Son Ye Jin is Lee Byung Hun’s Lover in IRIS

It has been finalized that Son Ye Jin will be in the upcoming spy drama “IRIS” that is scheduled to air in the first half of 2009. Son Ye Jin is casted as Lee Myung Hee, an agent of NSS, a national intelligence agency.

“IRIS” is a collaboration between director Kang Je Gyu and Taewon Entertainment. The director of KBS2TV’s “Sorry I Love You”, Lee Hyung Min, will also be participating in this mega production, which boasts of 20 billion won in production cost and expected to be filming in many overseas locations.

Son Ye Jin plays an NSS psychological analyst who has a sensitive mind and is able to carry out effective preventive measures to thwart terrorist activities. She plays an important role in aiding Kim Hyeon Jun (Lee Byung Hun) to enter the NSS. As Son Ye Jin is a psychological analyst in this drama, she will not have too many action scenes as opposed to the other characters.

Son Ye Jin will be taking on a role that is very much different from her recent roles in drama “Spotlight” and movie “My Wife Got Married”.

After the promotions for her new movie “My Wife Got Married” is over, Son Ye Jin will officially begin her filming in the drama “IRIS”. In a recent interview, Son Ye Jin expressed, “I will not be discouraged because of the viewership ratings in ‘Spotlight’. I wish to attempt another television drama instead”.

“IRIS” is a 20-episode drama which is scheduled to air in the first half of 2009. Filming will begin in November. Shades of “Time of Dog and Wolf” perhaps?

Credit: Donga + Hanfever

13 thoughts on “Son Ye Jin is Lee Byung Hun’s Lover in IRIS

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  2. i will watch IRIS for LBH and i am happy they chose a lead actress that i can stand seeing on screen. SYJ is one good actress and has been doing more matured roles since OPEN CITY. although i like her, i gave up watching SPOTLIGHT. hopefully IRIS will have a well-written script.

    cannot wait to see LBH on small screen again!

  3. TOP is gonna be in the drama too
    and everyone knows DaeSung have a major huge crush on Son Ye Jin since forever
    this is gonna be interesting…
    start filming in November??
    that’s when Big Bang make their comeback with 2nd album… hhmm…. our TOP will be busy after he got back from Japan then

  4. this will be so cool…though I was a little bit disappointed over SYJ’s Spotlight, I will give this with a good chance, since I’ve seen some of SYJ’s works, and of course Lee Byung-hun’s casting is a plus as well, definitely one of the most anticipated dramas of 2009

  5. They will be a brilliant pairing! I hope she will be confirmed though. With the director of I’m Sorry I Love You. I’m anticipating it if they both is the cast. A great actor and actress.

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