Goo Hye Sun is Makino in Korean Hana Yori Dango

Having revealed the Korean F4 last Friday, Group 8 has announced that Makino in the Korean Hana Yori Dango will go to actress Goo Hye Sun.

Goo Hye Sun will be the main female character in KBS2TV drama, “Boys over Flowers” (name for the drama) which will be shown in December. This will be Goo Hye Sun’s third drama in 2008 following SBS “King and I” and KBS “Strongest Chil-Woo” where she had played the leading role.

Goo Hye Sun plays Yeon Woo (Makino) who is a swimmer in a school that does not even have a swimming team. Her family operates a dry-cleaning shop which is situated just besides the legendary “Shin Hwa College”, opened only for nobles. During a trip to the college to deliver some laundry, Yeon Woo meets the four male leads and their story begins from there.

Director Jeon Ki Sang explained Goo Hye Sun was chosen eventually because she fits Tsukushi’s image well, and acknowledges that the public had tossed her name around a lot as a prospective Makino when the drama was first announced. She was in fact one of the front-runners in the numerous polls.

With the female lead now decided, do you think she’s the right person?

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160 thoughts on “Goo Hye Sun is Makino in Korean Hana Yori Dango

  1. aww her? i saw her in pure 19 and i thought she was annoying. whatever, at least hyun joong and ki bum will make the show bearable.

  2. but……..
    1. she’s old D: (but then again, makino was the oldest in the chinese version, and i loved it…)
    2. this may sound mean…… but at least i know lee min ho will end up with her. but if they follow the story line, hyun joong will have a kiss with her (ahhhhhh)
    3. i want to know kim bum’s girl

  3. i actually like her. when i watched her in pure 19, i thought she was funny and can act really well. maybe, she does fit to play makino.

  4. i like her a lot too ktin7! i think she’s such a good actress and i think she’ll do well as makino…

  5. she’s very pretty but i was expecting somebody younger since all the boys casted were pretty young… it’s different with the taiwan version bec. the f4 actors looked matured there… but the boys here really look like flower boys… young and fresh…

    i think i’d have to watch strongest chil woo first to see if she does fit the role of makino…

    hope she do a good job!

  6. YAY i’m happy. She’s in Taebin’s mv, and Kim Jieun’s mv as well. She’s a YG actress i’m so gladdd =)

    she’s so pretty too.

  7. she’s a good actress, loved her performance in the King and I, but isn’t she too old to play Makino Tsukushi..

  8. the plot is SO far from the original manga.
    I like her, but isnt she older than the rest of the boys?
    this was the same case in MG & as much as I love barbie, MG does not compare w/ HYD.

    *sigh* I hope i won’t be disappointed.

  9. Yay, I’ll be looking forward to this drama with GooHyeSun ^^
    I think she’ll be able to play the character well :] She doesn’t look that old and even in reality she’s only 24.

  10. I totally agree with #2 gek. Although I don’t hate her, I really didin’t expect her to be makino. I’m quite disappointed actually.

  11. I love Goo Hye Sun!
    Not only is she a wonderful actress, but a beautiful singer.
    Though, her acting can still use some improvements. Like in Chil Woo when she was suppose to be sad and concern about JaJa, I caught her smiling and laughing…thats her only flaw. She often laughs and talks at the same time. It’s something she can’t control.

  12. hm,,, kinda dissapointed actually, dun know why. but as for the Hana Yori Dango, my expectation is really high, esp. because Inoue Mao (Makino Tsukushi Jap. Ver) plays her role perfectly. So, if Goo Hye Sun can’t reach her standard, then, puff, bye bye.

    But then, I don’t really know her. Haven’t even watched her skills in neither Chilwoo nor any other dramas she has acted before. So basically, my point of view can’t count.

    Anyhow, I’m anticipating this korean version. I have been a really great fans for the Taiwan and Japanese version (even crazier with the japanese one). So, I really want to see how the korean version turns out to be.

  13. she is a pretty good actress saw her in pure 19 and strongest chilwoo…i think she is suitable for this role…way to go hye sun!!!yeah!!

