We Got Married Episode 28 Summary + English Softsubs

So the worst-kept secret is finally broadcasted today. Which couple decided to end their make-believe marriage on “We Got Married” and draw a conclusion to this long drawn-out affair that has been talked about for weeks?

Well I didn’t watch again. But there wasn’t any need to. We already knew it. Andy and Solbi indeed make their official exit from the show. The other 3 couples remained on the show but for how long? You have to fear for the lettuce couple with Kim Hyun Joong confirmed for the Korean Hana Yori Dango. What of Shin Ae who has been grieving over the loss of her close friend, Choi Jin Shil? Alex who has been fatigued from numerous commitments?

Andy and Solbi had chosen the park as their last dating venue as they recollect all their memories of the past few months as a make-believe couple.

Andy held Solbi’s hands and said, “Have proper meals and live healthily when oppa’s not around.” Andy then said during his interview, “There were tough times while filming, but there were also happy and blissful moments. The happiest moment was meeting Solbi’s parents and leaving behind many beautiful memories”, as Andy finally teared before saying at the end to Solbi to not forget that they were once married and keep in contact often.

Solbi said, “My heart was hurting when we were moving and took out each and every thing from the house. I am really thankful to this program because it taught me a lot. No matter what, we have to keep smiling and get on with life. But it will take some time to get used to not having Andy around.”

Crown J prepared a special event which got In Young smiling once again.

The kiss finally happened between Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong.

Alex played and sang a song just for Shin Ae at his concert.

We Got Married E28 Downloads (thanks to awesome muish)
Download the softsub at megaupload or sendspace or mediafire, uploaded by muish & semi-fly. Download episode 28 from Clubbox (939mb).

To make up for Andy and Solbi’s exit, the PDs have drafted in Hwan Hee, Hwayobi and Marco, Son Dambi couples to make it 5 couples all over again. It’s unfortunate for Choi Jin Young who just lost his sister. I guess it means 1 more couple might be leaving soon and they are preparing for the eventuality.

From the preview, the two new couples of Hwan Hee, Hwayobi and Marco, Son Dambi moves into their new home for the long run. The Ant and Lettuce couples then gets together with the two new couples in an orientation camp of some sort. There was no sighting of Alex and Shin Ae in the preview.

83 thoughts on “We Got Married Episode 28 Summary + English Softsubs

  1. wow 1st?

    anbi exit really makes me sad and omg, both CYJ and Shin Ae are grieving and I feel so bad for them. I won’t be surprised if Shin Ae and Alex might be the next to exit, just due to circumstances.

    ANBI T_T Will miss them definitely!

  2. doubt very much alshin will continue. Poor shin ae still grieving. No way you can make her look all lovey dovey and uncaring about her friend.

  3. This is sad, but inevitable. This is bound to happen … Anyeong AnSol couple .. it’s been very heart warming and entertaining to watch you both …. You will be missed.

    Actually I feel really bad that Choi Jin Young – Lee Hyun Ji couple will not be joining … they could be something to watch… And Shin Ae … ughh … I think you might be right coolsmurf .. they could be next.

  4. horray for dambi and marco couple!! I just knew it since the young girl (lee hyun ji) brought so lil things to her husband’s hse in contrast with hwayobi, marco and dambi! xD

  5. I’m glad the Killer couple made it in… though i was favoring Hwayobi couple, hwanee managed to ruin some of it…

    I’m very saddened about Ansol couple, even though they weren’t my fav out of the bunch, but they’ve always been there… sigh

    I feel the same about alshin couple..they might want to give it a rest after everything that is going on.

    I really hope lettuca couple stays on, but Hyun Joong has a drama, a comeback, i don’t know when he will have the time to film.. T____T


  7. That’s great to heard that 2 new couple are coming !! At least something new !!
    I really loved the duo Hwan Hee & Hwayobi !!
    I also liked Marco & Son Dambi (especially Marco who is very funny).

