We Got Married Episode 29 Picture Summary + English Softsubs

Frankly, this episode wasn’t even mildly interesting. Wasted my time.

All the couples except for Alshin go for some bonding.

Alshin couple assisted by Lee Teuk and Eun Hyuk for baby mission. Their segment was butchered so much that it was frustrating. Showing all at once would have been better despite it being short. Shin Ae looks so down.

We Got Married E29 Downloads (thanks to awesome muish)
Download the softsub at megaupload or sendspace or mediafire, uploaded by muish & fallenframes. Download episode 29 from Clubbox (922mb).

93 thoughts on “We Got Married Episode 29 Picture Summary + English Softsubs

  1. hmm. seems like the eunteuk part is just at the end? O.o i was kind of hoping it would be long.

    kind of worried about alsin couple 😦

    the other couples seemed to have a lot of fun though.

    raws are already uploaded at the YT channel of CJWTown for anyone who wants to watch. I was really looking forward to the Super Uncle parts though. Well it was short but still cracktastic πŸ˜€

  2. Gr… Tarzan couple better leave soon….

    otherwise… it was a just a lackluster episode.
    I don’t like the new editing either.

  3. Tarzan couple…ah, I already dislike them and it’s their ‘first’ episode. I thought they’d be more exciting, but bleh. Dam Bi needs to stop promoting her new single so much too @_@ I saw too much of the chair dancing already XD

    I’m worried for Alex and Shin Ae.
    Especially after her close friend’s death, i’m unsure. I was already left in tears when Ansol left, I hope they’re not leaving too U:

    I miss Anbi T__T
    I miss Sol Bi coming off as stupid XD and Andy being a mom. siggh.

  4. HB & HJ and Antwitch couple… they just need to getaway theirselves. I think they have so much more fun when its just the four of them. It was adorable when they were all sleeping on the couches near eachother. Im pretty sure HB was truly sleeping.. she looked like she was knocked out. ❀ HB & HJ!

    But I have to admit the only thing I like about the new couples is Hwanhee is pretty hot. And Marco is adorable with HJ. I think he likes HJ more than his wife! xD

  5. I guess Marco was so into Hyun Joong because he sensed something in common, I meant some affection from some gays.

  6. omg hyukiee assisting babies ? lol πŸ˜€
    how cute ! i can’t wait till this gets subbed ❀
    it looks like a funn episode (: but i miss the ansol couple =/

  7. oh well i knew the marco-dambi couple would be relatively boring… nv understood why pple were so excited abt them. I mean other than providing good eye candy, i don’t think they’re funny enough to make for good tv. hwanyobi couple is far better in that =) though hwanhee’s treatment of hwayobi was kinda disappointing.

    and next week’s episode seems pretty drama. but then again that’s what the show specialises in rite?

  8. glad ant couple are smiling together again..
    i have to watch this….prob later on this week also..
    Whats up with Hwangbo?? lol..she looks like shes ready to chop some heads off…i love that chick ..hahah

  9. x_x

    Just finished watching the episode. The thought of subbing it is already giving me a headache. Why can’t they leave the couples alone to do do their own couple things? x_x


    At least the few minutes HJ and HB spent together were sweet and quiet and not chaotic….

    Marco drives me crazy. He’s a good guy, I guess… but the kind of loud person I’d avoid in real life. x_x I like my peace and quiet. And now I’ve got to listen to him for hours while I sub…

    I don’t know why they keep trying to make the couples spend time together. Wasn’t the show really good at the very beginning when everyone did their own thing?

  10. awww muish. thanks for the subs! this episode does look chaotic and from the previews, ep.30 doesn’t get any better. i hope you find the time to sub, and hope someone out there can help you!

    thanks coolsmurf again for your timely posts.

  11. from reading the comments i get the feeling that the tarzan/killa couple is the one ppl dislike the most right now..lol

    I am actually not really into wanting to watch because AnSol isn’t there. AnSol was the only couple I really watched since they are my favorite so I don’t know if I’m all that into watching the new couples even though from their special i like Hwanhee & Hwayobi couple.

    To me it’s just weird seeing WGM w/o AnSol.

