We Got Married Episode 27 Summary + English Softsubs

I didn’t watch a bit of it at all yesterday due to the F1 race in Singapore. So just posting the pictures and letting them tell the stories. If you didn’t know, yesterday saw the four couples receiving their farewell vacation mission and executing it. Exactly who will stay or leave the show will be revealed next week. ONLY Andy and Solbi are confirmed to depart by the PDs at this point.

The lettuce couple, Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo decided on a mini Olympics tournament between them as their farewell vacation mission. Coincidentally, the day where they collected their 100th wedding photos was also the day they got their farewell vacation mission. Hyun Joong expressed, “I know this cannot be forever but it’s just too sudden. Since it’s the last, I have to show more and do my best for Hwang Bu-in”. With that, Hyun Joong wore couple tees and competed with his wife in 100m, high jump and marathon. Hwang Bo was particularly impressed with Hyun Joong clearing 140cm in the high jump.

Hyun Joong joked, “I might have to go to Taerung (Olympic Training Village). See you in London in 4 years time. Hyun Joong remarked, “I wanted to show her the suave side of me”. Even the sudden downpour did not stop them from competing against each other in the marathon. They expressed, “It’s our first time together in the rain but it was very enjoyable to run together. Although we hate the rain, but since it’s the last time, let’s run like no tomorrow.”

For their farewell vacation, they decided on Shin Ae going to Alex’s first solo concert. Before that, Shin Ae prepared an event for Alex, a party and baking a cake for his birthday with some help from her friends. This is what Shin Ae wrote on the card, “To Alsun-i. Happy birthday. Really, congratulations! Tired from all the concert preparations, and so busy but I couldn’t do anything for you during those times..sorry. Alsun-i will be able to do well. You’re the Alsun-i that is good at everything right?” (credit to thenatstory@soompi)

Still simmering and at cold war following their ramen cooking incident, Crown J and Seo In Young decided to execute the farewell vacation mission by doing something that each liked best. They headed to Han River where Crown J wanted to rollerblade but In Young was clearly not mildly interested.

Andy and Solbi decided to go to Namsan Tower (scene where Alex and Shin Ae reunited) where they recollected the past 8 months where they have spent quality together as a make-believe couple. Many complained about the PDs shortchanging them as their duration lasted just 12+ minutes. Regardless, Solbi was already tearing like mad during the black room interviews. Prepare for bucketloads of tears next week with Andy also tearing during the preview.

We Got Married E27 Downloads (thanks to awesome muish)
Download the softsub at megaupload or sendspace or mediafire, uploaded by muish, cenera & SESFan. Download episode 27 from Clubbox (949mb).

Lastly before I go, just would like to know among you who visit my blog, your preferred replacement couple. Already on standby and ready to move in.

96 thoughts on “We Got Married Episode 27 Summary + English Softsubs

  1. thanks for the summary coolsmurf!

    and if you do have contact with muish,
    please tell her to take her time! we are all just very glad to have her softsubs! and thank her as well šŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for the summary! šŸ™‚

    I feel sad to see Solbi and Andy leave… They’re my favourite couple. Thankfully JungBo couple is still there… and from the pics, they seem to be very comfy with skinship already!

    Can’t wait to watch the episode.. and I will have a box of tissue ready.

  3. Thanks so much for the summary! I watched this, but couldn’t figure out for the life of me why Solbi was tearing up so badly. Poor thing. I think she’s really attached, but then again, I would be too.

    I think I’m going to bawl next week, since Andy’s crying too! T.T wah~ I was on the edge of my seat the whole episode. Who’s leaving?!

  4. i hope that the new couple will be son dam bi and marco. they’re cute, like hwangbo and hyung joong.
    do you realize how hwanbo-hyunjoong is the opposite of son dam bi-marco couple?

    son dam bi-marco= the one who’s more aggresive is marco.
    hyunjoong-hwangbo= the one who’s more aggresive is hwang bo, the wife.hahahahaha.

    it’s just funny to watch marco speaks korean, hahaha.

  5. yeah!!..
    i always read your blog everyday..
    its in favorite.. hehehe..
    i hope son dan bi’s couple will replace ansol couple..
    really sad to see them leave!!!

  6. thanks coolsmurf, it’s s definitely a sad things to see ansol leaving. but i love hwanhee and hwayobi, they’re just unique..
    gah my english,,, it’s 4 in the morning already!