  14. she’s too old to be a high school student.
    im pretty disappointed. only because
    of her age, and her image doesnt really
    match either. oh well.

    why pick someone based on the fact that
    her name was simply mentioned?

    i have to like it or her. she better be good.

  15. ~Suprising news..
    I have only seen her previously in X-Man and I liked her Dangyunhaji part with Kim Jong Min…
    I’m not so sure on her performance though.. Maybe coz I haven’t watched her performance as an actress before…
    But, she’s beautiful…and only need to proof to us that she can bring the Makino role well….

    Thanks for the news, coolsmurf…

  16. dude she’s like the oldest cast so far
    i mean she is pretty
    but i was hoping fo someone younger
    like go ah-ra
    well im still waiting for the actress who is goin to play shizuka the model
    im hoping it’s hwangbo
    so then kim hyun joong and hwangbo can be paired up

  17. how old is she? to me she looks older than the guys. Can’t say I’ve seen much of her, but I hope she does a good job.

  18. Aiyo~ Why is everyone saying she’s old?
    I think she’ll be alright as Makino, because she can ACT!! WOOHOO. I’m so glad that they have chosen her, even though I haven’t seen any of her dramas, but I know she can act.
    I’m worried about the boys though..haven’t heard any of them except Kim Bum and Kim Hyun Joong.

  19. Awww I’m kinda disappointed… GHS has nv been a fave of mine (am watching Pure 19 now & somehow her character thoroughly rubs me the wrong way) though I must say she can act. ah ha mb it’s a good thing, the Makino character (at least in the Taiwanese version i watched) was cute but pretty annoying and coarse, much like her Gukhwa character in Pure 19.

    Actually I personally don’t think the age diff matters, in the Taiwanese version, the girl playing Makino (Barbie Hsu) if I’m not not wrong is older than ALL the F4 guys. She was 25, Jerry Yen (Doumyouji) was 24 and Vic Chou (Rui) was 20 with the rest in between. but she looked young so it was perfectly fine.

  20. She doesn’t look like she has that same spunkiness/charm that Inoue Mao did in HYD, sorry to say. :/

    And now I feel like an elitist. 😐

  21. i’m actually quite pleased with the selection
    with goo hye sun as the lead actress i actually think
    she’ll pull of a great makino but we’ll just have to wait and
    see. I watched both the japanese and taiwanese versions including the sequels respectively and i’m so excited to see the korean installment of this great series !

  22. THAT IS A TOTAL HIT. i don’t really understand why people would be upset with it. she’s a great actress and would make an adorable and awesome makino. i’m super happy :]

  23. at first… when i saw her pic…
    the thought that came to my mind was…
    she looks old…
    but then when i googled her
    and found out she is the lead in strongest chilwoo…
    i was happy… she’s actually real pretty… the pic above x give her justice….

    one thing that bugs me……

    she is the luckiest girl on earth to be able to be near ERIC, HYUN JOONG and KIM BUM!

    EXTREMELY jealous of her!!!!

  24. Really? I was really rooting for Lee Yeon Hee, though that is impossible since she’s in East of Eden, but other than her I couldn’t really picture anyone else as Makino.

    Goo Hye sun, eh? Hmmm… Not really a fan but I’ll still watch it for Hwangbo’s Shillang.

  25. She was funny in Pure In Heart and was pretty good opposite Eric in Strongest Chil Woo.

    I like her and it may help keep her busy enough to get her mind off Lee Eon’s passing. She got hit pretty hard as well as the rest of the cast. 😦

  26. I think she is funny and can show multi-characteristics within her. I cant wait to watch the drama, though.

  27. Goo hye sun will definitely play the role of Makino well, she is a great actress. Goo hye sun is not too old for the role she has a really young look to her and knows how to change her character. I think she will do a good job!

  28. Even though I love her acting buh she’s a little bit old to be playing Makino plu she will be da oldest among them. They shud’ve gotten sumone younger

  29. She’s so pretty..and i like her acting as well….it doesn’t matter she’s old or not (she’s so young compared to her age)….as long as she can play well her role…..fighting!!!!!

