SeeYa Tell Us They Are Hot Girls

3-member girl group SeeYa has released their title song “Hot Girl” teaser MV ahead of their comeback stage and album release this coming week.

SeeYa who will be adopting a dolls concept for their new album has gotten the attention of many since it was made known more than a week ago. They have continued the buzz with the release of a teaser clip of their title song “Hot Girl” via MNet website on 26th. Their title song “Hot Girl” sees SeeYa adopting a totally different concept from their past albums. The upbeat electronic and house beats plus the explosive vocals of SeeYa brings to fans a refreshing visual audio experience. They look cute and sexy at the same time.

But at the same time, the tune sounds somewhat familar. Not to be harsh, it just seems that whatever the market demands are, they are just producing and churning out the same tunes to meet it. Well, I am not going to name any groups or singers, but you just decide for yourself after listening to it.

Their third studio album will be released on 2nd October. Good luck.

59 thoughts on “SeeYa Tell Us They Are Hot Girls

  1. first!

    i would actually prefer them to sing ballad song like they’re used to sing.
    their ballad songs are actually really good! like the women version of sg wannabe, why do they have to change it?!

  2. Iliked the beginning but then when it started with “just one more time” I don’t see how they won’t be critisised for plagarism

  3. lol any fan of jewelry would be a bit peeved after hearing that.
    i would’ve prefered more ballads from them but
    a change in concept and style is good from time to time to
    refresh their image. But with that said i’m kind of dissapointed with the industry, since so many girl groups and artists have been churning out the retro concept it just seems to lose its wow factor

  4. I like it, although i am a bit surprised to see seeya doing this style. I do think it wasn’t a good choice to use ‘one more time’ because it’lll just remind everyone of Jewelry ‘Baby one more time’. Also the finger move at 0.14 is very jewelry style. Still anticipating their comeback.

  5. Wow, this is blatant plagiarism. I dunno if they somehow got permission to use Jewelry’s song and concept in their clip/song, but really, there’s no way they’ll be able to pull this song off as “original” and “fresh”, because it damn well ain’t.

  6. to playmeagain: aren’t they part of the same label company, that being mnet media????? (seeya, VOS, jewelry, hyori, etc)


    When I first watched the teaser I was really disappointed. This retro style is getting old not to mention dull and “I’ve seen this before.” There’s no originality anymore in the music today (not just asian music). Ok there maybe some, just not a lot. I liked SeeYa better when they were balladeers, same thing with SG Wannabe (their recent album was just average to me). But, I wish they best of luck….it’ll be hard to stand out in front of the other artists that’re coming back. I do have to say that they have the voices for it. Just don’t know about their concept this time around. Best of luck to them!

  7. I have heard the complete song and so far I do not like. I thought that I would like then as when I heard after “Nobody” of Wonder Girls, but still tasteless ..

  8. enjoyed the visuals but made me think of hwang bo and then kylie minougues mtv where she was using roller skates as her theme (cant remember which one)

  9. lol it seems like there are references to jewelry, yet i find there are more similarities to daft punk 😛 (albeit the intro sounds like SIY’s cinderella)

  10. @ newmusic

    Oh, if they are, then my bad. Thanks for letting me know. 🙂 Still, it’d be nice to see a little originality – all I see is one group pwning off another group’s success.

    But honestly, if they are able to capitalize off Jewelry’s success, then all the power to them. Still, I really liked Seeya as balladeers – their voices are too powerful and naturally strong and nice to be synthesized.

  11. Daft punk or jewelry, it doesn’t matter its still very unoriginal song/concept. Korea has been having alot of this kind of music lately.

    I dont enjoy the song that much either =/

  12. Ahhh, I like them to stick w/ their ballads!! I do listen to this type of music, but I think they’re better off singing ballads. I don’t think they should just give the public what it SEEMS to want to hear.
    The feeling I get from the preview is too familiar =\

  13. For me it feels like and Uhm Jung Wa’s “D.I.S.C.O.”, Hwang Bo’s “Get Hot” and the “Just one more time” all little bit like Jewlery’s. BUT it does have a good beat and their vocals are very impressive.

  14. It seems like they copied off of all the girl groups/singers and smashed it all together in this album. It really does sound like Hwang bo’s song, looks like Uhm Jung Hwa’s “D.I.S.C.O.”, the “one more time” from Jewelry’s song, and the whole “Hot” thing going on – Wonder Girls.

    (Since when do “one more time” and “hot girl” have anything to do with each other? especially in this MV… Another thing.. if Koreans are going to add English words into songs, it should be done properly instead of just grabbing random words that don’t make sense.)

    From the looks of this teaser, I know I won’t be liking them much. They should stick to ballads or create their own concept instead of leeching off of other artists.

  15. it ain’t original, but it’s kinda refreshing to hear singers with ACTUAL talent singing upbeat songs. at least they’ll sound great live as well. i love the WG and all, but i’d rather them lipsync live.

    you know the korean audience is going to dig this, though. it’s all about conformity…gotta love it.

  16. The only part that sounds similar to jewelry’s song is ‘one more time’ i’m not sure about the rest of the lyrics, it’s not plagiarizing by using just that one line.

    Their concept sounds like a lot like every other fresh kpop group with their growing retro/techno themes.

  17. i think this is only one of their songs. weird why they choose this one for their debut. i dont think the whole album is this style.

  18. i do agree with the churning out similar tunes thing with the korean singers lately. i guess seeya’s just trying to survive.

