Jung Sun Hee Explains Herself Regarding Ahn Jae Hwan’s Suicide

“All the accusations are not fact.”

That was Jung Sun Hee’s reply with regards to the accusations directed towards her in the aftermath of the death of her husband, Ahn Jae Hwan. Although police have pointed out that it was death by suicide, Ahn Jae Hwan’s family members believe that he might have been murdered instead.

Jung Sun Hee appeared at Seoul Nowon’s police station yesterday morning at around 7 and underwent a gruelling investigation which lasted about 4.5 hours. Sun Hee explained her actions against most of the accusations directed towards her in the past weeks and revealed her own thoughts in the process.

After concluding the interview, the police revealed the content to reporters.

1. Was he tormented by stress from the accumulated debts? He was very worried before his death but he wasn’t being threatened.
Ahn Jae Hwan had been borrowing money from banks and even money lenders for the required capital for his many business ventures like his restaurant, cosmetics, etc. However, the failure of his ventures led to him suffering immense stress, worried about not being able to pay up the accrued debts. This was especially so during July to August this year where he was at his wit’s end. Jung Sun Hee felt that stress led to him deciding to commit suicide for a way out. But while alive, he wasn’t being threatened or anything by the money leaders.

2. Was Jung Sun Hee the guarantor for his debts? Yes. But she didn’t know the exact amount of debt that Ahn Jae Hwan had accumulated.

Jung Sun Hee replied that she was the guarantor for Ahn Jae Hwan’s debts. That’s why her house was going to be auctioned off by the money lenders. But she didn’t know the exact amount of debt that Ahn Jae Hwan had accumulated and didn’t quite know the details about her guarantorship.

3. Being kidnapped and held capture? No such thing.
She denied Ahn Mi Sun’s (Ahn Jae Hwan’s sister) allegations. Jung Sun Hee said that neither she or Ahn Jae Hwan had been held against their will by the money lenders. But Ahn Mi Sun told police that Jung Sun Hee had told her mother on 25th that they had been kidnapped by the money lenders. Jung Sun Hee denied that she had said that and they had not been held against their will.

4. Why didn’t report Ahn Jae Hwan missing? Stress of being a celebrity.
Jung Sun Hee admitted that she had text Ahn Mi Sun. She said in the text, “Ahn Jae Hwan is well and fine, no problems, don’t worry, please don’t call the police”. Sun Hee replied that she didn’t call the police because of a lack of substantial evidence and also because they were both celebrities. If this was revealed to the public, it will have a negative impact on their careers.

23 thoughts on “Jung Sun Hee Explains Herself Regarding Ahn Jae Hwan’s Suicide

  1. leave her alone!!! omigod no one on her side? i thought shes a celeb she must be rich but then her house is even auctioned off? aw…

  2. What an awful wife. Who in the world worries about their status first before their husband? What an awful, awful person! If she had reported him missing immediately, normally within 48hrs, he may well still be alive. His family must despise her for being lied too. How could she tell such an awful lie to his sister?

    How can anyone be on her side? so what if you lose your house? so what if you go bankrupt? I don’t mind losing everything is my husband and my children are safe. Nothing could replace my husband.

    She’s a silly woman anyway not knowing/understanding the details of the guarantorship and signing her life away.

  3. o plz.. she’s not an aweful person and neither she lied to her husbands sister.. Aweful is that person who went away without thinking how much his wife has to suffer coz of his stupid act.. Well her husband said He’s fine so why would she report missing?….
    There are people who wants to live but god didnt gave them a chance, look at Lee eon for example [His career had just started to boom but he never got chance to make it further] and look at this guy Ahn Jae Hwan, *sighs* …I really pity Jung Sun Hee..

  4. He didn’t say he was fine. He disappeared for 2 weeks been dead for 1 week. When his family called looking for him when they hadn’t heard from hima nd got worried, she made up a lie to his sister.

    How much substantial evidence do you need? if somone goes missing and it’s not in their character, you would be calling missing person after 24 hrs, all their friends, family etc She kept hush to save ‘face’.

    She even beg the sister not to call the police. That’s what a really loving and caring wife does when her husband goes missing.

    I do pity her but she should have called the police and told the sister the truth rather than think of her celebrity profile first which she openly admitted.

  5. in their case celebrity was like fire…play with it (to promote their cosmetic line, their careers), & get burnt (delay rescue, hush hush about mental stress over $ instead of seek counseling)…

    too much drama & dirty laundry now.
    hope they have a reasonably good ending soon.

  6. He wasn’t really missing. He still appeared on radio shows. The last show he made was on Tablo’s radio show 10 days before he was found.

    Looks like his sister always hated SunHee and is just trying to find a way to get back at here.


