The Ugly Side of the Korean Entertainment Industry Shows Up Again

An unidentified CEO of a Korean entertainment company was apprehended by Seoul police this morning for investigations after he was accused by a female singer to have committed multiple sexual assualts towards her.

According to the police, Mr. B (48) got to know that this female singer Ms. A (23) had some conflicts with her former management agency. He managed to earn her trust after helping her to resolve the conflict. Last September, Mr. B asked Ms. A out for a meal and made her drunk before sexually assaulting her. Up till September this year, the assault continued for another 3 times. When Ms. A resisted his advances, Mr. B would resort to violence, even taking nude photos of her with his cellphone, threatening to expose them if she resists.

It’s understood that Ms. A was originally from a female idol group and decided to go solo last year after having conflicts with her management. Ms. A filed a police report this morning and the suspect Mr. B was swiftly bought into custody for investigations. This has become a hot topic of discussion among netizens on the actual identity of this female singer, Ms. A soon after the news broke.

66 thoughts on “The Ugly Side of the Korean Entertainment Industry Shows Up Again

  1. wow…pretty depressing…

    just proves once again how it’s not always glitter and glamour in the entertainment world…

  2. …shocking and sad… I pray for that girls comfort and strength to confront him in court… no child (or adult) should be betrayed this way!

  3. wow, that’s disturbing.
    it’s good though that she got the courage to report it to the police. .

    tsk tsk, i’m also curious on who this singer is. ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Yep.. with picture and name, it would be easy to identify (and jugde?) the manage. But what IF he was innoncent? By showing pictures and name of him it would have ruin his life. And no offend, but with the history of the crazy korean, this man was doom to pay with his life whether he is innoncent or not.

    And no.. I’m not defending anyone..
    I do feel sad for miss A if mr B had sexual assulted her. – No one should ever be exposed to this kind of thing (woman or man) .
    What I’m trying to say is: “Let’s see what the evidence say before we slaughter anyone. We shouldn’t slaughter anyone innocent”

    So yep.. making thing short: I think its a wise choice naming the persons: Miss A and Mr B

  5. It is soo sad to see this sort of thing happen. I wish the best for the girl. Mr. B should really be ashamed of what her did.

    On one hand, it is good to keep the identity a secret to protect the intregrity of the girl. However, i also feel that the guilty party should be exposed.

  6. “itโ€™s understood that Ms. A was originally from a female idol group and decided to go solo last year after having conflicts with her management.”

    hmm…is it seo in young?

  7. lol, why would you think is seo in young. She is 24 this year not 23. At the moment ,seo in young did not leave the idol group. I wonder who is the pity soul.

  8. Such a depressing news.. Sad.. for the girl.. The guy is wicked..

    P.s. Well, i am curious about the girl too… Ermz…Is the girl nam gyu ri?

  9. ooo I’m so curious!…ugh just imagine this woman must have gone through, she must be scared of the media. whoa

  10. I feel bad for the girl. Rather than want to find out who she was, I want to know the bastard that did that.

  11. 48 eh? hm.. well then we can eliminate the major 3 CEOs.
    JYP is 36.
    SM’s Lee Soo Man is 56.
    YG’s Yang Hyun Suk is 37.

  12. God, that’s awful. The sad part is that this is just one girl who had the courage to come foreward – can you imagine how many other stars (who may even be famous now) might’ve had to suffer the same thing to be where they are now? And not just in Korea either, just all over the world…..too many rich CEOs working with talented people who have staked their lives on being famous can’t resist the power of having beautiful people under their finger.

  13. Aww, so sad!!!

    I really hate it when there’s a casting couch especially those who use it with force on others. I hope Ms. A gets justice for Mr. B’s perverted ways! So wrong!!!

    I hope all rapists die a slow death! Sounds morbid but they deserved it!!!

  14. And it’s not really about who the girl is but that she is recovering from such traumatizing events. I will pray that she is okay and that she gets courage!

    Aja Aja Fighting, Ms. A!!!!


  15. yea definitely sheds a new light about the entertainment business! it’s not all glitz and glamour, most definitely not. i hope the guilty gets punished…i dont get why these things happen, esp considering he’s 48 and she 23…she could be your daughter! well Ms. A you have us females backing you up!!! fighting ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Can’t be In Young because she still with Jewelry, how old is Ayumi? I don’t think it her either because she in Japan right now hmm . . i wonder who it is

    x[, well i wish Ms. A the best .

  17. we should start our own investigations so far we have clues she’s in a idol group and she’s a solo now../. hmmmmmmmmm

    well, i wish her that best and i hope MR.B goes to hell for being a horn dog.