  30. …anything is possible here…they sure are not following the original storyline anyway, just the number of the characters and their respective social status…I just can’t understand why they have to use Hana Yori Dango as the title which is confusing to us faithful fans of the manga…Meteor Garden did follow the storyline mostly but messed up somehow in the second part and although HanaDan Japan did some changes and lessened the characters, it just heightened the drama making the second part an unforgettable one and then the movie made a very good ending for the love story of Makino and Domyoji, not only is the acting great but the chemistry between Mao and Jun is just so unbelievably in character with the manga…I’d say the fanfictions are looking better than this drama…good luck HanaDan Korea!

    …will be watching this just because I want to see how Hyunjoong interprets the Rui role…

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  32. pretty disappointed that it’s this girl that i’ve never even heard of. i just wiki-ed her and it doesn’t look like she has that much experience. she has won awards though, but that doesn’t mean much. i also watched several clips of her acting…not that impressive. she’s gonna have to pull it off real well to impress ppl. personally, other than inoue mao, i don’t think anyone can pull off makino.

  33. I’m actually disappointed that she was cast as the main in this drama. I dont have anything against her but i was hoping to see someone who actually look the role and i think Yoon EunHye would have been a better choice to be the main.

  34. I saw her in Pure 19 & Strongest chilwoo, actually she is a young actress & her acting is good but dunno if she’ll be able to do Makin’s character since Inoue Mao still the best actress who did this role.. but we have to wait & see her before being too much optimistic or pessimistic..

  35. I haven’t heard of her before so I’m not ready to judge. She does look too old to fit the role of Makino though..

    We shall see 🙂

  36. Sorry to say, but just look at the picture, it looks like she’s the teacher and F4 are her students. xD

  37. i prefer yoon eun hye for the role as Makino! i was rooting for her to get the part! But at the same time…it might too kiddy for her since she’s now running with the big boys in the industry!

  38. erm… ah~ dunno her? uh~ but still… i’ll watch it cuz of the hotties! haha… n of cuz bcuz of HJ! ^^ n yeah… i act thought that yoon eun hye will be chosen cuz i think she fits more to the role.. but then again… who am i to complaint? i’m no director of dis drama! hoho

  39. SOOO DISAPPOINTED…….Why why why they have to choose an older version of MAKINO??? Guys are cool but an older MAKINO???? NOT VERY HAPPY…

  40. Honestly I don’t know her.
    I was expecting someone else but since I don’t know her I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt & see how she plays Makino. Honestly I wanted someone that didn’t play leading female roles in other dramas. She has three under her belt so far & now this is her fourth. I wanted someone whom was new & kind fresh so that HYD will be her big break, but like I said I don’t’ know her so I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt. If she successfully wins me over than I’ll probably become a fan.
    I googled her to see who she was & I’m surprise to see she’s from YG Entertainment. I didn’t know they had actors & actresses.
    Now that the female role has been cast I’m looking forward to who plays Yuki. I love Yuki & Soujiro’s budding love story so I wanna know who will play Yuki I hope she’s pretty.

    Still looking forward to this since I seen all the other versions (though I love my Japanese HYD :D) I’m looking forward to seeing how the Koreans handle it.

  41. I don’t think she will fit. Its a strain to watch her act opposite Eric in “Strongest Chil-Woo”. She looks older and she CANT act. Well we just have to wait and see, hopefully they have a back up plan.

  42. hmm. She has a very good acting skills, but not that interesting and catchy. I was wishing for other artists.

    Chemistry wise.. i just wish that Minho-Hyesun will click. Hyesun is too soft for Makino.

  43. she’s a great actress and i’m sure she can portray any character well. but just like everyone else, i was kind of expecting someone younger.

  44. ehhhh what happened to the private school…and her scholarship O_O

    ahhh …..

    i bet it will be like the my girl drama adpatation, because that hardly is anything like the manhwa

  45. Uhm… I don’t know. She’s okay for the part I guess. But I was expecting someone younger like Go Ara or something but Goo Hye Sun is a good actress too.