    But.. I really hope that the lettuce couple (my fav couple) will still remain !!!

  8. aw…you know I actually don’t feel that bad over our lettuce couple leaving anymore, if there was no reason then I’d be upset but to think that I’ll bee seeing Hyun Joong as Hanazawa Rui just gets me all excited. I’ll sure as hell miss HwangBo, she’s so awesome.

  9. Although I like Hyun Joong and HwangBo I would’nt be upset if the Lettuce couple left, they have never been a realistic couple beacuse of the age difference.

    Im glad Marco and Son Dambi made it but I think it was quite obvious since they had alredy given them an apartment.

    Hwan Hee did not seems so nice. Maybe it would be best if Hwayobi was with a person older than herself?

    Anyway, I think it will be good with some new couples coming so that WGM can get a new boost, it will be refreshing! Looking forward to it!

  10. Yay! I’m so happy that Marco & Dambi got chosen to be in it! πŸ™‚ I love them! I’m sad though that Anbi is leaving, they went thru so much…I don’t think I’d be too sad over the lettuce couple…I think they were my least favorite…no offense to anyone else!!

  11. wow finally. was waiting for the permanance of the hwanyobi couple since the Chuseok episode was annouced! can rejoice now =) unlike many who watched WGM from the start and are unhappy that the originals will be slowly gone, i’m those that didn’t really watch WGM but started to do so when the new couples came. so yeah pretty excited abt it now. can’t wait till next week! thanks for all the fast updates. really appreciate them.

    on a quieter note, condolences to choi jin young and shin ae though. the ones left behind are those that feel the pain.

  12. I love killer couple! They’re my fav of the new couples ^^ (Marco is soo cute and hyper!)

    I’m so sad that Anbi is leaving! I think they dug themselves too deep… Looks like thie eppie will be a tearjerker…

  13. i really feel bad that the ansol couple is really gonna be leaving the show. they’re one of those whose presence in the program made quite an impression on me.

    i am also sad that choi jin yong didn’t make it in the cut. but with his sister’s death, it would really be weird if he still joins the show. alshin couple also, i’m worried that they’d leave the show after ansol. gosh…

    thank you for this brief summary, coolsmurf! keep it up!

  14. STILL can imagine d next episode of WGM is absence of AnBi couple ….. hwaaaaaaaa…. T_T how??? how??? how??????????????????????????????????

  15. seriously this show won’t be the same without Anbi couple…. awww , so sad :(, I hope new couple will be entertaining.

  16. I am really sorry for In Young’s lost ,I wish In Young and Crown J can still go on the show,they are my favorite couple,they even said that they love each other in this episode(if i am not wrong),it makes me so excited.

  17. Bye AnBi, sorry but it’s about time. To me, they have been getting boring. Yea, the chemistry is still there but it’s just so plain and not exciting to watch anymore. They used to be my favorite too.

    I didn’t think the Fany and Hwayobi would even make it on, they were so-so. I’m excited for the SDB and Marco couple!

    SIY can be so damn annoying at times but I don’t know why I enjoy watching that couple. Maybe cause they’re so realistic and down-to-earth. I truly hope they last a little longer, they (along with the HJ and HB couple) make me want to watch the show.

  18. I think ShinAe was just as affected by the death of ChoiJinShil as the brother was…. Will she be temporarily pausing all her activities namely in WGM????

  19. Sorry for the misunderstanding,i didnt even know that Choi Jin Young was Choi Jin Shil’s brother,thats’why i thought it as In Young ,Sorry,i was also confused at that moment.Life is so cruel,i wish i could see more works of her,i really liked Last Scandal,even before they started to sub it,i was watching it with full enjoyment.So sad…
    Ant Couple fighting,

  20. I think the next couple that will leave are between Alex & Shinae ( for the reasons u mentioned) or Crown J & Seo In Young ( cuz thier relation recently not stable with lot of argues)..

