Singapore K-Pop Concert on 4th November 2008

This is not a hoax. I actually learnt about this Kpop concert in Singapore from an Anbiholic friend, RgalSteff a few weeks back but nothing was confirmed yet. Then she told me about the artistes that would be coming yesterday (subject to change) but I didn’t want to post it yet until it’s really confirmed.

Well, many thanks to jean_kkp who emailed me about this and kyurella@livejournal who emailed the Korean embassy for information.

Well for the record, the Singapore Tourism Board has organized a Korea Festival 2008 from 1st to 18th November, with a variety of traditional and contemporary events, from fine arts to popular culture and mainstream music. But the highlight has got to be the K-Pop Concert which will be held on Tuesday evening, 4th November 2008 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Details are sketchy at the moment but the following is an email reply from the Embassy of the Republic of Korea who are the organizers for this event.

Thanks for expressing your interest in the K-Pop Concert, to be held on 4th November 2008 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

We are very excited to introduce a promising line-up of singers and performers from Korea, including established stars such as the Wonder Girls, Chae Yeon, Andy, JunJin, V.O.S., and Jewelry. Emerging artistes such as U-Kiss, 2PM, Peter and Kim Jong Wook will also feature in the performance on the 4th.

Ticketing arrangements for the K-Pop Concert are still being finalised. Tickets will not be sold through the usual outlets such as SISTIC. Instead, they will be given away over the next few weeks through our key sponsors, Far East Organisation, LG Electronics and Korean Air. You may wish to check with the above-mentioned sponsors on their plans to release tickets to the public.

Korea International Radio will also be holding live quizzes around mid-October to give away free tickets to listeners.

We encourage you to stay tuned for further developments and news in the media over the next few weeks.

Thank you.

It seems like it would be a lottery to get the tickets. We don’t often get to see K-Pop artistes performing in Singapore so this is a pretty awesome opportunity regardless. The list looks pretty awesome on paper. You have argubably the most popular girl group Wonder Girls, sexy Chae Yeon, two Shinhwa members going solo Andy and JunJin, Jewerly, V.O.S. and the emerging artistes.

It’s nice to see all of them taking the time to come overseas to Singapore for a performance from their busy schedule. Hope that those who win the tickets are K-pop fans or at least become a convert after watching them.

139 thoughts on “Singapore K-Pop Concert on 4th November 2008

  1. First~
    Ah, lucky lucky, eh?
    That’s a pretty impressive line up..
    And if you don’t often see them (KPop Artists) performing in Singapore.. then you’re really lucky to be getting WG and Shinhwa members, and Jewelry and 2pm.. (That’s just the people I really want to see xD If I had the chance). And I recently heard about U Kiss, so I’m sitting here, stunned and jealous T__T lol.

    Good luck to whomever wins.. they’d be one lucky person for sure.

  2. Haha. I heard about this too…

    I’m psyched about going for this, but worried about how to secure tickets… ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Anyway, I seriously hope that this K-Pop concert is the beginning of more to come in the future. ^^

  3. Why don’t they sell the tickets through the usual SISTIC ticketing outlets. If they only give tickets through quizzes or some sorts then not many people could get a chance to attend the event then especially non-Singaporean like myself!

    Oh this is so upsetting! SERIOUSLY! I was just about to jump up & down from hearing the news cause I could go watch my fav artists performed but the tickets would be given in limited amount. Oh what to do ???

  4. AHHH! why aren’t they selling the tickets?! and it would be at singapore indoor stadium which is such a big compound! how many tickets can they give away to occupy such a big compound that holds thousands?
    i’m terribly upset ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  5. I’m afraid the tickets will be given out to the employees in the organizations first and will only leave a few for the public =(


    living in the middle of the U.S. have no benefits what-so-ever!!!

    i need to go live near a coast!!!

  7. Oh my goodness. I had to refresh the page just to make sure it was real. Shucks about the tickets though. Wondergirls & Chae Yeon & 2pm *brain explodes*

    Is there anyway we could come together as a group and try to get the tickets?

  8. omg..this is real ? I’m really looking forward to hear any K-pop concert here in Singapore, since I watch Shinhwa concert last 2 years. Really wonder how to get the ticket, I really wanna go…Help me please coolsmurf…I really curious how to buy the ticket.Thanks a lot for the news…

  9. cynthia

    hahahha yeah i thiink ure right, LG will probably give out tix when u buy their handphones? hahaha i suspect so leh!

    omg i want tickets!!

