Solbi Writes About Ansol Couple on her Cyworld

Solbi wrote about Ansol Couple (her and Andy) and “We Got Married” on her Cyworld following the broadcast of their last episode together on 5th October.

Very thankful to everyone for their concern….
through We Got Married…it enables me to regain my confidence at times..
And also thankful to the team (WGM) whom I learnt a lot from…

Everyone has been having a tough time this period….
I will continue to be as hardworking like before in future…
And become someone who can bring hope to everyone…

Andy oppa…
It has been hard on you this past months…
thank you for being with the inmature me…

I will treasure dearly our created memories together…
and will always support you from afar…
Don’t be too lonely…and must stay healthy^^

To everyone who loved Ansol Couple…really thank you..
I will repay everyone with a even better image…..

I Love you all…………………….

68 thoughts on “Solbi Writes About Ansol Couple on her Cyworld

  1. Awwe, she still cares about Andy! She’s so cute and I hope she’s happy! Solbi unnie FIGHTING

  2. Awwe, she still cares about Andy! She’s so cute and I hope she’s happy! Solbi unnie FIGHTING~

    PS: Anybody else expecting Andy to write back? ;D

  3. awwwwww that was very sweet of Solbi….i miss them already TT_TT aw she still care about Andy that so cute

  4. They had such a natural connection what a waste! I hope they find each other in real life. *sob* ;o( I’m sad my favorite couple is gone.

  5. Ahhhh, I just watched the last episode. How sad..T_T Such a perfect couple!!!

    Agree wth Tam completely about the “natural connection.” Love the other couples but none of the others are as natural as them.

    Well, I’m trying to be hopeful that Hwayobi and Hwan Hee will bring us as much entertainment~ ^-^

  6. Awww soo sweet! I wonder how they can find Solbi’s comment on cyworld? doesn’t she have private cyworld?

  7. Solbi always LOOKS BACK, who helped her along the way. Even Andy said that she treat peope well.

    No, Andy will probably not respond because antis will just retaliate to Solbi. She has been targeted by malicious rumours in Korea and one of the celebrity representatives
    who will be involved in passing a law against extreme / malicious attacks on celebrities and I guess anyone who has been a victim.

  8. Even though we have to accept their decisions.. it is really hard not to miss them… ohhh those antis…

  9. even her message makes me cry….I need rehab….

    love her and will always support her~
    hope one day they can find each other back~

  10. Solbi and Andy, I just wanted to say that I enjoyed watching you two here in the US. It broke my heart to see them leaving the show. I wish them both health and happiness in their lives, and continued success.

  11. seriously, how can anyone even be an anti of this two??
    they’re like the sweetest couple ever!
    aww~ Solbi must be missing their wekkly dose of love..just like us ❤

  12. i will miss andy and solbi…
    i like two of them be together a real couple..they look so good..
    i really really sad about they leave.
    solbi is cute n funny n andy is serious n they can match each other..
    they my fav couple..

    will they come back oneday on WGM???

  13. i just watch their final episode & I cried a lot.
    They are my favorite & I love them dearly so it’s sad to see them go. My last hope for them being together in reality is if i see a picture or a video of them still wearing their rings.
    If they still have it on then i have faith that they are together.

  14. Well solbi is really sweet, that is why she is loved by many ppl. There is a natural connection between them, but i don’t think andy will write back.

    Solbi unnie fighting!

  15. gosh…. reading her cyworld message makes me want to cry all over again… i’ve been crying the last few hours cuz i’ve been re-watching their last episode…

    the tears just won’t stop coming!!!

    i really feel in love with AnBi couple and i do wish with all my heart that these two will eventually find a way back to each other and become a real couple… like everyone says… they have such a natural connection that can be seen in couples who are truly married and in love…

    as for ANTIs… THEY’RE JUST JEALOUS!!! antis seriously don’t have anything better to do than complain and whine about things that they can never have themselves… that’s why they would just love to bash Solbi b/c they know that Andy’s heart belongs to her already!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!

    ok…i’m losing my mind… ^_^

  16. Wow, why does it seem like they’re never going to cross
    paths again.. ?
    Is there some kind of great tension or awkwardness
    between them that they can’t keep intouch or something? =\
    That’d be hella sad if that’s the case..

