SS501 to Form 3-Member Unit Triple S

Kim Kyu Jong, Kim Hyung Joon and Heo Young Saeng will release an album as Triple S. The Triple S name came from their SS501 fanclub name which also had the triple meaning while the S symbolises that it was formed from SS501.

Triple S album will be released this coming November and will consist of 7 tracks. Individual song compositions and solos of the 3 members will be included.

This arrangement comes at a time where leader Kim Hyun Joong will be kept busy filming the Korean version of “Hana Yori Dango” while Park Jung Min will be in the “Grease” musical this November as both start their acting careers.

Triple S expressed, “We hope that we are able to portray the individual personalites of each member through this album.” Their promotions will last till the early half of 2009 or until the other 2 members make their return.

SS501 will still come together for a fanmeeting on 15th November. Their 2nd album has however been delayed till April/May 2009 as a result.

28 thoughts on “SS501 to Form 3-Member Unit Triple S

  1. No they aren’t breaking up, it’s kind of like having a sub unit. This makes sense though since Leader will be so busy with WGM and Korean HYD. I’m glad since I really didn’t want him to have to suffer loss of sleep and have another scare like last time.

  2. Hmm, Triple S
    A little remake of Group S?
    Haha I can’t wait!
    Personally, I think these three don’t get enough attention!

  3. It’s GREAT!!
    I don’t see these three get as much attention as the leader does, but personally i think these guys heve the greatest voice in SS501.
    Kyujong has cute voice, the prince YeongSaeng can reach high tones, and the baby HyungJoon has macho sexy voice..
    i think it will be such a great subgroup..
    can’t wait!!!

  4. aww their album will be delayed.. but at least i can study better for my exams but i will miss seeing ss together!

  5. I like their name.. Triple S.. it seems like we are part of the group… I am sooo happy that Yound Saeng, Hyung Jun and Kyu Jong are doing something while Jung Min and Hyun Joong..

    Also glad that the album is delay. Yeah, I am a bit sad but its okay. That mean HJL will not have pack schedule.

  6. No, they’re not breaking up… these 3 are forming a sub group due to leader n jungmin career expansion in acting… i’m glad they chose Triple S as their name.. felt like us (fan) being of their part :p hehe.. Triple S (as in group) n triple S (as in fanclub) fighting !!! but, 2nd alb delayed till next year ???????????????????????????????oh no.. this is no good news…. i’ve been awaiting for the 2nd album pre-order time these past few weeks T_T yeah, i guessed u get some u loose some.. okay, i will bare myself with the Triple S album, Jungmin Grease appearance n HJL appearance in korean HYD n WGM … SS501 fighting !!!

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  9. Kya…. I am sooo glad that the other 3 of SS501 going to have their own thing as I am soooo worry if they had nothing to do as HJL going to be buzy with HYD and Jung Min busy with the musical…

  10. yay kyujong can finally get more parts in the songs! i hope hyunjoong doesnt leave we got married for the other series. i cant wait till they come back.

  11. Cute, but this is like… taking a page out of SM definitely. With the whole subgroup thing. But at least we get more SS501 despite the two absences. I just don’t know how this will fare.

  12. I wouldn’t compare it to SM. SS501 are forming a unit because the other members are super busy, SM breaks up SUJU just to milk more money form E.L.F’s.

    Triple S is a cute name (i was expecting SS301 lol) I can’t wait to hear their album, their last song ‘FIND’ was really beautiful.

  13. ^ Do you not see the contradiction?

    “SM breaks up Suju just to milk more money.”
    “SS501 doing it because other members are busy.”

    Not trying to bash or anything, but your logic fails.

  14. Triple S is a cute name (i was expecting SS301 lol

    but yeaa, cools
    i bet the album`s gonna kick bootayy
    since from my opinion, young saeng has like the BEST voice in the group
    so him + the other 2 = HELLZ YEA!

    but aw, double s`s album`s gonna be delayed
    poo T_T

  15. smart move since w/o hyung joon its almost like the rest don’t exist. even though he aint all that talented compared to the rest.

  16. i’ve been reading your article for a while coolsmurf!
    and i love it!!
    keep up on ur work ^^

    at first i joked to myself that the group name wld be SS301 but yeah, it sounds lacking of creativity …but Triple S is not the most creative thing they can come up w/ either…

    However, i do love it when they name themselves after fans’ name ^^ *happy*

  17. It’s nice because despite the numerous interviews and stuff that these guys [ss501] has, these three are usually very quiet (other than the leader… but his popularity is always high because he’s the leader lol)

    It’s good that these guys will have something to do instead of the other two having to stretch themselves or these three being bitter and just sitting there lol…

    @ one eyed JUNIOR, I think GoldenGAZE meant that suju breaks up into little groups to make more songs, reach a wider audience, and get more returns. SS501 is just breaking into a sub-unit because the other two have their own self-activities… that way, the group can still survive instead of being on Haitus lol.

  18. I’m really glad to know that all of them( ss501) have sth to in the same time even in the different fields. I’m waiting for the album”triple s” and “boys over flowers”.

    KYJ is my favorite, so I want to know about JoongBo’s relation behind the film ” wgm”. Are they dating in real life?
    Please let me know!!!

    thank you 🙂

  19. honestly, TRIPLE S will be famous because of hyun joong’s popularity..we accept the truth that even their song is nice and good to hear but still the the theme song for HJL as jihoo in BOF..KHJ fighting!

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