Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young Wedding Coverage

This is real, not drama. They looked really happy and blissful.

As the wedding ceremony was by invitation only, they had a short interview before the ceremony while having their pictures taken. Kwon Sang Woo joked that he would like to have 3 kids and wasn’t sure if Son Tae Young was willing. But Son Tae Young smilingly said that for the sake of her figure (body), 2 kids would be enough. Kwon Sang Woo also thanked his fans for coming to support him, especially those who had flown in from other countries. He made a promise with them that he will live happily ever after with Son Tae Young.

Wedding photoshoot from their London honeymoon

Guests arriving at their wedding

credit: as tagged

113 thoughts on “Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young Wedding Coverage

  1. mann.. kwon sang woo looks so happy…
    haha id never seen him looking that happy in drama before…
    this’s awesome!!~

  2. Wish both of them the best of luck and a happy & long-lasting marriage 🙂 But, yea, this wedding is definitely going to be jam-packed with a lot of A-Listers.

    It’s good to see Yeon Jeong Hun with Han Ga In together in a photo. They’re like one of the perfect celeb couples. It seems like yesterday when they got married; can’t believe it’s already been 3 years!

    I’m not really feeling So Ji Sup’s lastest style. I liked him better clean-cut.

  3. ahhh.. i see ha ji won!! 🙂 i love her! she’s so fabulous 😉 i also see park shi yeon too; she’s looking really good! thanks for continuing to update us w/ the pics. keep it coming 🙂

  4. CJW was like the only one wearing brown, the rest of the a listers had like white or black. Was that the theme or coincidence? Hehe. Anywhooooo… STY and KSW looks so happy and HOTT together! Cuuuute couple. A BIG CONGRATS to them even though i doubt they’ll read this. haha.

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  6. congratulations to them. they look so happy. this was one wedding where all the stars were appropriately dressed. lee yeon hee looks gorgeous here. love her hair.

  7. holy a lot of big names showed up

    i was just curious…is there only one place to get married? i’ve seen this background in kang ho dong’s and yoo jae suk’s wedding before. is there only one popular wedding hall?

    since the wedding has happened already, hopefully ksw’s obsessively crazy fans will stop harassing his wife. congrats to the new couple!

  8. well unfortunately they are not the angelina-brad of Korea…

    only KSW is considered as the Hallyu star while STY, well i dont know her…hehehhee

  9. wow! the pictures came out fast! and holy moly–it looks like an awards ceremony with all those A-listers attending! haha! so ji sub, jang dong gun and song seung hun looked totally hot!

    thanks for the post, coolsmurf!


    This is particualry bittersweet for me because KSW is my official first korean Oppa and while I greet the new couple Best Wishes and a Happy Marriage, Idk, there is an ache somewhere in my heart.

    Still the happy expression on their faces say it all.

    And OMG, the guests where srsly creme dela creme of Hallyu! I forgot that oppa has worked with the best!


    BEST WISHES!!!! ♥

  11. Wow, i love her wedding dress, it is gorgeous!!

    And Ha Ji Won looks great, always has impeccable style and grace. Love her!

  12. i agree, i love choi ji woo’s dress. v. elegant and not black. ha ji won is stunning as well.

    wow, yeon jung hoon and han ga in look cute together, as well as yoo ji tae and gong hyo jin.

  13. what’s with the most of them wearing black and white!

    blessings to the couple.

    think the photo shoot dress taken in London looks much better. do not like the clam shell look top part!

  14. Congratulations to the couple!

    They look very happy and i never saw KSW this happy before. i also love their pre-nuptial photos in London…

    Wish the couple a lasting marriage.

  15. lol. i just realized i mistakened ha ji won for lee yeon hee. for some reason i found them to look alike here. anyways, she looks awsome.

  16. OMG! all those beautiful people! I wanna go to that wedding!
    Lee Dong Gun! so hot!was that HwangBO on the first pic? wow…………..the bride and groom looks so cute! I wish them happiness.

  17. is it just me, or are all(most) of the guests dressed in black (to a wedding, for goodness sake)?!

    the bride/groom look stunning 🙂

  18. seems like hwangbo to me.
    hmmm.. well ive not much to say for the bride..
    but hope their happy..

    lotsa a listers as to be expected.
    well.. i know where the comedy/mc bunch went. lol.

  19. Dragon(KSW) + Monkey(STY) + Rat(2008) = Fruitful Life Together. Horoscope (Allies) matches. Congratulations Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young! As most chinese always greet, wish you both ‘white hair/head till old’! I hope to see the Kwon broods next! Like the Tse, Cruise, Beckhams or Jolie-Pitts!

  20. i agree this is a rare occasion when you see big named stars come together for a happy event (well its kwan sang woo duh!!!!!!) choi ji woo really look gorgeous in contrast to all the black and white outfit everybody is wearing. they men came without a date hmmmmmm is that to avoid the fans getting mad at them… i always thought you have to bring a date to a wedding… i do hope it lasts and when the next time i see them together and in a picture they would actually feel and look like a couple to me….. its strange but their wedding pictures above looked like a photoshoot of 2 beautiful people (and its stops there)….. well good luck have a happy and longggggggg married life

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  22. i thought the wedding would be a fairytle glossy event but it looks simple and uncomplicated. very nice. he really seem like a down to earth guy. i wish them the best.

