Triple To Be Delayed To May 2009

The broadcast of “Triple” directed by Lee Yoon Jung of “Coffee Shop 1st Prince” fame has been delayed. It is now scheduled for a May 2009 broadcast.

“Triple” is a story between figure skaters and advertising executives. It was originally scheduled to be aired in January 2009. It has now been pushed back to May 2009 after MBC made some changes to it’s broadcasting schedule.

A MBC representative said yesterday, “The delay in broadcast is a good thing for us. We can now recheck the script in detail and can prepare for it even better with the additional time.” Fans have been looking forward to this even more after Kang Ji Hwan was added to the cast recently, already comprising of Yoon Kye Sang, Lee Sun Gyun and newbie actress Min Hyo Rin.

4 thoughts on “Triple To Be Delayed To May 2009

  1. i am sad that it is delayed but what a great cast so far. i like min hyo rin and it will be good to see her act and YKS!!

  2. wow. great male leads. after watching who are you i’m really impressed with yoon kye sang. kang hi hwan and lee sun gyun are just awesome. will definetely be checking this out in may.

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