  46. a miss for me,i thought that she is abit not suitable for the role,maybe appearance wise?she is pretty of course..but wont look like makino for me.>_<

  47. why??? i think she’s great^^
    i’ve watched her drama called strongest chilwu at kbs,
    and it was awesome!!! i voted for HIT!!!!:))

  48. Her acting isnt that great. she’s too bubbly. And I know her character is going to be annoy already. sorry but I think this is a pass for me! though the boys are cute and hot.

  49. I love Goo Hye Sun and happy for her. She will fit the role as Makino. She also looks younger than her actual age.Can’t wait to see her with Hyun Joong!!!!

  50. AND YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I seriously love Goo hye soo, shes just perfect..
    though a little old, i think she can manage.. I’M DEF GOING TO WATCH THIS!!!

  51. her face looks generic. i hope they uglifiy her image (no hair stylist, very little makeup, bad clothes, etc) before they show how pretty she can be. that would make the drama much more interesting.

  52. I havent seen her in action but we’ll see! ^^

    This is a Korean interp so we can’t judge it tht much (Well I cant cause I don’t know her acting)

    In Taiwan version the lead female was to be acting strong and quite boyish

    In Japan version she was more feminine and innocent looking

    In Korea version SHES A SKITZO!!

    >_< kidding sorry

  53. I wish it could’ve been Yoon Eun Hye…I think she’s a better fit than Hye Sun…Oh we’ll see if she can pull it off…doubtful 😦

  54. I really concern with the direction the drama is taking based on the short synopsis given. Please don’t turn this legendary drama into one of those over dramatic and long-winded dramas. I hope they don’t deviate too much from the original.

  55. I think she is too pretty to be Makino no offense to Makino.. but she doesn’t seem like she can play the tough Makino…. kind of disappointed because i wanted to see Yoon Eun Hye in action.

  56. I am very very very disappointed!!!
    I was hoping for Eun Hye…
    Hopefully it will be good, as good as the taiwanese and the japanese version.
    If it isn’t I’m not even bother going to watch this.

  57. she’s ,alright.
    I’ll watch it but I should
    say dii Japanese and Taiwanese
    would still be the best.
    #1 Japanese
    Hana Yori Dango
    Meteor Garden
    Boys Over FLowers
    I still prefer Yoon Eun Hye
    but I think she’s busy
    doing Full House 2
    but, yea, I’ll watch it

  58. I thought they would choose a more famous actress for this role than her. Although I’ve never watched any dramas she was in, I’m anticipating for it.
    I hope this drama is as successful as the Japanese version of HYD.

  59. Goo Hye Sun is great in epic dramas such as King and I. Though I do have my doubts at times, I do think back on her role in nonstop 5. She can pull off as a tough chick. Her role in pure 19 was great as well. I do think she does need to put on a few pounds though. ^_^\/

    Thanks for the info btw.

  60. Oh hell no!
    she annoyed me to death in Pure 19.
    The chick needs to learn how to act.
    I dont see what people are so happy about her acting. She isn’t a good actress and people are already singing her praises.
    I am alreading hating her for being overrated.

  61. I dont know why people keep on bringing up Yoon Eun Hye’s name as Makino.
    Yoon Eun Hye would never have wanted anything to do with this series because she wouldn’t wanna have anything to do with Eight Peaks (her ex-management company) and Group 8 whom she had huge conflicts with last year causing her so much distress, to the extent that she had to be hospitalized. So even if they offered her the role, she would have never taken it.

    So move on people and just be openminded about Ko Hyesun. Maybe she will prove you guys wrong and be a really good Makino.

  62. I loved the Japanese version. to me that was the best I think Ku Hye Sun is a great actress. I’m not liking the write up of the story though. Also didn’t Group 8 do that Goong 2? I wasn’t too impressed with that.

    If the writing and directing steps up to the plate then this could be a winner but I’m not going to hold my breath.

  63. Not a good fit for a makino character… but since this korean version seems to be deviating alot from the original, alright.

