Big Bang Says Goodbye Korea and Hello Japan

Big Bang ended promotions for their 3rd mini-album “STAND UP” on “Music Core” yesterday and will head to Japan next. They are one of a few after DBSK, SS501, CSJH to be entering the Japanese market. The sales of their mini-album has accumulated 150,000 copies after a month and their songs “Haru Haru” and “Heaven” have been well-received by fans, sitting pretty on top of music charts. This will serve as a good present before their move to Japan.

Big Bang expressed happily, “We are happy to know that our music has been well-received by so many fans. We are also really thankful to everyone for their support. This is especially so as our album was released at the same time with Seo Taiji. We are really honored to be able to compete with our senior.”

Big Bang “STAND UP TOUR” will be held in Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo from 28th October to 1st November and they will also promote their first official Japanese album “Number 1” due for release on 22nd November.

Although the albums released by Big Bang has been well-received by their Korean fans and also sold immensely well on the market, YG Entertainment felt that the Korean market is too small with no room for growth. The Korean music industry is in a slump and album sales are continually shrinking. This is added to the fact that there are so many singers releasing albums each year which adds to the competition and saturation in the market. But with the Japanese market that is bigger, Big Bang hope that they can achieve some results there with their high quality music and high popularity back home.

DBSK also discarded the Korean market for Japan when they were at their peak. They also lamented at the small Korean market which restricted their progress. Japan is currently the 2nd biggest market in the world. If you want to make a name for yourself in Asia outside of Korea, Japan is the correct path. Music is without boundaries, it’s a singer honor to spread your music to people in other countries even though there might be a language barrier.

Big Bang will also release a new album in November and launch promotions for it until the end of the year. 2008 promises to close out with a Big Bang.

27 thoughts on “Big Bang Says Goodbye Korea and Hello Japan

  1. -.-; japan? for real? bb? lol are they going as an idol group…? cause..if they are then thats a very bad move because of the JE boys domination..and they arent exactly a vocal group either..and their albums not even in japanese….>_< ugh.. YG better do some crazy good promotions for them to be reconized in Japan. And forget learning how to speak conversational japanese, their songs arent even in japanese. They should have to at least sung in japanese. =\

  2. @ LLx: it’s not their first time in japan they’ve been there lots before and they’ve released two albums for japan (their english ones) and they’ve been recieved well over there

    but i can’t believe they’re gunna go gone for a whole month, makes me so sad >.<

  3. oh i think you made a typo, it’s CSJH, not CZJH..
    but i’m looking forward to big bang’s new album!
    i wonder if it’s going to be in english or japanese.

  4. @LLx: their “FOR THE WORLD” album which was released in japan was in english, plus one japanese song… if mainstream US artists are very much welcomed in japan then i dont think big bang singing in english would be a problem.. and they’re already popular there and they’ve done a lot of mtv guestings and the like which lots of japanese fans showed up… and they’ve been training in nihonggo in fact taeyang could already converse well…

  5. Everyone is going to Japan to increase their popularity once they do well in Korea, eh? I am pretty sure they will be popular there since the chances of them already being liked by a lot of people has probably happened already.

  6. thats werid i wonder why they ended it so early. so does that mean daesung might not be able to be on family outing as much anymoer ?

  7. OMG CSJH THE GRACE! =) I love them ❤
    but seeing as their both in Japan hopefully they can spend time together or maybe even a collab? LOL
    I know I’m getting carried away but who can help but hope? =D

  8. lols thats funny.. when dbsk conquered japan and got number 1 on the oricon charts 3 times they decided to go back to the homeland.. while they were in japan, big bang conquered Korea and now when dbsk is back in Korea, big bang move to japan.. not fair.. i want to see a battle of some sort =]

  9. Also, isn’t T.O.P. supposed to start filming his drama soon? I thought I read that would start shooting in October. I know they’re going to be traveling a lot to shoot so I’m curious how hes going to do that if he needs to be in Japan to promote their album?

