So Nyeo Shi Dae Will Release Album in November

After speculation of an album release in late October, So Nyeo Shi Dae announced yesterday that it would only be released next month.

So Nyeo Shi Dae was at a press conference held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel for the 2008 Asia Song Festival which will be held this evening at Seoul Jamsil’s Stadium. They will be one of Korea’s representatives for the event which will see singers from all over Asia coming together for a showcase.

So Nyeo Shi Dae expressed, “We are honored to be the only female group from Korea to be invited for this event where the representative singers from Asia would be taking part. We will do our best to present a good performance.”

They continued, “We were really honored when we received the invitation. We aren’t sure why we were invited but perhaps because we can introduce ourselves in four languages (english, japanese, chinese and korean). There will be no language barriers as an Asia representative and we can interact with the fans so that’s probably one of the reasons why we were invited.

Tae Yeon revealed that they would be collaborating with W-inds (Japan) during the showcase. They also expressed, “We are now preparing for our second album and it will be out next month.” As for whether they would be performing their new song at the showcase, they said, “It’s a secret.”

51 thoughts on “So Nyeo Shi Dae Will Release Album in November

  1. aw no wonder girls =(
    boo hoo
    well at least 2 singers from my country will be there!
    woo hoo
    thailand representing!

  2. Hmm… Proud too much? Maybe they are the ones who just acceoted the invitation to perform (since they have a lot of free time.. hihi!) But I guess they are not the only ones that was invited.

    Too bad there is no WG….

    Hope that Rivermaya will have a good performance.
    Go Philippines!

  3. omg, can’t we just love BOTH groups!? they’re both amazing, talented groups! no need to be hatin’ on SNSD because you love WG and vice versa. they’re both AMAZING.

    i don’t like how they keep pushing back the album release date! it’s probably gonna be pushed back again…i blame Yoona LOLZ jk jk
    *gasp* they gave a hint that they might perform their new song…i hope that they do.
    can’t wait for their next album!

  4. ^ You do realize that this blogger (the great Alvin a.k.a. coolsmurf /wondersmurf) as well as most people who read this blog are wondergirl fans…

    At least here nothing said about SNSD is is rude or biased like other sites.

  5. ^ Yeah, but you have to realize that there are people that are both fans of the group. Just because you’re a Wonder Girls fan, it doesn’t mean you can’t be a SNSD fan as well. I’m a perfect example of that.

    Anyways, I’m glad the album is pushed back to November. Hopefully Yoona wraps up her drama around then because SNSD isn’t SNSD with just 8 members.

  6. ^^ Thank you :]

    I was wondering why theyre invited anywhere when theres obviously so much negativity towards them. Theyre boycotted and ahted on so why invite someone whos hated to an event youre trying to promote? Its dumb idea so i dont understand why people would do that…(unless theres money involved). I mean come on “they invited us cause we can introduce ourselves in four languages”. And what? You want an award? I can introduce myself in as many languages as want. Its called Google translator.

    “no need to be hatin’ on SNSD because you love WG vice versa”

    I dont hate SNSD cause i love WG.
    I hate SNSD cause i can and i want to.

    Me hating SNSD has nothing to do with WG. There are plenty of people who hate SNSD just fricken cause. Check the Dream Concert videos ;]

    Like Lily people can like both groups. And like others, people can hate both groups. So how is it such a crime that i like one over the other?

  7. The album pushed back again??
    I see… YoonA is still busy n LSM definitely doesn’t want to see his singer goes against his other singer (DBSK).
    I rarely see LSM promotes his singers at the exactly same time.

    Well, China, korea n thailand market don’t want SNSD??
    Hahaha… wonder how they are still exist til now.
    They hv lot of haters but they still hv lots of fans that’s why LSM still promotes them.
    Do u think LSM will still promote them if markets don’t want them? He’s not dumb!!!

