Family and Friends Send Choi Jin Shil Off with Tears

Choi Jin Shil was sent off on her last journey at 7.30am this morning by grieving family members and friends who still can’t quite believe that this is happening after she ended her life two days ago in her bathroom at home.

The Christian burial rites begun at 7.30am at the grounds of Samsung medical center. Choi Jin Shil’s mother and brother, Choi Jin Young who was carrying his sister’s photo kept sobbing. Jin Shil’s best friends like Lee Young Ja, Uhm Jung Hwa, Hong Jin Kyung, Jung Sun Hee, Shin Ae, etc plus her ex-husband Jo Sung Min were also present to send her off with sadness and tears in their eyes.

Choi Jin Shil’s body was cremated at 10am and will be laid to rest at her family burial ground situated in Gyeonggi-do. Rest in peace, Choi Jin Shil.

As a mark of respect, that will be the only photo I am posting.

29 thoughts on “Family and Friends Send Choi Jin Shil Off with Tears

  1. Condolences to CJS’s family and friends.
    My heart goes out especially to Jung Sun Hee. For someone to lose her husband and then a close friend within a short amount of time is truly too much for a human being to handle. When I saw the picture of her crying uncontrollably and needing others to help her stand up, all I wanted to was give her a hug… I hope she is getting the support she needs during this tough time.

  2. My heart is heavy as I sit here and type this.

    I don’t think it’s really hit me yet, I’m not sure what exactly I’m feeling. I don’t know what her reasons were, even with all the news that’s been out, but whatever it was, I’m hoping she is in a better place.

    She was truly loved by those who knew her and even those who didn’t. I came to know her late in her career, Rosy Life was the first full drama I watched of hers and all I could remember thinking was that “she is one talented actress”. I thank her for the time she shared with us and know that she is no longer suffering and in sadness.

    Choi Jin Shil unnie, may you rest in peace. You will be truly and dearly missed.

  3. im still shocked and can not believe that korea has lost such a beautiful actress. she was a true actress and her acting moved my heart in many of her dramas/ movies.

    Rest in peace CJS…

  4. seriously, i am still like everyone else… “what are the things in life that cannot be solve and have to resort to death”


    rest in peace choi jin shil.

  5. May she rest in peace~But I still don’t understand why she have the heart to leave her mother and children behind…

    Gossip is a fearful thing

  6. May the pretty lady rest in peace.

    Condolences to the family departed. I really hope her children can be strong and cherished their mother’s legacy.

    Such a sad, sad tragedy to a such talented lady!

    Let’s hope those ‘nasty’ netizens could get a lesson from this & stop spreading such malicious rumours.
    They could be called “back-stabbers”/”schemers”!

  7. I agree with SHEENA …. My GOD .. she has 2 young children ! don’t they even flash in her eyes when she decided about killing herself ?

    Rest In Peace, I hope this will be the last time I read such a depressing news like this … Choi Jin Sil, who would’ve thought she did something like this ….I always thought that she has big ears, but she’s a good actress .. I like her in “Good Woman, Bad Woman”

  8. rip …..hope u will be happier there
    it took just a second to lose yr senses to do such a thing…
    its accumalative ..
    which mother do not love their children?
    she must have been pushed to the brink …..its really sad

  9. R.I.P.
    It’s so sad to see so many of my favourite stars going away.
    Condolences to her family & her children.

  10. tht’s why we have to keep our mouth. even words can take other people life….

    rest in peace CJS.

    my condolences to family and friends

  11. My love goes out to her friends and loved ones. Rest in Peace, Choi Jin Shil.

    And i have to applaud Coolsmurf for only showing one photo, whereas many other sites feel the need to display her funeral as if it were a fashion show.

  12. What I heard from reports was that after her bitter divorce with baseball player Cho Sung Min she started to get depressed and has been taking pills ever since. And with her suppossed involvement with Ahn Jae Hwan’s death it definitely took a toll on her mental/emotional state. I even heard that when she talked to her friends about the rumours, she said she wanted to die because the thought of someone commutting suicide because of her was just unbearable.

  13. still in great shock and sorrow. she had many qualities deserving of love, but did not receive enough to shield her from life’s burden…Rest In Peace.

  14. I really love her since 1998 in “Dream to star” with Ahn Jea Wook,Cha In Pyo…My lover left me forever that year,so i dropped a lot of tears when seeing that film…Choi Jin Sil is my idol because of her charateristics:economic, hardworking, friendly…I used to dream to meet her in real life…but now…hixhix

  15. This year has truly been marked by a string of unfortunate events. From tragic accidents to suicides, the industry seems to be losing some of its very talented actors and actresses. This news was just as shocking to see as was Lee Eom’s sudden death. Choi Jin Sil was really unknown to me prior to Last Scandal, but that drama made me appreciate her as an actress filled with an enormous amount of talent. May her soul rest in peace and may the rest of the year the next hold no more sad events as this.

  16. I was shocking…I was unbelievable!! I don’t really know what has it happen to her. I love her a talent actress…Choi is beautiful in peace…God blesses her….I don’t know will next me be gone and I felt like a short life and not easy for me…I’m not kidding….I am serious… I don’t know sure when i will be gone and meet her in heaven…and happily ever live…


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