Choi Jin Shil Ends Her Life

I am just shocked to see this headline. My first-ever Korean drama was “Wish Upon A Star” starring her, Ahn Jae Wook and Cha In Pyo. But she’s gone now.

Choi Jin Shil was found to have commited suicide in her home in Seocho, Seoul. According to the police, her body was found this morning in her bathroom at 6.15am. “We received word of her suicide and went to verify it. Her death was confirmed at 7.38am,” said the police. It was revealed by another police officer that her mother had called the police after discovering that she had hanged herself with an elastic band tied to the shower stall in the bathroom.

According to the Seocho police at a press conference this afternoon, Choi Jin Shil had entered the bathroom late last night and locked herself in. Her mother asked for her to open the door but Choi said nothing was wrong and asked her to turn in first. Her mother proceeded like usual and slept at 0.30am in her grandchildren’s room. She woke up at around 4 in the morning and realized something was amiss when seeing how neat and proper Choi Jin Shil’s bed was. She realized that the bathroom was still locked and knocked on it for the next 35 minutes without a reply. She called for the locksmith who came around 6 and prised the door open, finding Choi Jin Shil hanging from the shower stall. Choi’s mother notified her sons immediately who then called 119.

The police also revealed the possible last words that she had, “Choi’s make-up artist received a text message from her at 12.45am. She wrote ‘my friend, I am sorry, if something happens to me, please take care of my kids’. Her words hinting at the eventual path that she took a few hours later.”

She is likely to have been pushed over the edge over the fact that she had a hand to play in Ahn Jae Hwan’s death who committed suicide last month by lending him 2.5M USD. But she had alleged that it was a malicious rumor and had threatened legal action. The final straw came when she was invited to Seocho police station for an interview for any possible involvement.

“Although it was a routine procedure, but she must have felt that her reputation went down the drain and was a big blow to her,” her management explained. Her co-star Sohn Hyun Joo had been filming a CF with Choi Jin Shil yesterday and expressed, “She looked really weary when she appeared. Her face looked really bad and we had to stop after 2 hours because she found it difficult.”

She leaves behind a 7-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter whom she had won custody of after her lengthy and ugly divorce with her ex-husband and baseball player Cho Sung Min in 2004. My condolences to her family members.

Rest in Peace, Choi Jin Shil.

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  1. I am just seriously too speechless to say ANYTHING..i can’t believe this !!! O.o
    I loved her so much ! i still remember the drama they she was with ahn jae wook back in the days T.T awwwww
    this is so messed up !!
    R.I.P 최진실

  2. The story is that she lent money to Ahn Jae-hwan (another celebrity who recently commited suicide) and there were rumors (made by no other than the evil Korean netizens) that she’s the one who pressured him and forced loan sharks to attack him and possibly kill him. She denied the claim and threatened to file lawsuits to those who made those false accusations. I guess the stress took the better of her after Ahn Jae-Hwan died.

    A real tragedy. Korea already has one of the highest suicide rates and particularly high among celebrities. This is obviously abnormal and a lot is credited to the obnoxious adolescent Korean Netizens–who start false rumors and make threats.

    The Korean entertainment culture needs to change and this must be dealt with publicly. This is absolutely ridiculous.

  3. when they face these rumors and accusations they get too stressed and they dont know what to do. they see the easy way out by committing suicide

  4. This is such a sad news…her brother was just in WGM in the Chuseok special and Shin Ae would be devestated since she was good friends with her.

  5. Another death?!?!?! Omg…this is getting to be a really depressing year for the Korean entertainment industry….

  6. I’m shocked and very saddened. I can’t imagine what her children are going through. I wonder if she thought what this would do to her kids. Wow, now that’s something.

  7. another one? this is really sad… it had been hard on the industry this year… too many deaths… hope it will just stop… the celebrities need to be happier with their lives because they do bring happiness to the fans…

    may she rest in peace…

  8. This is really sad and shocking. Why did some netizens like to spread such malicious assumptions? Do they derive happiness from that? Sick people I say.
    R.I.P. I hope her children are ok.

  9. i was just watching happy together with her brother in it today with my family
    wow… im shocked

  10. “why do these people commit suicide? is this becoming a culture?”