  12. i guess the strategy for putting couples together is to force people to watch the show throughout (instead of allowing the audience to skip parts they’re uninterested in- like parts that just show the new couples). then when they make people fall in love with/get comfortable with the new characters, they can send them off on individual errands.

    but yeah i agree muish (and thanks for subbing this!), with the couples all together it’s starts to feel like an ordinary game show, where people are merely paired up to do something, rather than a show about ‘married’ couples…when they do these type of group collaborations.

    eh. maybe they have issues with allotting equal time to each couple (now that there’s one more pair, and now that two of them are new pairs), so they just mashed them altogether to make this episode easier to put together.

  13. My fave alshin couple only got less than 9 minutes air time!!!
    oo dear…. 😦

    happy to see shin ae joke around with alex ^^

    and the vacations… It’s too chaotic kekekek…It gives me headache, esp. marbi couple…ooo dear….:P
    I’d prefer to see the couples quality time rather than bonding them together…

  14. aishii~ i just watched ep 30 preview and gotta agree with people here about how, in the beginning they should just let the couples together and not always try to get EVERYONE together

    this is getting kinna unrealistic, since it’s not like an everyday thing where couples get married and then imediately spends their time with other couples that they don’t know

    it’s better to just let them have an episode or two for themselves and then let the interaction comes when they’re ready for new challenges

    cause this is like just dunking the two new couples in a bucket of drama right from the beginning of their marriage
    no wonder dambi was all “i’m disapointed” and stuff (even though, i didn’t really think this couple would go far anyway)

    but hopefully, things will resolve…some how ~

  15. aww alshin only got about 9 min. air time!?! thats not fair.. wish it would be longer… can’t wait to watch them with eunhyuk n’ leeteuk!

    i miss ansol, but I’m grateful that the other couples are still in the show! Thanks coolsmurf for the post n’ pic. summary! πŸ˜€

  16. Okay.. this show to me has been missing its points ever since the leave of andy and solbi and the addition of these “new” couples. What are these PD’S thinking? and for all those that keep saying, OH THIS SHOW IS COPIED!! well then piss off, go watch the japanese version, and if u come back well that jus means korea does it better than japan, END OF STORY, want proof? DBSK, BOA, BAY YONG JOON, enough said..

  17. Marco is TOO much when he keeps cheering Son Dam Bi like she’s an object. We all know she’s gorgeous but its getting on my nerves. hahah I do wish she was coupled with someone else….

    Like someone a little bit more ‘opposite’ but I am really hoping that Crown J & Son Dam Bi does a duet together….

  18. I was very disappointed with this episode. It didn’t work well at all. It was so BLAH!!! Hope it will get better next week.

  19. To Muish,

    I’m SO thankul that you are kind enough to sub ‘We Got Married’ for everyone. Many thanks and aja aja, fighting! I AM sorry that you’d have to listen to Marco and you can’t really ignore what he says since you are subbing…maybe you can be more creative like whenever he talks useless, just say ‘blah blah…’ hahah

    It’s annoying that he’s always cat-calling his wife. I liked him and he’s a sweet guy, but CALM down.

    With the show, I think the PD’s are wanting ALL the couples to enjoy hanging out with each other especially with the two new couples. Is it a good move? Maybe… I don’t mind it but it seems that other fans of the show wants more intimance scenes with each couple.

    The thing is that, this show IS a REALITY SHOW and so, we all should be more understanding. Marriage also means fun so I think that’s what they’re doing…


  20. With that said,

    I really wouldn’t object or be against if they exchange Son Dam Bi’s ‘husband’ with someone else… no offense, to Marco but Son Dam Bi seems more interesting than Marco and will likely be better with someone else. I say this because I don’t think I’m not alone to think that Marco IS a little too irritangly annoying…

  21. Why are people so dissappointed? I haven’t seen the show yet since I need English subtitles, but I don’t quite understand why people are asking ‘more’….

    Is episode 28 THAT dissappointing? hahah

  22. I missed Anbi too. It just doesn’t seem like WGM with them gone. Andy and Solbi brought a certain calmness to the show where they weren’t fighting and bringing drama all the time. I think some folks thought it was boring but actually it wasn’t. Andy was level headed, very gentle, calm and understanding. While Solbi tried to be a supportive wife. I think folks are now missing some of that calmness Anbi brought to the show.

