So Ji Sup and Shin Hyun Joon Are Brothers in Cain and Abel

After a series of incidents including delays, name change, Ryeo Won dropping out, SBS announced today that the drama which was known as “Cain and Abel” before becoming “Dr. Stop” in September will use back the original name. So Ji Sup will still lead the drama but with the addition of Shin Hyun Joon.

This will be So Ji Sup and Shin Hyun Joon comeback after a 5-year gap since their dramas “Sorry I Love You” and “Stairway to Heaven” in 2004 respectively.

So Ji Sup plays Cho-In who is a genius doctor but is isolated from the higher powers of hospital politics. Shin Hyun Joon plays his elder brother, Seon Woo who thinks that his brother has taken everything away from him such as their father’s love, his talent as a doctor and his beloved woman.

According to the production company, “The development of Cain and Abel with the conflict between the two brothers as the base story has taken more than 2 years. We will continue with So Ji Sup as planned and have Shin Hyun Joon acting opposite him as his brother. We have also confirmed that the female lead will be Chae Jung Ahn whose last drama was “Coffee Shop 1st Prince”.”

Filming starts in November and scheduled for February 2009 broadcast.

17 thoughts on “So Ji Sup and Shin Hyun Joon Are Brothers in Cain and Abel

  1. i don’t want CJA. how about Soo Ae or even Im Soo Jung. hahaha. i’m biased of ‘I’m Sorry i Love U’ series.

    Yay first?

  2. It Shin Hyun JooN. You missed the N. OMG! His back on drama. It been forever after Stairway to Heaven… TQ for this. 😀

    Man, the story same like Stairway to Heaven. He will not get the girl.. Argh…

  3. oh i am glad to see CJA back into dramas. loved her in CP. I was hoping fro JRW still but oh well. i liked the title as Cain/Abel but i guess i can give this a go..

  4. that’s actually a legit cast. i was worried about the path that sjs’s drama was going, but shin hyun joon is a great actor and chae jung ah is pretty decent as well. it’ll be interesting to see how this pans out. hopefully, shin hyun joon stays with the drama; he’s too talented to let go.

  5. no ji jinhee? when this first came about, it was said that jinhee would play jisup’s brother. then the name of ryeowon came along.

    then filming suddenly went on hold. i thought it was never going to happen anymore. anyway, i am looking forward to this. but why shin hyun joon? i don’t think he resembles jisup in anyway. ^^

  6. shin hyun joon! hahha i know him as the “eye” guy… he gave up his eyes in stairway to heaven… and he’s the same guy in kiss- because i’m a girl mv where he gives his sight (without dying) for the girl too.. hahha soo funny if he does it again.. well.. not funnnyy funny but oh so weird.

  7. I was so anticipate to watch SJS in this kind of role & delaying the drama dissapointed me but now there’s new news makes me happy.. a lot of drama to watch ..

  8. Chae Jung-ahn….

    Don’t want her as well. this show need a strong actress, and to be honest i don’ t think Chae Jung-ahn is a strong actress… she might just get overshadowed by her very good co-stars.

  9. TWO FANTABULASTIC ACTORS!! omo! This better be good.

    I have great respect for Shin Hyun Joon; he’s just one versatile actor!! He can go from serious to lovelorn to comical so easily. =)

    And, Soh Ji Sup! Fell in love with him ever since I saw him in Glass Slippers. And f’course, how can we forget his superb acting in MISA?

    OMGOMG. I’m hyperventilating already. LOL. this better be good.

    but chae jung ahn? She’s pretty yeah but I think we need a stronger actress. If this drama requires loads of crying, just get Choi Ji Woo. It’s her forte, I tell you.

  10. ^Yeh, agreed with you. Choi Ji Woo is the best. Beside that CJW n SHJ is a great combo. Based on their previous drama n MVs. 😀

  11. Wah! So Ji Sub! My favorite. MISA is a classic and my favorite drama ever!

    I agreed. So Ae is one talented actrees. Im So Jung too. I want anyone of them. Please PD….

  12. Chae Jung Ahn replacing JRW??? Yayness!!! I didn’t really think JRW was very well cast, age wise. I love JRW a lot but just didn’t think she could pull off this.

    The concern of CJA’s acting skills are sort of valid. But looking from the other two casts, who seem to be very strong and intense, having a more mellow female on the show might be a good thing. So long as she doesn’t get too bad, I think it could work just fine.

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