very true to herself, thankful, and humble. Many times, I think it’s really her personality that puts her above and beyond all the other entertainers.

    I pray that Hwan-Hee and Su-Min will grow up well under their uncle and grandmother’s care. And that everyone who loved Choi Jin Shil (Shinae, Uhm Jung Hwa, Jung Sun Hee, Lee Sora, Lee Young Ja, Hong Jin Kyung, Choi Hwa Jung…) will be able to get through this dark period in their lives, and only remember the happy moments that they had together.

    Rest in peace Choi Jin Shil.

  27. Just to add after reading some of the cynical comments posted on here, why do some people always assume that when a celeb is doing something “good” that it’s being done solely for PR sakes?

    First, Hyori, THE Lee Hyori, does not need any more publicity. She already has more than enough publicity and fame to last her a lifetime.

    Second, if you’d knew just a little about her, you’d know that she’s not the person to do that.

    Finally, and most importantly, for those who probably are new to Korean entertainment, etc. or don’t really know Choi Jin Shil, the actress whose literally been dubbed the nation’s actress and received the Best Popularity award almost every year during the 1990s, probably do not know how big of an impact this loss has been on the WHOLE nation. So, of course, Lee Hyori would’ve been affected by her death – everyone was.

    Sometimes, I just wonder why people always try to look at things in the worst light possible, when they could just take it as it is.

  28. I agree with everybody else…why should Hyori attend a funeral that she even did not even know the person? Should she attend all Korean’s funeral…..please give her a break…..

    If I were her, I would do just like her……visiting CJS’s daughter after knowing she is a fan of hers. It’s not for a show but much more for sharing her love. Go Hyori!!!

  29. This is purely publicity. This is just too detailed to be a generous act. Or maybe it is, just felt bad CJSs children or CJS, for that matter, even after death, are being used. Sorry, i just have a doubtful feeling about this. Its just so self serving. Sorry, just my personal opinion.

  30. Those kind of negative comments are the ones that lead to many suicides of actress and actors. D;
    why dont you keep it to yourselves and be all negative thinking about your lives.
    im sure hyori is just trying to cheer the kids up,

  31. Poor Choi Jin Young oppa. I always have really liked him, but I feel really bad for him these days. It must be hard for him, but I’m glad Lee Hyori came over and helped the children. I know how hard it is for the whole family right now.

  32. i didnt really Hyori at frist till i saw her of family where she just continuiously crack me up…then i started listening to her music and started to like her…now finding threads and reading stuff like this makes an fan happy to support their singers

    such a beautiful person like hyori doing something thats that kinda heart…its very touching indeed

  33. onni is so nice… and yes, she doesn’t need more publicity .. the press is all around her whether she wants it or not .. she’s just this nice person.. case closed ^^

  34. aww, hyori unnie has such a good heart.
    the kids deserved that and it was really nice of her to do so ^^

  35. Hyori is beautiful inside and out! That was super sweet of her! That’s why we love our kpop queen!
    And ppl saying hateful things about this story are just ignorant and stupid! It’s called kindness and that’s that!

  36. owh… so touching..
    hyori onni is so nice..
    she’s such a kindhearted person..
    i love her so much lol..;-)

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