    If you understood the Korean entertainment (or the country), perhaps it would be easier to understand why there is such high suicide rates. Korea is very competitive and stressful in general. And the country is a tightly knitted community much like a high school environment and with the combination of very obnoxious and immature culture of Netizens and anti-cafes, the stress level triples among celebrities. It’s not like here in Hollywood. Every celebrity in Korea knows each other and are very close to the community of the people/fans. So when they do something good, you are treated like a God. But when you make a slight mistake, the whole nation knows it even before your family. It’s just a very hostile environment. Very sad. 😦

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  12. as soon as i saw her name…i thought that’s choi jin young sister! i guess he won’t be appearing on wgm…although i didn’t really expect him to…

  13. This is devestating

    She was so talented.

    Ahn Jae Hwan’s death has caused a munch of problems.
    I can’t believe it would lead this woman to death.

    UGH stupid rumors.


  14. that’s horrible.
    what’s even more shocking is the fact that her younger brother is Choi Jin-young who was on wgm recently.

  15. those netizens spreading rumors have blood on their hands. they deserve jail time! only harsh punitive measures against them, will reduce this silly-ass, exploitative behavior (not to mention the media hyping things up, confirmed or not!) instead what does the law do? slap on the wrist, a small fine…WTF?!!

    i’m so shocked and sad for her. she is a great, BIG talent and strong woman who did not deserve this kind of ending. some celebs should pool together and start a support clinic/mental health center. this business should not a human meat grinder where it cannibalizes its own human resource.

  16. another death!
    my goodness! what is wrong with Korean Society! people kill themselves not putting much value on their lives.

  17. What’s with all this suicide?!?! I hope there won’t be anymore for the rest of this year…this has been such a depressing year for korea ent. circle T__T Anyway, I hope she rest in peace.

  18. I have no comment and also speechless as this shows Korean actors and actress are taking rumours too seriously and this must be stopped otherwise, there won’t be any good dramas in the near future. Sad …. really very sad to know all these.

  19. wow! i dont noe who she is but this is really scary! Whats with all the suicidal celebrities now. i am honestly really scared for them. RIP

  20. wow so much suicides lately…sad to see this happening to korean entertainment….

    Freakin netizens should mind their own buisness

  21. Not another death. -_-
    I loved Choi Jin Shil as an actress, she was fantastic in Last Scandal!
    My condolences goes out to her family especially her daughters.

  22. Please revise the article. The 2.5M story is a proven rumor and not a fact. The originator of the rumor has been tracked down and is in police custody.

  23. why blame the netizens, i think these celebrities themselves must have tough disposition to battle whatever rumors the netizens would spread. the mere fact one would commit suicide just because so and so netizens spread or commented you will feel stressed and then kill yourself. then do these celebrities value more their name and fame over their more precious life. besides, why would they not turn to God and ask for strength and guidance rather than committing suicide the easy way out.

    i am numb already to all these deaths i am reading. the Koreans need to change their perception. i know it is a highly competitive country, but that would not mean when you cannot be competitive you will kill yourself. why not accept the defeat and live a happy life.

  24. The will of the average individual is surprisingly strong. People want to live even when they meet hard times because they have hope – hope that things will change and that they will know happiness once again. Which is why I think we have a lot of failed suicide attempts. People just cannot accept the finality of such a heavy decision in the end. Isn’t that how it is? Anyways, news like this never fails to send shivers and goosebumps. These suicides… do they show that these people are being brave and doing the thing that so many of us are afraid to do even if we wanted, or are they cowards for not having hope and working through the adversities?

  25. OMG!!!

    This is SOOO tragic and soo sad!!! I am currently watching “The Last Scandal” with her and I thought she was a good actress. I’m not so sure if I can finish “The Last Scandal”….

    I don’t know her and I feel like crying especially her leaving two such young kids. This is terribly sad and whatever reason it may be, my prayers are with her and her family!

    To be honest, I don’t quite understand the Korean entertainment industry and why people decide that commiting sucide is the answer. There is hope and there’s always a choice and I just wished more people would realize it. With that said, the Korean entertainment industry MUST do something to prevent such thing to happen. I don’t want to think that being in the Korean industry is so shameful which push and force people of no return.

    Truly another sad day for Korean and its entertainment industry.

    May she rest in peace!


  26. RIP. i know a lot of koreans and they say that “korea is the suicide capital of the world”. they blame their values and society. according to them, it’s not healthy to live in korea because of the tremendous pressure from the society – much more if you’re a celebrity.

    i hope such thing won’t happen again… but i doubt it!

