BoA American Debut To Be Delayed

BoA’s U.S debut has been delayed. Her debut single “Eat You Up” was supposed to have been released today but has been pushed back to 21st October instead. According to SM Entertainment today, the delay is for better coordination and collaboration with planned promotional activities .

Although the debut single release has been held up for two weeks, the areas where it is going to be released in has been expanded drastically than originally planned. Besides being released on all major American music websites and ringtone download websites, it will be out on the same day in more than 30 over countries in the world. According to SM Entertainment, BoA’s debut single “Eat You Up” will not only be released in America on iTunes, Amazon, AOL, Emusic, MySpace, etc. It will also be released via iTunes Store、mora, mu-mo, in Japan, in Thailand via Sanook Online, Click Internet, etc, in China via, China mobile, etc plus many other avenues.

32 thoughts on “BoA American Debut To Be Delayed

  1. ah, delayed? that’s why… i was kinda waiting for it. well, i have to be more patient then. thanks for the info coolsmurf!

  2. i rather her debut be delayed than rushed with crappy music. i really hope eat you up isn’t her first single…i like her but i feel like this song is going to be a complete failure. i do like boa, i swear!

  3. This is not good at all. If they are going to delay then let us know a week in advance. Do not wait until the 11th hour to delay everything. SM has just made its first mistake and it is a major one.

  4. I dunno, it doesn’t sound like that big of a sacrifice if it’s making BoA’s debut that much bigger; the idea of seeing BoA online everywhere around the globe on the same day is kind of exciting. :]

  5. No offense, but from what i heard on her myspace, “eat you up” doesn’t sound like it could make that huge impact to the US market.

  6. Delaying it is better because like the article says, the area has been expanded. If it had been released that wouldn’t have been so good because it’d clash with Britney’s promotions along with Christina Aguilera. I wouldn’t want to be the newbie competing with those two. Hopefully a delay will result in more promotions because I seriously haven’t heard of any promotions on websites of any sort. Perhaps they can also change Diane’s version of the music video since it was absolutely horrible!

    We’ll be waiting, BoA. Fighting!

  7. delay? ha. sorry but SM does this all the time. say one thing & then does another.
    I wonder would this Delay be extended even longer since SM is known for delaying things & then keeps extending the delay.

    Whatever the case. I heard the song & it sounds boring. Her voice sounds way too annoying & you can still her the accent.
    I’m American & I can just predict that she’s gonna flop.

  8. Honestly speaking..she is facing america !! it’s just way different than any other part of the world !! Eat you up could do well in asia..since they all know her..but still, i’ve showed the song to alot of non asians and they all first hear the ACCENT, then the the end they think the song is just OK.

  9. This reminds me of Se7en’s debut delay (which still hasn’t happened yet). I hope BOA doesn’t go down this path. Unfortunately, liking an artist doesn’t compel me to purchase their CD. I’m a diehard DBSK fan but most of the time I only like at most four songs on their CD. SM should have gone all out for BOA’s US debut with a better song and video.

  10. delayed. that word is never a good sign. i mean look at se7en. his so called american debut has been “delayed”. its been so long of a delay that one couldn’t even call it a delay anymore. someone needs 2 break the attempt failure. hopefully boa can do it..?

  11. ^ omg

    It’s the Se7en’s debut repeated. Unless she changes her song/MV completely, any delay isn’t going to help. I think if she really wants to succeed with what she has, she needs to start marketing/publicity with radio stations, otherwise it’ll just fizzle out.

    “Release on iTunes,, MySpace, etc.”… I don’t understand what the point of that is if no one knows of her yet except for her fans here in the States?

  12. I want BoA,Se7en and any other Asian artists who come here to do very well. If they delay her beyond this new date then it is not looking good. I just have a major problem with them waiting until the 11th hour of delaying this. Let us know a week or a few days in advance. I hope I am wrong here and this delay is nothing. They better hurry and do something though. There is a lot on Americans minds right now with the economy and the election. BoA debut could get lost in it all.

  13. I really doubt they’ll change the song. They just don’t wanna clash with the top artists like Britney.

  14. Honestly? I think the delay is a good call. It’ll give more time for preparations and, hopefully, promotion. Utada’s cd would have done so much better in the states with more promotion. Hopefully BoA will get noticed.

  15. How does delaying lead to epic fail?

    you guys are lame

    People complain so much how there are not any asians in the U.S. industry and when people actually TRY. All we do is complain.

    If people keep complaining who’s gonna support them when we should be supporting them?

    Who said that they will make it BIG on their first try?

    It takes more than one try.

    Look at all the famous asians today. They worked hard and for a long time. Hopefully these celebs trying right now make it more easier for other asians and give more OPPORTUNITIES too.

  16. Yeah that’s right!

    BoA is nothing compared to CHARICE!

    Honestly, i used to like BoA, but SM Artist are Illusionists! or shall i say delusional! she looks good but with her Nasal voice she won’t make it. look at CHARICE PEMPENGCO on the other hand, she’s not one of those beautiful or underwent plastic surgery, she’s GOT PURE TALENT! GO CHARICE!

    to Boa, she should just stick to ASIA! Hell I’m from Asia too, but people don’t know her from our country.

    to Lee Soo Man, can you stop faking INJURIES to your babies/ talents to gain sympathy from your stupid fans. Delaying it coz of injury? Hell WE CARE!? you’re a total failure! I like JYP better! Go WG!

  17. ^charice has talent

    But she has things boa doesn’t have and boa has things she doesn’t have.

    Shes not faking her injury. don’t be a jerk.

    Wondergirls are a good hyped up girl group with catchy songs. I like them too but sohee’s poor live singing is bothersome.. thank god JYP is smart. LSM is smart also.

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  19. It says that she will release her single eat you up today but on her site on, when I press to buy it, it stands “coming soon”.
    Did anyone understand what I were writing?

  20. yeah swedish_girl… i understood u.. and im wondering when her album is gonna debut.. anyone know? or when it’ll ber on radios etc?

  21. I read somewhere that her album isn’t going to be released until the end of November as opposed to November 11th as expected. Don’t know what’s up, but it’s probably due to the lack of promotions, which is totally necessary. Too bad here in the U.S. they don’t have shows like Inkigayo or Music Bank so you can slowly introduce yourself. BoA needs to get on a radio show or do some kind of performance to get well known. Otherwise it’ll be hard for people to notice her.

  22. You’re right “DBSK Fighting!!”
    You said she needs something to introduce her out there. It is going to happen, she’ll be featured on some radio show/talk iono which, but it all seems well so far.
    Good luck BoA!!

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