Rain’s Love Story Coming Soon

J. Tune Entertainment has released the album jacket pictures for Rain’s upcoming 5th Album “Rainism” plus his comeback schedule today.

Rain's Love Story Coming Soon

Rain's Love Story Coming Soon

They revealed that MBC will be broadcasting a special called “Myself, Rain, Dance” on the 17th which will kickstart his album promotions. That special program will be showing footage from a closed-door showcase for 1000 lucky fans that will be recorded on the 9th at MBC Dream Center.

But before all that happens, MBC will first air a special documentary about Rain called “Rain’s Coming” this week which will be focusing on his personal life, etc. This also means that MBC is breaking from norm for Rain’s comeback by broadcasting two special programs for Rain in consecutive weeks.

Rain’s 2nd “Love Story” teaser will be released on 8th October.

28 thoughts on “Rain’s Love Story Coming Soon

  1. oh my god.

    The second picture. It looks like YMCA rejects with Rain in the… Rain?

    What is he doing?

    Nevertheless, please Rain for the love of God make a good album and blow us all away.


    Thanks so much for sharing coolsmurf

  2. First it was Hyorish, now it’s Rainism. Looks like there’s an album naming trend in Korea.

    Love the pictures! Can’t wait to hear his new song.

  3. wow for now im impressed lol
    lets see if he can keep up and keep me at this state
    he’s looking good, thats all i can say
    and i like his album’s name
    sounds good
    i hope his songs will sounds as good =P

  4. he’s been away for sooooo long hoping to break into the american market, and the best he could come up with as an album title was ‘Rainism’?

    *sigh* rain please don’t let us down.

  5. love the pics!

    but yeah i know what u guys mean… i was thinking the same thing about the album title…rainism..hyorish

    what next? …Youha-ble.. BigBang-ified.. AlexChu-ing

  6. i hope he just stays in korea. i was impressed with the first teaser for the MV and i hope i continue to be.

  7. oh wow~ wait till my sister see this. she’s going to faint! haha… not a very big fan of rain… but my sister is obsessed with this guy~ n i’m obsessed wif dbsk…^^

  8. Oh come on guys he is an amazing performer ! I can’t forget his great performances from before and he is freaking talented..it’s just that breaking through Hollywood is not for anyone…He does great in asia actually !

  9. I can’t wait!! oppa is back!! ^.^
    hope he asked JYP for some tips though…
    After shinhwa men leaving i didn’t think there were any manly men left in kpop, but BI is BACK!

  10. OMG finally… So bored of all the candy teeny-bopper bands hopping around on stage. Except for DBSG coz I think they look pretty sexy now. Lol.. But finally Rain is back!!! But the term Rainism kinda makes me cringe. :S

    Hahahahha.. Finally we’re seeing a MAN on stage!! Woo hoo hooo!!!

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  12. Rainism… what a name -_- …

    The pics are also not doing it for me… so… act cool…

    Hope his come back turns out something better than this..

  13. his second picture looks good, but what is up with his first picture! Not only does he looked photoshopped like crazy, but his “face (is) skewed up like (he’s) having hot flashes”. the look is not good for him, but the concepts are good… i am looking forward for his new album and performance.

  14. haha yeah, his pictures arent really that great…the first one his expression doesnt match the environment and the second one looks slightly gay.
    but nonetheless, his mv teaser looked HOT. and it’s 비 so i trust that it’ll be pretty cool

  15. ive heard the full track, 4 mins, and it totally rocks! abit minwoo-ish, but hey’s they’ve always been similar.

    my baby is coming back!!!

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