  27. poor kids. her kids are still young…….i feel bad for her since she was such a good actress. after the death of her friend’s husband, she follows….

    pity to kindustry and rip choi jinshil…

  28. omggggggggggggggggggggggg.

    i know–why are so many celebrities committing suidide nowadays?? and people need to learn that suicide isnt the answer as much as it seems convenient.

    my name is jinshil too and even up til yesterday i was introducing myself as “jinshil…like choi jinshil” because people would be confused about my name…i’m not gonna do that anymore.

    this is crazy.


  29. UPDATE:

    The actress was filming her sequel to “The Last Scandal” with the same male co-star and he revealed that she looked weary and tired during the last shoot with her–which the shoot was canceled two hours later.

    Truly sad! Worst is that she must’ve thought she had noone to reach out to…


    you have no idea how much i ADORE choi jin shil. My first EVER k-drama was ‘wish upon a star’ and right now, my fave k-pop star is hyori because they look so alike.

    I feel terrible for her beautiful children. sad to see that she had to leave the world like this.

    thank you for the info. tis a sad day indeed.

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  32. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT. i mean its just a shock and all the suicides have been shockers for me.
    her beautiful children and even her ex-husband too. may she rest in peace and my prayers go out to her family!

  33. WHAT???!!! Jesus, I just saw her drama a few months ago (“My Life’s Last Romance”…which I actually enjoyed watching).

  34. to the freaking idiot “as” who asked if suicide is a culture.what the hell are you saying you moron. define culture and then restate your retarded comment.
    second of all, i hope they prosecute the dumb bitch who was spreading these rumours and put her to jail for life. i hope choi jin sil’s two kids grow up and have the chance to beat the shit out of that netizen who spread these rumour.

  35. BTW…

    Suicide is never a culture!

    It’s a sad ‘truth’ almost and it’s unfortunate that many choose it! 😦

  36. * Pictures of Choi Jin Sil and her two adorable kids:

    Somehow, I hope this story is completely false!!! It’s truly hard to believe for me…

    My thoughts and prayers are with her and those who she had left! 😦 She’ll truly be missed!

    I didn’t know she was the one who posted the pictures of her good friend’s wedding, Kim Hee Sun. They’re both also good friends with Park Han-Byul who was in the movie, FATE, with SSH & KSW…

  37. sephora bare escentual -> Turn to God? I won’t get into a debate about belief but try and view it in the celebrity’s perception. It seems you do not understand the situation well enough neither do I to make a conclusion. But your comment is just overflowing with ignorance.

    ‘why would they not turn to God and ask for strength and guidance rather than committing suicide the easy way out.’

    I don’t know how to say this without offending christianity but I highly doubt the ‘strength’ and ‘guidance’ would be much of a help when you’re raising two kids after a divorce and basically face rumors everywhere you go as everyone knows you.

  38. Would be nice if theres a edit button :P. I’m not saying suicide is right by the way, but none of us is a celebrity = none of us has been in her position.

  39. Oh my goodness, her poor kids. I just hope that her family, especially her kids, are given the strength to go through this hard time. And I’m especially hoping that her kids are left or given to good hands. RIP CJS!

  40. that’s sad. those guys need to import some overseas korean-speaking psychiatrists right now.

    leaving two children behind too…that’s really sad.

  41. wth, I just watched an interview of her a few weeks ago!
    She shouldn’t have done that. What would suicide get her?
    She should have thought of her children first. I also heard that all a mother need is strength from her kids.

    WTF, I HATE YOU 2008!

  42. mg… one after the other… sad for her and her family… esp the childrens.. she fought hard for then abd yet she had to leave them soon

  43. What the ????
    I just finished watching the Last Scandal last weekend.. she was greattt in there and was reading news about season 2 coming at the end of the year.. i was so looking forward to it!

  44. OMG. THIS IS NOT TRUE. THIS IS NOT HAPPENING…OMG. i loved choi jin shil and i’m finding it absolutely hard to believe that she committed suicide. she’s a great actress and i can’t believe that this happened. this makes me so sad. like seriously. le sigh. it’s one of those years again in hallyuwood…except this time, it’s big named and talented stars who are passing away. this sucks :[[[

    RIP Choi Jin Shil.

  45. So sad… ‘Wish upon a star’ was the next drama I watched after Winter Sonata. Isn’t this like three deaths in just two months?