  23. hmm is it just me or does anyone else think that KSW’s skin looks awfully (unnaturally) tight… like the same way Junjin has been looking recently. hmm I wonder why… genes? too many facials? ahem… botox?

    this wasn’t meant to be mean (to his fans) just a very obvious observation tt jumps outta you. Good to see them so happy. Hope it’ll be a blessed marriage for life. =)

  24. They’re a good couple, they look good together and I really do hope they’re meant for each other!

    I wish them all the best!
    Guests were more men than women! Everyone looked fine.
    SSH looked awesome as his bf 😀

  25. Just like most of you, I’m impress by the wedding attenders. The list of the guest is like A-list stars. – really impressive. !!

    And congratulation to both.

  26. If this is suppose to be a happy occasion, why are they all wearing black? I didn’t see anyone of the actresses wearing any color than black. Just chiming in.

  27. hehe how cute. hes getting older looking. i wonder during there wedding for like non famous family memebers and stuff do they seperate them ?

  28. Going down, the noses of the female star start getting more odd looking.

    Congrats on their wedding, looks like a lot of big names turned up (OMG so ji sub ❤ )

  29. He should’ve married Ha Ji Won, *SIGH… thought they’d look good together.. but they look happy ‘cept the kiss looked uncomfortable..

  30. congratulations to the couple………..
    JDG looks great although it would be more suitable if he wore something more formal….

  31. they look so happy. i just don’t like it when guests wear jeans to a wedding, not cool, like Crown J did at Yoo Jae Suk’s wedding. at least dress nice for someone’s wedding, it shows respect.

  32. congrats to them. i am very happy for them and they look happy too!
    its love:)
    love the wedding pics [photoshoot] are gorgeous!
    great couple and wish them a happily ever after!

  33. oh ji ho is smokin. hwang bo’s dress is…….interesting. son tae young looks so skinny and tired, but as long as kwon sang woo is happy.

  34. Can someone explain me, its normal for a girl to use black costume? I don’t know much of korean culture. So why the black?

  35. WOW! Congratulations Kwon Sang Woo and Son Tae Young! They look beautiful and happy together. And I have never seen so many hot stars converge in one place. Ji Sung, Lee Byung Hun, Song Seung Hun, Jang Dong Gun and Ha Ji Won…all of them look drop dead gorgeous.

  36. Who else came? hahah

    I looked at the pictures, knew 5-6 people in the pictures…. confused about the others. hahah

    Ha Ji Won is SOOOO pretty! She looks like the older Sun Mi, from Wondergirls!

  37. The ladies are all wearing black because they are in grief..XDDDD
    it’s like they were crying and shouting..
    “another good man is missing from the shelf!!!!!!!”
    “he’s not available anymore!!!”
    “damn!!! how could he do this to meeeeee????”

  38. I still think their an odd couple. Who would have thought?
    Congrats to them.
    The place looks familiar…Yoo Jae suk’s wedding was there too?

  39. While the pictures of the actual wedding make them both look extremely old, and well the bride unusually thin and pale, they both looked extremely happy. Congratulations to the happy couple!

  40. why almost everyone (if not EVERYONE) are wearing black (and white)???’s a wedding right???..i know wearing black and white makes someone sophisticated..but why on earth EVERYONE…do they know any other color aside from blackandwhite???
    anyway..the guys look “delicious”..and the girls are “beautiful”.

  41. kyaaaa i miss all this gorgeous people… waw, even JDG oppa come all the way from US ^^ but, why he wore jeans ? choi jiwoo onni is some pretty :p hajiwon looks sweet.. hwangbo looks stunning also ^^ i love her clutch n shoes ^^ but, what’s up with this black dress ? is it a dress code or sumthin.. yet i don’t think people choose black as the wed dress code.. in fact a wed party rarely have dress code rite… confuse…anyway, congrats to KSW oppa ^^ may u have a happily ever after marriage with ur wife…

  42. congrats to the couple & hope their married life stays PRIVATE now.
    those mikes taped together, in KSW’s hands, look kinda scary…like home-made bombs 😛

  43. considering it’s been a bad year for the korean entertainment biz–what with numerous deaths and suicides–news like this is always worth reveling in.

    here’s to loving and living of life!

  44. gosh, the wedding is impressive to me because of the guest list…wow. Kwon sang woo is KWON SANG WOO i guess. Haha.

  45. look at the guests.. wow..
    it’s kwon sang woo’s wedding..
    no wonder so many stars attended the wedding..

  46. It is nice to see him getting married but i don’t understand all those guests who are wearing black clothes. It seems like they are attending a funeral.

  47. aw!just found it.. that was a star studded wedding… wow! hope they’re really be goin to be sooo happy together..:)

  48. wow…basically all the most famous actors and actresses of the k-entertainment world ( everybody who was anybody) was there basically! what a cute couple!

  49. 3lah tzawejt bidik echa3tota…hayin fort 3liha ………….
    malek 3mit wella ndrabt …………..
    ka3 hadi l histoir m3a hayin w men ba3d fotha……………
    rabbi wkilak

  50. i think KSW ha ji woo is so pretty u soulde be her husband not what was hwr name ?!!! son young !! she is ugly !!

  51. I hope Kwon Sang woo and his wife and their so cute and sweet son will have so happy life ,
    Although I though he may marry Ha Ji Won as I had seen them so close and in share in their CFs, or with Choi Ji woo for the great chemistry I had seen in them in Stairway to Heaven , I I see them in the quests in the weeding , it’s nice , anyway I also like his wife too and hope she brings peace and happiness for so Dear Sang Woo oppa , we always support you as your fans and difficult times will be passed soon and you will come back to your great success

  52. i love song woo so much. i like his role in sad love story i cried so much when whatching this drama. be good luck

  53. i love song woo very much beacuse of his role in sad love story.i cried when whatchin this drama.please ad me in facebook

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