  18. Soon we will get to know who is Mr.B and A also the photos.
    I say that cus try to remember Edison case, i know is another country but dirty cops are all over the world. In that case the media was able to post new photos every week when the photos were in police custody. The same is gonna happen here.

  19. It ain’t Ayumi she’s not 23.
    The girl is 23 years old…i’m gonna try to figure out who it is.
    because i just wanna know…I feel bad for her.
    & dude the guy is sick

  20. Do you guys think the female singer is Oh Sang Eun aka Nemo?

    She was born 1984.08.24
    She was part of the group Shinvi
    Shinvi was a group SM formed
    Nemo came back to the music scene last year Sept or Oct
    She signed with YG
    Also I haven’t heard anything from her or about her since Feb.

    She did the song Us, Now (with Dae Sung of Big Bang).

    OMG could YG be the rapist? Or YG’s business partner? Also does YG have a business partner?

  21. hmm my guess would be one of the ex Baby Vox Rev members. haha seo in young?impossible LOL before the man can make a move, i bet he will get scolded by her.

  22. i’d rather see the a$$hole exposed to the public, but keep the woman anonymous. some people will just have backwards ideas about rape victims!
    these men who abuse their power need to be castrated. i’ve had bosses in their 60s who also try the same, tho not to the extent of this bastard. everyone’s controlled by their libido, but a righteous human animal needs to make the ultimate decision. he is a shameful disgrace to himself, women, his own family…holy crap, can you imagine his own kids maybe a daughter just as young as his rape victim? what an a-hole.

  23. to get the rightful justice, expose the name and the details of the parties involve. then Ms.A’s fans can/ will do the necessary… given that asshole is a CEO he might be all rich and powerful enough to paint an entire different picture of how he was seduced into the act and the reason for all these accusation is because of some business related conflict. if that happens Ms.A will look terrible! so the key for Ms.A now is to struck 1st and struck it hard! disgrace that asshole and appear as the victim 1st.

  24. Please don’t make wild guesses as it seeds ridiculous rumours. The girl is not really a well known celebrity and I doubt most of you even heard of her. I will never reveal her name. The company is also a small operation that you never heard of.

    The larger companies like sm, dsp, are run professionally so these type of incidents cannot really happen there. There are however many small scale operations and yes one must be wary of some of them. It’s one reason why many aspiring singers really prefer the major companies.

  25. HEY HEY I am just guessing….. I am not saying it’s her. Again I AM NOT SAYING IT’S HER.

    Also don’t act like righteous people just because I made a suggestion.

    But if it’s offensive…… please Coolsmurf delete my previous comment.

  26. I’m pretty sure Ms A and Mr B will stay annonymous.
    I agree with ‘johan’, the entertainment company would be small if this would have happened.

    A good thing is that atleast this female singer ‘Ms A’ stood up and filed a case. Let’s see if Mr B will actually get the punishment he gets.

  27. as much as some people want the names to be a secret forever, the netizen will find out those names. i guess, if what johny said is true that the company is small and she’s not that popular, by next month, it’s either those names will be announced or the news will never appear in the newspaper again.

    i think that this happens all the time. some people will really do anything to have their dreams come true-being a star and etc. and those who have the power, will do whatever they want-in this case, raped the ‘star’. however, i think it is very courageous of her, the fact that she really went to the police office and filed a case. it’s good that she knows what to do and what her priorities are-dreams and fame or self respect and life.

  28. First of all if this is all true! I’m proud of her for coming up and standing against this horriable thing! it is a hard thing to too! like many of you said its not right for anyone to get this kind of treatment no matter who are and what you are! Also, its wrong to win someone trust over and then do that to them! Hope everything goes well for her. Also, thanks for the news!

  29. Kudos to Ms A. I’ll bet there are more than a handful of people who have suffered under the hands of CEOs like Mr B.

    You have to admire her for going through something like that, and then having the guts to report it to someone.

  30. It is going to be hard to guess who Ms. A is since there are so many female artists who fit the criteria. If “A” means Ant, I am thinking of Seo In Young. However, I don’t know her age. Either way, if the answer is not revealed or nobody confirms it, I hope people respect the celebrities and not question about who Ms. A is.

    The downsides of being a celebrity ..

  31. im taking a very very wild guess here
    like everyone is
    she is 23
    she’s doing a solo carrer
    i dont know bout the idol thing but
    She and her group did disband

    is it Solbi???

    that would be very sad if ‘ms. A” is
    her i just hope not…………

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