Kim Sun Ah Tangos with Rain at Showcase

Actress Kim Sun Ah was at Rain’s showcase “Me, Rain, Dance” last night, performing the tango version of Rain’s song “Bad Guy”, executing it perfectly.

During their performance, Kim Sun Ah showed that her dancing ability was definitely on par with a pro which liven up the whole stage. She expressed, “I pay close attention to dancing normally so I decided to appear for this program because it would be a good experience. Although the preparation time was short, all the sweat from training, smiles, the rythmn and dance moves were like blissful presents to me. I want to expressed my thanks from the bottom of my heart to Rain for bringing a new lease of life to my normal lifestyle.”

Kim Sun Ah had gone through intensive training for the past 2 weeks and managed to remember all the tango moves within 3 days, showing the charisma of a professional actress. To thank Sun Ah for her support at his comeback showcase, Rain prepared a birthday party for her. Rain made a surprise visit on 1st October at the dance studio and had a impromptu birthday party for Kim Sun Ah together with all the staff. Rain also gave her a birthday present.

Kim Sun Ah and Rain’s fantasy tango will be shown through MBC on 17th October through the broadcast of his “Me, Rain, Dance” showcase.

35 thoughts on “Kim Sun Ah Tangos with Rain at Showcase

  1. ah I wanna see! love them both!!….I think I saw the prank realityGUY is talking about, I think it was something about a fake article that they were dating? …it was funny.

  2. haha.. something popped into my mind as I was reading this.. idk if all of u remmber but there was this one show that pranked both KSA and rain.. saying that KSA likes him and vice versa.,..and watching both their reactions!! OH MEN!!! it was funnyy… hahha lol.. ANYWAYS!.. that’s all.. just thought i’d share my thoughts…

  3. dang kim sun ah rocks!! and rain looks great. can’t wait to see it. lol, this also reminds me of the bogus scandal joke made on them.

  4. wow in that picture she looks good.
    man i remember when they both got pranked.
    They were told that they like each other & it was posted on some fake magazine. They were both surprise at the other person’s confession. It was funny.
    Now they are working together. Look forward to the actual performance.

  5. yeah i know they got pranked being like each other

    then they really got together to do a performance….

    awesome ^^ cant wait

  6. There’s no vid. Fans attending the showcase were warned ‘strictly no cameras’ and also told to squeal on others who try to record. Thankfully – looks like there were no unpleasant incidents at the actual event.

    I was there. She did a really good job and she’s so pretty!

  7. wow, i have to watch this. kim sun ah is one talented actress and pianist. didn’t really know that she can dance as well. cool!

  8. them together makes me think of that prank involving the tabloid thing, that was so funny. KSA looks great & Rain too, are they really good friends? i think KSA might know Rain from JYP, i heard somewhere that she could have been part of g.o.d.

  9. yes i am waiting too i think they will show us a great performance……. yeah that prank is the most talked hehehe
    i really enjoyed watching that….i like their reactions
    great SUNNY n’ RAIN

  10. All I can say is that, this dance number will be unforgettable and will be a hot topic in all media articles. I just hope they appreciate this number and not just criticize it, Suna is not a professional dancer, but she gave her best, so far I rely on those recent comments and it turn out good. Suna look amazing with those outfit, Bi manage to convince her to dance, his really close to her…friends for life.

  11. lol.. didn´t those two have a prank.. where a made up magazine said that Rain himself had said that he loved kim sun-ah, and she was very very excited over the news and wanted a date with him asap.. but for Rain´s madeup magazine it said that oposite, that sun-ah wanted him as a BF and he only laughed and took it as a nasty joke instead lol… Loved sun-ah´s excited reaction… it was too similar to the role in kim sam soon^^

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  13. kim sun es lo maximo soy su fan number one , estoy muy feliz que haya bailado tango con el guapo RAIN,kim merece lo mejor . ES LA MEJOR ACTRIZ COREANA-SEOUL ……VIVA KIM……….VIVA…………KIMSUN—-DE SU FANES ……………..LUZ ,NAYDA, TANIA Y++++++++++++++++++++TE QUEREMOS SUN.

  14. Hacen muy buena pareja…. me encanto como bailaron muy bonito …. me gustaria verlos en drama juntos … ah alguien me podria decir la fecha exacta en la que bailaron el tango ?’ por favor…. y si ahora siguen manteniendo contacto o si son amigos aun ??? alguien que me diga me muero por saber .. espero respuestas .. gracias

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