  7. Definitely Marco & Son Dambi! šŸ˜€

    I really don’t know why people liked Hwan Hee & Hwajobi so much. He’s so rude and she reminds me so much of Drew Barrymore’s character from “never been kissed” movie before the makeover! hahah

    I got bored with his arrogant behavior!

  8. Thanks coolsmurf for the summary. Would appreciate it if anyone or coolsmurf might translate what ShinAe wrote on the card to Alex. Very curious. Please….please…. Thanks in advance.

  9. me!!! i check out your site every chance i get! hahah! i like hwanhee and hwayobi couple coz hwayobi is so eccentric! Anyone interested should watch the old episode of SangSang Plus where Hwayobi was one of the guest! Even Kim Jong Kook (one of the MCs then) was laughing like crazy bout her comments!

  10. Well, didn’t know that u are a F1 fan.

    Thanks for the summary. Its sad to see both of them leaving. Its to bad the PD decide to cut their parts, especially when they are leaving. The PD should dedicate more time to them

    With the new couple, I am undecided cuz I really like Hwayobi ( but i don’t like hwanhee) , but at the same time I also like Marco. But i think it will be Hwayobi and Hwanhee, cuz they have some similar aspect to anbi couple.

    I bet next week tears will be flowing.

  11. so sadd.. but hwan hee and hwayobi! i think it’ll be fun to watch them develop. it sucks that andy and solbi are leaving, they were my favorite couple at one point, but it was inevitable, i just thought that they’d leave when andy was going to the army. maybe its just me, but it seemed like they started.. fading over the past few episodes. or maybe its cause of all the cuts haha.

  12. Oddly i liked the way older/younger couple. I think they interacted well. Although I doubt it if the Choi Jin Young & Lee Hyun Ji will be the replacement. It will most likely be the HH couple because they are the most well known.

    The new couples look nice but I’m gonna miss whoever leaves. AnSol was my favorite for a while.

  13. Thx so much for he summary

    I stalk your blog for updating WGM

    So sad t see AnBi couple leaving

    Hope JoongBo will stay

    I don’t want to call replacement by new couple…

    Anyways I think HwanYobi couple is the most intersting from special Ep.

  14. Your blog is actually my home page. ^__^

    it was sad that last Sundy AnBi part was too short. I was expecting more air time since their leaving. Oh well, Lettuce couple paid it off. At least their time was really hilarious.

  15. Thanks for the summary!:) Hmmm, i’d go with marco and dam bi.:) They’re look so natural together.. although i think it would be interesting if it was hwanhee and i forgot her name.. it’s a look at the realness of how mean he can be? which i think is normal for some if not most korean guys.. like brutal and frank i think.. uhm.. like the opposite of in young and crown j.:) the other couple is just too awkward together, no chemistry at all.:/

  16. why am i so sad?
    i don’t wnat more couples to leave, its just bleh…
    as for the new couples i like all three of them…so i don’t know who to pick… though if i could have hwayobi and marco together, then i would be satisfied…killer

  17. finally it comes =[ the episode that we all dont wanna watch but at the same time also wanna watch. i know i’ll be crying my eyes when i watch andy and solbi part TT_TT i love them dearly. hmm i really hope the keep hwanhee and hwayobi or the killer couple those two are funny and yet cute

  18. thanks for the summary, shall wait for the subs to come out patiently~ ahhh…i can’t wait to watch this!

    personally, i really like the marco & son dam bi couple…marco is mad jokes with his “killer” comments. šŸ˜€

  19. WOW thanks a bunch Coolsmurf!
    I totally loved Alshin.
    But I hate how the PD HAD to cute Anbi short. I mean, they are leaving so why can’t they get more air time?!

    Personally, I would love to see Lee Hyun Ji and Choi Jin Young on the show. I’m surprise how little votes there are.
    I’m just loving they HUGE age gap with them. Hyun Ji is so damn cute too! I’m not a fan of either Hwayobi or Son Dam Bi. Hwanee is okay (I kinda stopped like him since he got his face done), I have no idea who Marco is (is he part korean too even though he’s from South America?)

    Big age gap couples are the best ’cause they go through more situation then others.

  20. It’s heartbreaking to see old couples leaving! Anyway, WGM is simply the best. Thank you for updating anything about it. Keep up with the good job!

  21. ahaha, i check ur blog wen im in my calculus, algebra, physics and chemistry lectures. Ur blog is much more interesting then university lectures.