  10. who do i want to meet badly among the list of artists???


    but i definitely want to meet coolsmurf aka Alvin!!!!!!

    the international K-pop fan known to be a legend, who has spread the K-pop love to all over the world! and the best part? he’s from our own little red dot, SINGAPORE!!

    alvin ์˜ค๋น , i want to meet you can? ๐Ÿ˜›

  11. to ningmeng.

    i thought of that too.
    thus i emailed back to the korean embassy, but they didn’t reply me.. :/

  12. OMG. Is it possible for coolsmurf to post on how to get tickets after you’ve find out how?!
    I wanna see VOS, Jewelry, KJK, Andy and Junjin! XD

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  14. Wah, so impressive. But no SM artist. As long as WG there. I want nobody but JYP family. U got JinDy and Chae Yeon. So cool.

  15. y make it so hard to get tix ???????? shucks! i rather just pay & go! i gotta see WG & kim jong wook!!!and vos!!!!!

  16. Gahhhhh!

    can’t the tickets be easier or find…. or does it even neccessary~~~ T.T

    Not from SG but getting there is no probs for me… TICKETS!!!!

  17. seriously y make it so hard to get tickets ?
    i rather go sistic,buy the ticket,put my heart at ease & look forward to that day !!

    im never lucky in winning anything ….gosh!!

  18. how can they not sell the tix? AAARGH!

    it’s not everyday s’pore has a kpop concert; now tt it’s finally here, we dont get to buy the tix? Sheesh.

    i do hope they sell it out on sistic; i’m one of the s’porean kpop fans dying to go! haha.

    the lists sounds good but it’d be perfect is YG entertainment decided to send their troupe in. Imagine Big Bang, Teddy, Kush, Danny, Jinusean.. AAAARGH. I WANT TO GO!!!!

  19. Oh man….
    i wannna go and watch.
    it’s really rare for korean artist to come to singapore….
    man….i wanna get the tix….

    thx for the information!
    big thank you…

  20. god. i want sj to come.
    but wondergirls is fine for me.

    but getting tickets will be hard.
    i’m going to break my phone and try to get that pink lg i want. hope they will get me some tix. ^^

  21. omg omg omg -hyperventilates- i want to go :-(!!!!!!!!! feeling so insecure, cos there’s no way to secure the tickets. Goodness, there are several big names! :)))) tian ah i want to faint alrdy.

    i hope i can get the tickets ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. yes i learnt about this from my friend too.. apparently i heard it will be a joint stage with singaporean singers..

    but i do hope i can get the tix to the fest.. ^^

  23. yes??true??i’m fainting~
    ohmo~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i so wanna go!!wanna get those free tickets!!ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!>-<

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  25. IF ITS TRUE, I WILL FAINT TOOOOO~ *sohee’s omana*

  26. It’s so irritating that we cant BUY the tickets. I would pay I would pay!!! Why are they giving it away? Do they think people wont turn up? LOOK at the line up for godsakes!

  27. same sentiments here.
    I WOULD SHELL OUT THE BIG $ TO GO. i dont think money is too much of a problem for singaporeans in general. but anyway, it would be the worst thing if they gave the tickets away to people who dont care about kpop. that would make me absolutely madddddd grrr.

  28. Awww…WG & Shinhwa men,that’s gonna be awesome. Well i hope they could atleast make a layover here at PHilippines. YG is a good idea because Sandara Park is Famous here which is uncommon for hallyu artist, i guess. ^^

  29. GAHHHH, OMG, PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE MORE ABOUT THIS! (sorry for the caps, it’s just that im too excited) It’s during my O levels too! Butttt, my dad allows me to go and he intends to get tickets for whole family. LOL.
    Please update.

  30. wow. so cool. at last kpop singers coming to spore after ages of years waiting..really hoping dat fans are able to get the tickets!! (:

  31. this is awesome… yet, why tuesday ? i can’t skipped work on tuesday ??? Omo.. why tuesday ? i wanna see v.o.s, junjin n andy shinhwa, wnder girls… why tuesday ?? why oh why ?? T_T

  32. totally impressive ! i hope i can manage to get the tickets and watch them! it’s such a rare opportunity to see any KPOp artists in Singapore at all! OMG!

  33. omg
    wow i’m….well excited for sure!
    omg omg omg omg
    i can’t wait to see them!!!
    and the other stars!
    but why aren’t dong bang included>.<
    it would be great if they are included too….

  34. lottery indeed …. the whole thing is to get people’s attention, but so not fair….YOU ALL HAVE TO TRY TO GET THEM, OKAY?!?!
    make sure you welcome them all with open arms…

    actually all my fav artists (well don’t know U-kiss that well O__O) WHY NOT 2AM?!?! LOL

  35. I hope they postpone it, maybe mid-November ‘cos it’s ‘O’ level period and most of the fans are teens like me.
    Super sad!
    I wanna go badly!

