Park Min Young & Jung Ryeo Won Casted For Princess Ja Myung Go

Park Min Young and Jung Ryeo Won could be playing as sisters of an ancient kingdom known as Nangnang-guk in the 50 episode saeguk drama “Princess Ja Myung-go” scheduled for broadcast on SBS television in February 2009.

Park Min Young has been casted as Princess Nangnang while Jung Ryeo Won has been casted as her elder sister, Princess Ja Myung Go.

“Princess Ja Myung-go” is based loosely on a historical Korean love story (recorded in Samguk Sagi and other texts) between Princess Nangnang and Prince Hodong of Goguryeo. Nangnang-guk had mystical wardrums that would sound in advance when rival nations attack them. Numerous attempts by Goguryeo to invade Nangnang-guk was thwarted. Goguryeo wanted to conquer Nangnang-guk as it was a buffer nation between them and Buyeo.

Prince Hodong was thus sent undercover into Nangnang-guk to destroy the wardrums. But he meets Princess Nangnang and falls in love with her. Goguryeo soon mounted another invasion and for her love, Princess Nangnang destroyed the wardrums enabling Goguryeo to conquer Nangnang-guk with ease. But in the aftermath of the battle, Princess Nangnang perished, dying in the arms of a grieving Prince Hodong as their love was never fulfilled. Princess Princess Ja Myung Go who also has a tragic love story will be revealed in the drama.

Both Ryeo Won and Park Min Young went through the scripts on the 29th of last month at SBS Ilsan production center and gave positive reviews. But they have not decided or confirm on their participation yet with the production.

17 thoughts on “Park Min Young & Jung Ryeo Won Casted For Princess Ja Myung Go

  1. YEA. Both of my favorite actress!
    To bad it’s sbs…it be easier for me to watch if it was on KBS.
    I can’t wait.
    I hope it’s good 0.0 50 episodes…dang

  2. Omg. Two of my favourite actresses together in one drama. This is amazing! I miss PMY since it’s been a while since we’ve last seen her in a drama. And I absolutely love JRW. Can’t wait! Have to figure out a way to watch this though…

  3. that would be great!!its been awhile since i last saw jung ryeo won in another drama.. both the girls would really pass as sisters!!!

  4. So, are they both leads? From yours summary, it sounds like Min Young has the lead, but the title of it leads me to believing that Ryuwon has the lead.

    Whoever the lead is, I’m happy for both of them. They’re both beautiful, and I can definitely see them playing as sisters!!!


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