The World That They Live In Drawing Attention

One of the most highly-anticipated drama in the latter half of 2008, KBS “The World That They Live In” has been drumming up publicity lately by releasing stills and teaser clips that has caught the attention of many.

After releasing a still days earlier which left fans wondering about the romance between Hyun Bin and Song Hae Gyo, the production company also posted 2 teaser clips on the KBS website which caught the attention of fans. In one, Song Hae Gyo appears in her newly-cropped short hair while Hyun Bin is in the other with his trademark gentle smile shining throughout.

The clips have been well-received by netizens, “It is really amazing”, “The teasers are too short which is a pity because it doesn’t draw me in”, “Really anticipate the drama”, showing how much they were anticpating it. “The World That They Live In” premieres on KBS2TV on 27th October.

The World That They Live In (Song Hae Gyo) Teaser

The World That They Live In (Hyun Bin) Teaser

Both teasers contained scenes when they filmed in Singapore!

26 thoughts on “The World That They Live In Drawing Attention

  1. I cannot wait for this to come out! I was so happy to hear that SHG is back on the drama scene and next to her is Hyun Bin! Can anyone say “Double Treat”? Can’t wait till the 27th! Hope a subbing team will pick this up.

  2. Despite the A-list actors, it looks like a cliche melodrama to me.
    That doesn’t mean it won’t be amazing though! (Snow Queen, one of my favs was so cliche xD)
    Can’t wait to watch it :]

  3. i think i’m gonna watch this one!!!
    ahhhh it’s been a while since i watch k-drama, it’s always been variety show or music performance.
    but i think it’s good!!
    a,, i’m excited! the soundtrack is really good! i mean i think it’s different than any other drama,,

    can’t wait! love SHG and HyunBin in here.
    I really hope that someone would sub it as quickly as possible!!!!!

  4. i am so excited for this. i love the trailers and the poster shoot too. they are just so compatible with one another!

  5. he is soooooo fine… SHG is also very pretty, not liking the hair though. i love her with longer hair

  6. Ok. I seriously can’t wait for this drama. After I’m Sorry I Love You I and A Love To Kill since I finished any Korean drama. Most of it I will watched half of it and skipped it or stopped half through it. But since I loved SHK even though I haven’t finished Full House-not intended to do so- and thinking Hyun Bin is a talented actor I would like two of them work together. Many complaints SHK is not a great actress but she is one actress that made me watched Korean drama and has been capturing my eyes since I first caught her in Autumn In My Heart or Autumn Tale. She is not that perfect yet but she is promising as an actress. The one whom will develops her skills and I want to see the different her in this drama together with a great actor. Hope the best for her. I will not considered myself as her fan, but I really adored her beauty and her character in real life.

    Thanks Alvin.

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  8. I love Hyun Bin! really looking forward to see this drama. I hope it does well. The teaser was interesting. Thank you Coolsmurf!

  9. Singapore is too cool yo!


    aren’t we glad our little red dot is being showcased all over South Korea?


  10. i’m really excited! this is one of the rare few kdramas i’m anticipating! 😛 haha. yay to this and HYD! 😀

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