Kim Tae Hee is Lee Byung Hun’s Lover in IRIS

No, that is not a typo. It was announced and confirmed by TaeWon Entertainment that Kim Tae Hee will act as Lee Byung Hun’s lover in “IRIS”.

Since finishing “Love in Harvard” 4 years ago, Kim Tae Hee has been missing from the small-screen and keeping herself busy with CF endorsements and movie filming. Tae Hee character is an agent of NSS, a national intelligence agency and will take part in many missions together with Lee Byung Hun’s character. Kim Tae Hee will play a different role from her past demure image, becoming a rational and strong female and will have a triangle relationship with Lee Byung Hun and another person who is yet to be picked yet. Their romance will serve to increase the tension and excitement in the drama.

The 20-episode drama had been attracting lots of attention because of it’s thriller espionage genre and the big names involved. It’s scheduled for broadcast in Summer 2009 and filming will begin once casting is done.

But if that is the case, what will happen to Son Ye Jin who was only announced as Lee Byung Hun’s lover just 5 days ago? Well, Son Ye Jin was apparently left out as there was a conflict in schedule between her and the drama filming.

41 thoughts on “Kim Tae Hee is Lee Byung Hun’s Lover in IRIS

  1. i’m sorry..but i think they should go for Son Ye Jin—-acting-wise..

    well, i guess they need to give KTH a chance to act again and maybe prove herself to be a better actress.

  2. Yeah… uhh… What happened to Son Ye Jin?!

    I was really excited to hear Son Ye Jin was acting with the actor but I haven’t seen any of Kim Tae Hee’s work…

    Anyway, good luck with the drama!!!

  3. Oh My… Kim Tae Hee, pretty face and what helse? Nothing, she’s a very bad actress. :/ After the two big fails with her two last movie it’s not a good news for the drama…

    Son Ye Jin with Open City showed that she can be stunning in action stuffs but Kim Tae Hee, she was so ridicuous in Nine Tailed Fox and since she don’t improve at all, that sucks.

  4. Oh, I was looking to Son Ye Jin ):

    Neverless, Tae Hee is beautiful–even though people say she has bad acting skills (I don’t know hot to judge) she’ll definitely grace the television XD

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  6. Kim Tae Hee is pretty and smart. This is what I call beauty with brains.

    But unfortunately, as much as I like her, I have to admit, her acting is at best, mediocre. Acting is just not for her; she’s better off doing what she does best; modelling and doing CFs.

    Son Ye Jin could’ve prob given a better portrayal, imo. But oh well, she’s in. I hope she does give her best because the leading man is one GREAT actor. It’s easy to pale in comparison when acting opposite someone like Lee Byun Hun.

    I love Lee Byung Hun. =) I can’t wait for his new drama!!

  7. Oh, I didn’t finish my post.

    Anyway, Son Ye Jin is one of the actress in the Korean industry that I’m highly impressed with. She’s versatile and she takes risk and not to mention, she’s naturally gorgeous!

    I think she would look MUCH better with Lee Byung Hun but I’m also not taking away anything from Kim Tae Hee. As for her acting skills, I can’t comment since I have not seen her in any of her film projects but I’ve seen most (if not all) of Son Ye Jin’s films already and she’s impressine.

    I hope Son Ye Jin continue to pursue her film career and choose great films and dramas in the future (not like SPOTLIGHT…sorry!)… I wish her all the happiness, too!

    I may watch LBH’s drama with Kim Tae Hee (I guess…) but I would deft. watch it if he was paired with Son Ye Jin! 🙂

  8. Kim Tae Hee? errrrr….. my interest for the drama just went from mildly interested to not interested at all.

    Let’s hope Kim Tae Hee has improved her acting skills a lot…because for me watching her in Love Story in Harvard was a bit painful.

  9. got this from Coolsmurf’s blog, just a few days ago, I posted here that SYJ is casted as Lee Byung-hun’s lover in the upcoming mega drama, Iris, but …ready to read on

    it was announced and confirmed by TaeWon Entertainment that Kim Tae Hee will act as Lee Byung Hun’s lover in “IRIS”.

  10. It’s officially confirmed?

    I was hoping it would be re-confirmed and recast Son Ye Jin but what’s done is done….although, anything can happen and minds can be changed! hahah

    I’m not a huge fan of Lee Byung Hun for some reason and odd thing is that I haven’t seen any of his film but when I heard that he ‘was’ going to get paired up with Son Ye Jin, my dislike for him decreased–I was actually excited to see them both on screen.

    Maybe Lee Byung Hun is a lying bastard or a heartbreaker in the film and have two lovers.

