So Nyeo Shi Dae Will Comeback as Factory Girls

With their impending new comeback in October, So Nyeo Shi Dae will first make their official comeback on television via MNet’s reality show “Factory Girl”.

“Factory Girl” will be the Korean reality version of the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”, with the nine So Nyeo Shi Dae members taking on the role of fashion editors for a magazine aimed at teenagers and young adults.

They will became the editors for the fashion magazine “Elle Girl” and will show the reality of the fashion world to the tv viewers. In addition, they are also expected to introduce a variety of fashion items to the viewers.

PD Kwon Young Chan who is the director in charge, said, “Instead of simply saying that ‘Factory Girl’ is a reality show with So Nyeo Shi Dae as the main characters, it is a program combining reality, trends and celebrity. Please look forward to seeing a new side of So Nyeo Shi Dae as fashion editors”.

“Factory Girl” will premiere via MNet on 8th October at 6pm.

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58 thoughts on “So Nyeo Shi Dae Will Comeback as Factory Girls

  1. good. i’ve been waiting to know their comeback date. quite interesting to have a reality show as a comeback. i really like sunny and tae yeon’s outfits here.

  2. omg…T_T
    That show already sounds like a downer. Something American’s would do and has done.
    No comment.
    Ignore me.
    It’s 3am…

  3. It may not be the most reality based show, but I’m so looking forward to it. SNSD deserve some positive feedback after this year, it’s great to see them again. Can’t wait for their new album.

  4. LOL !! OK ! “reality” sure ^^
    hopefully the fashion their gonna introduce will be better than the stuff they wore in that picture.

  5. stop bashing them! I can’t wait for their comeback! they’e so awesome at lives! soshi fighting!♥♥♥

    thank you coolsmurf for posting an article about SNSD!

  6. Wee, finally~ I’ve been waiting for some sort of ‘activeness’ of ALL 9 girls. Looking forward to watching their “factory girl” show.

  7. yoona i love you . . .LOL
    so when are they making their real comeback as in music?
    gosh im confused esp. lately with all the false track list & date >.<

  8. why the hell is hyo hyeon crouching down?!
    like i know she’s ugly but c’mon

    soo young is too pretty yo lol

  9. can SNSD do fashion related shows? they have a hard time pulling anything off…but whatever..have fun you that will be watching it…FACTORY GIRLS!

  10. it obviously sounds boring to some people b/c they either dislike snsd or have no interest in fashion. but please, no bashing on snsd.

    i, on the other hand, am EXCITED see this! hopefully there will be tons of twists to spice up the show

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  12. If this gets them into more tasteful clothing than pulled-up already-short skirts, I’ll definitely be supporting them. 😀

    Hope to see another side of them.

  13. I like TaeYeon’s, Yuri’s, and Sooyoung’s clothes, but I like Sunny’s the best! So casual and cute. =D

  14. well, their outfits don’t look very fashionable to me in those pictures. We’ll see how it turns out. I hope it’s fashion from America and not fobby fashion.

  15. Im going into the fashion industry and i immensley dislike SNSD.
    This show is totally gonna kill it for me -.-

  16. this sounds like its gonna be laaaaaaaame!
    pfft! fashion editors all there going to do is hoochy-fy the magazine with short skirts and all

  17. to bad what they wore isn’t fashion enough for a fashion editor… it looks freaking fob fashion which in my opinion shouldn’t be in elle! don’t get me wrong though it’s just that fob fashion doesn’t even fit the whole concept of elle unless, korea has it different from america hahaha but it sounds lame but i’ll watch the first episode and see what sup.

  18. mr. coolsmurf, mind if i borrow the first pic? it’s really cute hehe i’ll just use it as my avatar if that’s ok with you… please? hehe

  19. i find it funny how ppl say the show sounds boring, their fashion and everything…
    the next thing i know, those ppl are wearing/dressing themselves like them.

  20. omg! finally they are comeback^^
    can’t wait to see it=)
    i think it will be cool (fashion reality show)! wow:]

    ohh and i love sunny’s outfit and they look cute in the pics.

    Inyoung i think ppl are not jealous of them…lol. maybe they’re just not like that kind of style. anyways agreed with Lina. ,,don’t put WG name in this post.”

  21. Its REALLY annoying to see bashing here. I don’t think Coolsmurf himself will appreciate that there’s a bashing fest on his post.

    If you don’t like SNSD or nothing better to say, just keep it in or DON’T POST. Is it that hard?

    Although I’m still confused a bit on how it may go, I wish them the best.
    I think it’ll be a good experience for SNSD to experience the ‘backstage of a photoshoot’ that they don’t usually encounter with.

  22. SNSD should never comeback!!!!! k-pop is so much better without this group!
    and can someone please tell me what do this little girls know about fashion?!?!they just know how to wear mini mini skirts lol
    and seriously this show is scripted? omg!! no no no please no! they will use this excuse for insulting other artists, AGAIN!

  23. inyoung.
    don’t think that people bashing snsd because they like WG.
    not all Wonderfuls hate snsd.
    And why on earth you only mentioned WG why not dbsk, suju and whoever else??
    because you like them and afraid that they’ll gonna hate them too??

  24. The first episode was awesome! 😀

    Am a huge Soshi fan myself and thanks for your work.^^(not only referring to this article but others too)

    and i didnt expect to see so much bashing here.lmaoo.bashers never failed to make my day. =D

  25. *smirk* i saw the first episode cause i am super interested about fashions but wtf??it so boring and watssup with tiffany’s group??wow..

  26. ahh just watch ep 2 and it’s interesting for me~~
    the ep 3.. they’re arranging a party.. and call the celebrities..
    haven’t watch it… ahhh music comeback still november, huh?
    well GO SOSHI! 😀

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