  8. it does make sense to have SNSD GO TO THE FESTIVAL

    because the members can speak english, japanese, chinese, and korean

    so it’ll be more easier for them to interact with asia

  9. If it were’t for 2PM and 2AM being there,I would’ve curse ASF for not inviting WG lol. jk jk.
    Guys,pls respect Alvin’s blog.
    This is not the time to compare WG and SNSD.
    but yeah,I’m still disappointed because WG is not there since they are the Korea Nation’s Little Sister ):

  10. ugh
    shut up ppl
    soshi worked hard too
    and idk why they didnt invite wg
    maybe it is cuz of lee so man
    maybe its cuz of the languages they mentioned in the article
    but dont diss soshi cuz wg wasnt invited
    both groups deserve to be there
    u guys are so rude…..

  11. with W-inds? WHOAAA!!

    In a way, I thought it would be because of SM’s connections in Asia that they were chosen, but they DID give a good reason why they think they were picked. Although WG can speak all three languages (I don’t think they’re learning Japanese..?), they are not fluent in them, as much as they should be. Because SNSD has so many members, at least 1 member in the group know a second language fluently.

    English: Tiffany and Jessica
    Korean: ALL
    Chinese: HyoYeon
    Japanese: SooYoung

    You also can’t deny the fact that they are STILL an idol group in Korea. And plus, I think WG is heading the Western way by international way of spreading their music, y’know? JYP wants to promote more here in the States, while SM usually tries to go the Asian route and promote in Japan and China.



    coolsmurf is too cool for posting up SNSD’s articles in his blog.


  13. By the way,
    if anyone wants to bash other artists, please don’t do it here.
    Respect coolsmurf’s blog.

  14. who cares if WG wasn’t invited?? they have others things to do….

    i hate how people come to coolmurf’s blogs to start useless fights…its the only decent blog and both wg fans and soshi fans are tainting it..

    so album is pushed back until the end of november or what? i’m quite curious to listen to their songs…

  15. I can’t wait for their comeback, i want to see what style of song their gonna do. Hopefully something more mature. I’m really anticipating their comeback. Also their new stylist is doing an awesome job on their outfits. I got Maknae confused with Yuri lol, shes getting more and more elegant these days (seohyun i mean).

    I’m a WonderGeneration fan xxxxxxxx

  16. @querm, calm down, no one asked for that info, =]

    *sigh sigh sigh* this is their “Comeback” right?

    But they never left in the first place :(.

  17. Gracias, coolsmurf for posting up SNSD’s articles in your blog. ^^

    People,”STOP BRINGING WG INTO THIS ARTICLE. coolsmurf has a dedicated site for WG.

    Yey,they would be collaborating with W-inds !!!!

  18. ummm no need to use caps people x.x

    i’ll be open minded about their album…. don’t need to like them to recognise if a song is good….

    but i do wanna save w-inds.

  19. stupid haters, seriously?
    1: start appreciating their hard works, too~ don’t just look at their mistakes and start hating/bashing them, that makes no sense, no one is perfect, you know you’re not perfect, neither r they~ give them a break
    2: WG fans, really, y do u even hate SNSD? what do they ever do to WG? except for getting the title “WG’s rival”, i mean, come one~
    ** and this is pure observation, i do not hate WG: i don’t think they can sing? argue as much as u fans want but watching their live performances is just torturing fans sometimes give stupid excuse for WG for having a bad day/throat/tired… endless chain of dumb excuses

    And i do think SNSD sings better than WG, much better~

  20. ^ you know you could have just left the last part out.. that’s not really going to help calming things down..

  21. both WG and SNSD suck.
    As with most most of Korean’s mainstream groups.

    and as much as you try to blame fatigue, etc. WG can’t sing.
    They aren’t singers.
    I’d see them as entertainers but nothing more. Korea’s like a big sideshow circus.
    and SNSD? Why do you think they have 9? Cause if you put 9 mediocre girls together, maybe you’ll produce a decent sound.

