Son Dambi Gets Leading Role in Hollywood Movie

Son Dambi who has been active lately promoting her new song “Crazy” will be in a Hollywood movie as the main actress. Son Dambi has been casted in “Hype Nation” which will be produced by Universal Studios and it’s a remarkable achievement considering it would be only her first debut acting gig.

Son Dambi will be acting opposite former B2K member, Omarion. In America, B2K, (Boys of the New Millennium) are highly popular as singers since their debut and their 2004 film “You Got Served” won them a huge following.

According to Sony BMG for why Son Dambi was chosen for the movie, “The storyline revolves around dancing and she was picked as the female lead because of her stand-out dancing ability. According to the local producers over there, she definitely has the face to attract attention in America.”

They added, “Son Dambi has been thinking about acting before she became a singer. But we never expected her first be an American movie. We had many offers prior to this but we had to be careful because it was her first acting role. Omarion and B2K enjoys high popularity in the States and thus this will be an advantage at the box-office, and puts less pressure on Dambi.”

Son Dambi had taken dance lessons before from international choreographer Miss Prissy, who is also known as the “Queen of Krump” and won praise for her dancing ability. Dambi is thus able to converse in simple english. Over the course of filming, her English will be worked on to make it sound better.

Production staff for “Hype Nation” will arrive in Korea for a press conference within this month. The film is expected to start filming in November.

36 thoughts on “Son Dambi Gets Leading Role in Hollywood Movie

  1. It’s good to see that you’re being neutral.
    I read about the same thing elsewhere, almost all of them sound so negative about this matter.
    We should just give her a chance.

  2. she definitely has the look. not your typical korean snow white skinned nice looking girl. dambi looks cool and is great at dancing. i know the u.s will like her.

  3. This is a surprise. Doesn’t seem like such a bad idea though, her look is something that will appeal to a lot of people, and she can dance, so… the only issue will be her English.

    Best of luck to her!

  4. i read this before… i think its great!!

    apparantly shooting will be both in korea and US?

    so im still guessing that SonDamBi will either leave WGM or take a break from the show… which is the reason for bringing out 2 new couples??

  5. Son Dam Bi was my girlfriend but Marco stole her from me!!!

    her selca pics are drop dead gorgeous…


    out of point man.

    wishing her success in this new adventure…

  6. She is undoubtedly very pretty. But as singer she is average. What marketing plan did her company did so that she can be promoted to Hollywood. Oh, I didn’t very much bother of her. All the best tough.

  7. dance movies flop but in the end lots of teenagers watch it for the dancing rather than the storylines

    Im really excited for the GAMBLER crew and son dam bi….. and if its really true dennis too!

  8. wow, finally she gets some recognition! really surprised she landed herself a hollywood role. but really glad for her too!

  9. She can’t dance LOL.

    Sorry but her dancing is average….hopefully theres only other tacky asian dancers in the movie to compare her with lol.

  10. Whahaha I was like Wow too when I saw her for the first time. She wasn’t trying to be sexy…she is sexy…unlike others…
    I wonder how hyori, boa or others celebs who want to go to us so badly will feel??

  11. …im guessing she’s a foreign exchange student who like totally lays down the moves in the hood

    which then attracts some guy (omarion)

    and goes to competitions

    i sure hope that’s not it

  12. Hrm… Really? I wasn’t a fan of “You Got Served” so I probably wont be interested at all. But I’m sure people will notice her if they watch the movie. O_o How good is her English?

  13. She’s got the face, she’s got the bod, and she’s got the moves. It’s just a matter of English. Is she going to make the same botched mistakes Rain did? Or will she shine? Gosh, I hope she does well.

  14. I don’t know, Americans aren’t really open to the fact of overseas competition, and it’s a dance movie as well. Two bad combos doesn’t sound like a hit movie. Most Asian singers only perform in Vegas or other casinos anyway. Son Dambi is not exempt from this sort of social standing. Her debut will be a flop, just like many others in America. e.g. Rain, Seven….

  15. This might be quite selfish of me but, doesnt this mean she’ll leave WGM pretty soon and i was so excited for MARCO& DAMBI coupling.

  16. She must have blew them away at her audition with her “acting ability”…did she get an audition? It’s just a shock because I’ve never seen her act ever! But I suppose great dramatic acting isn’t necessary for dancing long as she can whimper, “I just wanna dance..” with puckered lips and a baby voice then I’m sure she’ll be a hit. I’m all for an attractive Asian female lead, but this gal’s dancing isn’t mindblowing. I agree with comment made my Crazy..she’s average. She dances like a praying mantis. She’s going to have to tone up and strengthen herself if she wants to impress us with smooth and sharp moves. But whatever…it’s not like my input will have an impact on her career. So good luck to you Son Dambi.

  17. wow..
    that’s great
    this is gonna be big steps to her career
    but, does her english is great??
    really wait this ^^

  18. just a curious question: does anyone think her role in this movie may have negative repercussions on her career?

    i’m pretty ignorant of korean culture, but i get the vibe that most koreans are kinda racist, at least to black people (a lot of times on WGM they make fun of ‘fat’ people…and in general other asian cultures are also racist about blacks…i mean, they don’t mind much about living with blacks, but when it comes to questions like “if X daughter married a black man, she’d probably be ostracized by her relatives”). and the male lead in this movie is probably black (i think, i don’t know who omarion is). being that these types of hip hop romeo and juliet movies are pretty sexualized (with the women, most of all), dambi will probably have a kissing scene with the male lead.

    I guess my question is: does anyone think the korean community would shun her a little if they see her kissing a black guy on film?

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