    I think it’ll be another idol drama…

  64. she is pretty and since no one really knows her. so i think dat this is a gud time for her to act in this show. maybe it will come out nice. And we should give chance to new artist. hehe. This drama sounds interesting. Hope is better than the japanese and taiwanese version. haha. ^^

  65. i dont know if i will even like it
    from what i see in the 2 male and female leads…
    and from the plot, it sounds too different, i feel
    they changed important things…

    the story revolved mainly around the school…
    the poor girl attending a school for the rich
    and her life being a living hell in the school..
    if there is no school, then WTF!!!! they’re going
    to make her life a living hell in the laundry store!???!?!

    im disappointed so far…

    now i know for a fact that this wont be better than
    the Japanese version of HYD… < it was the best
    and will always be the best…

    Makino has to have a youthful, strong image
    and i feel that her age does put a dent on it,
    also she is too cute, Makino HAS TO LOOK AVERAGE!!!…
    thats why so many people loved it…
    because it was an average, strong-willed, poor but proud girl and a rich, snobby, good looking, proud, arrogant guy…

  66. hmm…she’s a talented actress…but i seriously can’t see her being the cute-tough-weed-lovable MAKINO….

    i was hoping for someone a bit younger… so it gives the audience a realistic feeling of the character….

    kinda disappointed…but we’ll have to watch it first before making a final judgement…

  67. oh yeah… i hope this drama won’t turn into a typical Korean love triangle where it keeps going ang going and never ends until the last episode…

  68. I love Goo HyeSun, but my only concern is that she’s too pretty. But since the Korean version seems to be a lot different from the original, I guess that won’t matter.

  69. #29: LOL! i guess you’re the only who thought about hwangbo being shizuka. but hwangbo isn’t tall enough to pass off as a model i guess.

    hmm. i think the storyplot should be of more importance. i hope it won’t be anywhere near draggy. *hatesdraggyshows*

  70. I think she’ll do great. Yes she’s older than the rest of the boys but I think she has the spunk to portray Makino.

  71. I know her from pure 18,but I don’t really like her acting,I don’t know…I wish It wolud be Yoon Eun Hye as the leading actress.We will see what happen..It will be hard against East Of Eden..

  72. i think she will do good if not great. i saw her acting in KING AND I and i was really hoping she’ll get the female lead part after seeing the Japanese and Taiwanese version. she can act like Barbie Hsu. not that she is overrated, one must watch her in King and I to call her overrated. she is not even making too much headlines to be called overrated. plus she is an aspiring director, so more or less she knows more about acting than other who think her acting is not great.

    i am happy for this actress to be in this series….
    GOOD LUCK to this series.
    i enjoyed Meteor Garden of Taiwan a lot and i loved all the characters in that series although many thought the acting of F4 sucked.

  73. when i first saw Meteor Garden…i thought it was the best drama i’ve ever seen…but Hana Yori Dango beat that by a million times!!! the Japanese verison to me…is flawless!!

    even though i’m kinda hesitant about the cast…i’m hoping to be swept away by the Korean version…HIGH EXPECTATIONS!!!

  74. i think eun hye will suit the role better. she have more childlike face even when i watch her in Princess hours, she potrayed the role as a teenager-student-turned-princess very well.

    hye sun seem abit more elegant and demure for the role. i havent watch the japanese one but i definitely love the taiwan version. the girl who played as poor girl in a rich school was quite good. i mean she has that look.

    oh well im glad hyunjoong in it. hehe.

  75. ^ I don’t know… I kindof think Eun Hye’s too mature for the role. o.O

    I think that Hye Sun will fit the image well. I started liking her after seeing her on Rainbow Romance actually. I watched her in somewhere else before, but I cannot remember from what.

    However, I don’t see good chemistry between the guys and her. o.o

  76. I think she’s too old for the role. She’s older than all the guys and she kinda looks it too. Barbie was older, but she didn’t really look it and they were in college too. I wish they went for someone younger.

  77. They should’ve casted EUN YOON HYE…….This girl looks too dainty and demure….too elegant…..I think YOON HYE fits the role better…

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  79. aww…
    never thought that she’s the 1 whos gonna be makino…
    i wish YEH will play makino but lets just hope that GHS is the right makino…
    fingers cross!

  80. you guys should see her in nonstop 5 1st before you can judge her acting.

    here is one of the episode…

    this is the drama where hyun joong is also acting in it.
    in this episode,goo hye sun acted really well.. i know she acted as the evil one but she is very very funny,especially with Lee Jung.