    That’s an idea! hahah RECAST Son Ye Jin!!! hahah

  11. aww it’s too bad son yeh jin dropped out..she’d play the role so perfectly since she’s already got some of the spy character down with spotlight…just can’t see kim tae hee in that genre of acting…but i guess we’ll see

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  13. Oppss. Sorry, Kim tae Hee is pretty but we are talking about acting here, and I’m sorry. I prefer someone who can really act. It will be with Lee Byung Hun after all. What a waste. But we will see. But nonetheless, people either work hard to improve, have a gifted talent or didn’t born to be an actress. Sorry to say and didnt intent any offend, but Kim Tae Hee can’t act, if you want to be objective.

  14. i am disappointed as i am looking forward to this drama because LBH is in it and they casted Son Ye Jin for the female lead role. i hope i can stand KTH’s acting.

  15. i’m not happy SYJ is out, but not surprised really. she’s been working nonstop this year. 2 films, 1 series. now another? poor girl needs a rest!

    or maybe she has a better job lined up (=??)

    or her IRIS contract sucks (it’s LBH’s show obviously), & she wanted out.

    LBH as good as he’s become, was outacted by su ae in Once in a Summer i feel… 😛

  16. Did Son Ye Jin ‘drop out’ of the project or did they drop her? It’d be a bad move, based from other comments here, if they chose Kim Tae Hee instead.

    Son Ye Jin has been working non-stop but it’s all different from each other. I tried watching ‘Spotlight’ and it was a waste of a good actress and plus, she hardly had any chemistry with her lead actor in the drama. As for ‘Iris’, Lee Byung Hun is a good actor and they would look great together and according to the story, it seems interesting!

    To 26, Fan

    I think LBH and SYJ would match well on-screen….on who ‘out-acted’ someone shouldn’t be a question between this two.

    I really liked Su Ae in 9 Ends 2 Outs…I hope she makes another drama with her lead male co-star soon!!! 😀

  17. to SP:
    im not sure if SYJ dropped our or if they dropped her, it is said because of some conflict with SYJ schedule, but as far as i know she’s only doing some promotions on her latest film which will open this october 23 so shooting Iris by november shouldnt have problems.. who knows maybe she’s scheduled to film another movie next year or that the production just cant afford LBH and SYJ high rocketing fees altogether.

    i guess hope they hired an actress with the same caliber as SYJ like Ha Ji Won or something, not someone who is known only for her cf’s and mediocre acting..such a shame..

  18. To 27/Fan: Hi. we’ll probably never know the real reason behind Son Yejin’s replacement. Schedule conflict is a common one they give out – but who knows what really went on 🙂 It’s strange to announce her when things were not finalized. Then again it may be poor management: Taewon released a movie Eye for an Eye this year, changing the opening date 3 times! (very unprofessional & got people mad.)

    i tried watching Spotlight too, but something was off – what was it?? SYJ seemed too mature for a newbie reporter (it’s perfect for her maybe circa 2003?), and yet too much a nervous wreck on camera that no TV station would realistically send out. She got better in later episodes i guess, but i never stuck with it. maybe we’re used to seeing perfection from her. a little bit off & it was strange…

    Yes, it’d be nice to see Su ae on TV again. she’s next in a historical movie as a queen or something (with Cho seungwoo.)

  19. maybe it wouldn’t be a problem if SYJ not announced will act in this drama since it’s SYJ turn too KTH most people boo it. maybe it’s will be different if it go to soo ae, jang jin young or im soo jeong

  20. all son ye jin fans…

    shut up! are you BLIND??

    Now we know, KIM TAE HEE is much better than son ye jin, even in other korean female actresses…. HER acting is good, also she’s georgous, pretty … any kind of role that giving to her is perfect… unlike to other korean actresses

    you know what i mean…..

    so stop talking so bad about her…

    gO KIM TAE HEE!!!!

    I’m your no 1 fan…

  21. absulately SU AE is suitable every role cause of her great acting but I ALSO LİKE KİM TAE HEE GOOD LUCK TO YOU

  22. your the best! even here in the phillipines we also apreciate your telenovela,even if we cant understand your langguage (its a good thing theres a subtitle)

    we love you kim tae hee and lee byung hun!

    IRIS fanatic 4ever!

  23. While IRIS was insanely popular, I respect Son Ye-jin’s decision to drop it. The female lead is an empty title as the IRIS was mainly LBH’s show with him taking a significant majority of screen time. Let’s be honest, in the short amount of time KTH appeared on screen, she didn’t even make use of it to shine. She was always outshined, and has a LONG way to go before she can be considered a serious actress. SYJ may not choose blockbuster hits, but she respects herself by choosing roles that give females more screen time a wider variety of realism and personality.
    This is what acting should be about.

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