Choi Jin Shil’s Final Photos for CF Released

Three photos that Choi Jin Shil took for a CF before she ended her life on 2nd October, last Thursday was released to the public yesterday.

Choi Jin Shil was at a studio in Kangnam on the afternoon of 1st October. She was there to film a print advert for Ildong Pharmaceuticals promoting their vitamin supplements. Wearing a white shirt and grey blouse, no one would have predicted that Choi Jin Shil who was wearing a smile throughout the photoshoot would have chosen to end her life just a few hours later.

But Choi Jin Shil did stop in the middle of the shooting, citing that she wasn’t feeling well especially with regards to her face which wasn’t in the best condition. The day before (30th September), she apparently received a call from a female employee of a local securities firm that spread the rumors of her being involved in Ahn Jae Hwan’s suicide. And in the aftermath, Choi Jin Shil was severely affected by the fast-spreading rumors and cried the whole night, resulting in her less than ideal condition the following day.

This is her last-ever work to see daylight. Her suicide by death seems to be affecting many in Korea who might be thinking of suicide but did not have the courage to do so. They are thinking, “Even she with her status, etc can commit suicide, I of lesser status, what of I?” Her high-profile status plus the extended media coverage has made the dire situation even worse. Even Time Magazine has covered her death while two lesser-known artistes have reportedly commited suicide over the past few days. I don’t know what to say.

What of Choi Jin Shil’s children? Her two young children still doesn’t realize that their mother is gone. They are currently staying in Choi Jin Young’s house and looked after by family members. During the course of Choi Jin Shi’s funeral, her children was settled down in the house of the earlier’s favourite hair stylist.

Choi Jin Shi’s son (7) and daughter (5) has been asking for their mother after not seeing her for the past few days, “Miss mum”, “Why is mum in heaven”. Their family members have been telling them that Choi Jin Shil has gone to heaven as an angel to pick stars and they are believing it for now.

According to Choi Jin Shil’s close friends, “They are still young and don’t quite understand what it (death) means. So they just told the children that she has become an angel and is now in heaven. It’s heartbreaking when you see them. The children will be looked after by Choi Jin Young and their granny.”

49 thoughts on “Choi Jin Shil’s Final Photos for CF Released

  1. waaaiit a minute. the girl that spread the rumors actually CALLED her?!? you have to be effing kidding me. this whole smearing bullshit is absolutely ludicrous. i’m all for free speech, but these netizens are terrorizing people. this has to stop. i’m sooo disappointed with the hate that’s been inundating korean society recently. all this gossip, jealously, pettiness needs to stop.

  2. I second what afro said
    and its discouraging to see celebrities on TV not being able to express their true opinions in fear of retaliation from netizens

    netizens are people who have nothing better to do but to go online and complain about every little ‘mistake’ someone else made…I am quite sure their little lives are nothing to be proud of

    and if it leads to people committing suicide, I think it’s become a very serious problem that would be dealt with

    netizens can go fuck themselves

  3. this is getting riiiiiiiidiculous!!
    i dont know about anywhere else but the internet community in korea is getting outrageous. how many other people have ended their lives because of careless netizens’ rude accusations and insulting comments??
    people need to have LIVES. what’s the point of spending moments of your life ruining the rest of someone else’s?!
    …ugh. even though i dont know the whole story…i think everything is getting out of hand.
    yeah…like people have said…netizens and other rude nosy people STFU forreal.

    choi jinshil…RIP

  4. but uh…she shouldnt have ended her life though…she should’ve thought of her children and loved ones…her poor mother too…but still…people shouldnt have rumored to the point that she would end her life…

  5. I’m still affected by this tragic event…. 😦

    May Choi Jin Sil rest in peace.

    God bless her family & friends.

  6. By the way, I still don’t quite understand how the ‘netizens’ have so much power that can affect the people they attack so fiercely and tragically.

    What’s sad is that Choi Jin Sil isn’t the first victim to it… 😦

    Korea must protect their entertainers due to the obvious abuse of ‘freedom of speech’.

    Don’t the websites have moderators!?

  7. these celebrities need psychiatrists to go along with their contracts. i wonder how depression is dealt with in korea.

