Eun Hyuk and Lee Teuk Guest Stars on We Got Married

Super Junior members Eun Hyuk and Lee Teuk will appear on this Sunday’s broadcast of MBC star wedding variety “We Got Married” as “Super Uncles” and handle the quadruplets mission together with Alex and Shin Ae.

Alex having experienced the “torture” from their earlier baby mission decided to wise up and call for help from his two good buddies in Eun Hyuk and Lee Teuk for help. The two Super Junior members agreed without hesitation and eagerly participated in the recording. This won’t be the first time that Eun Hyuk and Lee Teuk are taking care of babies. Super Junior became a one-day daddy for orphans at the Dong-Bang Welfare Center earlier this year in May and even helped in preparing and celebrating the orphans pivotal 1st birthday.

According to the PDs of “We Got Married”, “When Alex and Shin Ae took on the baby mission last time, they didn’t have much chemistry. We hope to present a better scene to viewers where the two of them as a couple and their friends take good care of the babies and complete the mission successfully.”

While recording the baby mission, Lee Teuk and Eun Hyuk took care of the babies with unbridled joy and there were cries of “Suju Uncle” throughout the day. This happy jovial atmosphere continued throughout till the end.

Besides seeing Alex and Shin Ae taking on the babies mission once again, the 2 new couples Son Dambi/Marco and Hwayobi/Hwanhee will go through an initiation process in a survival training camp of some sort led by the incumbent couples of Crown J/Seo In Young and Hwang Bo/Kim Hyun Joong.

89 thoughts on “Eun Hyuk and Lee Teuk Guest Stars on We Got Married

  1. oOOOOOOOOOH…Now I AM REALLY anticipating this epi…I haven’t been interested in an episode since the special one :/

  2. really eunhyuk shi and leetuek shi….!!
    yay…!!! im so happy….
    cant wait!!
    thanks for the great news…. 🙂

    Can’t wait!
    Leetuk and Eunhyuk
    going to my favorite
    We Got Married Couple Alshin!
    New couples going to training
    camp led by dii original couples
    the Ant Couple nd the Lettuce couple!
    I love dii new couples
    their very cute together but
    I LOVE The Alshin Couple
    I LOVE The Ant Couple
    I LOVE the Lettuce Couple!
    I’ll miss the ANBI couple
    but I will ALWAYS love them!
    We Got Married Saranghae!
    Super Junior Saranghae!
    Only 13!
    I’m an ELF! hehe!

  4. yayyyyyyy this is awesome!!!
    two of my favorites in super junior!!
    and im glad alshin got to see the babies again!

  5. OMG!!!! I love these 2 guys! This is so awesome! 2 cute, adorable, funny, & talented babies taking care of 4 cute, adorable, sweet babies is going to be a VERY memoriable ep. to watch. Super Junior in the HOUSE!!!
    OOoohhhh!!!! Alex and Shinae are going to have so much fun this time around! They really didn’t get to enjoy the experience the first time.

  6. omg! im so freakin excited!!! can’t wait til monday! leeteuk and eunhyuk on wgm!!! freakin love them! and they are taking care of alshin’s babies! ahhh! *spazzing* so freakin awesome! gosh..why can’t they do the show already! im highly anticipating this episode!!! although..i will truly miss ansol…

  7. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ i really cann0t wait for this………..
    it would be fun……..
    i really want to watch this….
    I cannot wait….
    sunday pls come….

  8. so happy about this but i am worreid b/c the death of choi jin shil. she and shinae were very close and raising children around the enviroment will not be too god. hopefully alex can support shinae.
    glad to see that al-shin will be getting some help though!
    love suju and cant wait to see along with the new couples!

  9. Ah..lemak!! This is getting fun. Alshin getting help and it’s from two young ‘uncle’. This time around, the PD is using his brain. Hehehe….. looking forward to this episode.
    Thanks coolsmurf for your fast news.

  10. haha seems like a fun episode really cannot wait (: cant wait to see the two super junior memebers there so funny and cute (: and sucks for the couple getting trianed but the ant couple but the lettuce couple will make it funny 😀

  11. Completely surprised that Shin Ae will be continuing after CJS’s death. (Shin Ae Hwaiting >.<) But I’m more surprised that the PD said that Alex & Shin Ae had “no chemistry.” What program was he editing?!?!

  12. A great news. The SM-MBC war is overrrr.

    Jungsoo and Hyukjae are great DADS for sure.:) They way they took care of the babies at the orphanage was really cooool.

  13. thank god, for this!
    i love these two they are like comedian just that they are extremely good looking that’s all 🙂
    i am super excited and i am glad that sm and mbc war is over!