    If liking real music makes me a hater, then I shall be a hater.

  22. ahah….ok nice to to see new of snsd….

    stupid haters, seriously?…….wait….


    why do people(snsdfans) always think its wgfans that are haten snsd??????…………–snsd fans, really, y do u even thank that? what do they ever do to SNSD? except for getting the title “SNSD’s rival”, i mean, come on

    you all know other(group)fans just use WG name to get you hype up????…
    which i didn’t know why wgfans take that… there like using wg!!!…

  23. no offense but they look like they’re dressed for a funeral or something. the one of the far left has this white shirt thats way too big for her. well i guess im glad they’re finally throwing out the skirts. i thought they were cute at first until they started to wear them over and over again. hmmm a lot of ppl here don’t like snsd huh? well i honestly really liked them after hearing about the negative things about tiffany. i guess judging a grp based on one member isn’t right but the whole idea of them being “girls generation” is weird and all of them come out in frilly skirts singing doll songs.

  24. Well WG got invited in a BIGGER EVENT compared to the Asian Song Festival so it’s ok guys.

    And I doubt it that SNSD was the only one invited. I guess there were lots of girl bands invited but they (SNSD ) was the one who accepted the invitation.

    Anyways there were rumors saying that WG is planning to break the US market.

    So why not, right? They are already famous in Asia why not try another continent?

    WG hwaitinG!

  25. they are okay for me except for tiffany…. i don’t like their fashion trend…
    but i’m glad they will be having a 2nd album…i really like sooyoung…
    but i hope this time tiffany would not ruin all the other girl’s hardwork because of her attitude…

  26. woah.. chill out guys.. haha..

    nice.. new album.. cant wait!!!!!

    anyway… i think it would be better if WG dont try to get into the US market.. they still need to improve their english.. even BOA’s english is not yet acceptable for me.. hehe..

    ~YG.SM fan!!~

  27. @concep9
    That news was false….

    C’mon people.. no need to bash them.. they already have lots of it….
    so chill..

    *ignore my username* hahaha

  28. Gosh, not trying to be all mean, but they sound so cocky
    “perhaps because we can introduce ourselves in four languages (english, japanese, chinese and korean)” okay you dont need to out smart the other girl groups!

  29. Lol.

    You people should seriously stop all this commotion about snsd & wg. Both have their own good n bad qualities. And that’s what make them who they are.. Stop being immature.

    Besides, do you think snsd n wg would like to have fans who don’t respect people?? And if you’re not a fan of any of them, why do you bother to read/listen their news?

  30. those haters’ comments are really unnecessary but when you guys call yourself anti fans, im surprised that you even care to check out their news and leave comments. gosh im amazed.. >.>

    yeah anyway thanks so much for the news.

  31. i’m sorry to tell the truths to u ppl out there, but, SNSD IS infact more pop in asia than wondergirls… Really… I mean, i see SNSD’s album on the shelves in Singapore, and not wondergirls. i mean, i’m sorry, but, that’s a fact, WG may be more pop in korea, but, may not be more pop in asia. But, yeahs. I respect both grps anyways. SNSD~ fighting. =))

  32. november? ahh… then i should wait one more month>.<
    i’m really excited for the 2nd album and their new image as well.

    and umm guys.. i think it’s not the right place to speak about the snsd&wg thing.

  33. LY , this isn’t because you don’t see Wonder Girls’s album in Singapore that they are less in asia’s pop.
    I see more Wonder Girl’s album in Thailand than SNSD’s .
    Plus , they got featured in Virgin Media[Or is that mobile ? ] and perez hilton.
    But who cares. I love them both and this isn’t a place to talk about that.

    But anyways … Can’t wait to see what SNSD’s new concept will be. ❤

  34. ahhh, dont compare groups please.. its irritating.. even if you hate someone in a group,dont have to tell the whole world.. aishhh… =.=

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