  10. as a fan , i’m excited for 2 new albums.though they gotta work damn hard , i’m feel bad.
    On duet stage @ Music Core , when singing Heaven Ji Yong said : ” Thank U , VIP , No 1 “. dats so touching .VIP is No 1 , n an album named No 1

    Awesome . Big Bang No 1 ^^

  11. why should they sing in japanese? i mean…do the other international pop/rock stars sing in japanese when they release an album in japan? never heard of madonna singing or promoting in japanese… bah
    good luck guys!
    i wish G-Dragon would stop wearing real fur, though

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  13. lol they should sing in japanese because their trying to BEAK INTO THE JAPANESE MARKET. They are DEBUTING in japan, that means their album should be in japanese. Other international artist ARENT DEBUTING there. and its not like they released that album JUST for japan. And their just PROMOTING THERE. If your only promoting your album, that you released in AMERICA, why would you need to sing in japanese? Thats just stupid. But BB is releasing an album IN japan…trying to break into the japanese MARKET, and DEBUTING there. So why SHOULDNT they sing in japanese? your way of logic is so messed up lol whatever.

  14. This is really sad, I hate Jpop, yet I gotta stand it because my favorite artists are leaving korea because the market is shrinking.
    K-Pop is being left with only new artists, I’m getting pissed though I know it’s not their fault… *sighs*
    I don’t get why they keep on looking for new trainees and making new groups debut if the market is the way it is right now…

    And kinella you’re partially right, but Madonna isn’t focusing only and solely on the Japanese market, she just wants to sell some discs over there. If you want to ENTER like in the sense of be treated as a Japanese artist, you need to sing in Japanese and change your style to J-Pop. It’d help you a big deal, believe me!

  15. @LLx: as kaikai and i have said… this is NOT THEIR FIRST TIME in japan!!!

    they are NOT DEBUTING or TRYING TO BREAK INTO the japanese market.. geez!

    theyve been foreign artists there since 2006!! check the facts out first before you act smart..

    and their FOR THE WORLD ALBUM (which was in english) and their concerts (where they sang in korean, english, and japanese) SOLD WELL IN JAPAN… even their KOREAN album sold thousands IN JAPAN.. so i think YG’s not as stupid as you’re saying…

    their “NUMBER 1” album could be in english for all you care! japanese people listen to english songs A LOT dont they.. they bought big bang’s first mini album in japan!!!

    and if you want japanese songs.. im sure there will be… since se7en (who’s from YG as well) sang in japanese for his japanese albums..

  16. @amy: it’s possible… but maybe he can also do what kim hyunjoong did when ss501 was in japan.. he goes back and forth from japan to korea for we got married.. plus daesung has cats musical.. its gonna be tough for him but.. i hope he doesnt cancel these events cuz it’s like once-in-a-lifetime..

  17. I hope the best for them. Debuting in Japan is gonna be hard since they don’t know the culture and language as well. When I was in Japan I couldn’t find DBSK’s Japanese singles and albums anywhere. When I asked an employee they showed us the foreign artists section even though the songs are in Japanese. >.>
    On a happier note, BoA’s was in the regular section.

  18. abt BB singing in english in their japanese albums..

    yes it is rare for korean artists (and thats because the japanese are more accepting of songs in japanese)
    bigbang has said that they want to be known as international artists outside of korea, and that includes japan.

    the boys make it a point to do things differently, and stand out from the rest of kpop.
    (for instance, BB was the first kpop artist to release a mini-album)
    so give them props for doing so =)
    plus, BB’s japanese albums have been selling very well despite a lack of promotion, and the abundance of english.

  19. Yeah, I think Big Bang has been setting a few trends since their debut. First, like naturalhonee said, the mini albums. After Big Bang came up with their first mini album, BEG came up with one too and several other artists came up with mini albums too. Before Big Bang, I reckon most idol boy bands always dress in the same tacky outfit onstage. But Big Bang came up with a different dressing style, that many followed. Even though I have to admit GD’s furry hat has got to go. And then, they came up with the “techno” song trend. And I thought that even though they’re not as big as DBSK, they’re doing okay in Japan. But I really do prefer if they can speak Japanese.

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