    Anbi as the realistic calm couple, Alshin as the romantic couple, Joongbo as the funny couple and Ant as the hip hop bickering couple was a good combination.

    Anbi with Ant couples vacation worked because one is calm and the other is a little over the top.

    Alshin with Joogbo couples vacation also worked because one is calm and the other is very funny/unpredicatable.

    Ant, Marbi and HW/HB on one mission is too much because they are all bit over the top. Ant=bickering, Marbi=loud self promoting, HW/HB=rude insulting. Too much for folks to look at all at once.

    Joongbo and Alshin were great in this episode.

  23. I didn’t watch the show coz no more AnBi. I decided to check Alvin’s summary and from your account, I guess I didn’t miss much! Hmmm, less time with AlShin? Sounds like what they did with AnBi… maybe they will be next to leave.
    I don’t blame them… its not the same anymore.

  24. Do u really think that the Marbi couple will last ? Isn’t Madame Son Dam Bi leaving soon for Hollywood ?
    I wouldn’t miss her if she does. Bon voyage !

  25. aigoo… this already doesn’t look like WGM already… no more AnBi faces in the caps…. seeing the caps just reminds me of the fact that they are truly gone from WGM… still hasn’t fully gone into my head yet….

    anyone know the ratings for WGM this week? did it go down? I HOPE IT DID!

  26. OMG it’s bad enough that anbi had to leave
    but alshin BARELY got any air time
    the only thing good about this episode is eunteuk

  27. really miss AnBi couple.. feels sad not seeing them on previews and screen caps..

    base on everyones post..seems ep.29 didn’t went well.. haven’t watched it yet..still waiting for subs.. but i saw ep.30 preview seems kinda chaotic, w/son dambi and marco then Ant couple..

    just hope that it won’t be like this every episode.


    Do you guys think it’s a prank or are the rumors true… are crown j and siy going to leave the show?

  29. Though AnBi couple is a bit boring in their last episodes, but when they really left the show, i kinda miss them…
    I was rather pissed with the Tarzan couple, disturbing JoongBo quality time..being rude and not greeting the elders when they are late…
    kick dem off the show!!!!

  30. ^ i honestly doubt this was a prank. why would the pd’s plan another prank when they already pulled one last time?!?! i think it’s going to be real. i personally think the they’re going to leave the show. it seems to be a logical transition. the tension between the two have been building up for some time. crown j isn’t going to baby siy EVERYTIME they have an argument. i think the show’s going to completely revamp. i bet alshin’s going to leave, too. i read somewhere that due to his back, alex wants to take a long break. hyunjoong will start filming his new drama, as well.

    i really like the hwayobi/hwanee couple. dog poo. so funny.

  31. I hope they didn’t single out Alex&Shinae for a reason. If they start singling that couple out, then obviously…they might be the next couple to go.


  32. i haven’t watched this ep. and i bet i’m not gonna watch it…there’s no fun w/o ANBI…but this ep. seems fun^^…i miss ANBI…

  33. i dont think they were singling the couple out, hopefully. Alex’s got a bad back , so he wouldnt be able to compete then…..i find this really boring….i want more scenes of the old couples…….when SuJu came i didnt see ShinAe anymore….did she leave? on the interview, she was also dressed up.

  34. i’m really pissed how the pds edit this show. or even plan out missions or couple pairings. but i guess i’ll just have to wait and see if things get better.

    also, i wouldve expected that with suju on the show, they’d probably get more airtime? i’m a bit worried for ant couple + alshin. shinae’s eyes seemed so puffy and she looked like she lost some weight. =\ after last week’s ep, i was hoping ant couple’s situation would get better but they’re still fighting. =\ i just hope that by focusing on the new couple, it’s not the pd’s doing to make the old couples leave soon.

    i like the other couples too but something’s just not working right. maybe it’s just me who thinks so..

  35. what i don’t like in this episode (I agree with some of you said) the way Dam Bi promote her song a little too much. At first, i kind of like the tarzan couple, especially with Marco. I think he is just sweet and funny. Same goes with HwanYobi couple. At first i like them cause they seem not the usual couple type.

