Bae Yong Joon replaces Kwon Sang Woo as The Face Shop spokesperson

Bae Yong Joon will become the new spokesperson for “The Face Shop” and replace the outgoing Kwon Sang Woo who got married this past Sunday.

According to one representative from “The Face Shop”, “We have signed a contract with Hallyu star Bae Yong Joon which will be for the duration of 1 year. As for the fees, we have both agreed that it will not be made public.”

They gave their reasons for choosing him, “As a Hallyu star, Bae Yong Joon influence is not to be doubted. He manages his image very well and that is what we are looking for.” Bae Yong Joon will partner the other existing spokesperson, Lee Bo Young for the new CF which will be aired sometime in November.

18 thoughts on “Bae Yong Joon replaces Kwon Sang Woo as The Face Shop spokesperson

  1. So why was KSW dropped? Because he got married? Looks like the predictions of him losing lots of CF $ is coming true.

    Good luck to these “young & eligible Hallyu bachelors” with lots of CFs under their belts.

    Better hide the GF or stay single forever.

    Sadly, that’s how it is in Asia.

  2. awww..that’s bad.. i only have seen like 5 times of KSW ad..
    BYJ is truly a great star but i prefer looking Mr. “no longer single” on TV

  3. AAAWWWW…too bad!!!but I’m sure kSW was all ready with the consequences. Good for him!!! his love for his wife is priceless.

  4. omo.. means many posters n standing banners in i dunno how many The Face Shops stores here in Indonesia ;p BYJ oppa will gain another success in his life ;p yeah.. this marriage issue will help u get some (wifey) yet loose some ^^ i think KSW aware of this .. yet no worries… he will still be popular.. ^^ i mean, who cud resist him anyway ^^ haha…

  5. this is weird. i thought byj is too rich, big star for body care products? i still associate it w/ KSW for some reason, just b/c KSW stands for “all body”, while byj has a “savvy biznat man” image. his long hair also makes him too fabio & cheesy for body shop model. no one in their right mind thinks they’ll magically turn into byj slapping on body shop. but KSW is achievable ROFL

  6. Oh I;m sure the products will sell as it is BYG representing it!
    I”m sure the products BYG represents will still sell as he got charisma even he gets married! I hope he does.

  7. gosh i prefer to see KSW in the outlets here…
    i’ve been enjoying those eye candies at the face shop so far T___T sigh sigh sigh

  8. Why does it have to be BYJ?? I mean I like him but he’s kinda ‘old’ now. Why didn’t the Face Shop people choose someone young & fresh like “Lee Jun Ki”??? hehehehe..

  9. err…no offense but it would make sense if they are trying attract more ahjumas to their product.
    KSW was definitely more suitable for the product….
    As for well maintained image… well…isn’t he involved in some rumor with Lee Na Young right now?

  10. This is BS… Kwon Sang Woo did an excellent job… Uncle (or ajumma) Bae just doesn’t cut it 😛 He looks like a middle-aged tranny sometimes…

  11. What are you people talking about? BYG got a very good skin and he is not old…Look at Brat Pitt do you people know how old is he? or are you all just all teenager (in high school) ! grow up!

  12. what’s the point of discussion?
    bae yong joon will still be replacing kws so accept it!
    those who dont like BYJ, why do you have to care and give some harsh comments?

    leave byj alone.
    he’s a good actor no doubt of that.
    and his looks is incomparable.
    look at the mirror before you judge sum1.

    he wont be a star for nothing.

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