  14. Hmmmm theyre showing the babies? Again?? I think the babies will get very popular. Haha they’re so cute!!! But I dont know how this helps AlShin though. I think all of us have been getting too carried away with WGM cos the scenes are really just the two of them dating.

    But with the babies thrown in and all, it seems like they’re reverting back to their original idea and having the couples complete the missions and really, you can see it’s JUST a reality show, instead of them just dating….Oh well.

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  16. Eh?!?!?
    Alex and Shinae are doing to Baby mission again?!?! Well, okay…Loved those triplets…can’t wait for the episode!! XD

  17. Awsome, I hope one of the Suju members can participate in the show for the future, like in a couple, since they have so many members to spare anyways lol.

  18. wait babies are back?? I’m hella confused
    SUJU dudes are everywhere O__O….oh well
    they are hilarious so wtvs

  19. OMG!! Super Uncles!!! 😀 Cant wait 4 tis epi…
    Super cute babies + Super cute SuJu = Awesome~~!
    Super Junior Fighting! 13 4ver!~~


  20. i am so waiting for the next episode. can you even imagine how cute enhyuk could be? omigosh.
    im also waiting for the ‘running aroung the pool’ thing with the other 4 couples.hahaha.

  21. After AnBi couple left WGM.. i was not going to watch this show again BUT since Super Junior Eun Hyuk & Lee Teuk (my absolute favorite Suju member) will be on WGM this Sunday i’ll be watching the broadcasting … oh i can’t wait!!! *bouncing with excitement*

  22. NO CHEMISTRY? u gotta be kidding…PD-nim please don’t make us laugh..u just want to hype things up right? hahaha..
    J/K only ><..leetuk and eunhyuk will be great helpers to Alex (suffering from back pain) and shinae (suffering emotionally) must a chaos day for them not to mention a happy day…Both leetuk and eunhyuk are so cute and funny..
    Thanks PD-nim for considering the couple private life..please give all the couple equal air time…

  23. hahaha cant believe the other couples…get to go vacation
    but Alshin couple get to take care of babies…

    i think the rating will definitely jump up when Uncle Eeteuk and Eunhyuk…..come to the rescue hahahaz

    anyway…enjoy watching WE GOT MARRIED
    dont want this show to end ….

  24. I am looking forward to this……they are my 2nd fave couple in the show, Ansol was my first couple, now they left, still in tears.
    Can’t wait to see SuJu involved, they are going to be funny

  25. the PD really knows how to draw the attention back to WGM. After a lot of people saying that there’s no more interest in watching it after AnBi leaving, now, he pulls the fans back by bringing EunHyuk and LeeTeuk. Probably, it would draw bigger attention to WGM as it will draw the attention of ELFs as well!!!

    Ah, why don’t they just invite DBSK? then the view rating of WGM will rocket really high!

  26. no chemistry???

    what the hell is that??!!
    the PDs of WGM is sooooo &&(**&&%

    okay and i look forward for 2 sujus as alshin guest ^^

  27. ohhh…so this is why on the 29th ep preview, the alshin couple wasn’t included on what seemed like an outing for the couples! i can’t wait! i love eunhyuk! haha!

  28. can’t wait!!!!
    i love seeing suju’s with kids…
    it will be the best seeing them in this program!!!

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  30. OH YAAAAAY! This is gonna be so gooood!
    &the babies are returning! YESH! i was so sad when they left. Hopefully, the 2nd one will be less troublesome. xD

  31. i miss seeing those suju boys.
    hope they come back soon with their new cd and the rest of the suju boys from china. i like suju-m but i also wish i saw suju together too – its been quite a long time!

  32. wa…………… very anticipate ths episode…!!! ths SuJu ‘uncles’ r my favourite suju my members….
    n its a sad things too watching WGM without AnBi couple…… T_T

  33. although taking care of kids can bring some joy, it would bring a whole lot of stress. i hope Shinae & Alex aren’t too tired from this, so i’m glad they are getting help. it is also nice because the parents get a little break for themselves. if this becomes permanent it will definitely take away a lot of alone time for AlShin. i just wish it was Big Bang instead.

  34. omg!!! SOOO HAPPY!! and last week i was still saying too bad there was no SM ppl on it!! =) YAY!!!! if only they could do smth with hyunjoong couple too ><!

  35. HAHAHAHAHA! A CAMP?! By Ant couple and Lettuce couple?! I’d LOOOVE to see that. SIY would be like the tyrant, and the Lettuce couple are all into the Olympics thing anyway. XD

    SUJU UNCLES! That’d be adorable! EunHyuk and LeeTeuk are good with children. =D

    Plus… I didn’t know Alex was close buddy-buddies with them! Wow!!

