Rain Enlists Ha Ji Won for his 5th Album Comeback MV

Rain has finally revealed something from his upcoming 5th album expected to be released in October after an absence of 2 years since his last. After all the hair mess that Rain has had in the past months, he has finally come good with his latest hairdo. Ha Ji Won looks as stunning as ever, A-lister indeed!

According to J. Tune Entertainment, “The teaser video and related media for his 5th album titled ‘Love Story’ will be released through Mnet.com on 2nd October (tomorrow).” So we get a sneak peek of Rain and Ha Ji Won looking at each other one day before the teaser release in different frames.

The music video between Rain and Ha Ji Won was shot at Apgujeong’s Rodeo Drive and an unidentified club in Kangnam, Seoul. The sudden appearance of the two caused a big commotion and attracted a sizeable crowd.

The plot of the mv is about a bad man’s love story with Ha Ji Won playing his love interest. “Rain has worked really hard during this period to show his new album concept through this mv which will be like a mini movie in itself. We have prepared for this for quite a long time,” explained J. Tune Entertainment.

43 thoughts on “Rain Enlists Ha Ji Won for his 5th Album Comeback MV

  1. Rain’s the man who got me into K-culture in the first place, so I will never backhand this man. No matter what, the guy works his ass off to reach his goals, he will always have respect from me, and I hope he does well with his long awaited comeback.

  2. Oh. Finally, HE’S BACk. I,m glad that at least he is getting back on the real track. Loll.

    I’m gonna watch. It’s a double treat. Ha Ji Won looks so stunning. She’s been very very awesome for the past months.^______^

  3. this reminds of me of his old drama “A LOVE TO KILL”… looks like the same hairstyle when he did the drama… and he looks like HJW’s bodyguard like in the drama as he was Shin Min Ah’s… love it!!! that was a great drama…

  4. wow. HA JI WON. so gorgeous as always! i really idolize her. whenever i heard her name, i always laugh. because i remember her in my love saggajy. haha.

    nice hairstyle for Rain oppa.

    anyway, i cant wait that mv.

  5. haha everyone’s like yess rain got his hair fixed xP

    i can’t wait to watch the teaser and check out rain’s new music !

  6. ๋น„ ์˜ค๋น  looks HOT with that haircut omg i’m soo happy he changed it!!! i mean, no matter what his hair looks like i’ll be his fan ’cause he’s so dedicated & talented, but his last few hairstyles were truly horrible…:( BUT OH WELL! ’cause it’s good now!! kyaa so excited! ha ji won looks hot too

  7. finally rain with a decent hairstyle!
    i truly abhor his hair in the olympics period -_-
    cant wait for his comeback
    i hope its gonna be good!

  8. RAIN IS BACK…yeah!!! Jongmal joayo ^^

    Love his hair now! Cannot wait for his new MV & upcoming concerts!

    Bi-ssi, hwaiting!

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  10. wow! i’m glad rain decided to settle for a more “sane” hairstyle. lol.

    and gosh! ha ji won totally looks stunning in that picture! love her!

  11. cant wait for the MV! Rain looks better with this hairstyle and i gotta agree with maiflip that this image is like that of him in “A love to kill”. Ha Ji Won looks stunning as usual! ahhh

  12. this hairstyle is good~~~ at least better then any of his recent ones.

    and eventhough i am a girl, i drools too when i see ha ji wonใ€‚

  13. yay! his hair is back to his A Love to Kill days! that was my favorite look on him..

    anyway, cant wait to see him back on stage. It was through him that i was introduced to Korean culture (dramas, music) so i wish him the best. You cant deny the man is extremely hard working.

    so good luck to him! ^___^

  14. I wonder if he’s still “controlling his mind and menu, mainly eating chicken breasts and vegetables.” ahahha. jk

    But I’m glad to see him back doing his thing in Korea again. His hair is freakin awesome. Better than that nasty old lady haircut her had. ๐Ÿ˜›

  15. finallyy
    rain gets nice hair cut!
    he looks like he’s lost a bit of weight, but he does look pretty stunning (:
    and ha ji won is gorgeous, as always (:

    i’m really looking forward to thissss ><

  16. gotta say Rain & HJW look good together eventhough shes’ older than him
    omo he likes older woman anyway ehehhehehehe

    excited to see his MV and comeback
    Go Rain>>>>Magic Feet

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