  21. It would have been better if all the couples left at the same time. But I guess it is only anbi couple. Good bye wgm .hello family outing.

  22. Almost done watching episode 27. I can’t wait for the next episode!

    I am going to miss everyone who leaves T.T Although we knew that it will end one day for the couples, it seems like time moved by too fast. I hope the new couples are just as amusing as they were during the special or else I will stop watching this show.

  23. I’m so sad why five couples?! that means that they will get less time oh I can not only see the end of the couples coming soon i can see the end of WGM all together.

    After ShinAe and Alex, Crown J and Seo In Young leave there will be no reason for me to watch WGM anymore.

  24. I really liked the CJY and HJ couple ~ but I totally get that he won’t be doing anything for awhile. Such a depressing thought of Choi Jin Shil not being around ~~ she was so amazing. I hope Shinae is recuperating well…if she was best friends with CJS I guess she was close to CJY too.

  25. Awww.. I was hoping for Lee Hyun Ji to make it haha
    she’s so cute
    But i dont mind seeing HH couple and marco/son dambi

  26. I hope Kim Hyung Joong won’t leave too early for Hana Yori Dango. He’ll be just f** Rui anyway lol -_-
    Oh man.. such moments make me sad. NOOOOOOOOO.

  27. IMO, i think Alshin couple is going to stay because in the last interview when they asked if they wanted to stay or leave they both said “i love you” which means they want to stay and they both said “they have so much to do and talk about with eachother” which might be a little hint. I honestly dont think Shinae is going to leave because of what happened to CJS, she would probably want to live for the future and stay positive.

  28. sorry, to see andy and solbi couple leave but they were starting to get boring sorry, if any of you guys are advocate of theirs… but i am super super glad to see my two favorite couple still remaining… i was soo scared that seo in young would dump crown j because she seems like she doesn’t want to stay with him anymore on episode 27 but i guess my prediction was wrong… and i am super super excited to see hwanhee and marco just because they are both ridiculously hilarious and it’ll bring some laughter again to the show… hwanhee mischievous makes me LOL and marco, “KILLER” remark makes me LOL too…

  29. i become more and more addisted to WGM…
    5 couples..WOW!!! and Alshin + Marbi going to be there!!!
    JUst can’t wait…..

  30. btw, about alshin
    I don;t know they will appear in next episode or not due to ALex’s back pain…
    maybe he took some time to rest….

  31. :/ dang, this is all too sad.
    anbi wasn’t really my favorite, but they completed it all. lols :p
    as for the romantic alshin couple.. i rlly hope they get to stay on. without their mushy gusy romance, wgm won’t be the same.

    on the other side,
    i’m real happy that hwanhee & hwayobi are on [;
    also the killer couple hahahahah ❀ they’re funny πŸ˜€

    i know sooner or later, they would have to leave–
    but their company in wgm is much needed for me.
    HJ&HB are too cute!

  32. why did the Andy and Solbi couple decide to leave? im so confused. cuz i just finished watching it and i didnt have eng sub titles.

  33. i read from translation that both agree that it’s better for their future. Andy mentioned in the parting message that he had grew really fond of solbi as time goes by and the attachment will get stronger. But knowing that it might be a ‘burden’ in the future(think he meant their career), it’s better they be friends now. Seriously, I think they really put in their real emotions in the show. Anyway, these are just what I read from their related posts so it might be not all accurate. We need to wait for the subs to come out then we will know the accurate contents. But I think the real reason; only they know themselves. I miss my AnBi couple.. cried buckets watching them yesterday..they are my fave.!

  34. the pds were prob like to the other couples, yeah you have a choice of leaving or not, but if you leave you are still breaking your contract

  35. omg im so sad they left !!! well im glad the two couples that were in the speical are there now. but i feel sorry for her that she died :/

  36. the reason why anbi couple is leaving is prob because their feelings& emotions have gotten too serious and if they continue this “fake” relationship, it will hurt both of them as they will really fall in love with each other. although i am sad right now, i think it would be better for them to go out in real life instead of through a program…

    although anbi was my favorite couple, i am kinda expecting the new couples because i think theyre cute.