    If they can hold it later, I confirm will go~

  36. Why don’t they sell the tickets instead? This is so upsetting!!!! I really want to go and i agree to what some of you said, Instead of selling it to those who really like Korean Music, They might give it to those who even not a fan…. T_T

    I ammm so excited right now… i hope they change their mind and sell the tickets instead. Though i have yet SM artist in the list, But so many great artists that i love are coming!!!

    Cant wait for news update!

  37. yes i agree! I hope they just sell the tickets though, so much easier that way. Those big corps prolly give the tickets to their big clients and stuff..

    C’mon, its the first time sg is ever holding such a cool event, I think fans deserve the chance to go and watch their fave singers perform.

    anyway *crosses fingers*

  38. OMg!! I’m so excited about this and I really really wanna go. I wish they would sell the tix instead. -.-

  39. YAY!
    i heard bout this before but i had no idea about the ticketing..
    i tot it would be norm thru sistic…
    now im worried whether im able to get hold of the tickets or not..

    well.. i hope to be kept updated over this..

  40. OHHH~! read this on soompi!! but more elaborate details here!! yippee.. but wait… not selling through sistic! u gotta be kidding.. omg i sooOOo wish i can get my hands on the tickets!

    hope there will be more HOT ACTS attending this MIRACULOUS concert!! its been a while since k-pop concerts were held here in s’pore ((:

  41. OMG OMG!! hyperventilates! i’ve never seen ANY korean performances LIVE before, please keep us updated on how we can bag those tix. Please please please please please!

  42. ohmygoshies! i so want to go! omgomg.. there’s andy and junjin! gah! omgomg! but how on earth is the ticket sold or something if it’s not sold at sistic? goshies.

  43. Oh Sheesh… I’ve already heard Junjin and Minwoo (his name’s not in there) whose coming to town in Novemeber, but it’s by lottery! The sheer agony T_T ARGH!!!

  44. omo Alvin u gotta see Wondergirls! that’d be GREATTTT for u!
    im sure u will be trying to get the ticket yea?
    singapore is lucky

  45. OMG OMG! I’ll not be back in sg until next summer! ARGH~ why why? I also wanna go for this concert!! but my semester will only end of dec!! to those who will be going for this concert… I ENVY YOOU GUYS!!

  46. noooooooooooooo
    I can’t believe they’re having it during o levels period!
    I’m dying to see WG, Andy and Junjin! T_T

  47. gawd i’m a SINGAPOREAN, i’m a TOTAL KPOP FAN, they are actually going to hold an ACTUAL KPOP CONCERT here and THEY ARE NOT SELLING THE TICKETS.
    *insert swear words*

    ah well…
    thanks for the info coolsmurf!
    why won’t they sell the tickets!!!

  48. omg omg! one thing we have to do for sure is make it BIG!
    so in the future, other artist would eventually come here too!!!!

    thanks very much for the info alvin

  49. I want to go so badly!! Why won’t they post it through sistic! Darn!! I looVE V.O.S and its sooo rare seeing kpop artists coming to Singapore! Will coolsmurf post updates and how we can get our hands on the tickets? Any Idea?

  50. thank you so much for posting this!

    but the thing is, lots of the students in singapore have their O levels during that period! shouldn’t they change it?

  51. OMG, a KOrean concert in Singapore…. but wail over why they are not selling the tickets… while occupying such a hugh space in Singapore INdoor Stadium… (ERM)

  52. omg!i will be going to singapore on nov. 3 for a week… too bad they aint selling any tickets.. i wanted to watch it while i’m in singapore.. :<

  53. ohh btw, i heard from a friend the tickets will be distributed through the korean embassy.. hmm..anyone of you knows how i can contact the korean embassy in singapore?

  54. *sigh* 2PM will be there T_T
    im in malaysiaaaaaaaaaa
    waeee!gosh 2PM will be thereT_T
    i think ive been repeating that from yesterday T_T

  55. Omfgggg ! Its such a rare chance that K-pop artists are coming to Singapore to perform and they are GIVING THE TICKETS AWAY ?! ARE THEY MAD OR WHAT . & What about DBSK ?! I wanna see them perform MIROTIC ! I wanna see Jaejoonggggg T__________T

  56. hopefully i can be lucky enuf to get the tix….i promise myself to tune in to coolktym now every weekdays and recently i had just change my phone to an LG so there u go….plx make me lucky to get the tix!!!!


    Is there like no chance of getting the tickets? Darn!!!!