  17. I thought that was really nice of Solbi to address viewers in her blog. And I don’t think Andy will reply because antis will find this as a chance to slam her and her blog. I hope they are still keeping contact but without the criticism eyes of antis. they had their fair share of sweet memories-anbi couple fighting!! love conqueres all. =)

  18. i dun get it, what are e antis against? can someone tell me? they’re such a weird bunch of pple.

    solbi unnie’s msg is v mature =)

  19. Like many other posters here, I am one of those saddened by AnBi leaving WGM. They were also the first couple that got me hooked on the show all those months ago. But now that they are no longer “visible” as a couple on national TV in Korea (and the “antis”), what is stopping them from seeing each other offcam? Obviously, they have strong feelings for one another, so why suppress them, especially now? Can’t they just proceed with having a normal relationship, like other ordinary couples? They seem to love and make each other happy…pity if they do not continue, even in their private lives.

  20. “Don’t be too lonely…and must stay healthy^^”

    sound She’s really care about him

    So sweet Solbi ^^

  21. sure all missed them…
    they are the love dovey couple in wgm…no one can surpass them…and they for real…

    we all hope their really into relationship …

  22. ANBI…My favorite couple on WGM….Wish both of them the best on their career,health,love…ANBI fighting…

  23. ahh. reading it makes me want to cry. and i haven’t even seen ep 28 yet.

    i think they really care for each other, but are probably just really good friends atm, especially since they’re focusing on their work… so maybe in the future (after Andy does his military service thing?)

  24. its amazing wat this reality show can do for the celebs in real
    andy & solbi has gain sooo much exposure & sooo much more fans thru the show
    and its even more amazing wat it did to the people who watches the show loyally every week
    it will never be the same again when one of the couple leaves

  25. I think she wrote that ‘from far’ as they need to concentrate their career since they are still young and all. Their feelings are getting deeper if they continue so guess they decided to make the choice to leave the show to work hard for their career first. I will always support them anyway. AnSol fighting!!

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  27. aw man solbi is so sweet, thoughtful, and cute T_T im gonna miss them on the show. Best of luck to their careers!!

  28. I think both will take a while before being with anyone else .. their connection was so evident, no guy cries in front of a girl he doesn’t have true feelings for….. or else he’s the best damn actor I’ve seen!!!!!

    Who knows .. maybe they both decided to leave the show, so that they can truly start a REAL relationship without the cameras ….. wishful thinking.

  29. Why they don’t make it real? like real couple,boy and girlfriend , also not necessery to real married.I guess maybe they don’t actually love eachother , right? however it’s precious memory of them and ours , right?

  30. I think Andy wants to be with her as well after watching several last episodes. He just doesn’t want to open up a relationship when everybody is predicting it and everybody kinda thinks that he wants to be with Solbi just because of the show.

    Couple of times, Andy opened himself to Solbi. I don’t know whether it ‘s an act or not, but I think Andy has the same feelings as Solbi. However, it seems his family condition is kinda critical. He might probably thinks about that part as well and sees that Solbi’s career is going up now. He might not want to distract her attention from her career since she is still in her young age.

    I know that Solbi loves Andy very much. Fighting, Solbi!!

  31. aww i love ANSOL!! ill miss them for sure!!!!
    im missing thm now..!~
    i love solbi.. even tho im a girl~
    thyre soo perfect fr each othr..
    thts so sweet of her.. im looking fr their pic for 5 mins long lol

  32. honestly, through coolsmurf blof i accidentally found out about WGM . i was curious that i eventually i was so hooked watching it. I loved ansol couple and lettuce couple too. currently watching the 29th episode. Hope they’ll be back again. or i hope they are dating for real.

  33. although i still make no idea with the leaving of ANSOL couple… and maybe Andy oppa is really want Solbi to emphasize more on her career and leaves her…
    If this the truth , maybe i will die from crying..
    How can this be?
    At first, i really dislike Solbi being so close with Andy oppa. I am full of envious watching them..
    (Coz i am Andy oppa fan)
    Yet, the longer the time i watch the programme WGM, I dumbfounded that Solbi had an inspiration to me, i think is everyone..
    I started thought that Andy and Solbi were the best couple in the show…
    perfect match from the heaven…
    I started thought that they really could go out for real… And i would also not angry with this again…
    Its really weird… But , eventually both of them left the show…
    I cried with full confusion…
    Why should they leave?
    They were really perfect matched…
    But, now, i think i have to respect to their own decision
    I would also like to take a chance to say..
    Andy oppa, saranghae…
    Andy and Solbi Hwaiting…

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