  37. i still can’t figure andy out. after they exchanged their rings, i thought he was warming up to her and i thought there could be a chance that he might be interested in her. yet, after this episode, i doubt anythings going to happen between them.

    also, i wonder if solbi was the one that ultimately decided to leave the show first. she spilled her guts out on that one dramatic interview and now she realizes that there’s nothing more she can do. she likes him. he knows that. he’s warmed up, but he’s still not reciprocating. she’s doing the smart thing and walking away. there’s no need for her to get hurt. i guess she’s realized he’s just not that into her?!?!

    i really, really enjoyed watching their relationship, though. it was so realistic. one person being into the other person more. it shows how girls get their hopes up, they dwell over every little action…sigh. she’s taught us a lot.

  38. I don’t think Andy does not have any feelings for her at all. He is abit blunt at times but that’s his character. You can see him crying even in the studio at this last episode. It’s like the ultimate breakdown for them for the past 7 months. I think there are reasons which are inevitable for them to leave this show and sort out their feelings for now. Looking at them, I just feel very touched and emotional. Though I really want them to be in a relationship, I think being celebrities really have too much responsibilities and things to consider at that being in a relationship now is just not right at this moment for them. I kinda feel sorry but somehow think it’s wise for them to leave the show now. Let them sort out their feelings and do what’s best for them. They really brought me laughter, joy and sadness. AnBi couple fighting!

  39. …I can’t help but laugh at the kissing scenes of Hwangbo and Hyunjoong…it’s like watching Mom forcing a kiss on a teenage son in front of his friends…love these two though, and although I’m sad for Andy and Solbi’s parting of ways, I’m looking forward to the two new couples’ episodes in the following weeks.

    …Thanks for this.

  40. i just watched joongbo’s part and it was real swt. i’m sad cus i think alshin should leave…not because i want them to because they’re my fav couple, but because they’re both so stressed atm with shin ae mourning over her friend’s death. she looked so depressed at the funeral…not to mention alex’s stressed has capitulated resulting in a bad back. wonder what will happen…

    on a brighter side, the preview of the next episode looks pretty fun though.

  41. Man I don’t know if I wanna watch it because seeing the pictures alone make me cry.
    Seeing Andy cry that much shows that he did feel something for Solbi & probably still does.
    My theory is that they both decide to leave to show so they can deal with their feelings. I think they got too deep into this show that they now have real feelings for one another (Solbi of course since she has announced it already) but I think Andy has just really realize his feelings & I think he feel pressure due to the show so I think he & Solbi probably both came to a decision that they should take a break from one another to really see if what they feel for one another is real & not something they felt because of the show.
    I think the couple rings thing is what sealed the deal for them. Is when they realize they do need to address what is going on between them & taking a break to clear their heads is what they need to see if it’s real.
    I honestly don’t believe that what they felt between each other is fake. I honestly feel that they really do have a connection & that they are starting to get serious that it probably scared Andy so Solbi is just giving him room to breath.

    I do hope in the end they do end up together. I have grown to love these two throughout their time as a couple. They were the ones that seemed that what they said, do felt real.

    Andy HWAITING!!
    Solbi HWAITING!!

  42. what?? 5 couples… omo~ means that will shorten the other couples’s time… argh~ wif anbi left, it will not be the same~ tsk tsk… i don’t mind hwan hee and hwayobi, as i am rooting for them to replace the UNREPLACEABLE anbi couple… but marco n son dambi… its… ugh~ a little weird? now we have another awkward couple to replace the used-to-be awkward alshin couple, which is hwan hee n hwayobi… and a new ‘MODEL’ couple… ah~ dis show is so addicting! i’m looking forward for episode 28~ n also hwan hee! gah~ (wish it was brian dat coupled wif hwan hee~ hehe… joke2~) ^^

  43. Shin Ae,

    Aja, aja, Fighting!!!