  22. Many thanks Coolsmurf for posting the translation on the birthday card and thanks also to thenatstory@soompi for doing the translation.
    So sweet of ShinAe for the encouragement and wishes.

  23. thanks for all your summaries and news updates! appreciate them.

    I’ll all for Hwanhee-Hwayobi! i started out being interested in the pairing cos i love Hwayobi’s voice and her unpredictable wit on Xman.

    just wanna say something to those who are against them cos they think Hwanhee is awfully, arrogantly rude. He’s quite mean to her I must say, but i think it’s like a guy teasing the girl he’s interested in! ha he actually admitted that to her on the show. he says mean things but most of the time he still helps her do stuff. perhaps he’s the hard outside, soft inside kinda cool image guy. so don’t write him off too fast.

    their pairing of cool/arrogant guy – dorky/tolerant/immensely talented/cute girl is potentially more exciting than the rest. i see some pple are for the marco-son dam bi pairing er but i think they just make good eye candy and little else. too nice and boring for good tv =)

  24. hwanhee and hwayobi all the way. that girl is so damn quirky…so entertaining to watch.

    siy and cj?!? so disappointed with them right now. she changed her number b/c she was so pissed over the ramen incident? is she serious? they’re my favorite couple, but siy’s behavior is getting real old. i hate to say this, but i’d rather them leave during the happier times than stay and leave on a bad note….

  25. The one couple I don’t want to leave is the hwangbo/hyunjoong couple…but for the replacement-i would have to say either the marco/dambi or the hwahee couple

  26. thanks alvin….
    i like the HwanYOBI couple….
    they looked like nodame and chiaki senpai hahaha
    i have to prepare my towel for next weeks episode

  27. SDB and Marco FTW!!!! i love this couple so much, Marco is hilarious and HOT whilst SDB is really cute. I can see them developing so much in future episodes, i really hope they stay.

    the hwangbo/hyunjoong couple is entertaining to, but they seem more like friends now. I love the man though, he has his funny moments.

    Thanks for the episode summary CoolSmurf!!

  28. thanks for the recap. i just saw the Special with the new couples. i like Hwanhee/Hwayobi the best, he is kind of mean but not as horrible as Hyun Don, & she seems to like it & invites his attitude & is funny. Marco is also funny, but his parter Dambi is a bit boring. the old guy/young girl couple, he is okay & nice, but the girl is so annoying & immature.

  29. I lovelovelovelove Marco + Son Dambi couple. Hwanhee and Hwayobi seem like friends/siblings. But eh, if they do make it, at least it won’t be (what I hope!) that 17 y/o difference couple. Pleh! Borrrrring.

  30. …I like Hwanhee and Hwayobi…very interesting couple although I couldn’t believe Hwanhee could be like that, I mean he acted so much like an (…) !

    …anyway…thank you so much for this.

  31. Voted for Hwanhee and Hwayobi just because I love their Endless Love from last episode. Can’t wait to see they come up with their theme song.

    BTW: FIGHTING MUISH!!! We need your subs ^_^ Thanks

  32. I visit your blog every day too. šŸ˜€

    You are the one I turn too for summaries on WGM.

    I am disappointed with Andy and Solbi’s lack of time on WGM; its not them but the PD’s. I know they probably did the short air time for the AnBi couple because they wanted viewers to let them go.

    Its just that its backfiring on them. Shorter air time just made viewers angrier; instead of keeping viewers happy they did what they wanted to do.

    I was trying to make all 3 new couples tie in the poll on Yahoo. Wouldn’t that be a hoot with the PD’s. Who would they choose then?

    I’m just being mean. šŸ˜€

    I knew Andy and Solbi were planning to leave anyway; still they should have let viewers enjoy them to the end.

  33. Thanks for the post!
    Does anyone know where to get Kim Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo hoodies? I know its Dorremon but what is the brand name?

  34. It is like a rite as soon as I open internet, I go on your website to see if there is something new.I think I am not the only one for whom this web site is important.

    Good luck,don’t loose your passion

  35. haha, I check your blog everyday, too. not just this one, but the wondergirls one as well.

    at this point, i doubt that the lettuce couple is leaving. i’m really crossing my fingers.

    also, it’s so difficult to get a hold of the episodes nowadays. i still don’t know what happened with the ramen incident. i just know it has something to do with eggs. o.o

  36. i felt so bad for crown j when he was asking for siy’s new number by singing that song to her in the car…. what’s up with her changing her number on him and cutting ties with him like that? is she really going to drag the ant couple down to the point of separation?! and what’s going on with her acting all chummy with jun jin on ysmm?!?! omg~

    btw~ is there a reason why siy left music bank? who will be her replacement?