  46. That is awful! What about her kids? I simply cannot fathom why she would do something like this. I mean, it’s selfish, because after all that to get her kids back, she’s just going to leave them behind? Wow. It just seems such a waste, both of her life and her efforts. Depressing.

  47. OMG… This is such depressing news!!!!
    I guess myself and many others can’t fanthom why does she have to do that? I loved her in The Last Scandal and season 2 is coming up… and her kids, whom she faught so hard to get and their surnames are even changed to her surnames… It must be too hard to bear that she is leaving her kids behind…

    She is truly one of the first super stars in the K industry together with Uhm Jung Wa, Ahn Jae Wook, Ko Hyun Jung and etc… I remember watching her in movie like “Holiday in Seoul” and been wanting to watch the great “Love Letter” which she starred in…

    She has stood the test of her divorce and rebounded with great project like Last Scandal…

    Its really sad if the rumours got celebrities down so badly… I hope they will be stronger to take it…

    I really hope there will some kind of conclusion soon….
    as 2008 is just too sad!!!

  48. this is the most tragic turn of events for the Korean entertainment industry in ages….she was such a prominent figure for so many years and so well respected for her abilities.

    If the cause of her death was really this rumor than may that person pay the price….spreading rumors is one thing, spreading rumors that a person is responsible for another person’s death is another. I believe in the states its called involuntary manslaughter?

    the more I hear about Korea, the more I’m glad I got out of there. What a shallow, vicious society…

  49. creepy, i just randomly found a review of last scandal just now and decided to watch it and liked the actress so much i wikipedia her. found out she died just today (well for korea its 12 hours or so into the future for me its still Oct 1st). it really is a weird coincidence and its a pity cuz she was such a great actress.

  50. i feel bad for LEE YOUNG JA

    1st…her bf jung sun hee husband died
    now her other bf choi jin shil dies

    its a sad time for her =(

  51. OMG, i cant believe in my eyes when i saw the breaking news about Choi Jin Shil’s death on a news-website. im not good w/ korean celebrities’ names -only can recognize their faces; so, when i first saw the news, I was like” wat? are they giving a wrong face again? (which happens sometimes)” I came to this website to verify the news, and …sadly it’s the truth. …I cant believe that CJS would be a woman who would choose death to escape from her crisis period. She used to have a long hard time, but she could get over it to live happily w/ her kids and got back suceesfully to the entertainment industry. If im dont remember wrong, she said in an interview that her kids were her reasons for living and struggling….I still cant believe a strong-mind lady like her has chosen this sad ending.
    wat a trage ending for a pretty and talent actress like CJ S!! hope her kids can live well in thier relative’s love.

  52. OMG!

    deaths this year in the Korean entertainment industry is crazy!!! super crazy!!! it’s like every month, there’s a funeral!!!


    i do feel bad for her family that she choose that path as a way out of her problems… she was selfish for not fighting it until the end so that her kids can grow up with their mom by their side… sorry if i’m cold, but she was selfish for leaving her two young children behind like that….

  53. What’s with Korean entertainment lately?… Netizens should stop making stupid rumours.

    She should have thought about her kids… Wish the best to her family.

    RIP Choi Jin Shil

  54. R.I.P. Choi Jin Shil. May you be in a better place and may your children, family, and friends stay strong during this difficult time.

  55. holy gwakamoli! i can’t belive i’m reading this…the world is spinning out of control! There are so many tragedy befalling on with korean entertainment lately, i thought Lee Eon was the last straw but now, nothing is predictable…it’s as if a curse is passing round and round!
    anyways… may she find peace she never had in life…