    OH BTW, not all celebs make a lot of money. Sun Hee is mostly a host and a gag person. Only the TRUE A-listers make enough money. ETC: Eric, Kwon Sang Woo, Yoon Eun Hye.

  7. Brisvegas, where the heck did you get your info? The reason why Ahn Jae Hwan and Jung Sun Hee worked together to conceal their debts and appear as normal in the first place was because both of them are celebs.

    I think you should review what you’ve read so far and hold back from making sweeping accusations like that. The woman just lost her husband, for god’s sake. It’s bad enough that she had to go through all those interviews AND get accused by her horrible in-laws.

  8. as much as i sympathize her, i don’t think because they’re celebrities that she should’ve kept it from the police. alright, if he had been missing for a week or two, fine. but knowing that her husband had racked up an enormous debt and had been missing for a month is a little overboard. i understand she wanted to keep a good reputation and they’re public figures, but when your husband is in danger, you have to let that go and do whatever you can; i mean, i’d at least look around for him and want to know where he is. but i’m sure she had worried and had to deal with the debts…she probably had more problems that hadn’t been revealed to the public and that’s fine because i’d want my privacy as well. but i do feel bad that her in-laws are suspicious that it’s a murder…it’s okay for them to be suspicious of someone killing him, but i wouldn’t accuse her to being the murderer if that’s what they’re thinking

  9. hey brisvegas, ahn jae hwan [rip] had already been suffering stress and anxiety from his accumulating debts even WHEN THE PRESS STILL DIDN’T KNOW about how much it really was. had the press found out sooner, he would have been facing more reporters houding him and his wife, etc. can you imagine how many infinitely times worse that would have been? also, i thought i read somewhere that since they didn’t register their marriage, she won’t have to assumer his debts.

  10. this is getting very complicated.. though Ahn Jae Hwan’s family has the right to know the truth about his death, i personally think if everyone keep talking about it, it makes the whole matter even more tragic..

    and if they ever get to the truth of it, who can guarantee that it is the truth except for Ahn Jae Hwan himself..

    RIP.. 😦

  11. awww..poor sunhee..this is absurd..she needs to take some time off and get back on track instead of everyone asking her this kinda stuff..i hope she and her house will be fine

  12. honeydew – what do you mean so it was good for everyone that he committed suicide? that suicide was the best outcome?

    save what reputation? her reputation is much worse now. I thought he was only missing for 2 weeks but a whole mth? wow amazing that everyone seems to think that is fine.

    and does anyone here have children? imagine if it was your son or your brother. you want to call the police but the wife begs you not to and reassures you he is fine eventhough she hadn’t heard from him in a mth!

    They’re both $%^. He leaves her with a pile of debts and she’s more worried about their reputation. What sort of marriage is that?

    Thank goodness they didn’t have kids!

  13. i don’t think the wife is as clean and hands off as she puts herself to be. as for the sister not liking the wife, i’m sure the feeling is mutual so can’t really believe everything both of them say. but felt the wife was hiding something since the story broke and it’s a fact now, she knew more than she said. and probably more still.

    as for her saying the creditors weren’t after them. who would believe that. sure she’s saying that cause she doesn’t want to be hunting by them. but is that enough to not tell the truth. even now.

    can’t believe there’s much consideration in the marriage. love may be there, but it’s not enough.

  14. in JSH’s defense, maybe her husband told her he was fine, needed space, & would be home at a certain time & she believed him. i don’t believe that she would leave him alone if she knew his life was in danger, to lenders or himself. the media needs to give all people involved space & time to grieve.

  15. Yeah, whoever said she was “an awful wife” up there, you really shouldn’t say something like that. We as an audience don’t know anything about exactly what happened. They are all grieving, and there are many “what ifs” flying around, but there’s no use saying such things because he’s passed and there’s nothing we can do about it except keep the family and Ahn Jae Hwan in our thoughts and prayers.

  16. yet another good reminder, of suicide solves nothing. hang on in difficult times and find more constructive solution. now his family is completely upside down.

  17. Brisvegas

    1.Even if she calls the police, you think he would have done differently, really?

    2. You probably have never sign any contract to believe she is silly not knowing the detail of her guarantor ship…Legal terms are more complicate..

    3. We don;t have to take side in this…after reading your “so-many-aweful-aweful-aweful”comments..can’t count how many times you used it!

    I come to understand why so many celebs decided to take their lives bc of this kind of irresponsible/unthinkable awful comments…

  18. The world would be better place for them or you or I..if we would be a little more kind..more understanding…and slow to judge others..

    …..people are different..you and I are different..but no one would ever want to harm who they love no matter how…

  19. come to think about it if she had report to the police and revealed the truth..there would be tons like you who would just accuse her for not loving her husband enough to save his “face”…don’t you think?

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