  37. thx for the summary coolsmurf!!!!! šŸ˜€

    I really like son dambi and marco and i also like the hwanhee couple BUT the lettuce couple is my favourite!!!! XD

  38. really gonna miss AnBi couple..

    hmmmm…the replacements.. i want either marco and son dambi or hwan hee and hwayobi.. they’re both really fun and interesting to watch during the special..XD

    me too.. i check your blog like everyday..hehe..

    thanks for the updates..=D

  39. i’m sad and happy at the same time. i’m sad to see anbi go…and the farewell vacation and all. but happy, well not really but hoping that hwanhee and hwayobi will be replacing. they were so fun to watch.

  40. I am not a Hwayobi fan, but there is something there when she and Hwnhee are together… her 4th dimentionsalism (?) and his harshness combine to create a car crash that I just can’t keep my eyes off of. ^_^

  41. thanks coolsmurf for the wgm summaries…i really come to your blog a day after i watch the episode just to get the full summary since i can’t understand the language…i hope you don’t stop please….
    and it is sad that anbi couple is leaving…and i hope none of the other three old couples leave too…
    to replace anbi couple i think hwanhee and hwayobi because they were the only couple i liked when i watched the special…they are funny..and make good music together :)….thanks again!!

  42. Definitely Marco and SonDamBi!!! I think they’re very different, they’re young, fun, and have GREAT chemistry!

    Hwanhee-Hwayobi don’t seem to match, and honestly Hwayobi is a bit TOO quirky…

  43. I’m a regular blog reader of yours ^_^!!! And always look forward with “new” updates and everything. To replace Andy & Solbi, I will personally vote for Marco & Son Dam Bi. I’m nervous with who’s leaving next week…I just can’t imagine “We Got Married” with half-original casts.

  44. im still clinging to the last shred of hope that all this “leaving” crap is just for advertisement >.<
    i seriously dont want the anbi couple to go T_T


    MY FAMILY IS GOING TO THINK THAT I WASHED MY FACE AND DIDN’T DRY IT!!! aaaahhh… i seriously can’t cope with AnBi leaving yet… i thought i was ready…but just seeing that short clip of Solbi tearing like crazy already made me tear up like crazy too… aigoo… i really hope i can survive through their partings….

    as for the new couple…i Marco/Dambi a bit more than HwanHee/Hwayobi… i think there’s more chemistry there…

  46. i read your blog everyday to see what’s the buzz in the k-world. i especially look forward to reading your synopses for wgm. thanks so much for that. ^^

  47. Though I very much want AnBi couple to stay on but judging from the recent messed up WGM production with so much rumours and changes going on, I think it’s best for them to leave now with beautiful memories. I would not want to interfere their personal lives but I just hope that they will continue to contact and care for each other(even if as friends)as being together as a reel couple for 7+ months isn’t something that comes easy and by chance. AnBi couple is my fave couple of them all! Fighting!!!

  48. thanks 4 d info..its just kinda disappointing..that theyre leaving..ive always love them..and even though they just pretend but for me..its like so real..and yeah..the new couples i hope hwanhee and hwayobi..oh andi hope they make it longer with the other couples..w8?this means in some toher days or months..another couples wil leave cause like u know theyre schedules..but..ill keep watching this..looking forward to it..

  49. The Ant couple, well, mostly In Young, fight over the most ridiculous stuff. I don’t care how “realistic” they are, that’s just immature.

    She’s starting to annoy me.

    Used to like them, now not so much her anymore.

    Heartless as this might sound, but I don’t care who will leave or stay. I’ve watched this from the beginning and yet, I have no grown attach to any of the couples.

    Maybe a new one will do the trick.



  51. Hwanhee/Hwayobi would be my choice out of the three. Their segment was hilarious, and Hwayobi’s quirky personality + Hwanhee’s mischieviousness worked really well off each other. It’d be interesting to see how Hwayobi cracks Hwanhee’s shell.

    It’s sad to see AnBi leave, and from the looks of things, I suspect at least another couple will leave. Fingers crossed that they won’t take off Hwangbo/Hyunjoong, at least not yet.

