Lee Hong Gi of F.T. Island Casted for Leading Role in Master of Study

F.T. Island’s Lee Hong Gi has been casted for SBS “Master of Study” idol drama scheduled for broadcast in the Mon-Tue timeslot after the conclusion of “Tazza” expected in December. This is SBS’s answer to KBS idol drama “Boys over Flowers” scheduled for broadcast in end December. Exactly how will the idols fare against the incumbent star-studded “East of Eden” remains to be seen.

According to one production staff from “Master of Study” today, they are now discussing over the final details with Lee Hong Gi over his involvement. Other cast members will be announced in the next couple of days. Lee Hong Gi’s involvement is more or less confirmed with details to be ironed out.

“Master of Study” is adapted from a popular Japanese manga “Dragon Zakura” and talks of how students with the worst grades gets into Seoul University and their study process. Filming will begin at the end of this month with a broadcast date of 1st December if everything goes as scheduled.

41 thoughts on “Lee Hong Gi of F.T. Island Casted for Leading Role in Master of Study

  1. i liked the japanese version somewhat so we’ll see if he can pull it off. and he acted when he was a kid too.

  2. Dragon Sakura had Yamashita no? Wow.. I love Yamashita.. I wonder if he would do well.. They are pulling out a few big Japanese dramas..

  3. I can’t wait for this idol drama!
    It’s a must watch if Hongki’s going to be a lead.
    He’d play the part perfectly as a delinquent.
    (He’s incredibly random and goofy)
    heh that’s a pretty random photo of him 😛

    Thanks for more details ^^

  4. Istill perfer Boys over Flowers more than this drama unless one my favorite star or idol group act in this drama their will be areason to watch it Inever get interested in school drama but who know Imight like it

  5. Dragon Zakura? Wow, they’re taking japanese mangas to film as shows. Looks like I’ll be pretty occupied this December holidays XD

  6. I’ve always liked FT Island MV’s where they tell a story with their music. Hong Ki is usually one of the main actors in them so i cant wait what he has to bring to the plate in a drama.

    He certinaly seems fit for the role.

  7. LOL, good picture!

    anyways i can’t wait till it airs, the story line looks funny. Although i’m anticipating HYD more- i think i’ll watch both.

  8. everytime i see hongki i think he’s a very very cute version of kangin…soooo similar in some angles!!! still goign to watch both!

  9. Ooo, I’m so excited. I’ve seen the Japanese drama versions of both HYD and Dragon Zakura, and although I’m more excited to watch the Korean adaptation of HYD, I think Master of Study might prove to be a good one.

  10. I liked the japanese version of Dragon Zakura. LOLL… It was hilariousss.. Well I hope Hong Ki can act! I dunno how it’s gonna fare with East of Eden coz they’re diversely different in terms of storyline, intensity, type of audience, and East of Eden has killer actors. Basically both dramas are on totally different levels. LOL..

    I think East of Eden will have higher ratings than both of those dramas put together coz one has an original storyline which keeps viewers watching and guessing, whereas the other 2 are basically adaptations where viewers already know what’s going to happen so basically watch for the eye-candy.

  11. hmm. doing a drama that has already been done before is kinda risky. especially when there will be comparisons.

    the main leads yamapi and nagasawa masami portrayed their characters rather well in the original japanese version. not to mention the fact that they had quite alot of experience. the supporting casts aragaki yui and teppei did great too.

    id think hongki would have loads to live up to. people will be expecting quite abit. i wish him and the rest of the cast all the best. its a rather fun storyline to watch.

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  13. I pray to God that SNSD would not be casted in this drama!!!!!!! I don’t think I would be able to watch it either.

    On the other hand, Hongki ♥♥♥ can’t wait to see him in action.
    Hope their version of the drama is just as good as the Japanese version.

  14. I already know he’s a great actor since he was in dramas when he was younger as well as acting in all their MVs. Ohh no, I love Boys over Flowers, but I’m going to keep my eye out for both of these dramas.

  15. oh yeah!
    i will totally be following this drama and boys over flowers!
    great choice and cant wait to see who else will be casted

  16. wow, talk about competition between kbs and sbs i wonder what’s MBC is going to throw out to us LOL! hahaha anyways, i am super excited!

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  18. choosing band boys usually to increase the rating & get more audience from thier fan.. I think that why they chose Hong Gi, still young & fresh..

  19. oh~~I watch dragon zakura alrdy….
    a bit less anticipate when i kinda know the storyline and such
    but still gonna watch if i have the chance!

  20. well sohee can at least…

    and hongki was a child actor so i think its a little more than oh he’s a boyband member so he’ll be popular

  21. yay!! i better keep on that korean drama..especially the lead role is lee hong..but the japanese version “dragon zakura” is cool too..and it was lead by “koike teppei” yay!! cute teppei!!

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