    Come on guys,juz give her a chance…

  81. hi there.
    i would just want to ask if anybody of you knows how to say UNBELIEVABLE in japanese. the way makino does it. :))

    i am the biggest fan both Korean and Japanese drama.haha
    but i miss watching new episodes of Japanese drama of hana yori dango. 😦

  82. You know in this wide world you can’t please everyone.
    Each individual hace different view in life,taste,and likes.
    For Go Hye Sun is the most capable of doing things in her cute ways.She is versatile actress and if soomeoone doesn’t recognize that Iguess they are blind by their own emotion, you are forgiven any way we are not perfect.
    For me sinice I watch her acting talents and got to know more about her talenets I feel in love watching her over the screen. I just wish her a lot of good lucks…She is one of a kind actress.. I know men are watching her from a distance. Seldom you can fiind a girl with multi abilities.She has it all. ( beauty, bank, and money..

  83. wanna say,the stoRy feels me wonderful.,.xoBRa kilig factor anG nararamdAman quh.,.ahmmf.,.thE character potrays there role great.,.,ajah,.,.wishing that gu jun pyo anD geum jandi will have a lots of endorsement and partnership because they deserves it.
    .,anyweiz.,.more power to the kbs and to all korean shows.,.

  84. you’ve done such great movie!!!!!!…………i Really love YOU!!!!!!………….KIM SANG BUM’………. .”.nErAhk!!!…..

  85. wow yow……………………………………………………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!boys before flowers

  86. i wish that you have another koreanovela that will shoot here in the Philippines,…
    and a world tour also…….

  87. hahahaha. . ,wat can u say?. , ol of da pipol say that gu hye sun does not fit 4 the role of makino. . ,gu hye sun is better than any other. ,ol i can say is she is very fabulous. . ,luv yah. . ,

  88. go hye sun comlitet and darama asia boys before flowers. your gu junpyo and geum jandie

    (le minhoo) (go hye sun)

  89. hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gu jun pyo wag mong sasaktan c jan di kundi lagot ka sakin;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;”””””””””””””’


    I think that Inoue and Jun in the Japanese version were epic! Im glad that they made a Japanese version first because it truly made me understand in actuality the whole situation of Hana yori dango. Makino was amazing in this one.. It goes to say that the true Tsukushi can only be played by a Japanese person to perfection. I really miss watching the Japanese version.

    *note -I first read manga then Japanese drama then Korean version. (I believe thats the best way to start if you really want some entertainment)

    With that, Im a huge fan of the Korean version.What I like about the Korean version was that the boy characters were amazing.. You actually got some insite on Rui or Ji Hoo younger days and his grandfather. Ive always wondered about that. They made it clear!

    Although the story line is different, the director chooses to make sure to include the part with Soujiro- san the building scene where he cries.<–so cute.. The males in this version were so fresh and so hot that it made the scenes believable.

    Sadly Goo Hye Sun was ok, but not as great as far as the Character of Makino goes. I found her to be cute but sad soo many times that when she was happy it seemed to be fake. She slumps like Makino but just to much makes her seem like a dull character. Although there are beautiful romantic parts with Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo that were better than the Japanese Version, the fighting and powerful Makino seemed to be lost. "Just" Accepting cloths from Jun Pyo without a fight at times seemed skeptical. *rubs chin*

    But overall, the Korean version is a good way to finish the series of Boys over flowers. If you've seen the Japanese version,Taiwan, manga, or anime you would understand that Hana yori dango can be interpreted in many ways.


    thanks for reading

  91. It is kind of funny how someone could say “Ew, Ew” when they found out it was Go Hye Sun who will appear in the “Boys Over Flowers” movie.

    Now, after the movie had been a huge success, I wonder who’s gonna say “Ew Ew” now!

    I really thought Go Hye Sun was the perfect choice for that role. No one else could have done it better than her.

    Go Hye Sun fighting!!

    Ladybug Grandma

  92. hai i love boys over flower……..I we need
    season 2 please like the meteor garden they have season 2
    and hana yori dango they have season 2
    this is the best boys over flower but they have no season 2
    it is UNFAIR to us……..we request season 2 please

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