Eric Says Goodbye to Shinhwa and Hello Military

Shinhwa members got together for their last gathering in a while 2 days earlier to send Eric off who was enlisted in the military this afternoon.

Eric was the first Shinhwa member to be enlisted and he reported at Choongnam Nonsan Training Centre this afternoon for registration. The other Shinhwa members had wanted to send him off but decided to have a farewell dinner instead on the 7th because they had planned schedules today.

According to Eric’s management agency, Top Class Entertainment, “Eric did not want his enlistment to be too high-profile also, so the Shinhwa members decided to have a farewell dinner for him 2 days earlier. And Eric also requested that the other members need not be present on his enlistment day.”

Kim Dong Wan will be the next Shinhwa member to be enlisted in November while JunJin who received his enlistment notice recently, has delayed his military call-up to February 2009. Minwoo said that he will enlist in May 2009. Andy will continue solo activities since he is not of age yet while Shin Hye Sung is exempted from the military due to health reasons. Shinhwa will be missed!

50 thoughts on “Eric Says Goodbye to Shinhwa and Hello Military

  1. aww, what a cute pic!

    why did eric give up his green card, though. –;; we all know what celebs do in the army…

  2. i’ll be miss….



    i like their character…

    already andy, i miss him since he finish his filmed WGM

  3. Eric Oppa has always been lowkey about these type of issues. I am not surprised that he didn’t want anyone to send him off. Moshida (?) Oppa.

    He is even missing his sister’s wedding in LA. His mom is not sending his off b/c she is at the wedding.

    I was so surprised when Choong Jae Oppa got his papers. I hope Andy Oppa gets his paper soon too, so they could all be in the Army around the same time and we would only have to be w/o Shinhwa for two or three years, instead of the original thought of five years…

    Shinhwa Changjo Hwaiting ^_^

  4. dang! its going to be a LOOOOONG time before seeing shinhwa together again…that’s so SAAAAAD~!

    why did he have to give up his US citizenship? oh well…that was his choice..good luck to him…he was my favorite of the six T_T

    and the next one to go is Dong Wan? he was my second favorite..

    its funny now that i think about it, they are entering the military in the order of my favorite to the least favorite lol

    1. Eric
    2. Dongwan
    3. JunJin
    4. Minwoo
    5. Andy
    6. Hyesung who is not even going to be enlisted


  5. Eric! Saranghe!….I’ll miss him! I don’t listen to their music but I love them all…I’ll miss Eric’s acting!

  6. eric oppa, fighting!!!!
    will be awaiting for your return~~
    in these two years, i will will definitely be saving up $$ to be at the legendary shinhwa reunion concert *hopeful hopeful*
    aja aja fighting!!!

  7. I had my pc on countdown for his enlistment!! I will sorely miss him! 😦 But will await his return even if its for a lifetime! Eric! Fighting!! Stay healthy!

  8. I’ll miss him!!! I already miss his hair!! I hope the we all won’t die in 2012 because I need to see Shinhwa together for 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000~ more years

  9. Wah~ I can’t believe it finally came. Eric oppa’s departure into the military is a sad day indeed. Best luck to him! Hopefully he can get some rest.

    He seems really out of it lately. He looks out of shape, exhausted, and well, almost like an ahjusshi. Hopefully he can get some much needed rest. Eric oppa fighting! I await his return back into the industry. So much for the plans of releasing a mini album.

  10. on the contrary, I think Eric looks great in the photos. He looks well-rested, refreshed, healthy and raring for civil service. Plus I think he’s rockin’ the semi-bald haircut.

    I will sorely miss him. Four years oppa… in 4 years, I will see the 6 of you again, together.

  11. SHINHWA=((
    they were the very reason why i got into kpop, its so sad to see them leaving for army one by one. but i shall wait till the day where shinhwa will stand on the stage together again!

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  13. I am so going to miss Shinhwa… They were the main reasons why I was so into k-pop.
    I had my maths paper this morning and I was thinking about Eric’s enlistment before the paper started.
    Anyway, Shinhwa oppas, come back soon!

  14. can i just say that at least he we know he looks good with his head shaved can’s imagine the other members with that look hehehehehe

  15. Hey, Eric looks even cuter with the short short hair, and that wide smile…we will all miss him for the next 2 years!

  16. eric had shaved his hair before in the “i pray for you” album, so it’s nothing new for shinhwa fans..

    it’s hard when the reality finally sinks in that your idols are old.. and you’re getting old too…


  17. One in, 4 more to come.
    It’s depressing! But we can start counting down for their return.

    All the best Ricky!

  18. Awww, he will be sorely missed. However, it must be a pride to serve your nation! I wish that the U.S. had something like this. It brings a level of maturity to a man that is lacking in most here. Best of luck in your service Shinhwa!

  19. WE WILL MISS YOU OPPA!! *sniff sniff*
    Gosh 2 years seems so long….but we’ll be here when you come back…take care of yourself!!! *MUAH*

  20. *sniff sniff* i miss Eric , and miss Shinhwa be together, i’ll wait for you to comeback Eric, just take care of yourself

  21. the reality of Shinhwa being gone for 4 years has come!!!!! by the time they all come back together again….they’ll all be in their 30s….aigoo…even i will be near 30 by then too!!!

  22. omggg gonna miss eric
    gonna miss all of them man
    why does it have to be 2 years T_T oh well
    shinhwa FTW ❤

  23. i can’t believe it’ll be about 4 years until Shinhwa gets back together again. T___T
    i miss eric already

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