  19. why is it that all these new girl groups have members that almost look exactly alike.

    like that group who sings the ‘nobody but you’ something song…i took a look at their promo pic for the song and i couldn’t tell one person apart from the other (well, except for their hair styles). and i’m asian, so i should be pretty good at this. it was easily to believe that all five of those girls were clones of one another.

    it’s getting kinda boring.

    same with this boy group short/choppy/emo hair thing. it looks hot, i agree, but damn. i like variety, ya know?

    anyway, it’s not like i can complain. as long as their songs are good, right? it’s just really a pity to see potentailly good singers mashed up together to make a girl group with enough appeal to put on the market. i wonder what happened to orginiality in music.

  20. OMG, a younger version of Uhm Jung Hwa!!!!! It’s sad that the music industry is only churning out whatever is popular. Whatever happened to a diverse music industry? This is definitely a sad turn of events, seeing as they are such good singers. However, admittedly, even though it sounds about the same as everyone else, they DO have good voices.

  21. Original or not, it’s nice to see this genre done by extremely talented singers. If I’m going to be subjected to torture by retro, better I’m tortured by great singers than being deafened along with blinded.

    All fans seem to care about these days is “oh it’s catchy, we like it, YAY!” and all of a sudden, said artiste has shot all the way to the top on nothing but a nice beat. I find that quite disappointing. What happened to the kpop fandom that valued actual vocal talent?

  22. Every ballad girl group is going girl band now? Singing and dancing? Ugh, not again.

    Though I do understand the change, still, they should sticking to what they do best, rather than selling out.

    Reminds me of Jewelry’s One More Time’s the lyrics/chorus.

  23. wow Seeya better watch out! even if they have the best talent of pretty much all girl groups.

    i mean, the retro dance electronica theme is like on the opposite side of the spectrum for them. the songs not very ORIGINAL. i dread the future for them :[

  24. hey, it doesnt sound that bad..but it does reminds u of jewelry’s one more time…but vocaly they sound good

  25. It’s normal to an ear which is not used to this kind of beats. I listen to house and elektro the most and I can tell this is not ‘similar’ to other songs I won’t say.^^

  26. hmm ever since wonder girls came out with tell me alot of artists have been moving up that path but seeya is the last group on my mind to jump on the retro bandwagon!!

    maybe changing to more mainstream easy-on-the-ears music is easier..

    i guess change is good…but..really,i hope seeya will stick to ballads..good luck to seeya!! ❤

  27. I think it´s ridiculous that they´re unable to remain as an awesome ballad vocalgroup… cos this kind of music is not for them and even if it was they´d to have started with it from the very beginning.. just try to picture SGwannabe in DBSK´s clothes and music… wouldn´t even be flattering nor acceptable in my eyes as I want to have them as a balladgroup with flawless vocals… so sad that seeya had to change into this just becos they want to get more “crazy fans”… in order to make more money…

  28. It look more like Nam Gyu Ri’s come back, they only focus on her in the picture/video. It’s really unfair to the other 2 and her vocal is not as good as the other two. And the osng really sound like Jewelry’s one more time mix with Disco from the other lady

  29. These girls have great voices, but they’re sooooo boring!
    And I agree with you, coolsmurf, the mv, outfits, and song are very familiar!

  30. lol this song is doing VERY well on chart. Just a day or two after the album is leaked (not official released), this song is already enter the upper part of top 7 on almost all the chart.

  31. If i have to listen to retro, i will listen to it from someone as talented as Seeya, at least i know my ears won’t be pierced once “some other” doing live singing…

  32. Oh please. Their dance move is tektonic, completely different from the damn finger dance of Jewelry.
    They are going for the sporty rich look. Completely different from UJH, Jewelry, WG concept.

    And yeah, if everyone does retro, why can’t they? I rather listen to this kind of music from someone as talented as them rather than some ‘other’ group.

    And please listen to their album b4 saying they should stick to ballad. Nearly 2/3 of their new songs are ballad.

    They have 1 Euro dance with Oriental rythm: Track 1.
    _ 2 Electronic track: track 2,3.
    _ 1 rap ballad: track 4.
    _ 1 uptempo: track 5
    The rest are all ballad.
    Lol, i guess they already stick to ballad and you guys just commnent whatever you see the guys above you comment.

  33. They are good and I like the song. Addicting~
    When you listen to the song, you won’t really mind “Just One More Time” that much, your attention will be on their verse after that sentence as each of them has a part after each ‘Just One More Time’.

  34. The teaser is doing extremely well, i remain the most watch/hot on MNet since the day they release their teaser…
    I’m very impressed..

  35. Hey, i like it.
    These girls are talanted.
    And they have plenty of ballad songs for their old fans on their new album.

    Cheering for them for avenduting into a new field and still able to keep their color ❤

  36. Omo
    Love it
    So colorful and sweet
    One of the girl.. i think her name is Yeonji, lost some weight, and she look faBULOUS!
    I really want the full MV ❤

  37. i dont know why people are saying its plagiarism of jewelry? i was thinking more along the lines of daft punk. i cant think of a jewelry song that sounds similar. if you guys are thinking of that one thing “baby one more time” just because they use the same three words does not mean its plagiarism. if it was then jewelry needs to get that thing checked too cuz plenty of songs use the line “one more time”

  38. lol WOWWW…SeeYa wow..

    After your gorgeous ballad “crazy love song” and your beautiful collab with BEG and your movie-like music videos, and your vocals that need no editing, THIS is what you come back with?

    Pathetic, SO PATHETIC.

    I hate their company so much, seeya sells perfectly fine and they don’t need to screw up their image like this to sell.

  39. This type of image and music are really popular so it’s not a big surprise that they are conforming to it in order to make money. This always happens. It’s just marketing.

  40. I love this song just because , since they
    sing many ballads , it’s nice having them sing a
    a dance song like this with smiles on their faces ^^ .
    I do like their ballads better ,
    but it’s not like their album was totally ballad free !

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