  56. RatskE2003> so you want me to simply accept your own justification why these celebrities are committing suicide. if they were taught from their religion the value of life, then they would not easily take their lives. it is just so abnormal that in Korea, suicide is very high and it happens almost every month…this is not the only year they had had many suicide in the K-industry. if suicide is rampant among the celebrities, then that means it is also common to common people. and when people asked IS THIS A CULTURAL THING? why call them moron? of course they were asking, because having to read a celebrity committing suicide one after another BECAUSE OF MONEY ISSUE and OTHER EXCUSES they have, would prompt a person who lives in a country where life is given values as taught by them and usually RELIGION has something to do with that. when i asked Koreans i met on what religion they belonged to, they told me, they do not have one. imagine, how do they feed their soul not having something to believe in. yes, even christians and or other people with religion commit suicide, but not like in the case of Korea where almost every month popular and known commit suicide and we even want to justify their action if people are questioning WHY? honestly i got numbed by all these news. the whole Korean society should change their mentality…their country is competitive and the stress level is high. at a very young age they already feel the stress and no wonder even HS children commit suicide. about the netizen, well isn’t Korea #1 in IT…these celebrities should learn how to handle rumors spread by irresponsible netizens. why put them in jail when it is YOU who has the control on yourself…BUT THEN AGAIN…the mentality of the Koreans. if your image is defamed, you will bear the consequence even if it is simply rumor. another also the Koreans should learn how to forgive. i guess these celebrities are scared to make mistake because the Korean public do not know how to FORGIVE and FORGET, which is adding more stress to celebrities. why cannot just they do what Britney Spears did when she was under mental stress and depression…she shaved her head as her outlet, rather than committing suicide…america bashed her, but they still welcomed her and gave her another chance. this should be the mentality of the Koreans.

    this is simply my opinion and do i need to know more facts? what facts are we talking about? suicide rate in Korea is high and has gained the title “Suicide Capital of the World” what do we need to understand more? that the stress in that country is HIGH? come on stress is everywhere and yet people who are in the poorest of poor countries are full of HOPE and never give up…they carry on with their lives to see the bright future they are working for so hard.

  57. I can’t believe the woman who battled through public knowledge of her husband beating her, who went and continued even when the society just dumped her, commited suicide…

    She really went through a lot and I hope that her family and herself can be peaceful.

    I hope that the media will let her family grieve peacefully even though they didn’t let her grieve peacefully when Ahn Jae Hwan died :X. Hopefully they’ve learned.

  58. i think they should stop over publicising the deaths of these celebrities. It’s just ridiculous… the only message people will be getting is that ‘oh, after i die, people will mourn for me and regret doing all those things to me, my worries will be gone and yadda yadda yadda’

    media’s doing nothing but encouraging desparate people to go up this path just because it’s the easiest way out.

    Btw, i loved this actress too – the first korean actress i knew in fact. such a shame.

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  60. it’s ironic ahn jae-hwan thought he solved everything by dying – only to trigger this chain of events, each worse than the other. RIP to them all.

  61. Alvin, will you please translate this article and explain to us what her last cyworld said? I don’t understand Korean… 😦

    Was that video of Choi Jil Bin from the guy who died early September?

    Thank you so much!

    Somehow, I’m affected by this death (compared to other death the past year and a half) that I can’t sleep. I’m so sad right now and especially after looking at pictures of her friends and family! 😦

  62. OMG!!! i watched “the last scandal of my life” this summer and she was so cute in it!! this news is so tragic!! T_T i can’t believe it!!!
    I hope her children are okay. 😦

  63. i just found out about it this this morning..i was shocked.

    Choi Jin Shil’s friends say that she’s very sensitive to the nasty comments korean Netizens write about her. When she got divorced a couple of years ago, netizens basically shunned her, and very recently netizens have been bashing/blaming her for ahn jae hwan’s death because of false rumors. She must have felt overwhelmed….but to leave her two beautiful kids…saddens me..

    I feel bad for her mother who found her in the mother wants to see their daughter like that…

    my hear goes out to Jung Sun hee, who not only lost her husband recently, but also her best friend..i can’t imagine how she’s feeling right now…hope she gets through this…..

    Rest in Peace Choi Jin Shil

    My heart goes out to her friends and family.

  64. on my religion once someone suicide the next birth will attempt suicide again. i feel sorry for her 😦 . i think the society that accused her will feel bad now..
    good! if they feel it…!!
    feel that they do wrong.. i wonder how will they take THAT! in their lives forever..
    i;m sorry , i just feel damn…. can;t curse.. can;t still..

  65. Another death ??!!
    I have no idea how to response this one…
    Just want to say Rest in Peace Choi Jin Shil…
    I hope her kids will be okay…

  66. My first Korean drama was “Wish Upon a Star” too, it’s way too sad to hear this. My colleagues and I went numb when reading this. R.I.P Choi Jin Shil!