    I just found out and i’m spazzing nowww!!!!

    Poo! At least we know their here in SINGAPORE!!!!!

  58. Wow… Cool. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the name Kim Jong….. Wook. Lol. I thought it’ll be Kim Jong Kook.

    But Nov 4th is not a good time at all…. A level period. It’ll be much better if its in Dec!

  59. Someone should email the korean embassy and tell them to postpone the concert to a later date. There’re a lot of kpop fans in SG who are taking their O/A levels this year.. Plus having it on a tuesday night is just totally weird -.-
    Besides, the entire festival lasts from 1-18nov. Why can’t they put it in the last few nights, make it like a grand finale or something? T__________T

  60. btw. if anyone is interested in selling theirs at a reasonable price of course can contact me at 93986259 ๐Ÿ˜€
    im Lya btw.. and looking for 2 tickets ๐Ÿ˜€ tq! ๐Ÿ˜€

  61. they are not selling it???
    i thought i cld get it from sistic…then how do i get the tickets???it’s my wish to see korean stars in singapore than for me to fly to korea.wondergirls nobody…i want to sing with them!wait for me…4nov…

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  63. hi just wondering if anyone has tickets at the A section for sell?? im really interested in getting tickets. i was away during the promotions so i missed out on alot of chances. now im just desperate. im willing to pay 200 for them. price is negotiable. pls email at if you have any news.

    thank you

  64. heys wow this is really taking place? Kpop festival??well, so wat if dbsk or SM or YG artists are not coming. Heys we get to see people like Shinhwa andy and Wonder girls and chae yeon??But it is really torturing..we cant buy the tickets but must wait for lottery to strike. After all these years of waiting for korean festival and concerts, this kpop concert on nov4 is like a dream pie. Don’t tell me we really have to buy LG mobile to get the tickets?Dats not really supporting korean pop?

  65. hello.
    i have finally gotten a pair of tix for 200SGD..
    but im not sure if im able to go cz i have loads of projects at sch..
    so if anyone is interested in buying them and are willing to offer me a good price i may sell them..
    contact me..93986259. thanks!


  67. I have a ticket( not a pair) T08, ROW 20 seat9 Price is $80.

    Also I have a ticket ( not a pair) A36, ROW1 (^_^)v
    I am looking for someone who can go with me. kkk
    I am a japanese and late 20’s ๐Ÿ˜›
    Pls send a mail to “”
    Pls write your name, contact number and price tat you can pay ALSO your age. kkk

    Komawo~ arigato~ see you~

    Kelly keyaki

  68. AIYOH.
    TVXQ is not coming.
    And if you guys really want to sell the tickets (which I already think is mean enough because you got it FREE, FOC, NO MONEY TRANSACTED VIA YOOOU), I think it should be at a totally reasonable price. 200bucks for a sucky seating IS WHAT. DDD: And some people online are making others bid for it?
    I think it’s getting outta hand somehow. So unless you’ve got a seat that screams “OMG JUNJIN YOU’RE RIGHT IN MY FACE! LIKE 1CM AWAY FROM ME” kind of close, the peeps selling their tickets should totally be kind to people out there. Sheesh, you guys are making a profit outta something you didn’t even pay for.

  69. hi, i have got a pair of tickets for the korean pop concert this 4 nov1987. i can’t go cause it’s my 21st birthday, needs to celebrate my big day. haiz.. so i’m giving up the tickets at $190/PAIR . please contact me at . thanksya!

  70. omg i heard that like if you get vip seats u get to go to the dressing room and get the singer’s autographs. OMG does anyone know if that’s really true? how can u tell if ur ticket are the vip ones? do they say?

  71. Hi there this is my last time selling the tickets. I have few pairs of tickets. Selling at $80 for each pair. But is at block B if you are really interested then call 90270257. Most prob meet u at dover mrt station for the deal and Sorry i don’t meet elsewhere cause there been few person making me go all the way to bugis and then at the last few min msg saying they won’t come. Thanks!!

  72. hi everyone,

    i have a pair of b 12 blk tickets.
    pls contact me if you’re interested.

    i got it at $50. negotiable!

    just wanna get it off my hands soon cuz its tmr night!

    u can sms me at 9337 370

  73. sorry, error in my prev post.

    i got it at $50 per tic. $100 p pair. But its still negotiable!
    pls contact me ASAP. thank you! =))

  74. im lloyd here, holding some tickets. if u are interested, im willing to sell it any price above 140. contact me at 91456790 before 6. (:

  75. looking for pair of tickets!
    preferably T block (blocks 1-15, or blocks 33-40)

    msg 91735335 immediately please.
    thank you!

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