    Rest in peace, Choi Jin Sil.

    She’s and her two children still in the back of my mind.

  44. lettuce couple shud just stop filming soon otherwise HJ will be lack of rest again ! 2nd album launching, korean boys over flowers , etc.. omo… he will faint in near time if he keeps doing it.. thou, hope to be ended in such a memorable way thou ^^ anbi bye bye im sad.. yet i know u guys did it for the best of urs :p so happy for hwanhee n hwayobi couple.. i like dambi but, i don’t really like marco .. for some reasons he seems overacting for me..hehe.. just my personal opinion .. anyway, this is a make believe show.. n i think anbi couple did end their part nicely ^^ sad but it will happen soon or later…wished them gluck !!

  45. Yesterdays episode made me cried even though i did not know what they said. But i cried a lot after seeing andy and solbi cry. Btw did anyone know what andy said which made the female celebs in the studio cry.

    I think there is a high chace that one or even two couples will leave. I guess its going to be alshin or lettece couple. Eventhough the ant couple fights a lot but its just their style and i don’t think that they will leave soon.

    I really hate how the PD make them say sorry that they do not love each other, while everyone know that they will be leaving. Its soo dumb, the PD tries to make it seem like they have no feelign fore each other, but in reality there is soo much feeling. I really hate the PD.

    The new couples sound interesting, but i still love my anbi.

  46. The only thing I’ve been 100% dedicated to, in terms of watching Asian related shows, is WGM ^^. I’ve never failed to watch each and every episode! xD
    After seeing the screen caps of ep. 28, I’m really glad to see that Crown J & Seo In Young are finally back to their normal state, well..so it seems. I totally love the “A/Ant” couple! But it seems that the “Lettuce Couple” have also really grown on me. They began to leave a good impression on me even at their first meeting, but now it’s official, I’ve decided that they come in equal place with the “new arrival” lovers LOL ;D

    CJ&SIY/HJ&HB HWAITING~! .< Good Luck AnBi Couple!

  47. What’s more, It’s really sad to see Andy & Solbi leave the show. I remember clearly that they were the reason I even started watching WGM. They were the first couple i watched on youtube and I guess you could say was the reason I got so hooked on to the program. I wish them all the best and hope that their relationship can develop more later on. They have such an overwhelming connection that I’d hate to see it all go to waste. Please stay positive, take care and always look on straight ahead with no regrets.

    Good Luck AnBi Couple!***

    (Fixed my last paragraph, was cut off -.-“)

  48. Goodbye AnSol couple.. just a lil bit not satisfied with the PD.. i only want to watch them take care of baby like AlexSinae n Ant couple.. just switch the task only.. haih… never mind then, just hoping that the new couple will take care of baby like AlexSinae n Ant couple did… haha

  49. i’m still devastated because of anbi leaving…i didn’t want to watch the last episode originally but my love for anbi took over…it was just so sad that were the first couple to officially leave the show (excluding the 2 other couples).

    i really love the couple but it’s quite sad that the pds ended their love story that way…i mean people telling that they’re becoming a bore…

    i didn’t think of it that way…even before the announcement of them leaving of course it’s been confirmed that they will go so the pds for sure edited their part to somehow show the viewers that anbi couple have nothing new to offer because anbi or shall i say ansol couple is really popular among the netizens for being realistic i think the pds did that so netizens wouldn’t be to frustrated over them leaving…

    so, i guess from now on i’ll have to carefully watch if they will really progress from reel-to-real (i sure hope they do!) and a drama starring them won’t be so bad…lol

    anyway, anbi fighting!!!

  50. don’t like the Marco & Son Dam Bi couple.
    Marco is alright… but some of his stuff seemed unorginal and copied. (ie: the costume is like Kim Hyun Joong’s pooh outfit. and his “Killer” line is like “A!”
    I can tolerate that since he does bring some entertainment.