  67. How sad!
    I don’t understand how some people can leave young children alone in the world like that, in my opinion it should be a mothers obligation to be there for her children ;_;…

    So sad

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  69. damn.. still shocked
    never knew she would do such a thing
    she was such a good actor in “My Rosy Life”
    how can she leave her two kids behind and leave this world?
    RIP choi jin shil

  70. I don’t know how she could do this to her beautiful young kids. I think it is very cruel.
    Korean celebrities are too worked up over image and reputation. I find it hard to believe someone like her would do this over a few stupid remarks from people she doesn’t even know. Celebrities will always be judged. If you can’t handle it then don’t be famous.

    It’s a huge loss. She’s such a beautiful and talented actress. Hope she can really RIP now.

  71. Korea seriously need help. Every country has it’s own standing and believe but really, the government should take actions. Kids and even adults being bullied till they can’t take it no more that the only thing they can think of is dying.

    I don’t like how she did this but it’s her life and her own choosing. May she rest in peace, my condolences to her families and friends. I love her in Last Scandal. She was amazing and wonderful.

  72. Man…
    i cant believe it….
    Wish upon a star is still my fav kdrama now….
    i cant believe she’s gone now….

  73. oh…Life is full of happiness. She shouldn’t do that.
    May she RIP..I hope that her children have a great future. too bad…too sad……..

    I’m just wondering what kind of life do Korean ent/industry has.

  74. im totally speechless…

    this seems to be the only way out for entertainers when they felt their fame falls?

    this is so sad…

  75. i’m devastated…
    wht will happen to the lovely children???? makes me wanna cry…

    and shin ae also very closed to her, like a sister. she must be really sad…

    my condolences for family and friends

  76. I’m shocked.. that’s all i have to say @ the moment…
    my condolences to her family and her kids..

  77. My condolences to the family. Those children are so cute!

    I just don’t understand why she had to commit suicide! Yes, the rumours could be very ugly especially people who don’t really know the celebrities. Celebrities are human too, they have feelings and they’re not so perfect as we want them to be.

    I guess the tremendous pressure & confusion (probably she had thought she did a good deed by lending some money but the outcome became so negative for her) were so great, she couldn’t take it anymore! I wish she had gone to her close friends or
    a professional (psychologist/psychiater) before she committed suicide. This is very sad & upsetting!

  78. how horrible. i wish this would stop—- she left behind TWO young children! i mean, COME ON!, how can reputation come before that?! what an extreme blow is being dealt to the k-entertainment industry with all these deaths and suicides something needs to be done in mass before things spiral out of control. my condolences to her family.

  79. These celebs are just too unstable in the head. Come on… how can you end your life for that & leave your 2 young kids behind?!?!

  80. May she rest in peace, she should think about her children before doing this & affecting her children life, in the end she is a mother & a mother should endure all the hardness in order to sacrifice her children happiness.. Oh GOSH, they are still young T__T

  81. this is so…shocking and sad. her kids are so young.

    i hope something like this won’t happen much often anymore. we can’t deny that it’ll happen, but i hope and pray things like this won’t happen as much as this year. T.T

    like someone already stated above, these people bring so much joy into so many people’s lives, and when they’re just gone like this…so many hearts are broken.

    you spend all your life building on something…and *pooof* it can all disappear just like that.

    i don’t even know who she is, but this is just too sad.

  82. Not to be mean, but she’s really stupid, inconsiderate, and weak. I mean, she only thought of herself. I know some of you would think “try to put yourself in her shoes” Well, she killed herself just to save herself. She didn’t think of her kids..well, in the text, she did..but besides that…nothing.

  83. BB
    The world would be better place for them or you or me..if we would be a little more kind..more understanding…and slow to judge others..

    “really stupid, inconsiderate, and weak”= that’s what i think of you when i read your comment

  84. oh gawd, i cannot believe this is real~
    i just finished watching her last drama Last Scandal, she was so great in there
    why? why end ur life like that?
    but may u rest in peace now

  85. What I notice about the Korean entertainment industry is that they treat Korean celebrities like role models that are perfect and have no flaws. But when something goes wrong not according to their image or what not, they often get heavily criticize for it. And there’s been a “trend” (for lack of a better word) of Korean celebrities committing suicide because they can’t handle the pressure. I still don’t get it!?