  52. it’s really sad that anbi are leaving…who knows who else in the future may leave? as much as i like hwangbo and hyun joong together, i think he’s at his limit right now with all those activities. it’s been announced that he’s going to participate in the korean version of hyd, he needs to prepare for his upcoming comeback, and most importantly, get rest (hence, overdose of sleeping pills). he does bring a lot of laughter and joy to the set, but at his health’s expense, i’d rather him get rested up.

    thanks, alvin, for the updates! now that mbc is getting strict with ppl uploading the videos on youtube, it’s really hard to find a good version nowadays. it’s even more difficult finding a good subbed one, which is why muish is so much appreciated.

  53. i had a tear everyday since sunday because of those couples leaving. they brought me SO MUCH happiness i have no words to explain how i feel right now. it wont be the same without them. the most painful parts are goodbyes, i wont take this, i dont think im able to stop this WGM addiction now….as a new couple, i like SDB and MARCO a lot i wish they’ll be choosen.

  54. I love HwangBo couple the most. It’s just so funny and cute seeing them being awkward at times and then it’s like “I’m showing my love but ahhh how…..” kinda situation. I’m still kyaaing from last time when he said “saranghae” to her.

    Andy and Solbi I like them more than the Ant couple. That girl annoy me a lot with her attitude. She gets angry over the most stupid things. Only funny about that couple was his English and fetish for LA *lol* It’s sad to see Andy and Solbi go.

    I vote fore Hwan Hee & Hwanyobi. Watching them go grocery shopping was so funny. Maybe I’m a sucker for meany guy toward cute girl, when really he’s soft inside.

    Thank you for the summary. I can now watch it without being like why the hell is Solbi bawling like crazy.

  55. i love alshin!!!!!
    hope they will not leave that soon..T_T

    hmm..i got fond watching the older/younger couple..Choi Jin Young & Lee Hyun Ji..

  56. Thanks for the softsubs. Watching this will be bittersweet esp with the AnBi couple since they are leaving for sure šŸ˜¦

  57. i’m already getting sad because of Andy and Solbi leaving..i hope none of the current couples decides to leave soon..
    and i do check your blog often..i want either one of Hwan Hee & Hwayobi or Marco & Son Dambi couples to join the show..i like Hwan Hee and his prince-of-ice attitude while i really adore Marco and his cute silliness..the girls are..well, i don’t really know them..yet..
    thanks for the news! great blog; keep it up, coolsmurf!

  58. I really love to watch WGM!!! Esp Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong!!! They are so cute together. He brings out the best in her!!! She brings out the best in him!!! Hope they don’t leave so soon!!!!

  59. Gosh just looking at the pictures I’m already tearing up. WHY OH WHY MUST ANBI GO!!
    I don’t want them to leave. Now I feel like a damn baby & I wanna throw a tantrum because I refuse to believe or want them to go. UGH.

    Gosh & frickkin’ PD DO NOT CUT THEIR SCENES!!
    Give AnBi more screentime because they are the ones that are leaving. They better have more time next week.

    UGH i still don’t want them to go.

  60. yeah i visit your blog more than any other blogs, well popseoul too but yours and PS are the only 2 i visit, more than once a day… and i’m not even Korean… thanks Coolsmurf ā¤

  61. yeah i visit your blog more than any other blogs, well popseoul too but yours and PS are the only 2 i visit, more than once a day… and i’m not even Korean… thanks Coolsmurf ā¤ WGM but saddened that some of them are leaving… *cry a PACIFIC OCEAN damn it!!*

  62. zomggg i hope the old couples dont leave T_T
    losing ansol couple is enoughh !
    my friend said that the couples get to choose if they want to separate or not , is this true?
    does this mean that the other coulples arent going to leave?!
    im praying that they dont specially joongbo! and they were the last to come , so they shouldnt be separated yet!

  63. No more Hwang Bo & Hyun Joong? NOOO… they HAVE to stay. They’re too fun to watch…

    The Ant and the Witch will stay together ^_^ They have too many CF contracts resting on their coupling… hehe!

    I wanna watch it… šŸ˜¦ Is it up on YouTube?

  64. thanks for the update…hope eps 28 will be out asap im holding on till 28 is out, then ill watch it…thanks for keeping with the update =]

  65. You came back, šŸ™‚ awesome…..i was lost for a couple of days after i read ur post about u leaving for a while….but you’Re BACK!!! hooray coolsmurf! Thanks for the summary

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