Kim Jong Kook 5th Album Teaser + Rain Love Story MV

Today saw the release of the Rain’s “Love Story” Full MV and the teaser of Kim Jong Kook’s new song “Here I Am” from his 5th album scheduled for release next week. With both singers releasing their albums one after another, it promises to be an exciting fortnight ahead for fans that follow them.

Kim Jong Kook – Here I Am Teaser
Not much to it here. We don’t even see Kim Jong Kook and just hear him sing a couple of lines. Everyone in the MV is looking forward to 22nd October where his 5th album is officially released with all receiving their CD package on that day. See a familiar face? It’s MC Mong’s manager making a cameo!

Rain (also starring Ha Ji Won) – Love Story MV
While I was wowed with the song, I was slightly disappointed with the MV. It felt disjointed and poorly edited. Ha Ji Won is kind of wasted here.

While it’s still early days, who do you think might fare slightly better?

49 thoughts on “Kim Jong Kook 5th Album Teaser + Rain Love Story MV

  1. im expecting a part 2 to Bi’s MV…
    it was good but i want to know whats happening
    and how did he go from living with HJW to
    getting stabbed… it skimmed through the last
    half of the story…

    but i do love the song, the instrumentals are
    beautiful and dramatic, and his husky voice just
    adds more LOVE to it! dang im loving his song!
    now if only i knew what they were saying/singing…

  2. Wow, Rain’s music video was definitely disjointed. It kind of just jumped the whole middle section of the so-called storyline. Not impressed.

    I wish KJK the best. Love his songs!

  3. why did kim jong kook’s singing part of the teaser have to be so short >.< it sounds great though!

    i don’t really get the storyline in rain’s mv right now x.x

  4. I’m more of a Rain Bi fan so I’m rooting for him all the way! xD
    The MV was funni in the beginning..haha his yelling reminded me of his yelling days in Full House! lolz!
    The ending was confusing but that’s not enough for me not to love him and his music…Ha Ji Won was beautiful for the role!

    Can’t wait to hear the album!!

  5. I think the mv should portray the story of the song itself, even without knowing what Rain nor Hai Ji Won is talking about.
    I only understand that hjw seems irritated of Rain putting up at her house all the time, just don’t get it how Rain later vents his anger all of a sudden and start bashing everyone.

    It’s a great song after his hiatus, but the mv just doesn’t pack a punch.

    As for Kim Jong Kook, I play AuditionSEA, so before the old korean songs were taken out, his song ‘Lovely’ was included, and it was very bouncy and ‘lovely’ track to play to. Although that song’s mv wasn’t really great, I’m pretty sure of his ability to create good music this 5th album of his, especially after a long hiatus too. 🙂

  6. haha mong’s manager is becoming quite famous now. his appearances on 1n2d is always so funny. my stomach hurt from laughing too much when he played Kang Ho Dong LOL

    and ya. as much as i love rain (he was adorable in the mv), it’s a bit of a disappointing storyline. good song though~

  7. ouch, that hurts.hihi.knowing that rain got less vote than uri han namja.kekeke. go kim jong kook go!
    anyway, dont you think jong kook oppa has too much make up on him?hmm..

  8. Korean’s male ( and female) tend to yell or rather, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! alot when they’re angry, aren’t they? It’s just so freakin’ annoying… all the freakin’ time, ya ya ya yaaaaaaaaaaa, and the face expression they make, so annoying.

  9. Omg can’t wait for Kookie!!!! He looks great in that pic! I hope he appears in the mv! lmao i recognized MC Mong’s manager immediately. hahaha

    Rain’s mv loved it. Part 2 will bring it altogether.

  10. I cant wait for kjk ‘s album.. I need his new CD ,,, want buy !! I like his voice so much,,, many his songs re in my phone and MP3…

  11. the intro of Kim Jong Kook teaser is Ken Hirai’s Ookina Furudokei (Grandfather’s Clock). but the song I think will be different.. anticipating KJK new album..

