Most Compatible Couple in East of Eden So Far…

“East of Eden” has shown roughly 30% of the story with 36 episodes more to go before it’s conclusion. But MBC did a poll recently through it’s website to find out who is the most compatible couple thus far in the drama among viewers.

With the many lovelines spread throughout the story among the few leading characters, viewers had the chance to pick how whom they think was the most compatible couple thus far. Up till 9am today, about 2,700 votes were collected and Song Seung Hun/Lee Yeon Hee was top with an overwhelming lead of 55.5%. Second was Song Seung Hun/Lee Da Hae with 13.1%, Park Hae Jin/Han Ji Hye was 3rd (12.3%), 4th was Yun Jung Hoon/Lee Da Hae (10.1%) while Yun Jung Hoon/Han Ji Hye was last with 9.0%. The vote is slightly imbalanced since many things are yet to happen. But what is your personal pick right now?

33 thoughts on “Most Compatible Couple in East of Eden So Far…

  1. 1st to SSH-LYH for sure! I love their onscreen chemistry.

    2nd would go to PHJ-HJH. Both are intense and very emotional characters and I would really love to see their relationship develop further.

  2. SSH/LYH – Great chemistry and their opposite characters match well ❤ They seem really comfortable with each other too, in set pics.

  3. (Isn’t he a little old for her?)

    I just watched the first episode and liked it a lot better than I thought I would. I can’t wait for them to grow up though. The three beauties – LDH, LYH, and HJH – are the reason I’m watching.

  4. i have been watching this drama, and i have to say that the acting is not so great… president guk is hilarious though, haha.

  5. I thought there was going to be a triple triangle between Song Seung Heun = Lee Yeon hee + Lee Da Hae + Han Ji Hye!

  6. OMG!
    It’s Lee Yeon Hee!
    She looks SO pretty!
    I LOVED her in
    Millionaire’s First Love!
    I’ll LOVE her in dis drama!
    They look cute together!
    Lee Da Hae
    nd Lee Yeon Hee
    nd Han Ji Hye!
    LOVE dii 3 of them!
    SO much!
    Just realized dat was
    Lee Yeon Hee now!hehe!
    Any guy their with, I’m fine with!

  7. LYH and SSH looks to have a good relationship on the show. she’s cold to him but has strong feelings for him, he maybe the same but his vengeance is alot stronger. i read somewhere it was Lee Da Hea the brothers will fall in love with. oh well lets wait and see!!!

  8. My favorite couple so far is Yun Jung Hoon/Han Ji Hye,they had great chemistry.Too bad han ji hye already married to park hae jin,I still wish HJH-YJH tandem has a happy ending…I don’t really like Lee Yoen Hee,her character is really annoying.

  9. I’m a BIG fan of the SSH/LDH pairing! And considering that thus far they haven’t had many scenes together but still placed second as the most compatible couple is saying a lot I think! I can’t wait to see more of them and I hope they get together…otherwise, it would be an injustice (being overly dramatic here ;)! I think I’d lose interest in the drama quickly if SSH ended up with LYH instead (even though I do think she’s cute and I do like her in Millionaire’s First Love) And plus, I have to commend LDH on her acting in the drama. She’s doing wonderfully and none of the overacting that I see in some of the other actors. But yeah, I am already addicted to this drama!

  10. I like Lee Dae Hae and Song Seung Hun! I think the results of the poll is in essence a response to Lee Yeon Hee/Song Seung Hun couple having gotten the most screen time to develop their love story (and a more happier one at that) while all other couples have not. I hope the PD and writer of the show realize this and give LDH/SSH more of a chance then run this poll again! I too want the Park Hae Jin/Han Ji Hye pairing to find some way to have a happy ending but then where would that leave Yun Jung Hoon (b/c I want LDH with SSH)? That’s why I’m afraid that in order to have a happy ending for all there will be a LDH/YJH ending, which makes me sad. I mean, I am starting to see potential great chemisty with only the LDH/SSH scenes thus far to go by. I love the “Cinderella” moment where LDH’s shoe gets stuck and breaks while who else but SSH ends up “saving” her. I can see this as a metaphor for their relationship…I hope! PLEASE LET US KNOW THE FINAL RESULTS OF THE MBC POLL! I tried looking for it but can’t find it! This is so interesting! Thanks!

  11. i love to see Lee Da-Hae and Song Seung-Heon; with just one glimpse damn they have chemistry!less words but full of chemistry! love it!

  12. My vote is for gi-chul (father) and dong-chul. The father and the young son had such a good relationship. It was very heartwarming to see the two of them together. I really enjoyed eps 1 and 2 because of the father and son relationship. I cried when the father died in the coal mine and young dong-chul was running to save his father.

    The actor, lee jong won, playing the father must be really busy. I am watching east of eden, my life’s golden age, i am happy and kingdom of the wind. all these series have lee jong won in them. good for him!

  13. Hey, hey, hey! Wait a minute. Chuk guem mon yo! Where is Dennis Oh in this poll. He is so hot. He was such a handsome groom-to-be in the engagement party. He was too good looking to be with Lee Yeon Hee.

  14. The best ending compatible couple is ssh/ldh because they are well matched together and handsome couple. Lyh is too
    immature and not soothing to the eye with ssh.

  15. Park Hae Jin/Han Ji Hye…… i love S+M relationships ^_^ …… that alone makes it perfect ♥

    and even though i LOVE LOVE LOVE Song Seung Hun…….. his relationship with Lee Yeon Hee is totally unbelivable

    she’s so freaking annoying!….. when the “fell in love” she was 19… so i just see her has as a bratty girl….. wish he’d go for Lee Da Hae


  16. Dong Chul should be with Young Ran. ^^ no matter what other people said, it was proven with the poll. ~ 55.5% over 13%.. wow..
    but actually i really hope ji hyun can end up with dong wook. so sad she had made up her mind and married..

    lee yeon hee is so pretty ❤ but their love has too many obstacle..

  17. joy chandler have u even watch the drama yet if u haven’t how the hell do u know who better i think LYH-SSH is better because they act good together in every scene they been on
    so please stop saying LDH is better for SSH in EOE then LYH

  18. To be fair about chosing the best couple, firstly the script written is all about dong chul and young ran so definitely the other cast are like “side show to fill the main dish”, they are somehow left out, I think they should make a vote on their acting skills, that would be more fair to the actors and actresses.

  19. wow huh wefsdfs what the hell do u mean LDH-SSH they dont even have that much scene together if any it should be LDH-YJH because at lease these two have more scene together god u LDH fan can be a little at annoying sometime with ur LDH-SSH

  20. I dont understand why everone is crazy for LYH. She is short and ugly. She didn’t match Hyun Bin in “Millionarie’s First Love”, and even Gong Yoo was smart enough not to pick her in “Someday”. SSH should pick LDH!

  21. lol kwonsangwho why be bis that LYH is getting all the action from SSH while LDH is getting nothing from SSH u fan of LDH can be so bis some time with ur bad comment about LYH but hey whatever rock ur boat am happy that LYH is getting all the action from SSH a LDH is getting nothing

  22. don’t choose the best couple because of looks. ok, so SSH and LDH are both good looking people but it doesn’t mean they should be together… you have to also consider their characters on screen, won’t their personalities clash?

  23. i dont think LDH-SSH will make a good couple in the drama i think LDH is better with DW as she have more good scene with DW

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