  8. RIP to CJS T_T , yet I agree, is the netizen’s power that big until they hurted those celebs so much n even made them commit suicide ? Don’t they have moderator or sumthin.. i mean, it’s all about limitation and moderator will usually did that rite.. or those celebs mini hompy is also so darn free so those netizen could go n bashed it as they like it? the mod shud have deleted unproper comments n all .. i just don’t get it… how the Korean Government manage this internet issue among their society.. it’s scary to see many suicides happened in just a matter of months,weeks or even days……. T_T hope, they can find the best solution to protect their celeb’s life n privacy…. N hope those celebs have more faith in God and act a bit ignorance towards un important comments or rumours… peace out !!

  9. it’s just so sad..when she looked like that..smiling when she’s hurting inside..another model just did the same thing a dude named Kim JiHoo..suicide is like becoming a fad..i’m hella scared!!

  10. I was afraid that this suicide would start a chain reaction, what with South Korea already having like the 8th highest suicide rate.

    And the transgender/transexual (Can’t remember) actress who also committed suicide is adding to the tragedy.

    When will the power of netizens ever be stopped?! It’s getting really ridiculous..


  11. i don’t think this is the place to discuss celebrities and telling them not to be effected by rumours. Right now we should respect choi jin shil and let her rest in peace, and not become just another celebrity that commited suicide. Let us all remember her for the work she’s done and the marks she’s left behind. My prayers are with the children who are missing their mother, and hope they can grow up and make their mother happy and proud in heaven.

  12. my god.. i feels so bad for her kids! i dont know what to say, they’re so young and at such a delicate age. It’ll be terrible when they realize what has happened to their mother. u know wat makes me really mad? the fact that the korean media permitted the spread of such false rumors. RUMORS! she must have been really depressed and the rumors pushed her over. i really hope there aren’t any other deaths and its scary to think ppl are seeing suicide as an option just because a celbrity has done it. I guess some people ARE willing to follow others off of a bridge, especially when it’s a celebrity.

  13. oh my goodness..
    i feel so bad for her kids.
    growing up motherless…
    it must be horrible and might have a big effect on them later on.
    i pray that they will be able to grow up healthy and strong

  14. Rest in peace.

    When I look/think of her kids I just want to cry. That’s so sad that she left them that way. Omo, but this has gotten out of control and just plain b/s from the neitzens.

  15. Feel sorry for her children. I pray that they will be well grounded in the Lord so that when they grow up and finally realize what their mother did, they would know that there’s a bigger God that takes care of everything and will not follow the same path as their mother’s. Revenge is mine says the Lord.

  16. “What of Choi Jin Shil’s children? Her two young children still doesn’t realize that their mother is gone.”

    OMG, seriously? T____T

  17. omg poor kids
    as her fan i’m really disappointed she’d kill herself just because of all the stupid rumors
    she should’ve stayed strong for her kids and her mother

  18. This is tragic.
    Her life story, is spreading across the world.
    I’m glad that Choi Jin Young is watching and taking care of the kids.
    I think his nephew looks like him.
    I feel sorry for her children and will continue to pray for them.
    Being 7 and 5, they won’t have much memory of their mother when their grown up.

  19. What the police are now trying to do is track down where the rumor came from and prosecute those who spread the malicious lies that led to Choi Jin Shil’s suicide. They are trying to keep netizens being responsible for their words and actions.

    However, this gets at the bigger issue of free speech, why should we prosecute those who have the freedom to think and say what they want? Rather than handing out punishment, we need to change our society’s way of thinking because we are a people so bent on thinking about what others say about us. It’s all about status and things that in the end doesn’t matter. Change society and its perceptions! Punishment only goes so far.

  20. Commiting suicide isnt the answer to such things,it just means your not strong enough and dont have faith in yourself. If something isnt true then why are you even affected by it? yes, these rumors are powerful but if you know that it isnt true you have to face with your head up high and not care about it. All she was thinking was herself, im sorry to say that if she was really thinking well she should have been stronger for her kids, they are soo young…

  21. @Calvin
    In Korea, you can sue others for slander and decharctering or something like that.
    Korea’s free speech is different from American’s free speech.

  22. i just feel sorry for the childrens,
    they’re so young, and their mother is..
    sigh* i hope when they grew up, they will understand.