  12. KJK sounds goood….Cant wait to see him on variety shows!

    Rain was sooo adorable in the MV, watched it too see him go around yelling. Hahah the girl is gorgeous, and the song quite nice but I dont really follow the story. Hopefully thrs a part 2 to clear things up.

  13. Rain all the way. Simpletons will choose Kim Jong Kook. Rain’s MV is supposed to seem disjointed cuz the viewer is supposed to fill in the gaps form now until we actually get to see the full MV/2nd par of his MV in November. I’m suspecting that the story line isn’t going to stop at this one specific MV but rather continue on to either another MV or quite possibly another song. The story is basic really. Boy meets girl they fall for each other and then she falls out of love. She seems materialistic as she ends up with another man who happens to be rich. There’s a quick glimpse of her wearing a wedding dress, I’m assuming she’s going to get married. Rain’s character finds out and he’s trying to get her back, hence why we see him kicking her fiancee’s butt as well as his followers. That’s my interpretation, how you see the MV is completely up to your own imagination or lack of one.

    Peace out

  14. Kim Jong Kook all the way. His voice…ahhh…so beautiful.
    My Han Namja is BACK! Woohooooo…

    1 more week til the album release.
    The teaser is really a teaser..only 4 seconds of him singing and no KJK in the teaser..but hey that’s what teasers are for,right? Make people want more.

    miumiu099 : Not sure if it’s too much make up..could just be somebody went photoshop crazy with that pic. His skin looks way too smooth there lol. But nonetheless that is a sweet pic.

  15. I agree with No.24 MissV.

    <333. Rooting for Rain and as much as I love KJK in variety shows, I’ve never really gotten the chance to listen to his songs so I guess I’ll do that in a bit? haha. :)))

  16. Rain’s pretty much lost it for me.

    But KJK on the other hand, looks like he’s gotten hotter as he looks slimmer and cuter!! =D He’s like wine, the older he gets, the better! Hahahahaa!

  17. well to me, i liked the mv but i can see why u guys see its a bit disjointed. i did like the ending. him covered in blood and dramatic intrigues me lol. i wanted a lil from Ha Ji so her apperance was a bi waisted. I love the cute scenes wif rain sleeping on the floor though.. soo cute!

    wow KJK is back!! woot! the song looks awesomes. didnt quite get the lil teaser though..gave me small messages her and there.. I liked how they put his name on the package.. i like the effects. anyways here i go bragging on about stuff lol..

    Im still anticipating the next part of Rain and his come back perf. hehe

  18. I luv Kim Jong Kook soooo much!!!
    He’s so cute and adorable xD

    Rain’s so cute too… but I like a little more Kim Jong Kook, and I’m so happy because he back to recording a new cd.

    PD. sorry for my bad english

    thanks a lot!

  19. OMG
    rain’s MV was really good!
    iono some of the parts made me feel that it conveyed a different message than the lyrics
    but all the more, it was really good!
    i’m looking forward to a part 2 (hopefully there will be one)
    and i really like this song, so i think his album won’t be disappointing !!

  20. i can’t wait for Jong Kook comeback,,, ahhh the photo above reminds me of something…. [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]

  21. lol i already comment here but had to do again!
    these two artists are kinna different from each other
    KJK : his MV is sooo soft and addictive, he’s not gonna be on many variety shows even when done with his album
    RAIN: his MV is so violent and dark-ish, he’s gonna be in ALOT of variety shows after this

    well, yeah, just to point it out

  22. Okay, so I’m not the only one who felt that Rain’s storyline was way too disjointed. I could not distinguish from the flashbacks into his past and the present. It was way too confusing. Who cares if he has a part 2, I didn’t get part 1!

  23. Question: Why does the “Here I Am” teaser on SM Online’s yt channel?
    anyway, kjk looks younger. i miss his mosquito voice. lol
    rain’s so cool

  24. Rains MV was just way to damn long! It’s like a short film and I’m really sick of those type of MV’s.. Just give us the music and a little choreography and we’ll be fine.. Keep it simple stupid! I still love you rain!!!

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