Park Min Young for Lancome Advectorial November 2008

Park Min Young posted 2 selcas on her Cyworld minihompy recently which was dated 27th September. Both selcas sees her at the dressing table getting her hair styled for a Lancome advertorial which will be published sometime in November. She already looks great even before the photoshoot.

im not going anywhere~♬

blah blah it’s always fun to be in studio
but need to work on “blah blah”

Lancome advertorial 2008.11

Lancome advertorial 2008.11

I’ve been trying to live every day by being very hardworking

Soon, I will be back with good news and in a good shape

Hope, you all will do well till then

PS. By the way, did you know all the pictures I’ve been uploading recently including this one are at least half a year old? hehe!

credit: lazenca0 (translation)

18 thoughts on “Park Min Young for Lancome Advectorial November 2008

  1. i’m sorry coolsmurf… i know you love her and everything but if this girl is not careful, she might turn out like michael jackson. this new nose of hers is way too big for her small face.

  2. First Nam Gyu Ri, now her… yea sorry, she is pretty and everything, but they should stop using “this kind” of girls for cosmetic products, this is just misleading, there are alot of real natural beauties out there *sigh*.

  3. To “Jillane”: Its not a new nose. Get your facts right before you post hate comments. And thats why she is pretty. Because her face’s charm point is her nose which blends nicely with her big eyes. Although she may have done surgery on her nose before her debut, she hasnt had another one. -_-;

    To “One Eyed Junior”: Theres no such thing as a real natural beauty. Every celebrity in korea has done something. And “this kind of girl” is every kind of girl in korea because everyone has done surgery

    Seriously, why cant an article on Park Min Young not discuss her surgery? Dont you get sick of pointing it out every single time.. If you people are jealous then go do surgery as well

  4. @aa “everyone has done surgery.”

    How very stereotypical and ignorant of you. There are many celebs who are naturally beautiful, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Tae Hee, Han Ga In, Nam Sang Mi, Moon Geun Yong etc…. Not everybody in Korea is insecure about their looks, not everybody in Korea is born ugly. Not to mention the risk of surgery gone bad prevents many from taking that life changing step.

    So the fact that you stereotypically assumed that all of them has had surgery proves that you lack of knowledge on this topic, and the fact that people will talk about it, is part of their belief, you live with that.

  5. The main point was Park Min Young didn’t have surgery after her debut.

    And who cares about natural beauty or not natural beauty unless you’re a female who is jealous of celebrities acquiring better looks through unnatural means, when you ask a girl out you going to ask her if shes natural? Ask all the girls not to put make up on if you’re so concern about natural beauty.

  6. I think she is the most beautiful and gorgeous woman in Korea.
    She´s very sexy and looks so hot
    and in the same time very cute. She´s my favorite actress and model. I love her 😀
    thanks for sharing her pix 😉

  7. To aa: I have nothing against this girl or plastic surgery. I just think she looked different from the last. She’s cuter when she first came out. If she didn’t have anything done like you said, look at her pictures online. Surgeries are fine but if they’re not careful, they tend to go overboard. Either she lost alot of weight this time and made her face too small and her nose bigger than it was.

  8. I love her eyes. Dang, I shouldn’t have said no when my mom asked me to go for double eyelid surgery. Somehow, she reminds me of Blaire Waldorf.

  9. she’s really pretty but she isn’t a natural beauty so i cant help but not like her. Korean celebrities should seriously quit with plastic surgery, its not like their children will inherit their perfect plastic noses…geez.

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