  23. OMG its soooo sad!! I really worried with CJS’s children…hiks hiks
    *teary again*
    I hope they’ll grow to be a great and strong person, with beautiful hearts, who look the world with positive ways…

    rest in peace CJS

  24. wow i come to this place again & there’s another death.
    i was shock ahn jaehwan death was actually the host’s husband – whom i have watch all this while.

    and the transgender/ gay model who committed suicide..i rarely heard abt him but whatever he’s my age & too young too die.

    then this death.

    the last time i read was what? the obese girl who lost weight…appeared on star king, committed suicide why?
    because of her picture with kangin(super junior) she posted on her site. she was just gaining her confidence & fans made her depressed again.

    damn korean netizens are scary. one people said it, and the rest followed to believe it. And why are the entertainers so stupid. I mean they MUST KNOW THEIR RIGHTS. they can sue for slander or defamation. And why are they giving the power to the netizens to decide?




  25. This shows that Koreans need to chill. Crazy people in Korea are leading people to suicide, even people like Choi Jin Shil-ssi. I’m very sad for her kids, and I can’t imagine what they would think or feel in the future after knowing the true reason their mother is gone.

    Ji Shil-ssi seems like a beautiful person inside and out, and she deserves all this attention, like Time Magazine.

  26. she supposedly weighed 30kg in these photos? golly gee…that’s extremely severe depression causing physical shutdown.
    RIP again…

  27. ED: I seriously doubt she weighed only 30kg (about 67lbs), tiny or not that would be emaciated -she was approx 163cm. They wouldn’t have even shot a CF, and her face would have been skeletal… I’ve seen people at that weight. Not sure where you found that info, but, even in death, she doesn’t need more rumors…

  28. RIP

    OMG her children are so lovely…


    How come that netizen knew her cellphone number ? So, she/he can talked freely to CJS and probably harrassed her and made her upset… and made a final decision to end her life like that….

    Not many people knows CJS’s cellphone number… right…

  29. I lost my father at 7 and then I didn’t realize what was going on. I even attended his funeral…

    It wasn’t until 8th grade when I wrote about my mother that it sunk in… I always knew he wasn’t coming back because he died…

    God bless Choi Jin Sil’s two children.

  30. OMG, that is so awful. I feel so terrible for the children. What will this do to them? I mean, they’ve given the news to them very lightly, but how can a 7 year old fathom what “death” means? Lest of all suicide?

    I hope that they turn out alright under someone else’s guardianship. God bless them during this difficult time.


  32. @ananke,
    the 30kg is quoted by chinese press as info from police. it was a investigation wrapup & didn’t probe into her personal life etc. plus CJS is a small-boned woman despite her height (and she always seemed too thin to me in Last Scandal), so i believed the figure without a 2nd thought. sorry i didn’t mean to gossip inappropriately. sad about her loss as anyone.

    in fact, media report is quite mixed – some are just doing the straight up facts (tho of course nobody outside the investigation/family really know if they’re “facts”), some are digging up OLD stuff about her personal life in the long ago past – that’s heinous.

  33. p.s. looking back on my orig. post i can see how it’d be taken the wrong way – i.e. “exposing” something unflattering about a celebrity. but it’s far from my intention. part of the reason i wasn’t too suspicious about the reported figure, is my personal belief that things like anorexia and depression shouldn’t be taboo topics (more for compassion/treatment than sensational gossip), and this includes their symptoms.
    so i may be correctly or incorrectly reading the report thus, b/c i wish to see aspects of depression acknowledged so ppl don’t turn a blind eye to someone suffering if they noticed drastic drop in weight. anyway, sorry if it upset anyone.

  34. I wasn’t that affected by her death; she was an actress and a Queen but … just someone I don’t know.

    But when I see these pictures of her with her children and reading about how they think she’s in heaven “picking stars”.. that’s when the water-works began…

    I hope they’ll be happy. I hope the situation will become better. RIP.

  35. For those who are Christ believer..this is the work of the devil..he come to steal and destroy..that’s why we need Jesus to fight against the devil..
    May God bless her young children she left behind..

  36. depression is a serious sickness that is exist..and needs to be acknowledge and have the proper treatment. But i think it isn’t acknowledged by some countries.

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