  86. poor kids…they are so cute…
    hopefully they will be well taken care…
    aish…suicide rates are really high over there…

  87. I am increadibly shocked. She was such an amazing actress. Last scandal, Bad woman Good woman, and Rosy Life. All tremendous roles. Why I’m so upset isn’t because she’s an awesome actress, it’s because she left behind 2 young children! What could push her to do something like that when she knows she’ll leave behind two children?! The netizens might have lent a hand, but it was still her choice. It angers me a lot, for her kids’ sake, not hers. As a mother, she should have thought about them first.

  88. sephora bare escentual > I do agree with what you have pointed out but my initial argument was against that of netizens shouldn’t be blamed, actually it seems we’re both on the same side and arguing on minor conflicts of perception on this matter. But my views are that there are flaws in every culture, even yours and mine. Who are we to despise them? I’m sure they could point out many things about our culture that they deem ridiculous. I could type out a whole essay to justify this but theres no right or wrong.

    I’m not trying to change your perception; lets both have respect for her and coolsmurf as its his blog and not turn this into an argument :D.

  89. @ LadyIgraine,
    yes you got the idea. it’s like in high school: you do certain things, look a certain way, have a certain personality, and everybody loves you, showers you with praise. you are the darling they put on a pedestal. once you show a little imperfection (something with your skin, your family life, your “performance” on the job), it’s their chance to jump down your throat: you’re not so perfect after all, you’re fake, it’s all just an act to deceive everybody, you’re worthless and didn’t deserve everybody fussing over you.

    really immature. but then, every culture’s like that to an extent, no matter how old you get, it’s a high school environment to different extent/scale.

  90. Omigod… that was her??? My first K-Drama was also Wish Upon A Star… T_T This is horrible… and her children are so young… how could she have just committed suicide like this!!!

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  92. Choi Jin Shil was one of my favorite actresses.

    Now she’s gone, just like that.

    I’m just shocked at how people can stoop that low and spread malicious rumors saying how she was a loan shark and contributed Ahn Jae Hwan’s suicide.

    How immature and depressing, really.

    RIP CJS and may God look after her kids and family.

  93. her children´s lived will never ever be the same.. this is a huge blow towards the minors. just think that your mom just suddenly dissapeared one day becos she´d comitted suicide… it´s not fact easy to accept for a lil child, let alone a grown up.

  94. Come to think of it, there’s always misfortunate things that happened to her in the span of her career. Her first manager who was regarded as one of the top managers in Korean industry was murdered in the early 90’s. And her bitter divorce to Cho Sung Min who physically abused her while she was pregnant with her second child.

  95. I heard she was a Christian. I do not believe so, because a Christian can never commit suicide. My prayer will never help her any more.

  96. ohmygosh! why? i like her acting. she’s very pretty. she will be miss. she should have thought about her kids. now they dont have a mom to call mom. poor kidoes. may she rest in peace with all the commotion that has being going on with her life.

  97. that was so selfish of her to committed suicide because of the rumors. maybe she was angry of her reputation but come on….two kids…and her mother saw her hanging.
    How will they get over her death if they have so much unanswered questions.

  98. bullet,

    Before you speak, make sure you know the facts.

    Depression is a ‘silent killer’ and whoever goes through it or knows someone who was depressed is a serious issue. I highly doubt Choi Jin-sil was selfish or that she didn’t think of her kids.

    Be respectful and be more considerate for her and her family.

    Rest in peace, Choi Jin-sil.

  99. I really miss her….hope for her consolation and peace to her family……..but I’ve still pity on her even now I could imagine myself while looking her pictures in my computer… I doubt it!!!…coz I always emotional and cried while watching her movies and drama….perhaps I love her being a great great actress that i couldn’t forget until the last breath of my life…

    I know that god is good in all man kind even we our sinners god contemplate as much for his love to us,how matters she did we have to respect out of disregard for the things she make.

    Eternal rest grant to choi jin shil,olord and let perpetual light shine upon her may she rest in peace. amen

  100. if she really cared for her children, she wouldn’t have committed suicide.. whatever the reason was, ugh. it frustrates me just thinking of how her children will grow up without a mom.

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  102. dunn scold her even she committed suicide, she didn’t seek God because DEVIL has even stole her heart and led her to a path she should have never go. have euur ever stand on her respective thoughts, she can be no dead if she can overcome all circumstances, because she has no heart because of the devil.
    SADDess of all,
    can’t watch her and JJH in second season D:
    My love for euu will never change,
    but my life will be changed.

    GOD bless her,
    even she’s dead,
    let her not to live sadly even where ever euu send her,
    but give her peace.

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