    I’m anticipating this episode so much. At least the empty voids from AnBi couple will be fixed by all the goodies this episode is throwing at us!

  36. ahh yaya!! i wanted son dambi and maro , and Hwayobi and Hwanhee cuple to be in it!! ahh cant wait for the actual episode to cum out! ^_^

  37. i don’t think Leeteuk and Eunhyuk are match with this programme. -_____-lll

    really miss the day of anbi

  38. omg.. extreme anticipation over suju uncles LOLLLLLLL. they’re going to brighten up the atmosphere with their smiling attitudes =]

  39. ehhh . not that excited about this considering suju is no one FANTASTIC in my eyes. Looking forward to see the new couples though. hwanyobi all the way(:

    anbi will be missed. ❤

  40. If the PD’s did say that, then it is sooooo freaking annoying and darn that PD! How on earth could he say something like that. If they didn’t have a chemistry and mutual understanding they wouldn’t be handle the babies as impressive as before! To think they did it for the first times and 4 babies! For God sake, the Pd is soooo much this time. I didn’t care about SUJU btw.

  41. LOL. I don’t care about Suju. But I care what the PD’s said. To think he EVEN dare to give them 4 babies at the first place. FOR GOD sake! 4 Babies!!! Well, if he dare to say that when they have been assigned a very complicated mission like that, they tried it himself. If they didnt have a chemistry or mutual understanding like that, a person would died or jump out because of the stress and havoc.

  42. omg. it feels really empty and weird without you mentioning ansol couple T_T; i miss them already :/ they were my org fav couple that got me watching wgm =(

  43. kinda sad I think that alshin can’t help out with the initiation but then again five couples all together might be a hassle i guess.

  44. aww i think leeteuk and eunhyuk would do an hilarious episode on their own…cuz they’re weird and funny normally but then i feel like the PD would focus more on leehyuk rather than the alshin couple…cuz it seems like the PD is advertising this to get some of suju fans to start raising the ratings since theyre afraid ansol couple’s leave would cause low ratings…the initiation mission sounds sooo much fun even though i adore babies

  45. wow so now we now why the Alshin couple was not in the teaser showing the MT training for the new couples. haha a bit odd to have 2 diff activities but I think for the sake of Al’s bk & Shin’s emo state, it’s right. Though a break for them would have been better.

    But I’m really looking forward to the Hwanyobi couple ahhh the MT camp led by Ant will be so fun hehehe one more day to wait =)

  46. Wahahaha my fav boyband suju will be in my fav reality show this………this will diff make happy knowing that tomorrow the ansol couple will not be there…………

  47. chemistry…thee wasnt any chemistry before when Alshin were taking care of the babies…how are the PD’s expecting them to develop chemistry when they got 8 pairs of little leggs and 4 megaphones screaming out of their lungs to look after…rather then having them look after the kids why not some other mission…man iono what the pd’s are thinking ~.~

  48. omg! omg! yay! eunhyuk n’ leeteuk!! i can’t wait to watch it! thank you for the good news! *jumping for joy*

    hehe… the babies look so cute!!!!

  49. OMG!~ i’m sooo anticipating this epsiode 🙂
    i was anticipating it already hearing about the any couple & lettuce couple being with the new couples .. but now this too?! ahh~ i can’t wait 🙂 this should be a really good episode 😀
    but .. i’ll miss the anbi couple ;( ❤

  50. It seems like WGM has become soo popular, everyone is eager to associate themselves with the show ^^

    I can’t wait for this episode… it keeps getting better and better

  51. now we know what alsin couple are doing now since they weren’t in the previews! i can’t wait, leeteuk and eunhyuk ahh~

  52. sorry but there is no need for another baby episode.

    alex and shin ae did an absolutely amazing job last episode.

    also, why would you need suju members in the episode?

    nothing wrong with them but come on…really?

  53. YAY! More of the quadruplets. I can’t seem to get enough of them. ❤ Hee hee. I actually felt they had a lot of chemistry taking care of the kids, though it was probably lost in the screaming cries of the babies. Hopefully it will be even cuter this time! I am so looking forward to this epi~

  54. what the hell…”no chemistry”? are the pds blind or stupid? or both? Alshin was so awesome in the last baby episode! Seriously, when you have 4 babies to take care of, you can’t really have so many intimate moments with your partner…and i think alshin portrayed the realness of the situation. And they were cute! They were taking pics of each other and everything…the pds just want to make it look fake so they can have higher ratings…but at what cost? seriously.

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