    But Son Dam Bi is just plain BORING! She doesn’t bring anything to the table for entertainment. If it wasn’t for Marco I would’ve skipped over their part.

    Hwan Hee and Hwayobi are the only fresh new couple out of the 3 special couples.

  51. AFAIK Choi Jin Sil only has a lil brother and Choi Jin Young is not her sister are family at all. They just have the same last name Choi Jin. But maybe the ones really know the true about should speak about it, cuz im not quite sure now ~~

    However sad to see my favorite couple leaving, but it was I think time to add new couples. Though I would like to Choi Jin Young as new couple -..-

  52. An1mA: lol, so now one doesn’t know how things are. No matter what, the reason for him nor being on the show though must be that he actually said he didn’t think there was something between them. So, that was obvious of course. I think it was rude towards him. A man with best years behind him, not getting a nice chance on the show.

  53. I’m quite sad about the Anbi couple. Those screencaps of them looked really nice though and I’m glad that they parted with good hearts.

    I am so excited about the Marco and Son dambi couple though. I crave for more of them. πŸ™‚

  54. lol! Hyunjoong’s face when being kissed..
    I like how even a kiss on the cheek can bt awkward after so long..
    And the Ant couple.. That [2nd] special event is calling for a kiss too xD

  55. i dont like son dam bi n marco..
    i like hwanhee n hwayobi..

    but anbi leave on this programe make me sad n bad today..

  56. can’t wait to watch with subs.

    I feel AlShin is next since it was already announced that he would be leaving “with” the AnSol couple due to his health problems. But I guess he hasn’t left yet. *crosses fingers* I hope for at least a few more eppies with them.

    And is anyone else other than me taken with how perfectly the lipstick mark that Hwangbo left on HJ is?

  57. ^ No he literally bowled her over when he leaned into her.

    I think DanBi will be leaving soon, isn’t she supposed to be taping a movie in Hollywood later this year. I think AlShin is going to stay he just missed next week because of his back. The preview looked pretty intense

  58. I am really confused until now. The AnBi couple sure gets the most attention from viewers, why are they sent out? Don’t MBC want to get a good rating?

    Anyway, it’s so sad for their fans, including myself. Hope much they date in real life.

  59. If Son Dambi’s confirmed to have a leading role in Hollywood, how will she tape, too?

    We Got Married is definitely on the rocks.

    I hope JoongBo stays!! They’re the favorite couple right now. WGM cannot afford to lose them. AlShin, I think, is ready for a farewell. As for Ant couple, I feel like they intent on staying for awhile.

  60. Does anyone know the song used for Alex presentation to Sinae? It’s the part where all of Sinae professional photos and displayed… It starts off with a guitar solo…

    thanks alot

  61. I adore lettuce couple so much. i have watch it so many times and the more i fell in love with those two people. Cuz like what HJ said she’s really pretty inside and out. Though HJ won’t directly admit that she’s also pretty in the outside, i like her exotic beauty. The type that doesn’t try to impress too much instead she’s herself. And i can feel how sensitive but strong she is. And seeing how she inspires people around her especially looking how she changes him (from being blunt to being a more sensitive man to her woman),don’t all of us just fall in love more. And also the way HJ treats him is incredibly real. ‘Cuz he also doesn’t lie about things that he’s not and that he doesn’t try to impress much like giving fancy jewelries he tries to give stuffs that matters most, that has more importance like the 1000 paper cranes and what it stands for are more touching.

    How could anyone think that they’re not being realistic. If only real couples would try to treat each like the way they do, life inside marriage would be more meaningful

  62. Does anyone know the song that was played in the background when Hwang Bo and Hyunjoong were giving eachother’s well wishes for the future?

    Love watching this btw, they are such a cute match!!! It changed my outlook on experiencing life and love.

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