    I guess the special episode is kind of making me putting too much hope on the new couples. I really do not like also in this episode the way Hwanhee called Yobi Dog s**t even though Yobi seems to like it.(I guess I have to wait for the sub to see further) I think it is kinda rude?

    I do miss Anbi, and I am so worried about Alshin. Shin Ae’s eyes were still puffy and Ales looked like his back hurts a lot.
    I don’t like the preview either… Is it another prank??? I guess we have to wait and see…

  36. I still think it was a BIG mistake to make the Tarzan couple become a regular. Their so annoying…and Marco needs to be less hyper and getting attention. And Dam Bi needs to stop promoting her damn song. I’m sick of her chair dance, and it wasn’t even good.

    I miss Anbi! Even though, how much I love Andy and have been a devoted Andiholic for years, he was getting boring. haha

    I’m super super worried for AlShin :[

  37. oh muish… i’m so thankful that i saw your comment here.

    I was like up all night waiting for this episodeand now that i’ve seen it unsubbed, i also got the feeling that Marco is so over the top. He’s getting into my nerves. How i wish the Tarzan Couple would leave so soon . They’re killing me. I Liked all the four couples before (i miss Solbi). They’re all unique! The airtime for each couple especially the lettuce couples are so short!!! now i gotta wait for another week and another week so i could see the whole point in this episode. I am so sad!!!

  38. only fun thing about the couples spending time together is watching gyehoon and inyoung try to control things lol. i havnt finished watching this yet but it was entertaining imo.

    i actually came here trying to see if anyone had any comments about the music. I really liked the bg music in WGM and for the first time, i really dont recognize too many of them.

    what im getting at, anyone know the song during the beach? it played a lot as crown j tried to get everyone back and hwanhee found his affectionate name for hwayobi (no idea why she likes it >.<) plays around 37:20

  39. i went back to find exactly where the song starts.
    it starts at 00:35:19 on the HQ version from clubbox.

    any help would be awesome! ^_^

  40. basically he’s not good with new people. It’s just uncomfortable to him because he doesn’t talk much and stuff like that.

  41. I’m still disappointed that the Anbi couple came to an end (although I knew about it, watching it happen wasn’t fun) T.T However, I am really looking forward to watching the new couples (Son Dam Bi & Hwayobi’s couple), too!

    Episode 29 looks fun =) I can imagine Seo In Young getting mad at Crown J if he doesn’t look after her 24/7; Marco and his random “killer!”-like lines; Hwangbo making sure Hyunjoong won’t look at anyone else as he tries to be comfortable around everyone; and Hwanhee picking on Hwayobi throughout the whole “trip”.

    I can’t wait to see what Eunhyuk and Eeteuk has up their sleeves when it comes to taking care of a baby! =D

  42. I’m so eager to watch Alshin couple with the babies & Uncles SUJU.. but it seems to me that Shinae looks tired..

  43. Judging from the preview, Crown J finally grows a pair! God, I would be frackin’ pissed off if I have an annoying wife like In Young. They used to be funny, but now I just find her more and more annoying. He doesn’t always have to put up with that. She’s like PMS-ing every minute! I’m not sure how most people enjoying watching her without wanting to kick her in the face.

    If it’s only a “prank” then I’ll be disappointed ..or if after awhile he comes crawling back and apologizes for the 1000th times.

  44. Dambi is boring, so Marco has to be the hyper/outgoing one, but I guess he’s “overacting” and now he’s just annoying. We really don’t need more of that.


    He’s not like that in real life, well, at least not that I know personally of, but it doesn’t seem like his character at all.

    If they’re trying out the generic mean/cold male character in drama or shoujo manga, they’re doing this all wrong!

    I love Hwanhee, but this show makes me wanna slap him. Hwayobi should stand up for herself. She’s being all silly and not offended, while I’M offended ..for her!

    I’m taking a break from this show for now.

    Too much drama for a reality show. If I want that, I’ll go watch East of Eden.

  45. SO WHAT! Son dambi dance and sing her song a few times. But what about Andy singing and dancing his “Love Song” all the time – I can’t even count how mant times he sang it and even Solbi helped him. We did’nt hear negative comment about that. For me it seems that some people are just jealous at Son dambi.

