MBC vs SM Entertainment Broadcasting Feud Officially Over

The production for MBC “Come To Play” hosted by Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Won Hee announced yesterday afternoon that Korean idol group DBSK would be recording an episode on 1st October. More importantly, this officially marks the end of the broadcasting feud between MBC TV station and SM Entertainment which had been continuing for nearly a year since it erupted last year.

The conflict between MBC and SM Entertainment erupted towards the latter half of 2007 when SM Entertainment decided to have Super Junior member Kang-in stay on SBS “Explorer of the Human Body” instead of MBC “Dong-An Club” where he was a regular host. The main problem here was that both programs aired at the same time-slot. MBC then decided to have a blanket ban on SM Entertainment artistes which resulted in SNSD, Super Junior, etc having minimal appearances on MBC variety for the past 10 months. It was also hard to find any SM Entertainment performers on “Music Core”. (Detailed breakdown)

This cold war has however ended with the announcement of DBSK guesting on “Come To Play”. Shin PD also announced that other SM Entertainment artistes will also be making appearances on their other shows subsequently.

credit: Soy@soompi (picture)

37 thoughts on “MBC vs SM Entertainment Broadcasting Feud Officially Over

  1. Yeah I think it’s because DBSK returned that’s why they lifted their ban. MBC are losers but I’m glad that other sm artists are now able to perform on mbc shows.

  2. wow, that’s great news!

    but i am also guessing that it’s all for the money and ratings…

    thanks for this, coolsmurf!

  3. lols! yay i cant wait to see dbsk on the show!
    of course they have to have dbsk on their show the rantings will go high hehe

  4. so b/c bb came on
    it was only mbc that was hurt
    sm has so much power in all the other stations that it really doesnt matter to them
    i no that soshi perfromed on mcore a lot
    wuts up with that?

  5. ppl always say MBC is stupid for doing all this but they never look at it from MBC’s side
    SM is the one to blame for this situation.
    MBC have every right to do it, but glad everything’s over now
    though i still will never ever ever like Lee So Man.

  6. oh wow… dbsk really can stop anything! haha… two giant company are putting away their feud juz for dbsk! COOL~ oh my god… i can’t wait 4 d show to be aired! ah~ its been so long that they’ve been out on variety shows… missed them so much!

  7. even though i’m not familiar with SM artists i think MBC was really wrong, like they had their pride hurt so they retaliated by banning people from SM, that kind of sucks. among the most hated stations i say SBS is still #1, then cause of this MBC is # 2.

  8. Come to Play, eh? I love that show. Too bad not a lot of episodes are subbed.

    It is pretty stupid and childish for MBC to ban SM artists. But I know that they regret it now since they realize that SM artists have a lot of popular artists. Without inviting any of them to the show, MBC will slowly decrease in terms of people channeling in onto their show =P

  9. this makes me happy. it’s never good to see feuds between networks and entertainment companies since it’s usually the artists and the fans who suffer. but yeah, i bet mbc couldn’t resist not having dong bang [i mean, who could…they’re just the biggest/most popular boy group in korea].

  10. #3, John, I totally agree with you! It’d be awesome if BoA could appear on something. Unfortunately, it’ll be highly unlikely because of her U.S. debut 😦

    I knew they weren’t gonna survive well battling with SM. As much as they’d like to keep their pride, they won’t survive with merely pride…you need money to survive and DBSK definitely brings in ratings.

    Glad everything has been resolved. That just means more exposure for the boys and hopefully more awards at the end of the year!

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  12. yeah if they don’t have dbsk during their comeback then ratings will just skyrocket for sbs, mnet, kbs. Mbc’s not dumb they know when they need to give in in order to make moolah.

  13. I don’t understand…
    I have seen Super Junior mcing the Every1idol from MBC
    and this is before TVXQ appear to Come to Play….
    So what the broadcasting feud between MBC TV station and SM Entertainment??
    someone pls answer me…

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