Son Ye Jin’s Comeback Movie “My Wife Got Married” Is Restricted 18+

Actress Son Ye Jin comeback movie “My Wife Got Married” has been classified as being inappropriate for viewing by minors below the age of 18 by the Korea Media Ratings Board on 25th September. A spokesperson expressed that a scene of Son Ye Jin wearing nothing underneath a raincoat, etc plus the excessive use of words related to sex wasn’t appropriate for teenagers and thus earning a 18+ restricted audience rating classification.

The movie is based on a best-selling novel of the same title by author Park Hyun Wook where an attractive character In-ah (Son Ye Jin) argues to have two husbands. With the news that the movie has been slapped with a restricted 18+ rating, Jupiter Film expressed that they hope that the ruling will not have an effect on the box-office. They currently have no plans to amend the movie nor appeal against the ruling. The movie will be shown at movie theatres as planned on 23rd October with the enforced restricted rating.

22 thoughts on “Son Ye Jin’s Comeback Movie “My Wife Got Married” Is Restricted 18+

  1. Son Ye Jin is such a sexy actress. She’s a good actress too. She’s not that pretty (in my opinion) but she exudes sexuality. I began to know her from her movie w/ popular actor Bae Yong Jun “April Snow” (also has sex scene), then sad drama “Moment to Remember”, funny movie “The Art of Seduction” & sexy picpocket movie “Open City”.

    Would love to watch her latest movie. She’s so mesmerizing.

    Thanks for the info, Alvin!

  2. I like her, she was so sexy in that movie Open City, I was like WOW cause I watched Summer Scent and her character was all quiet and innocent………LOL I just LOVE korean movies! They know how to rate movies, unlike Americans. Not that I don’t like American movies, it’s just that I don’t agree with how they rate their movies, sometimes it makes no sense

  3. Korean censorship is so much more strict than American. An American film would be 18+ only if there was an extremely gory/bloody scene and/or a ton of nudity.

  4. Son Ye Jin has always been quite mediocre to me. She has the acting talents but I think she’s so average looking. Of course others do not agree with me but I honestly don’t se whats so appealing about her.

  5. anything she does i like (except “spotlight”)… all her movies are great though, so i’ll def check it out! son ye jin doing sexy scenes? not something new, most her movies have some racy elements to them..i like!

  6. I hope they show this in Yongsan with subtitles because I really like Son Ye Jin and I’m tired of not being able to see most Korean movies (outside of Singijeon).

  7. LOVE HER!!!

    She’s probably MY favorite Korean actress! She doesn’t make much movies or film much dramas but the so little she does impressed me! Somehow, she tries to make different films with different characters (versatile) and I like that!

    Gorgeous and I REALLY hope she makes a great movie (better yet, a drama!) with Kwon Sang Woo!!! I’d be SOO happy!


  8. talking about looks none pretty actress with low acting skill last forever like kim hee sun her acting Totally sucks but now where is she?? she is as Praised as KTH like now

  9. This beautiful and nice actress is one of the best actress in Korean! Look how many awards di she have in her age… It’s one of new record for Korean Actress.

    Son Ye Jin acting performance is always good and constantly look much better and better… I like her both as an actress or in the real live. Nice person, friendly, peace lover and far from any gossip.

    I saw all af her movie : Secret Tears, Chihwaseon, Delicious Proposal, Sun-hee & Jin-hee, Dae Mang The Great Hope, Lovers Concerto, The Classic, Crazy First Love, Summer Scent, Alone in Love, Spotlight, A Moment to Remember, April Snow, The Art of Seduction, Yobi, the Five Tailed Fox (voice), Open City, and My Wife Got Married. I praise his performance is always above the average.

    She changed her style from innocent girl/women to adult women since his performance in Art of seduction (one of her funniest movie beside Crazy First love).

    Honestly i prefer The classic and Moment to remember then his adult and sexy performance in April Snow and Art of seduction but i realize that she want to be a versatile actress. I will never miss her movie. My Next target will be IRIS!

  10. Son Ye Jin has been my favorite actress since I watched her film, “The Art of Seduction.”

    To me, she doesn’t have to be the most attractive or the most sensual, however, it is the subtle things, her smile, laughter, tears. That is attraction to me, and damn does she have some talent with that.

    If she reads this… ‘I love you Son YeJin!”

  11. *shocked* .. just view the movie recently, ye-jin used to act in calm part of scene, her latest movie become much more rough. but still love her acting .. Hehe

  12. I felt identified with Kim Joo-hyuk’s character. What I mean is I felt ridiculously jealous just to think I have to share my Korean fiancé with another guy. I was watching the money with my fiancé and just to think about it it gives me the creeps. Is one of those movies that you hate… but you love!

  13. i beg to differ ,i think she’s really pretty but just like everything else ,beauty fades with time .she isnt exactly young .i think she was 27 when she made this but she was a real gem when she debuted, well beauty doesnt last forever .

  14. I watched this movie and was shocked at the love making scene that Son ye jin was doing. However, I liked this movie because Son was able to protrait a woman that is different from the ordinary type. She was a bold and unconventional person. Her acting was perfect for this character. Indeed, she is not the prettiest actress in South Korea but she is definately one of the best actresses in the movie world. I like her. She is brave enough to explore her talent, not to confine in play roles as sweet and innocent young girl. Afterall, she could not be young forever. By exploring different roles, she will keep her acting career going.

  15. I love Son Yejin she is a very good and very simple actress i like her acting its amazed me i use to watch perfect match everytime i missed her i am a die hard fan of her keep up the good acting…

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