    And I don’t think marco is overreacting, its just the way he is. But we might see in the coming episodes if there is any change.

  46. i am happy that eunhyuk and leeteuk are in it.. but i am very sad that andy and solbi are not there anymore.. just by seeing those caps.. i feel sad because not even one picture has andy and solbi~

  47. the pissed off reaction?…well considering she & HJ was in charge to give a scold to new couples, she did so (but HJ certainly can’t do mean..lol..)…but she was not that mean to Hwanyobi couple…so, either she have some issue with Marco/Dambi..or she doesn’t like being the great sunbae..(IY words not mine)…CJ was supposed to lead since he’s older…however, he gave that power to Joongbo couple…and perhaps HB is actually annoyed of the whole situation…there’s lot of factors to guess..

  48. and I’d be pissed off on Hwayobi’s behalf…just like how IY said it πŸ™‚
    probably Hwanhee is not as ass hole as he is in wgm…but at least, he can say something to Hwayobi…asks if she’s okay even?…she looks like she doesn’t take things to heart…but at times..I feel sorry for…<__< probably both of them?…dunno why..

  49. MUISH, you’re awesome in subbing/translating the shows. Much thanks! Much appreciated too!

    Coolsmurf, thanks for those pics!

    Gosh, I really really don’t understand what the PD wanted to do nowadays! I really don’t like it when
    he put all those couples together! Why can’t he
    do it like it was in previous episodes.

    I also have a strong dislike toward Marco- Son Dam Bi, she’s a “killer” alright (I mean gorgeous!) but Marco,oh boy, he’s so over-acting. Guess the PD wanted to make a ‘international’ couple???!! Gosh…

    Oh well, guess I just have to wait for some cuts on
    Alsin & the lettuce couples. The ant couple bores me now.

  50. The ant couple fight is definitly a prank!
    It doesn’t look that serious..
    I think they’re scarying the new couple lol by doing a fight prank..

  51. Alshin got so little time, Shinae had to go to work, so next week will probably just be Alex&SuJu&babies,wth, that is not WGM, its were babysitting.

  52. I’m waiting for this episode… I loved the babies… they’re so fun to watch… Eun Hyuk and Ee Teuk are just gonna UP THE FUN!!! πŸ™‚

  53. this episode i think was pretty boring considering that anbi couple left and two new couples who don’t have any chemistry at all replace them…

    i think the pd’s shouldn’t have done the group outing because i think the ant-witch couple and joongbo couple needed some time together because last episode (ep 28) they thought it was their farewell mission and that was it for them and now they had to get together again and pretend like it never happened…especially for the joongbo couple who progressed so much in that one episode…

    well that’s my take….thanks for coming back and giving us korean updates!!!

  54. Wawwww no body likes Marco? O.o
    I think he’s nice! maybe over acting about some things and sometimes but well, he’s nice and funny lol.
    Anyway I like the new couples! It was only their 1rst real episode, give them a chance…
    We are all sad coz Ansol is not here anymore, they decided to leave coz they didn’t had time for it anymore so plz don’t blame the new couple for that and give them a chance.

    Anyway~ I liked this episodes (not a lot of alshin but due to circumstances … i’m understanding ^-^)

    Thanks a lotttt for the subs muish !

  55. Does anybody know the brand of luggage that HWanhee and Hwayobi has? The couple bags? So nice~

    Thanks in advance.

  56. yeah i’m agree with you this episode is damn boring…
    keep repeating…

    although the the babies is cute..but it’s repeating…

    n ant tour…the couple pretend to be happy…quite bored & uninteresting…but yeah the Hwayobi couple is funny…

    make me confirm this program is much more better with Ansol couple….

  57. ;Β¬; i’ve lost a large interest in this series after ansol left. the only reason i want to watch it now is for joongbo…but i think i might just drop it after that. T.T wahhh ANSOL COME bACK T_____________________________T

  58. hey heyz.. thanks fo doin da sub muish

    apreciate it ^^ u da best!!!!

    jus wondering.. in ep 29 by any chance do u noe or if neone noes da bakground music dat was playing wen they were all in da beach.. it was a rap song with a chik singing chorus..

    yea hookd on dat song ay.. please let me noe ^^v much apreciated wooot..

    thanks again and u da best!!

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