Korean Singers Gather in Singapore for K-Pop Concert

In conjunction with the Korea Festival 2008 next month, Korean singers will gather and perform at the Singapore Indoor stadium on 4th November!

To promote Korean culture in Singapore, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea has organized a Korean Festival 2008 from 1st – 18th November with the highlight being Shinhwa members JunJin and Andy, boyband 2PM, popular girl group Wonder Girls, Jewelry and V.O.S., etc will gather in Singapore for the first time for a Korean Pop Night at the Indoor Stadium on 4th November.

It’s known that the 6,000 tickets will not be for sale. According to the organizers, most of the tickets will instead be distributed through their sponsors like LG, Samsung, Far East Organization, Korean Air and Asiana Airlines. But they also revealed, “We might be distributing 200 – 300 tickets during concert day but nothing has been confirmed yet.” (source: OMY Singapore)

32 thoughts on “Korean Singers Gather in Singapore for K-Pop Concert

  1. They are making it so difficult to get tickets! It makes me wonder who the target audience is! If the intention is to promote korean culture, then they should sell the tickets openly.

    Distributed through the sponsors???? Sounds very much like a concerted marketing ploy.

  2. YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    WONDERGIRLS JJANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  3. 6000 tix not for sale?


    c’mon, just sell the tix will ya? Money’s no issue honeyy!


    i have the urge knock the sense out of the organizers. Grr. Like some have mentioned, it’d be a waste (and i’d be DAMN PISSED) if the tix were given to ppl who have no interest whatsoever in Kpop.

    Gee, what do i have to do? Buy samsung phones? LG products? Stand outside korean embassy? buy a plane ticket from korean air/asiana? AAAARGH!

  4. i really want to go…. can anyone pls tell me any latest news of where i can get the tickets from…. your help really will mean ALOT to me……

  5. IF something shitty like the concert being cancelled at the last minute or whatever were to happen here in Singapore, I am gonna be embarrassed to death..

    seriously, who the hell are they giving the tickets to? are these people even going to turn up?


  6. omg if they are not for sale and are just being distributed. we wont get a sure chance of getting tickets what. but 6000 is quite alot. means there are some on sale???


  7. wow i rmb shinhwa came once to singapore, and the only way to get tickets was to collect tiger beer bottle caps or smth, and i had to ask my dad to get from his friends! : O

  8. guess for those who didn’t win the tix will have to buy them online from those lucky ass who have no interest to go but happen to get them. sighz~~

    but i am still excited about the concert, its a good thing that they are actually doing this, hope it will be an annual event.

  9. aahh..I agree with you Afiqah! If only they drop by in KL, I’d be super happy!

    But right now I’m super jealousss!!~~T_T

  10. Ahh.. what a disaster.. I was planning to fly in from Brunei for that. *sighs*

    Would have been a dream come true to see Andy and Jewelry perform!

  11. 6000 tickets and they are not for sale???????

    Arrrgghh.. I am super pissed right now. I really want to go there..
    Thanks for the info alvin!

  12. The thought of them stopping by Kl didn’t even pass my mind.

    I’M going to Singapore!!! Like most definitely!

    I wish. The thing is..since it’s sort of like between singapore-korean embassy relationship..means people who are NOT singaporean can’t get tickets..?

    They should just sell it for money. Like moo said, hell, money’s no problem, honey.

    That’s one thing they should learn about kpop fans…

  13. omg are you for real, they’re coming to singapore? *&%&^$(&) i need tickets!! why aren’t they selling the tix? kinda dumb of em. =X

  14. dear korean song lovers,

    i have a one ticket( not a pair, only one ticket) for sale.
    i bought it to go there but….
    if you are interested, pls send a mail to “keyaki2007@hotmail.com”
    the price will be $80 (fixed) same price i bought.
    T08,ROW 20 seat 9

    hope someone can enjoy it^^


  15. hi, am selling tickets,

    Description of tickets:

    A pair of tickets-
    T14 Row 13 Seat 9 and Seat 10

    Selling Price is $150 for the pair.
    (Original price is $168 )

    Email at ps08@msn.com.

  16. Hi there this is my last time selling the tickets. I have few pairs of tickets. Selling at $80 for each pair. But is at block B if you are really interested then call 90270257. Most prob meet u at dover mrt station for the deal and Sorry i don’t meet elsewhere cause there been few person making me go all the way to bugis and then at the last few min msg saying they won’t come. Thanks!!

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